Armenia Is Trolling Russia, Digging Its Own Grave Around The Clock


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As of November 23, the Russian peacekeeping force has finished its deployment in the Nagorno-Karabakh conflict zone, that included the sending 1960 personnel and 552 units of equipment. The total number of observation posts currently kept by Russian forces in the region is 23. At the same time, planes of the Russian Aerospace Forces have not halted their flights to Armenia. They are currently involved in the deployment of additional equipment and civil defense and disaster response specialists that will participate in the humanitarian aid campaign in Karabakh.

While the Azerbaijani side insists that it would demine and restore all territories that it is gaining under the peace deal, the area to which the Azerbaijani military will have no access to will remain within the zone of the responsibility of the Russian peacekeepers and the authorities of the self-proclaimed Armenian Republic of Nagorno-Karabakh.

Another factor is the return of displaced persons. Since November 14, over 9,000 civilians have returned to their homes under the protection of the Russian military. Most of the activities needed to avoid an acute humanitarian crisis are now being conducted with direct involvement or under the supervision of the peacekeepers.

Meanwhile, the Armenian government, led by Nikol ‘The Basement’ Pashinyan that is openly cracking down on opposition to its rule with force and threats of jail terms, continues demonstrating its brilliant skills in undermining the Armenian regional position and destroying the already weakened partnership with the only guarantor of its statehood and security.

On November 21, a high-ranking Russian delegation, including Prime Minister Sergey Lavrov and Defense Minister Sergey Shoigu, visited Armenia and Azerbaijan holding a series of meetings with the leadership of both countries on the current situation in the region and the settlement of the Karabakh question. Accepting the high-ranking Russian delegation, the Armenian side ‘accidentally’ forgot to put out the Russian flag.

Such a position of Armenia towards its only real ally in the region that has just rescued Armenian forces from total annihilation in the war with Azerbaijan for Nagorno-Karabakh is at least surprising. In the worst case scenario, it just demonstrates that the government led by the Western puppet is rock solid in its anti-Armenian policy could easily lead to the full destruction of the country’s statehood.

It is interesting to note that the Armenian Foreign Ministry claimed that the absence of the Russian flags is completely fine and this is an ordinary practice for Yerevan. However, the fact that the Russian flag appeared on photos after media drew attention to the incident and that demonstrates that the original situation was not so okay because it revealed the real aim of the current Armenian government.

The Russian visit to Baku expectedly led to no diplomatic scandals of such kind and Azerbaijan is now preparing to take control of another district that Armenian forces should hand over to it under the reached deal. On November 25, Azerbaijani troops are set to enter Kalbajar District. The Armenian leaders are reaping the benefits of its destructive policies of the previous years.

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The Kremlin’s got its own “business and partnership” issues with the Ziocorporate terrorist globalists of the NWO, and if they didn’t like the Pashinyan regime, Russia as Armenia’s only military ally could’ve at least tried to organise a coup in Erevan to get him out of the way, but they didn’t, as that would break “international law” and trigger more EU/US sanctions and that’s bad for business.

As long as Pashinyan’s at the helm, Russian visitors may bring their own flag for meetings in Armenia.

Jihadi Colin

When at the start of this I had asked why Putin had not stopped the war from starting at all, myriad people here and elsewhere demanded to know why I wanted Russians to die in Armenia. Well, Russians are beginning to die, and absolutely no thanks are coming Russia’s way for their sacrifice.

Mustafa Mehmet

S. F Armenian stupid propaganda again


Soros/4th reichtstream,as per fkn usual anomynous sourced,well you know that means sht:


With a name like Mustafa Mehmet, you can only be a damn TURK!

Propaganda or not, your Donmeh Sultan erDOGan colluded nice and easy with his masters in London to get the outcome in the Nagorno-Karabakh. BP won, again!

Mustafa Mehmet

What you trying to tell us little girl..


Not trying. Told you. The conflict was planned by Erdo and his masters in London who got what they planned on getting.

Mustafa Mehmet

Erdoğan don’t take order from anyone…


LOLLLLLL !!!!!! OK BUDDY !!!!!

