Dress Rehearsal Of Color Revolution In Russia


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Anti-government protests under the pretext of the detention of the notorious Russian opposition leader Navalny took place in various cities across the country.

They were characterized by underwhelming attendance, claims of grandeur and awkward attempts at spreading violence. Protests were immediately endorsed by the Washington establishment. Notably, the United States Embassy in Moscow published detailed times and locations of unsanctioned rallies. Some Western leaders have made direct calls for an escalation of violence.

The entire situation resembled a staged performance that took place just days after the US President Joe Biden was inaugurated. The Russian scare narrative has already been pushed by the US Democrats and the US MSM for a long time. It is expected that the new Administration policy regarding Moscow will become even more hawkish. The detention of Alexey Navalny will be simply used as a justification for further aggressive actions against Russia. It fits perfectly with the Washington concept of cultivating an image of an unpredictable and irreconcilable foreign enemy to American values and democracy in general.

It is quite evident that Alexey Navalny, his sponsors, teammates and supporters were fully aware that he would get arrested when he returned to Russia. This could have been entirely avoided if he simply returned a bit earlier. He would thus meet the terms of his suspended sentence over the corruption and bribery in Russia. But then there would be no reason to protest.

Navalny even published a dramatic address saying that he had no desire to kill himself, to avoid any potential scenarios and being used as a sacrifice for the greater neo-liberal good.

As the hubs of the neo-liberal agenda in Russia, Moscow and Saint Petersburg hosted the largest protests. Protests in other regions were much smaller. However, there were even those protesting in extreme temperatures, showing that there is a motivated and unrelenting core.

The protest attendance, against the entire population of the cities, however, pales and shows an unimpressive turnout.

Reports of attendance vary, with some claiming at least 40,000 gathered in Moscow, with the authorities putting the number at merely 4,000. Others claimed that the numbers somewhere in the middle.

In Saint Petersburg, Kommersant reported that there was an attendance of about 5,000.

Other cities with a significant protest presence include Yekaterinburg, Novosibirsk, Vladivostok and Nizhny Novgorod.

The Russian branch of the BBC said that protests took place in 122 towns and cities across the country.

It appears that there was little friction among the general population. A notable part of protesters were likely paid. The core consisted of various unemployed idlers, young city hipsters, liberals and different minorities. A significant presence was seen from youths and minors, who were subjected to a large-scale social media campaign.

Many videos were released claiming police violence. Every video showed the same situation – an individual rushing towards police and attempting to assault the officers, and then getting detained in return.

There were no casualties, however, not from the side of the authorities, nor from the protesters. Evident attempts at causing casualties, by involving minors and youths, were obviously made, but they failed.

Fake news also became the integral part of this anti-government campaign. They were mostly dedicated to alleged killings and incredible numbers of arrests by the authorities. These messages were actively endorsed by mainstream social media, including the Chinese-operated TikTok. While Washington, which prefers to see the Russian statehood destroyed, Beijing is also not averse to use the situation for getting additional leverage on the Kremlin to strengthen its own position in joint projects. As a result, the narrative is being constructed as a “political persecution”.

The side shouting “witch hunt” the most, is the United States, whose administration referred to half of its population of Trump supporters as “domestic terrorists”, and “fascists” for not supporting the establishment of the neo-liberal agenda.

Despite the lack of success in the protests, this was simply a dress rehearsal. It is used to pave the way for a large-scale campaign to undermine Russia’s stability and compromise its statehood.

It seems that the ramping up of the destabilization attempts is scheduled for September 2021, – the period of the Russian general election that will include the next legislative election and the election of 11 governors. The liberal opposition has already proven that it is ready to even sacrifice children in order to achieve the ambitions of its sponsors. If the Russian government does not employ preventive measures, these people will easily find large support from Russia’s geopolitical opponents. Next time staged anti-government protests can ‘accidentally coincide’ with industrial disasters, cyberattacks, and even terrorist attacks.

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making russia great again



More to the point,kills all forms of corona 60 seconds flat,short n sweet:

Rap Reynolds

This worked out so great for Napolean and Hitler. And Biden isn’t 1% as smart as either of them.


https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/a4cc94adfe933479a3427c0f3dee0eda0924af19df75e4795761fb9d6a4802ae.jpg Both were losers as were the people whom hailed them as,look at france and germany todays,event the usa twin,rubbish utter rubbish degenerates,this is the reality todays!

Rap Reynolds

It won’t work out for the US either.

Jihadi Colin

I don’t understand this claim that because TikTok is used for the liberal regime change propaganda, China is to blame; any more than a car manufacturer is to blame if said regime changers plaster said car with stickers and posters.

That said, it’s as obvious as it can be that next election will see the Amerikastani Empire claim Navalny – or more likely his wife – “won” and is the “legitimate president of Russia”, and try to pull a Guano on it. That Navalny has a 2% approval rating and can’t win an election to the post of sewer inspector in chief makes no difference, just as the fact that he’s a racist wannabe genocidaire makes no difference. We aren’t talking about facts or what the Russian people think. We’re talking the Amerikastani propaganda fed to the citizens of the Imperialist States and its colonies from Canadastan to Australistan, who imagine that Navalny is a “patriot”, a “democrat”, and the “greatest opponent of Putin” instead of a traitor derided as a “Soros pig” by almost all Russians. And after declaring him president, of course, Amerikastan and its colonies will simply declare any and all Putin government decisions “illegal” and “invalid”.

The only way to prevent that from happening will be to openly put Navalny on trial now, adopt a ruthless attitude towards the Quisling liberal fifth column, including liquidations if necessary, shut down their media, and impose, ironically , the same dictatorship that the Amerikastani Empire claims exists in Russia.

