Russian Army 2022


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Russian Army 2022

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Russian Army 2022
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Russian Army 2022

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Karl Wolfe

It is time for Russia to begin a mandatory service into the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation similar to the conscription of the Israeli Defense Forces or the Switzerland military forces.
It is time to organize Civilian Intelligence Units to monitor the possible infiltration of local cities and municipalities and to have local Militia training beginning with voluntary training on all aspects of Self Defense and Guerilla Operations.
I suggest this strongly to defer the constant aggression of the globalist pigs who genuinely hate the Russian People and their historical Traditions.
Time to publicly discuss the Biden Administration cooperation with real life Nazis within the Ukrainian military and call upon the world Jewish Community to bring this into public discourse.
A SHORT and CONCISE 10 or 15 minute speech broadcast to the world these Nazi units and the attempt to steal Ukraine by the Angol-American Oligarch oil companies to SPECIFICALLY sell FRACKED OIL to Europe should be mentioned.
The Clinton money of $50 million to OVERTHROW the elected president of Ukraine paid during the Obama presidency on behalf of the Fracking Industry needs to be brought to the world’s attention.
People don’t like dishonesty by the oil companies and it will help your case against this attempt at Aggressive War by the same people who sold the War on Iraq.


Absolutely not on mandatory service. If your country isn’t worth volunteering for then it isn’t worth existing.

Albert Pike

“Time to publicly discuss the Biden Administration cooperation with real life Nazis within the Ukrainian military and call upon the world Jewish Community to bring this into public discourse.”

But you know that Lubavitch echolon Igor Kolomoyskyi gave many millions to the Azov Battalion and laid the financial cornerstone for it’s existence. You also know that Isarel did sell arms to the Azov Battalion – that was widely discussed in Jewish newspapers. So the Jewish Community knows, and there is no discourse:
(Citation from ‘Is Ukraine a Hub for International White Supremacist Fighters?’, russiamatters)
‘Members of Ukraine’s Jewish community, such as Natan Khazin, have reportedly served with Azov, as have ethnic Greeks, while the motley Right Sector incorporated Muslim Chechen and Crimean Tatar fighters into its battalions. That such ultranationalist battalions as Azov and Right Sector reportedly received financing from oligarch Ihor Kolomoisky, who is a dual Israeli-Ukrainian citizen and a prominent member of Ukraine’s Jewish community, also undermines the notion that these units adhered to the anti-Semitic tenets of traditional white supremacist ideology.’

So dear Karl Wolfe – everybody knows – especially Mrs Nudelman/Victoria Nuland…

Chris Gr

Most Israelis support Russia on this conflict.


FEBRUARY 16, 2022 | Ukraine passes law criminalizing antisemitism

Come again? “White supremacist”? White preservation/nationalism = “white supremacy”? All you are doing is repeating bullshit without questioning the lies you were told that are easy to refute. Yet you can’t comprehend that. Either you cannot understand, or don’t want to. Facts don’t change your mind, you will either ignore or slander like any other liar.

As long as you think these are Anglos you have a problem understanding the world today.

Do you have any clue how many Ashkenazi jews immigrated from Tsarist Russia, Germany and Austro-Hungary to America? Ghislane Maxwell’s father Ian Robert Maxwell (born Ján Ludvík Hyman Binyamin Hoch) immigrated to Britain from Czechoslovakia after WW2.

Lord ⁣Robert Maxwell is a jew holohoax survivor

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Chris Gr

Rockefeller is not Jew though. These people belong to a cult not Orthodox Judaism.


Either way, all parties involved are serving jewish globalist interests.

Rising tensions in Ukraine and the future of Europe w/ Baresic

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Chris Gr

Is there someone who doesn’t serve these interests?


I’m not sure. Maybe small countries in Africa?

Chris Gr

But you think African blacks are inferior to us whites. Some blacks are lighter though. The blackest are in Sudan, Kenya and Central Africa.


No Karl. If you truly are German, you need to return to YOUR PEOPLE (the German people) and become a great power again. Stop wishing to return to the GDR, bring back National Socialism and stop German bashing.

Putin’s Russian multiculturalism

Rising tensions in Ukraine and the future of Europe w/ Baresic

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Chris Gr

Bring back German aristocracy not the mad man.

Karl Wolfe

Fracked Liquified Natural Gas (is what they want to steal the Free Market from Russia to force Europe to purchase) and it is a PARTICULARLY harmful product to the Environment as it consumes millions of gallons of Public water supplies AT EACH “WELL” and permanently poisons that public water THEY DONT PAY a single penny FOR as well, pumping the poison back underneath the ground to HIDE IT.
Birth defects and entire species of animal and plant life are threatened by this production of liquified METHANE gas that goes against all worldwide interests in preventing Climate Change also.
The Truth is more powerful than all the lies once it is REVEALED to the People of the world.

jens holm

You are right about that kind of gas. But the rest is far out.

If Russia has patents on the free market its playing Monopoly.

I can only recommens NONE and more independensy making the world cleaner by Windfarms and Solar Power.

We cover 50% of Our electricity by that today her in Denmark, bacause we have wind 200 days of the year. We add windpowerstations to cover the new kind of cars. We also has some few Solar Power stations doing relative well.


It’s quite amazing how people lack the basic of common sense, even in matters related to electricity. Wind farms require huge land surfaces which cannot be used for any other purpose, such agriculture, dwellings, or nature reserves. In economics there is a clear indication on costs and hidden costs. The wind mill entrepreneurs just seem to ignore the cost associated to space allocation. The same applies to solar.

Jim Allen

Both are unreliable in inclement weather.

Tom Welsh

Here in sourthern England it has been months since solar contributed any measurable amount to electricity generation. Wind does better; on days like today, it allows “renewable energy” to provide almost 60% of UK electricity.

There is still that 40% – plus the future expansion, especially the huge demand from electric vehicles.

And the wind does not always blow. Some days this winter renewables have provided as little as 16% of electricity.


You don’t fight a nuclear armed Bear in its den if you are smart.

Lance Ripplinger

Doesn’t Russia still have conscription? I think that says a lot about their country if they force people to join the military.