Russia Intercepts British Warship In Its Waters, UK Denies Reality


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You can read this article in German: LINK

UK Navy’s HMS Defender air-defense destroyer was intercepted in Russian territorial waters.

It was met with a Russian border patrol ship that was forced to issue a warning shot.

In the incident that took place on June 23, after the British Destroyer ignored the initial radio and fire warnings, Russian Su-24m aircraft carried out a warning bombing ahead the HMS Defender’s course.

A video was released by the Russian Defense Ministry, showing the interception before the bombs were reportedly dropped. In total, four OFAB-250 aerial bombs were discharged.

A recording of the negotiations was released online. The British warship was warned that its dangerous actions threatened the safety of navigation in the area, but the destroyer disregarded the received orders and did not respond to them with any action.

A BBC defense correspondent, who by some extraordinary coincidence was on the Defender’s board, claimed that more than 20 Russian aircraft and two coastguard ships have shadowed a British warship sailing near Crimea.

Then, the UK, attempted to tell a completely different story. Prime Minister Boris Johnson said that it would be incorrect to say that the HMS Defender was fired upon or that the ship was in Russian waters.

According to the British side, the warship was “conducting an innocent passage through Ukrainian territorial waters in accordance with international law.”

The correspondent on board described this ‘innocent passage’ the following way:

“I am on board the warship in the Black Sea.

The crew were already at action stations … Weapons systems on board the Royal Navy destroyer had already been loaded.”

Disregarding all evidence, the UK Defense Ministry said that it ‘believed’ the Russians were undertaking a gunnery exercise in the Black Sea and provided the maritime community with prior-warning of their activity.

No shots were directed at HMS Defender and the UK did not recognize the claim that bombs were dropped in its path.

Russia’s foreign ministry called the passage of the British warship through the area an act of “blatant provocation” and said it would summon the British ambassador over the incident.

The Russian ministry clarified that the British ship had ventured as far as 3 kilometers into Russian waters near Cape Fiolent, a landmark on Crimea’s southern coast near the port of Sevastopol, headquarters of the Russian Navy’s Black Sea fleet.

Great Britain insisted that the HMS Defender was taking the shortest, most direct route across the Black Sea, from Odessa, in Ukraine, to Georgia.

Relations between Britain and Russia are already at rock bottom, following accusations when the Salisbury and other scandals are taken into account.

A recent Whitehall report described Russia as the greatest military threat facing the UK.

The British are now teasing their enemy, trying to find the red lines. Having crossed them, they flee frightened by Russia’s harsh response.

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Inghilterra , 30 milioni , in maggioranza cretini

Thomas Carlyle


Ed era troppo cauto con la stima!!!!

jenz holnms

Nekst tinme wee will paint schip in rainbov colrors. THis vill skare the Rusasai aaway.

Rodney Loderstems

Russians are not stupid, I’d get out of the way too.


In the released movie towards the end can be clearly seen the NAZO limey ship taking a sharp turn to the right. Something convinced the valiant defender’s cap that it’s time to tail it.

Rodney Loderstems

Britain wouldn’t recognize that passage as being in Russian Federation territorial waters since they don’t recognized Crimea as Russian, I noticed that Boris neglected to use this as an opportunity to tell the World that Russia is bad.

None of you

Let hope so that clear heads prevail.
Nobody will come out as winner.
No Russia no UK.
IF A WAR breaks out between this powers wil affect everyone on the world

concrete mike

Especially you ;)


So what’s so good in this world that you worry about? Do you enjoy living as a slave to a degenerate system?

None of you

You mind is degenerated…
Go ask for help

None of you

You cannot even comprehend how dangerous a war between Russia and UK will ever be..
WWW3 could start and nobody absolutely nobody will ever be safe on this world, not your daughter not you mummy not your sister not you children not your babies… Think for a second about that..
Look how life was in ww2 then maybe you will understand the consequences of such a war , only now will be on a much much bigger scale..

Tommy Jensen

No problem for me as I am a survivor.


It will be over in hours, usa will find an excuse to not intervene

Marco Polo

If you could do that by now without suffering enormous consequences you would have done so already. Every word you type is an indication reflects poorly on your character and Russia as a whole.