Does anyone think the same Putin who didn’t invade Ukranazistan in 2014 but got blamed for it anyway is up to it?


“I don’t understand this claim that because TikTok is used for the liberal regime change propaganda, China is to blame”

If you “don’t understand” than try to find some anti Chinese propaganda on “Tik Tok” maybe that will help you to “understand”.
China control’s all their media 24/7.


Use whatever force is necessary to send these traitors home.


Powered by incestry of course,here’s to the usa ambassador to russia,fair dinkum buttered goi: https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/3d00f85e1097e3b2fc97b47e83fb243220ae754324f6963e933a0899b50effab.jpg

fekn p00ftas!


the german SA, Hitler’s own security guard, turned out to be a nest of homosexuals and the head of th organzation, ernst röhm was murdered in 1934,and one reason was the perversity that was an integral part of SA


The nest of perverts within NGO’s and the US embassy needs to be disinfected for interfering with the Russian State.

John Tosh

World war 3 is getting closer and closer!
Many US coastal cities will be destroyed with a nuclear explosion offshore.
The CIA keeps playing its dangerous game thinking it will ultimately win!

The only good at the end of WW3 is the trials which will see cowardly CIA agents and managers cry like children begging for their lives as they are sentenced to public execution.

The future is ugly.


you are on to something there, unfortunately! the disunited states of exceptional morons need a war to save the day =survival. with 28000 billion bucks in debt, the morons will be history if interest rates on the national debt increases say 2 to 3 per cent, in which case the morons would have to sue for a moratorium on the debt and reschedule repyment. what a larf. the alternative is to start a war in which case the national debt may be forgotten by off setting the debt against future weapon sales.

John Tosh

I wish I could show you the pain and sorrow on the faces of women and children in the future USA….you will understand why I am not worried about the constant attempts on my life by the CIA now.


I am not aware of cia trying to assassinate you but and if so you should hope they are as inept as the russians when they try to kill off quisling navalny and the skripals in england with novichok – the deadliest poison known to man hohohhohoh – and failed both times -laughable yeah sure is.

John Tosh

Navalny was setup by the CIA… we all know this.

Jim Allen

Interest rate on US National debt of 30 trillion(+/-) fiat US Petrobucks to Central Bank is 33% compounded interest. Annual interest payment’s have been in the 3/4 of a trillion dollar range for the last several years. With US
de-industrialized, and somewhere around 180 million unemployed, and dependent on US Government Social Services, the income tax base falls far short of paying the bills. US Government is financed by the Zionist Khazar criminal Banking Cabal, to continue fighting the endless banker wars, protect Israel, while the Cabal destroys the country from the inside.
US military technology, and capabilities are decades behind that of it’s chosen enemies. US weapons sales are limited to the countries that can be bullied into buying the junk. Sales are weak, countries that bought big ticket items traditionally, have rejected the latest technology, and are developing their own.
The Banking Cabal wants war, US Government serves the Cabal, US debt to the Cabal keeps US, and Western Government’s leveraged into doing as directed by the Cabal.


or buying the russian s-400 to beon the safe side. if this continues there will be no dividends for the shareholders in lockheed, northrop-grumman and so on and one of the great military contractors, boeing, is in the toilet as it is. in the future avoid boarding boeing 7373s, 777s or 757s if you value your life.

you might hope that your neighbourbuys the f35s since it will be a slight guarantee of their complete uselessness should the neighbour decide he wants your silver or natural resources.


first of all, navalny, prime quisling at work, had to return to Russia since he is too insignificant to cause any problem for Putin or Russia if located outside of Russia, moreover, the tool navalny needs to have the bill paid for his daughter’s tuition at stanford university, which she is in attendance of. thus,the exchange might look as follows, a) we pay your daughter’s fees at stanford while you b) make as much noise as is possible inland and show the world the negative stuff we can come up with, such as Putins Palace (which from a sane point of view is soo much not-putin that it is laughable). why would Putin have such a vulgar heap of stone when he has a very nice Dacha in Sochi,


He has every right to live. His location should be hidden and protected from the US and NATO before they can kill him as pretext.

Rhodium 10

Yellow Vest attracted more than 300.000 protesters in France November 2018( act 1) and for Western media it was an small number of people protesting in a country ( Half of the Russian population)…Navalny ( a CIA agent) backed by Russian pro western liberals elite use a simple by effective speech similar to that of the Bolsheviks vs tsarism and opulence…they dont think that its absurd that Putin is going to build a palace for him which means his political death!…they dont think that International real estate Investment fund…use to invest in Palace, large Farms and old castles to turn them in luxury Hotel like the Kol Gali in Tatarstan…in Spain you can find many Palace turned into Hotels especially “Paradores nacionales”…which have high demand and people pay to stay!…


Those Vlasovists should be crushed.

cechas vodobenikov

these few navalnists merely show themselves to be confused, although not as confused as BLM looters/rioters that destroyed US cities when career criminal g Floyd died of drug od in police custody


If this guy wanted to be taken seriously he shouldn’t have become such a shill for western neo liberal governments. I used to think he was ok, as an anti corruption activist, but now it’s obvious he just wants to become the next Juan Guaidó.

Assad must stay

I never liked the prick, I’m beyond tired of hearing about him

Hist 83

U ain’t the only one.

Mr T

Russian TROLS any comment, does Russia get a pink revolution? Putin is afraid?

Assad must stay

I’m beyond tired of hearing about this prick, russia should have never let him back in wtf were they thinking?

Frank G

it is so sad to see these traitors inside russia, these idiots should be exported to and dispersed into the ukraine, latvia, poland, estonia and litho