Inside Look: Russia Uses Augmented Reality Technologies To Produce Su-57 Fighter Jet



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You can read this article in German. LINK

Russia is using augmented reality technologies on the production line for its Su-57 fifth-generation fighter jet, according to videos that recently surfaced online.

The videos were allegedly filmed in March 2020 at the United Aircraft Corporation’s Komsomolsk-on-Amur Aviation Plant and show a first person look through an augmented reality headset providing workers with interactive features during the Su-57 assembling.

The system works with QR codes that are being attached to Su-57 parts and allow specialists to work with the combination of real-world and virtual objects.

The leaked videos with the augmented reality technology show the previously unrevealed level of the sophistication in the production of Russian fighter jets.

In comparison, Northrop Grumman employs projectors to highlight parts of the F-35 on the production line and help specialists involved in the fighter jet assembling. Nonetheless, this can hardly been compared with the interactive augmented reality.

It seems that there are some little gaps in the mainstream media concept of painting Russia the third-world power that can nothing besides selling energy resources and meddling in the US election.

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But don’t wash the red marker on the parts. It helps more.


And how would you know that?!?
Nazi Ukraine monkeys do not produce airplanes at all, any longer !
Nazi Ukrainians and your US “friends” have managed to destroy all USSR aircraft industry in Ukraine you fu*ked up gang of retards !


Chill mate, it’s just a marker.


Actually it is not. Your blind hatred of Russia has destroyed hole Ukrainian economy, (Russia have lost tens of billions invested in Ukraine and gave billions more to Ukraine beggars as handouts related to gas)
Now you have frozen conflict with Russia and no economy and future as country.
If I were Putin in the case of World War the 1st city that would be nuked is Lviv and hole Western (NAZI) Ukraine would be wiped for good.
Stalin did good with the Tatars but has made huge mistake with Western Ukraine that is more pro NAZI than Tatars.


It’s a nice red marker. More useful than augmented reality.

Jens Holm

I will remind You Ukraine was a part of the collapsed USSR economy and not the only responsible having ancient combinates producing modern stuff. I also allow me to say the Ukrainians by this has lost much more in % then Russia has and Russia of today has lost many bilions too.

I also will remind You, if there really was that many billions as You assume in Your fictive world, the USSR as well as all its Neo Colonies hardly was collapsed at all.

I can see it looks devastating. It is.

If You can go back in time, I can with history books in hands do too. Most people didnt want the Tzars but almost anything else. Only a small minority wished for Bolsjevisme at all and it was some small elite making even more chaos and unproductinity then there already was.

Here the Ukrainians by some general and many others wanted no communisme of any kind in Ukraine. That was LONG TIME before any Nazis. Hitler wrote “Sein Kampf” in 1923 far away from Ukraine.

So the Bolsjevisme later on turned right wing nationalisme of some kind maybee added by mensje´vics into nazisme by devastating bad beghaing against Ukraine. It happend many places, but in Ukraine it was as bad as it could be even with a long civile war.

Thats where You made Your Nazis, which as only solution saw Hitler as a nice giy ompared top You.

Well, they knew You – and they didnt know Hitler well enough.

And its the same today. You are not nice at all ttelling about gas like that. You are partly right but its hard fot them with all those changes too and they suffer in the same way as You.

Tellig things is much better might be true too. I dont see that but some few do. So You should let them alone and also let people there find some solution.

I have proposed here many times, that Ukraine and Russia should solve parts of it by Voting the Tussian Krushtjof infection back to, where it belong, but there is not a single plus here for that.

You really dont get where Lvov belongs or belonget too. Lvov is polish land grabbed by Russia, when USSR divided it by Molotov Ribbentrop. It also was a very German town having the German name Lemberg.

So You has mived the borders, so the right thing in facts should be to give Poland those parts up there back. We cant do that today, but You have to understand, that USSR are the latest invaders all the way west of Berlin slicing themself west putting Russians in, where there never hardly was Russian at all.

And its exact the same for fx Belarus and Estonia. None Russians ever lived in East Preussia and Königsberg as well and all was killed there – too.

I wont blame only USSR by Bolsjevics and Tzars for it and maily add Germans and partly Austria-Hungary.

But Russia has no reasin to blame people in Lvov/Lemberg wishing themself being themself in a no Russia anymore part of Europe and their own.

