New Series Of Russian Strikes Inflict Damage To Ukrainian Military In Rear Regions

New Series Of Russian Strikes Inflict Damage To Ukrainian Military In Rear Regions

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On the night of May 20, Russian forces launched a new series of strikes against targets in the Ukrainian rear regions. Russian strikes were reported in the southern Odessa, eastern Kharkiv regions and in the territories under the Kiev control in the Donetsk People’s Republic. In the morning, explosions thundered in the Poltava region, while several more waves of Russian strikes are likely to destroy targets in Kharkiv and its outskirts.

After a short pause, Russian forces resumed daily strikes on the Ukrainian military facilities in the Odessa region. The region was targeted by Russian kamikaze UAVs for the second night in a row. Russian strikes in the city of Odessa and in other settlements in the southern region destroy the points of accommodation and rehabilitation of the military personnel of the Armed Forces of Ukraine and the Main Intelligence Directorate, as well as facilities of the port infrastructure, which were used as military warehouses with weapons and ammunition, including those supplied from abroad.

The Ukrainian military facilities in the eastern regions located near the frontlines are regularly pounded by Russian drones and missiles. Amid the ongoing Russian offensive in the Kharkiv region, Russian aircraft destroy the areas of accumulation of the Ukrainian military and their facilities in the city of Kharkiv and its outskirts. The city is pounded by various types of Russian missiles as well as heavy bombs with planning and correction modules.

More Russian strikes inflicted heavy damage to the Ukrainian rear facilities in the areas of Chuguev, Kupyansk, as well as to the Ukrainian military accumulated in the towns of Liptsy and Vovchansk, where the Armed Forces of Ukraine attempt to stop Russian offensive.

The Russian military maintains its dominance in the air over Ukraine. The constant massive strikes on the Armed Forces of Ukraine in the strategic rear regions and near the frontlines allow the Russian military to disrupt Ukrainian military supplies to the battlefields and the operation of the entire military-industrial complex of Ukraine.


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Massa John

they’ve nearly found the right dosage of iskanders to keep their ukrainian friends happy.

Vichy France Soup de Jour

regular booster shots are mandatory.

Jewish Cockroaches

jews fake news

Mitch Green

​ukraine will get €3 billion yearly from revenues of russia’s frozen assets in europe. the eu council approved legislation allowing ukraine to gain all the profits that the russian immobilized capital is idly generating, amounting up to 2.5–3 billion euros annually.

Last edited 21 days ago by Mitch Green
Thomas Sundström 🇸🇪

we will educate rooskies to behave better by humiliating them. putin gang got what they deserved.