Soviet Sub Wreck Leaking Radiation 100,000 Times Higher Than Normal (Infographics)

A team of researchers claims that they have discovered radiation levels in excess of 100,000 times normal next to a Soviet-era nuclear submarine which sank in the Arctic 30 years ago, according to a report by Norwegia’s TV2.

The joint Russian-Norwegian science team was conducting routine surveillance and monitoring of the wereck of K-278 Komsomolets, which rests at a depth of some 1,700 meters, when one of the seawater samples tested positive for elevated levels of radioactivity.

“The results are preliminary. We will examine the samples more thoroughly when we get home. The levels we have found here are 100 bq per litre,” Hilde Elise Heldal, a researcher of Norway’s Institute of Marine Research said.

Soviet Sub Wreck Leaking Radiation 100,000 Times Higher Than Normal (Infographics)

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Toronto Tonto

No shocker here , USSR and Russia have a history of said activity .

Carlos Correia

sure… only russia have nuclear torps and reactors…

Toronto Tonto

Some countries should not steal tech. and try to replicate it , Russia has a big issue with gravity above and below sea level , how can anyone NOT notice that . And that’s just what gets out there in the news , we know they wished Chernobyl never got out that’s why they waited 2 weeks eh .

Concrete Mike

Fucken ideological morron, we all noticed that!

Usa lost some nuclear subs too, british subs are even worst #chicoutimi


Mike, tell us more about your golf play


still peddling your stupidity, fool. lmao

Carlos Correia

well the Fukushima residents still waiting for news. about Russian tech one word, Soyuz, and no i dont defend any country since they are just colored flags defined by imaginary lines, just like fences on a cattle farm i couldnt care less. i just find it funny how all humans have more in common than the opposite but we are simply manipulated to think “im better then the next guy” while we are just repeating our grandfathers mistakes again and again. if you think chernobyl was the last “event like” you are wrong. more will come.


still peddling your stupidity, fool. lol

Toronto Tonto

I thought were just passing through dumbazz , on your way now .


lol, you are an excellent poster-fool for CA.
you shoot off your mouth with inanities just like your ukie-nazi minister, whatever her name is.

you shoot off your mouth just like your inane pm whatever his name is.

you represent a country that is, in a sense at war with CN, RU, VE and who knows who else.
you depend on the US do get you out of the war with CN because you blindly obeyed the US in the Huawei situation.
you sign trade deals with the US that don’t allow you to trade w/ other lands w/o US permission.
you are a pitiful, creature with a mouth significantly larger than its brain.
rave on dude and keep flying the maple leaf.
CA loves you. lmao

Eskandar Black

Toronto Tonto, what activity do you speak of exactly?

I am pretty sure other nuclear powered nations have also had accidents and lost naval assets.

Do you think people would take you seriously if you weren’t an anti-Russian propaganda bot?

I wonder why you hang out on south-front, though it is refreshing to see a difference of opinion.

Stipulating that nuclear accidents are bad, and no one really wins if the fish glows green, do you have any recommendations for the Russian government, or anyone else to deal with this situation?

How exactly would anyone repair a problem 1700m under the Norwegian sea?

Toronto Tonto

Don’t build junk , and don’t exaggerate dufus .


“What’s as big as a house, burns 20 liters of fuel every hour, puts out a shit-load of smoke and noise, and cuts an apple into three pieces? A Soviet machine made to cut apples into four pieces!” from Chernobyl

Gary Sellars

I wonder how much radioactivity is escaing the USN Scorion or Thresher? The later shattered into min pieces so its unlikely her rector is intact or contained. I guess we’ll never find out, and the media won’t cover it in any case….