You refer to dirty written Russian historybooks or know nothing even its well descriebed and free to read in many versions on the internet.

Ill take it again. You moved Ukraine west and added Russians to it in east. Dont blame them.

cechas vodobenikov

yes the cowardly Danes invited the Nazis in—USSR defeated nazi Germany—and polish nazis/German territory now Russia, etc,,cry for lvov

Jens Holm

Under the same conditions, I would have done rxact same thing.

We has very good relations to Germany apart from the nazis – and the politics expected was Norden just and i WW1 would remain outdide the shit You made.

There is no honor in being killing defendess. We were defence less.
I will remind You we just have seen Nazis and communists run over Poland.

Robert Ferrin

Yes and America belonged to the Native Americans, but it doesn’t anymore so what’s your point, When you let hatred override common sense you have already lost the battle, the Ukraine is a corrupt shithole that no one wants, created by the U, S, and Germany kept alive by hand outs by Germany, the U.S. through the IMF as we use it as a tool trying to use it against Russia. The Russians are right every hundred years the Germans rise up, and they have to kick the shit out of them again and again, so again what’s your point?


You went full anal for a marker.


Meet the Su-57 ‘Lite’: Russia Working on Single Engine Next Generation Fighter to Compete with America’s F-35.
“Regarding development of the new fighter, Rostec CEO Sergei Chemezov highlighted that aircraft had significant export potential, possibly mirroring that of the American F-35 single engine jet which has been unrivalled in export successes since entering service. ”

Price of SU-57 is only $ 42 million while “lite version” single engine “SU-57” should be much cheaper.

Dick Von Dast'Ard

Could actually be a new Russian-Turkish light weight fighter. (LWF)


I am not aware of ANY Russo-Turk cooperation on Turk 5th generation fighter jet program.
Only MIG had project of cooperation with UAE on 5th generation Light Fighter jet – but project is stalling and is brought in doubt since UAE has committed to buy F-35’s recently.
Before any project happens Turkey will have to sign a valid agreement with Russia and pay quite big some of money (depending on size of transfer of know how, and or “ToT”(transfer of tech )) Since Turk know how and experience in building fighter jets
is ZERO. So they depend on Russian know how almost completely!

Robert Ferrin

Of course other countries rush to buy it considering many parts are built in those countries which of course cut down the price on those useless planes.!!


According to what i read, this Lite version is not 5G but a cheap 4G light fighter purely for export revenue. Even SU57 itself is only 4.5++ because lack of real stealth.

Its to compete for budget light fighter from China-Pak FJ17, SK, Swedish, etc. A very competitive market which Russia is late comer.

If India has not developed the failed Tejas light fighter, Russia might able to scam it into paying for Russia development.

The development of another new jet based on MiG29 is because its not selling, both RuAF & India carrier are finding defects & low performance. But MiG has no money to invest for new development, so its going around looking for some incompetent investor like UAE & India. So far no taker.

Russia is sliding on its leading edge in fighter jets vs US & China, likely due to lack of fund.


Why would SUCCESSOR a derivative of 5th generation jet SU-57 retrograde to 4th generation?!!!?
Nobody in history of aviation didn’t do anything that stupid !
You should not read pro-Western stupid propaganda but Russian valid sources

Tejas is first born and it is normal to have plenty of problems.
Problem with Indians is that they lack objectivity and expect to burn the stages necessary for development of the domestic aviation.
Chinese were STEALING lot. All Chinese aviation today is only illegal copies from Soviet , Russian and some US designs + “Lavi” Israeli model, sold by Israel + Soviet designs bought from Ukraine (J-15, “Antonov” blueprints).


Its not a superior successor of SU57 but a downgraded version. To achieve low cost budget fighters, it can’t be 5G. Russia is trying to enter this budget sector for poor nations.

Another version Ru is looking at is a (near)5G single engine jet to compete with F35 & China FC31.

SU57 is not a 5G fighter, no matter how hard you tried to shriek. It has not meet the 5G stealth requirement with its air inlet and airframe design, also no real stealth coating.

Everyone has to follow other best design until catch up. Soviet(russ) fighters are great. But look like China has leapfrog Ru within 20yrs. That’s why China refuse to buy SU57.

J20 is totally different superior 5G fighter in design, with 3x of F22 range. Just compare with F22, F35 and Su57, its uniquely a class by itself.

You are still stuck in the Soviet era mentality. China has already progressed well ahead. Even Russia backward glanost has to merge with China superior Beido.