Bobby Twoshoes

That comment is more retarded than the article itself, did you even read it? How is calling Armenia rude and ungrateful Armenian propaganda? Stick to pushing Turk propaganda and threatening to anally rape people.

Mustafa Mehmet

yes Charlie Brown

Random Dude

There is a saying, “Every nation gets the leader it deserves”


rather Every nation gets the leader decided for them.


Come on SF. Its not the first article on politics. You should know the protocol better by now.
Head of state + head of state = both flags
Minister + Minister = both flags
Head of state (receiving) + Minister (visiting) = one flag (receiving)
Maybe is a new author that has no idea what protocol is. This thing has nothing to do with Russia, don’t get triggered.


Kaabooom bitchez


There is a growing sentiment on Russian betrayal within Armenian society. Even if Pashinyan leaves tomorrow, no one can guarantee an pro-Russian candidate.
And scare tactics will not work here. Everyone knows internationally recognized borders and violation will not go unnoticed specially by countries with significant Armenian diaspora.
Russia stopping the war before complete Armenian defeat is just another lever to hold as an influence.

Random Dude

its true that Armenia is one of most democratic in election countries within ex Soviets except for baltics, but not everything is decided by elections. 2008year gunned down MPs would confirm if they were alive.
International law doesn’t work anymore. its all about can and cannot. eat or be eaten.
“Russia stopping the war before complete Armenian defeat” could be for influence but it will not hold for long. One party, only one party is enough to say leave to peacekeepers, and they are gone. This outcome has been discussed before the war started and unlikely to change after it finished.


I suppose you are measuring how democratic elections are on how much they oppose Russia!

Random Dude

you are free to suppose whatever you like


Soros/nwo/lgbtq are minions compared to the rest,either way no future in fascism nor lgbtq:


NPOs can finance but can’t buy power. People are the ones that vote


>> People are the ones that vote < puppets are selected, placed on the throne and they obey their hidden masters.


Armenians can suck it. It’s not Russia’s job to save them and everyone around. Armenia is infested with Zio parasites like Pashinian anyway. Besides, the Donmeh Sultan erDOGan and his masters in London set a trap, played everyone and got what they wanted. Aside from access to Azeri goldmines, BP wins again.By the time Russia realized what was going on, it was too late. Hence likely the feeling of betrayal.
The US hoped erDOGan would go on an Armenian killing spreed so that they can attack him but it didn’t happen. London took advantage of the election mess in the US to carry on its plan in Nagorno-Karabakh. Truth be told London is THE dirty hand in the US election fraud.

Dmitry Orlov

What a ridiculous article! Russia got everything it wanted from what started out as a persistently bad situation. Pashinyan, the Soros puppet, has been neutralized and the Pashinyan-Erdogan plan to destroy Armenia (under British supervision) has been checkmated. Turkey’s expansion into Azerbaijan has been checked. Russia is now free to develop the land route to India, going through Azerbaijan and Iran. Virtually all of South Caucasus is now under Russian control (with Georgia swiftly falling in line). Pashinyan will be kept around as a political corpse and a puppet until negative emotions from Armenia’s self-defeat dissipate; then, once Armenian nationalism is no longer a threat to political stability, he’ll be replaced with a more loyal and capable Russian-Armenian governor. Perhaps most importantly, Russia has reaffirmed the essential pattern: any color revolution on former Soviet/Russian imperial territory ends up with that territory dismembered and partially under Russian control. Examples already included Georgia and the Ukraine, and now include Armenia.

Tommy Jensen

Armenia is an independent democratic country who takes its own decisions.

The Armenian people made their democratic choice to go with Washington and the dollares as we cant live on vodka and robbles, but we permit Russia to get a International name by using the Russian military to beat back Turkey, Azerbaijan and US/ISIS troops on the frontline…………………….LOL.

Pashinyan (through our facebook proxies)

Tommy Jensen

WTF are you doing on my facebook account man??? This is illegal.
Get tf out of my comments man, now!