Northern Syria Locked In An Endless Cycle


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Northern Syria Locked In An Endless Cycle
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Northern Syria Locked In An Endless Cycle
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Northern Syria Locked In An Endless Cycle
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The hostilities between the Turkish Armed Forces and the Kurdish groups in northeastern Syria are in a state of escalation.

On August 19th, two explosions blasted areas under Turkish control and the factions it backs.

The first explosion targeted the town of Azaz in the northern Aleppo countryside, while the other struck near Ras al-Ayn in the al-Hasakah countryside.

In total, five civilians were killed according to local media reports.

The two explosions that targeted areas under Turkish control in both provinces came when these areas were witnessing an escalation generated from Ankara’s side.

They likely came in response to frequent Turkish shelling, as well as the raids and attacks by the militant factions backed by Ankara.

Also on August 19th, a Turkish drone strike targeted a building near the town of Tell Tamer in the northern countryside of al-Hasakah.

Local media reported that the Military Coordination Center of the Tell Tamer Military Council, a faction of the US-backed Syrian Democratic Forces, was located in the targeted building.

Heavy damage was inflicted on the building, but no human casualties were reported.

The strike was likely an attempt by the Turkish military to deter any further pushes by the Kurdish group.

Recently, heavy clashes broke out in the northern al-Hasakah countryside between Turkish forces and the SDF.

Several Turkish-backed militants were killed.

Meanwhile, not too far away, in Greater Idlib, Turkey allows terrorist groups to roam freely and to carry out numerous ceasefire violations.

On the other side, the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) and Russia’s Aerospace Forces (VKS) are attempting to contain and punish the militants.

VKS warplanes carried out several airstrikes on Greater Idlib, which is held by al-Qaeda-affiliated Hay’at Tahrir al-Sham (HTS) and other terrorist groups.

According to the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, the VKS targeted the HTS headquarters located near the town of Ein Shib.

No casualties were reported, but the headquarters building was heavily damaged.

Earlier, the SAA pounded militants’ positions in the southern countryside of Idlib.

Russian-made 2K25 Krasnopol laser-guided artillery rounds were reportedly used.

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You are a funny fellow.

Marco Polo

Addressed to anyone who may happen to stumble upon my comment:

I wasn’t implying that Palestine shouldn’t receive support abroad, I don’t like the jews nor Israel and do not think they should have an ethnostate in Palestine or anywhere else in the Middle East.

As for the link found in the comment in the link below, I only copied and pasted from the article itself. They do make a good point, the hypocrisy it mentioned is pervasive.

So please do not rush to mistaken conclusions in the future, okay? I have a feeling some of you inevitably will due to ignorance, or self-righteous sentiment. Or some other reason.

Last edited 2 years ago by Marco Polo
Marco Polo

The north especially since it’s near the Turkish border.

“The vast majority of the external refugees are from the Assad areas too.”

Most of the third world migrants flowing into Europe and North America are young males not from Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya or Syria. They are from Turkey, Arabia, and Africa. They are well-coordinated and equipped with weapons, wire cutters, etc. Some have demonstrated they know at least some military training.

Last edited 2 years ago by Marco Polo
Marco Polo

Committing Genocide Through Race Mixing:

Saying “It’s Okay to be White” Makes You a Criminal?

[This is a compilation of news reports about how some “hateful bigots” are out there committing thought crimes by posting this message, and how they are being investigated for committing this “hate crime”.]

BBC Push White Genocide Propaganda — The English Countryside is “Too White”

Last edited 2 years ago by Marco Polo
Cindy Myer

How the hell can a government improve the lives of its citizens and rebuild the country when it is in a state of war that is been waged against it by well funded Western backed enemy? Get a grip on reality here. I have never lived in a war torn country nor fought any wars so I can’t speak from experience but I can only imagine the struggles and hardships that Assad AND the citizens of Syria experience on a daily basis just to stay alive let alone trying to rebuild a nation whilst under constant bombardment and occupation by enemies who are trying their best to ruin and undermine his country. Death by a thousand cuts. The way I see it the only way Assad can improve the lives of his people and to rebuild the country is for all foreign forces and foreign backed forces to lay down their weapons or get out of the country and leave Syria in peace. Also the rest of the world needs to lift the sanctions against Assad that is not only stifling the economy and the ability to rebuild but is also hurting the very ones that the West pretend to protect. If you cannot understand this simple concept then I’m afraid there is nothing I can do to help you overcome your intelligence handicap.

Last edited 2 years ago by Cindy Myer

The problem is zionism and the ODED YINON PLAN. Oil and gas, pipelines. Assad dit a few miscalculations. He let escape terrorists to the oil fields !!! Now he will do the same stupidity in Daraa. He shoud give Putin a ultimatum to close the airspace so us nato and turky and zionist can no more support there criminals. If Putin who loves the jews refuse, ask the Chinese. China and Iran, one week and it is over. All the coordinates from yankee and turky bases on Sirian sole are known, so what is he waiting to smash them with hundreds of balistic missils Iran can deliver? War is not a soft ball party, it is blood and burning flesh.


remember the SAA and the Tiger Forces in Particular are limited in number, About two years ago when the SAA made their push to liberate the Northwest, they came to a halt at Idlib. Their forces were also overly committed in that part of the country. It made them vulmerable to ISIS and the US in the East and ISIS and Israel in the southwest. Turkey was also ready to engage the SAA to protect its mercenaries if Idlib fell. I suspect the Russians were not willing to have a direct confrontation with Turkey, Israel or the US. So it used its influence to postpone the assault on Idlib. Unfortunately, it was a mistake because the SAA and Tiger Forces lost momentum. Israel and Turkey are always a threat. What gurantee is there that Turkey will return Norther Syria to Damascus. Just like Israel and the Golan Heights.

Israel and Turkey only understand the language of force. Consider, Hezbollah. Israel does not enter South Lebanon. Consider, Hamas. Israel, does not send its troops and tanks deep into Gaza. At some point the SAA needs to confron the terrorists in Idlib. The sooner the better. Let Israel and Turkey play their hand. War never ends as expected, just ask the Pentagon about Afghanistan or Vietnam.

L du Plessis

When will the war in northern Syria get direction ???

Ivan Freely

When Russia stop appeasing everyone. They will need to get more aggressive with Turkey and Israel.

Ilya G Poimandres

SF peeps – what is that song you use in your videos?

I need it for when I make serious statements to my friends. It is epic!

Call me AL

Gutted – it could not happen to nicer people !

Call me AL

T0sser. Here’s the retard Jens !


Well if you support head-choppers and Turkish proxies…