One NEVER “downgrade version” by turning 5th generation jet into 4th generation. One can “downgrade” it by making single engine lighter fighter with limited range and limited combat sealing that logically carries less bombs, missiles than other “high end heavy version”.

You are ignorant (Pakistani) in literal everything you say.
So I will stop right there arguing with you and wasting my time.
China only flies stolen illegal COPIES of other countries jets.
From Soviet and Russian models to one Israeli and one US model.
Pakistan is terrorist supporting SH*T HOLE.


You have so much hatred on Paki, must be a typical Indian. im not from Pak, just sharing what i read in military site.

If you don’t agree, its ok. But to show your arrogant foolishness here is laughable. You don’t even understand what’s 5Gen fighter.

When you can’t cruise at above sound speed with single Russia engine, without sufficient stealth using same old Su57 airframe, you are forever 4Gen. Keep shrieking.


If you are not Paki than you are 100% sure Sunni and Russia hater !

And on top you are retard (which is your universal quality)


You are simply a great fool cowcola drinker. Im neither a Paki, Sunni, or Russia hater.

In fact im a moderate anti-Muslims, Russia admirer, has nothing good to say for Pak that is now stucked in terrible terrorism after colluding with US in Afgh war.

You are an idiot not knowing anything but to brag and boast here like typical Indians. When called out, you splurge venoms like toxic snake.


Fu*k off u
i d i o t.


Russia Holding Talks With Export Client For Tailor Made Twin Seat Su-57 Fighter


OK just how SU-57 is not 5th. generation fighter?

What… China-Pak FJ17 ???!!!!
5th generation Russian jet to compete with that
4th generation Chinese COPY of MIG-21 ?!

You must be some Pakistani simpleton wasting my time! GO AWAY!!


Augmented reality will greatly help with inspections and quality control, during manufacturing of the Su-57. It will greatly reduce mistakes and manufacturing errors.

Meanwhile, in the US, instead of augmented reality, they are adding “diversity” in the workplace of the F-35 and other companies. The hiring of LGBTQIA+++ personnel and giving jobs based on sexual orientation, rather than skill, is the priority. This is said to greatly improve inclusiveness and will eliminate “systemic racism” in the workplace. Whatever that means.

Jens Holm

Its shows how much back in time Russians are. We do that as routines here for almost everything.

Russai kind of scale aeroplanes up and try. And if they fall down, they are too big:)

Tommy Jensen

We know Denmark is in front of the future:
Female gay priests and gay marriages, 9 years x 35 hrs/week public school to learn half of what they do in Africa and Latin America on 7 years x 25 hrs.
Out of a public school team, 20% of Danish children were found not being able to calculate 7×8 and write a grammatical correct letter.
But you can always be sure of the Danish expertise in blaming everybody else.

Jens Holm

Genetics say up to 10% in all countries are in sexual minorities and the main parts are homos of both genders.

We dont need to feel above people like You, because we are not. If You really need to be above, then grab a chair. use high heels or something.

If You really want to feel low, then grab a vomens skirt and rank Your self just below a used car.

The real problem for Your kind of men are You behave like little roosters and all has to make kaklelidu to tell they are not gay.

Danes has structures like this:

And we also respect women, because they have strong arms and feet like this. They also has not reasons to hide their hair as if their faith is in their hair(Samson had). :

Tommy Jensen

Artificial weird music without soul. Same problem as with your focus on gross salary and gross revenue.
Only made to “make it look” like Danes are “among the leading” in science and wonder kids.
This here is soul and not made for appearance but for the beauty of art.

Jens Holm

But we are leading in most things, which isvery visble right here compared to the world.

I also again and again tell with numbers and maps how we do it, and be that that we dont steal as well as we share our selfmade wealth to all in the population.

I also tell that instead of complaining, people should copy Our good parts and implement them and raise the productions.

I again and again aks, what better. Danish create themself but often we use use thinsg from the outside and do them to Our own. We are one of the most digitalized countries in the world and save a lot of money by that. We didnt invent compiters but fx made “Hitman” and 50% of “Skype” as well as the big ones like Microsoft and Office has bought several computerproducts for billions and impleented them in theirs.

And we do produce many kinds of music. The SAFRI DUO has sold 2 milion copies of what I Youtubed right here. I dont say we are world champions for that, but we are here and a good player in the Western World market as equal parthers and mainly with very advanced products instead of dades from Syria or low tech fuel from Russia.

