The Strategic Bomber Race Is On: U.S. B-21 Raider VS Russian PAK DA


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The Strategic Bomber Race Is On: U.S. B-21 Raider VS Russian PAK DA
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The Strategic Bomber Race Is On: U.S. B-21 Raider VS Russian PAK DA
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The Strategic Bomber Race Is On: U.S. B-21 Raider VS Russian PAK DA

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Strategic bombers are powerful and exclusive weapon that not every air force can get.

Nowadays, only Russia and the United States have this type of combat aircraft in their arsenal.

For all intents and purposes, it is a race – who will get the new-and-improved strategic bomber first.

For the United States this is the B-21 Raider, under development by Northrop Grumman on top of the B-2 bomber.

The B-21 should be a flying-wing- type aircraft with a wingspan of about 42 m.

The main goal for the developers is to minimize the visibility of the aircraft in the radad and thermal ranges.

According to the preliminary reports, the B-21 should cost much less than its predecessor, only $ 550 million. However, the U.S. promising weapons are known to easily rise in prize during their development.

Much less is known about the promising strategic bomber being developed in Russia.

Only project name is known: PAK DA, and it is an aircraft also made according to the “flying wing” scheme, taking into account the technologies of reducing its signature during flight.

At the moment, the appearance of the aircraft has already been approved and tested for radar signature.

PAK DA will be portable of modern cruise missiles with nuclear and conventional warheads, including high-precision hypersonic long-range missiles.

It is hard to compare the two warplanes, currently, as they are both veiled in secrecy.

It is likely that in terms of stealth, the B-21 will significantly surpass the PAK DA, since the Americans have a lot of experience in this area.

Another potential advantage of the B-21 is their ability to detect air and ground targets, as the United States has been developing radars with AFAR for much longer.

Additionally, the B-21 power plant, based on the latest technical solutions of the F135 or PW9000 engines, will also be better – the PAK DA power plant is made on the basis of the NK-32 engine developed in the late 1970s.

A potential advantage of the Russian vehicle may be the presence of decimeter L-band antennas, which provide detection of low-signature aircraft, which partly compensates for the greater radar signature of the PAK DA compared to the B-21.

A serious drawback of Russian combat aircraft is the lack of small-sized interceptor missiles capable of hitting enemy air-to-air missiles with a direct hit.

Both B-21 and PAK DA should also include the unmanned flight mode and will be able to carry long-range subsonic cruise missiles with nuclear and conventional warheads, as well as promising hypersonic weapons.

Meanwhile, Moscow could have the upper hand in terms of hypersonic weapons.

Thus, the U.S. B-21 has better stealth, and more efficient engines, and the best AFAR radars. This comes in addition to compact anti-missiles, and laser self-defense weapons.

In conclusion, it should be considered that the advantage of a particular platform can only be proved by its long-term operation, since technologically sophisticated models risk reducing overall efficiency as they are less convenient to operate.

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First, you are claiming that you don’t know anything about these aircraft then you just give the upper hand to the US for stealth, for real. If the US has the upper hand in stealth, why always avoiding Russian radars with the F-35s, they never brought them to Syria, they don’t give green light to the Ottomans to start and operate the S-400, while the Russians took their Su-57 in Syria for pure testing tho. Let me tell you something the US stealth is a myth, there is not such a thing as stealth, there is a thing called smaller size on radar, but who has the best air radars in the world. RUSSIA. F-22 was stealth, oh and it is stealth, but in the official specs in the S-400 Triumf, the F-22 is there as one of the targets that can be shot down by the very S-400. F-35 junk is based on the same specs, just different types of shity air-craft. For the Russians stealth doesn’t exist, they can detect everything on the radar. But what can the US detect on their radars, ups I forgot the patriot will do the job. Haha. This is funny.

Donald Moore

Some people are so wrapped up in politic they can’t see the forest because of the trees in the way. I was called a Putin Shill because I told the truth about the F-35 engine over heats like you can’t say anything bad about the US or something good about Russia without being a Russian spy even if it is the truth.


While you are correct, I would just like to point out that it is not that simple. There is a lot of nuance that goes into radar detection of different types of objects, from big and easy to detect ones, to stealthy ones, to ones that are very very small. Detecting stealth and very small craft is not necessarily as easy as turning on a radar and automatically detecting the craft as though it were a normal aircraft with huge detectability. Often with hard to detect craft, the radar operators would basically have to know there is something to look for to begin with, and then actually find it by focusing the radar in it’s direction.

A clown like you

Seeing how bad F-35 jets were…I don’t think their new bomber going to be any better.
Also, China making a new strategic bomber (Xian H-20), China’s first strategic bomber.


China’s got a new bomber? That’s great — whose design are they copying this time?


China has had a strategic bomber for decades, the H6, which has been steadily upgraded. The Xian H 20 is China’s first stealth bomber.


Sounds like a load of B.S. to me, for they have very little information to base anything on to date, so they simply fill it in using their imagination.


A rerun article? Please SF we read this a week ago. WTF?

Icarus Tanović

Russian bomber have ‘old’ engine? Well how old is b52? Are you kidding me? They don’t have anything better than VKS.

Last edited 2 years ago by Icarus Tanović

China has over 200 Xian H-6 strategic bombers.


Amazing to see how the design is still ultimately based on the Horten 229 Flying Wing design, developped by German engineers at the end of WW2. The US got the upper hand, because they stole the plans, the proto-type and the engineers. This is why it took Russia much longer to develop sth. similar. Still, it will be interesting to see what they come up with.


“Nowadays, only Russia and the United States have this type of combat aircraft in their arsenal.”

So the Chinese H6 doesn’t exist?