We also today makes 50% of Our electricity by windfarms, which is a world invension, where many from the world even laughed. They dont laugh now but buy or copy and implement.

So if You dont care and even blame me and us being low tech lazy bums Yourself even telling things are better, where You are in educational infantility kept and raised as sheep, I wrote back You lie all over or are not able to understand, what we do and how and why.

You dont understand vitals such as debt and and the essence of parlamentarisme is debating things to get good solutions and ignore it works by highly own created information in eccochambers, where the rest of te world only see You closed circled mens hairy asses, where only shit comes out.

Thats why I so often write: Walls around You fx west of Istanbull and for that matter along Russia. I dont take side as You do in black and white lying all the time, BUT I say if You love how its is and the future is only contrasts killing each other and for that matter us, You are the third solution not with me and us.

I write a lot here about Denmark, because You are totally infected in what You know and dont know about Europeans. I was in Berlin 1968 and saw both sides and in East Russian tourist being even worse then some few americans still behave here as Tourist.

Those were oine Tzar changed to another.

Thats how I see many here. We have no intension in collapsing Our systems and go virtual to Your low levels in so many things. We see You less and less as humans beings, when men treat vomen as if they are not.

Tommy Jensen

Yes thats the difference. You count success in 2 million records, where we emphasize quality, personality and soul.
The last danish one with soul I know of was Kim Larsen/Gasolin. A great poet.

Jens Holm

So how many countries in Africa has Our living standards making 57.000 dollars a year.

The difference – according to Your relexions – might be that we include all people and they all work tosupport themself and the state.

We see the results in Covid. We are low there because we by our system trust it, because its all included. We fx also see in windpower, where more then 50% of Our electricity is made by that and we now try to make it cover electricity for the cars.

I am sekular and dont care about priests as long as they keep the line and are inside the constitution. We also has free speach and also dont have vomen as second class citicens as You. They therefore work and we as men dont pay them in divorse. We also dont raise them for buy and sales.

And I love homos. They work hard. They pay a lot of tax. They dont make children but support those, which cant control themself.

So anybody can be with anybody as long its in fair conditions. Many of Yours not even have that option.

Our education system is compared to Your primitive version only. I do admit we are a little behind in the start, but Our systems are based on life time learning and Our Youngsters all has catched up before they are 25 years old and after that is still improving.

We has schools for all levels and all ages.

Here I also will remind Ypu that You for free can be a doctor, an ingeniur or a lawyer for free. We pay that by tax, so the poor has the same options as the rich ones. The same goses for the lower educations and thats because eduications is an investment, which pays of.

If things were as You insinuate referring for having no education standards above that, we would have collapsed decades ago. Its very primitive not even being able to see, that. Our results never can be reached by Your narrowminded observations.

In the other hand You dont wonder why “Africa” and “Latin America”and are full of golden bathtubs and they are i deserts too having wheels and poor starving danes instead of horses.

Right here I tell, what we do and many of Your problems might be solvet by taking in how we do in Your own context. You not even has to invent them again.

If so You had no computer or mobilphome today and oil was not for cars and electricity and only fopr some few lamps here and there.

So if its me, I critiseize You for blaming us having removed the worst restrictions in the sicl parts of Religion whatever also we might name it Islam or the second collapse of Russia weell assisted by Marx and Engells.

I write a lot here about Denmark, because You dont know and dont understand what Euroens are being highly infected by Yourself and Your Goverments. So I present one small and not as selfpromotions but entlighting You about us and the rest of the world. And I do answer all questions, You might have.

I have written those things so many times. And here You come again telling 20% are not doing reading, writing or math well and we by that is low.

Are we ???? I take it again. We take care and include the ones, You and by that accept include all, so they trust and work for Our state – and we have world record in working people by million as well.

Should we prefare being like unimployed in Syria in homemade nationaistic contrasts, were the only descent job for any future is being a mercenairy?

And true, we are only number one in low corruption, but You cant even copy that, because You dont copy Our good parts and only learn about the bad ones – or only are allowed to refer to Our bad parts. Here Our bad parts is explained.

And if any should wash hands, so we dont contaminate each other – its us. And You still dont wonder why so may prefare to be aming us and none emmigrate to Your version of selcreated heaven on earth.


With all due respect, extremely few danish people make 57k a year. Seriously, this number is beyond reality. The same with Sweden (My country). The average salary per year is 30-35k annually pretax. Difference of nordic nations and other nations in general such as eastern europeans or even middle eastern countries is that things are much, much cheaper there hence making up for a lot of the salary differential. Cost of rent in Sweden is now 600-800 dollars average in shitty suburban areas for medium sized apartments while you could find the same apartment in Russia for instance for half the price.

Jens Holm

GDP pr country or pr capita are scale for activity level and can be used to compare with if You are carefull and make vital adjustments here and there. o Ypu are correct in that.

But usually doing something fx having a job and also produce things which benefits pays off., so all the world use that as a scale also aware of the limitations.

The Danish living standard is just above the swedish one.

And if You compare sweden and Russia You have to add Russians also gets much lower saleries and they have to pay for a lot of things people swedes hasnt done for decades by themself. Maybee some % in income pr m2 for each might be better and then compare next.

BUt I see Russians compare with us in insane ways right here telling Our imployment is higher then theirs. But they forget that so many – mainly women dont work. They also forget we have many more here growing old and having a longer life. Those old ones works more years.

How can we in their statistics be seen as a land of unimplyment higher then theirs even we has at least 200.000 foreigners working for us and we could need even more of the well educated kind.

So I agree. Be aware for, what numbers and statistiscs as well as maps really show.

Robert Ferrin

Well you see you have been sucked into the system because it sounds so good but in real time they all screw with the GDP numbers to make them look much better than they are, they say the real GDP of the U.S., is closer to $11 trillion rather than the bogus figure because they add-in all the financial garbage to make it look better, and they are probably right for we manufacture little and then look at the wide and getting wider import, export numbers every month well you get the idea that they lie about everything, !!!

Jens Holm

Those GDPs covvers very well, but they also has its many limitations. They are the best we have to compare.

And true. Al economic models can be adjusted to the better or the worse.

But so manyhere not even understand what Our kind of debt is and we are based on private property((landownerskabe) and by that makes debts, which sometimes can be falsifies too – like the 2008 crisis.

People like You and most Muhammed and Engelss Economic experts should be taken i head and tail and be here for some time, so Ypu can compare.

Most of the finaciel sector is not garbage at all but vitals. One reason is we are based on shareholders and not private ownership.

Here people like You cant understand, that if You buy a cow making debt and work and feed it well, the milk and cheese can pay back as well as Yu have to add leather and soap, when it grows old.

Your version is, You buy NO COW and YOU CREATE NO JOB. And then You are rich. Well, You are not, beause You cant add work and fx buy or sell cows by the financial sector and by that as well as sell it to consumers in fx China and USA from Denmark.

I see the same narrowminded attitude about Our Democray/Parlamentarisme. You only has freedom in Your context, You have no responsabiity, which is a vital demnand. We delegate influense to all, it pays off and by that they support that state.

Your kind descriebe us as anarchists, just because You are raised as obeying sheep trusting any selmade Leader, which by that can run You with bajonets and fear.

Tommy Jensen

You are paying 70% in taxes and public fees but live in a fantasy world where the high gross figure on your excel sheet represents the empty content of your silly lives.
You are no.1 in private debt in OECD meaning you have a life as debt slaves depending of public charity and applications for public funding.
People in Africa, Russia and Latin America own their own houses and are free of major debts.
Their food and water costs 1/3 up to 1/10 of the price of Denmark. They take a shower all of them 2-3 times a day. Their food is healthy from the local market and farming unless you shitholes have forced GMO on them and bought them into family destruction, debt and minority preferences.

Jens Holm

My world is very real. You probatly not even has that kind of taxsystem, we have. When You are horrified by high tax its because You hardly gets anything back in Yours.


We have high tax and therefore a lot of expensive things are paid by the state and the local parlament.

So You have to subtract a lot from the high tax and find, what we actually has.

The best way is numbers of things such as seize of homes and facilities in them, it can be computers. We are one of the most digitalized countries.We probatly has more cars then You pr inhabitant.

We also has more vacasion days and work 37 hour pr week. Thats because we are effective in our productions and services, so effective and hard work pays off. We get more vacasion and can effort it .

A good reason for that also is many of us are well educated and therefor have jobs, which give a good income and we import worke´rs to do the low paid jobs with us. Women are not at home doing nothing or almost nothing as well. Ours are too clever for that.

Tommy Jensen

As 60 minutes said after visiting your country during your “muhammed crisis”: Danes are a naive people living mentally far from the worlds reality.
I can only point on one thing where you actually get money for value, you hospital system. Not perfect, but far better than you can find in many countries.
All the rest is illusion.
There is nothing they dont have better in many so called third countries compared to the middle class to middle class.

Jens Holm

The better is, thats the wealth is spread put to almost all and have a lot of number nrrfd fillfilled or almost.

HUman rights is a very good exemple.

Telling people having the majority very i better hrn us i thoe matters is far out.

It seemes Ypu know main parts of Africa just as You know us – thats no impressing.

Ni statistics support You bas well.The fantasies are Yours.

Robert Ferrin

Yep and if you don’t believe it come to the U, S, where the greatest number of bankruptcies are due to medical bills, and yes we are a third world country, but I think it’s closer to a banana republic without any bananas where they claim we have a government but yet 56% say in a poll that they don’t have any country or government at all, and the others are on the war path tearing down the rest I’ll let you know when the wake is I’m sure you will want to come and free booze for all<>

cechas vodobenikov

your insecure 57 buys nothing in your inflated fake economy where u pay 8 American for coffee…LOL…living standards for dane robots is kapusta—for civilized people it is culture
they teach kindergarten economics in your village

Jens Holm

We actually lives here and as I wrote Our income is 57.000 dollars a year in GDP.. So the price of coffee might be high for You but I also makes a lot more dolars then You.

And what else: Ihave mentiond what we dont pay for. School, eduation, hospital, medical care and a lotof other things.

I have just retired and gets 2.000 dollars a month from thestae and extra if needed. I alsohave and extra pension added to it

Its very simple. We pay a lot of tax but also gets back and share with the others and we have no corruption in pay.

Robert Ferrin

Well let’s not play with living standards because they average those and yes they all do it, but it’s simply another con game and a few billionaires can raise hell with the average. Why they can even make a person living on the street look like he’s making $57,000 dollars a year, but why do you use dollars where you live I’m sure you have your own currency or are you ashamed of it.!!

Jens Holm

There we go again. Your version of the few millionairis probatly being Jewish Zionists and Kurds as well is wrong.

Hard facts are not like that having some nillionairis in the top and the rest of us are poor. You always show that on You narrowminded learning by bad teachers. Its gains all visible facts.

Yopu forget more then half fx here in Denmark are Middle Class high above the poor level.You also forget, that Our poor here are helped much more and better then most poor in several other systems.

Denmark here is a little scxtreme. We for ALL ALL has free school, free education, free hospitals, free healt´care and free pension. We also has housing in good conditions given, so those with no jobs has clothe and food.

So we have equal rights for that and many other things and compared to many others, we certainly has equal right because we want the best for the jobs we have

Today we fx has a Female Premiere minister and 6 of 12 Poice districsts has Female Leadership.

Our people dont live on the streets as You insinuate and we are not USA. Their base in Kapitalisme is different from Ours and based on people decides themself as they didnt do in Europe and wherever they came from(slaves out of that context).

We compensate for the bad sides of the Capitalisme, which started in about 1880 by social reforms for workers in the towns as well as in farming.

You should wonder why so many eemigrate to Our systems and so few go the other way. You should understand Our systems are better. They are not perfect but better then alternatives. When I ask fpr links tight here, I get none but kind of hopes like Yours, where Yuo hope EU and the Dollar will collapse.

An important thing for me is we by high sekularisme actualy can changes things fast. We also make bad decissions.

For USA i will say they needed Sanders for reforms, but they have elected Biden.

Tommy Jensen

We have always been showing leadership in augmented reality technologies.

cechas vodobenikov

u have leadership in burger sales—fixed

Dick Von Dast'Ard

Imagine if Russia staged a new sporting contest…
Heavyweight Air Superiority Fighting Championships where air warriors of the RuAF pit their MiG-35, Su-35S and Su-57 against each other in mock contests. A sort of Tank Biathlon, but more Air DogFight.
Now that would be an awesome sporting spectacle!


Not bad idea (but dangerous to execute). It would have to be staged, choreographed “combat” with pre-planned jet maneuvers to avoid any possible collisions between the jets. Also to make it more visible from the ground, they would have to fly lower than in real combat situation.