I wonder what kept Russia from arresting the crew and taking hold of this boat, just what happened to the Ukraininans at the strait of Kerch. I doubt sometimes the wisdom of so much restraint exhibited by Russia.

Raptar Driver

It was Putin the great Compromiser.


The Zionists won both world wars. It was all put in motion at the World Zionist Conference in 1897.

None of you

Yes the West won both wars because they where fighting for freedom.
They did not fight for Religious Muhammad who teaches to kill his own people.
If it was not for the Western civilization to defeat Hitler your religion and your family wouldn’t be alive.
So you can kiss Western ass for giving you freedom.


After decades of bombing the wedding parties and schools of peoples of countries less able to defend themselves, the Jews’ UK Tyranny wardog lost sight that Russia is very much able to defend itself. Oops.

Raptar Driver

Putins passive responses, using the bare minimum, only encourages them to probe deeper.
His policy is leading directly to war just like Britain with Chamberlain did.


At least this time it was more than “restraint”. I wouldn’t be surprised if the local commander acted on his own authority.


There are precise protocols at every level. There is no way the commander called the MoD or even the Kremlin before acting.

What will happen after this incident, is that the MoD will step in to eventually change the engagement rules. But it will be always the local commander to take the final decision.

Tommy Jensen

Putin cant deny a ship from the Royal British Navy to sail in freedom in International waterways of free navigation.
If Putin continue his piratery gobbling Islands and Arctic land masses, he will be sued in British Court with all consequences for the innocent Russian people. Just saying.


A better response would have been dropping a dummy bomb on the Brutish ship’s deck, accompanied by frying its electronic systems.

This must be seriously alarming to Proud Hindu’s gibbering globetrotting genocidal Gujarati gangster god Narendrabhai Damodardasbhai Modi, who has tied India tightly to the apron strings of the sinking Amerikastani Empire. I have no doubts that recriminations are flying around the Modifellating Bhaktonazi offices in Delhi. Right after the Amerikastani defeat in Afghanistan, it’s a serious wake up call for the Gujarati fascist.

Last edited 2 years ago by Ragheadthefiendlyterrorist

Got a link?


Never mind, I found it.


Considering NATO as liars, more effective response would be SU-24 guns fire gentlmen destroyer’s deck instead FABing destroyer’s trajectory. Next time response is Bastion turning gentlemen into sea food. Other NATO members can’t call article of mutual defence since gentlemen “invaded” into Russia. Ruskies response is still soft. Really hope this will change soon.

S Balu



The gibbering globetrotting genocidal Gujarati gangster government of Narendrabhai Damodardasbhai Modi and its paid trolls cannot be trusted.


This small island nation with population and size similar to south Korea is quite annoying and trying hard to seek an attention. This island nation doesn’t have much of war depth to speak of and just one will wipe them out clean off the map.

Last edited 2 years ago by ulzimun

Very true. The british clowns are well aware that Russia could stage significant land based hypersonic weapons in Kaliningrad that would reach the degenerates in the “city of london” in minutes.


johnson is a hideous looking zionist buffoon born in brooklyn ny. What can one expect from a deviant inbred?

“British PM Boris Johnson personally ordered warship into Crimean waters, ignoring warnings of his foreign secretary – media report” RT


Hear, hear as the slimey limeys would say!!!!

Tommy Jensen

What is reality for us in the free and civilised world, is not reality for Russia because they are a dictatorship.
Because Russia refuse to follow the International Rules based Usury Orders as we are doing it.

Arch Bungle

They should thank their lucky stars I am not in charge of the Russian defence forces.

They’d be scattered at the bottom of the seabed by now.

Hit first, ask questions later. That’s what diplomats are for.


Perhaps the british buffoons forget to consider what is undersea when intentionally trying to antagonise the Russian armed forces.

There is a reason Erdogan referred to the Black Sea as a Russian lake.

wt baker

Back in April someone in the US establishment thought it prudent to cancel sending US warships into the Black Sea. I guess the British were furious and recklessly sent the HMS Defender in harm’s way with intent to provoke. That’s the British for you.


A nation that places so much pride and admiration for a royal family of inbred germanic non-human gangsters deservers the fate it has in store!!!!


Next time drop the bombs directly on the destroyer… Maybe then, they will recognise it.


From bad to worse. The british really do live in a parallel reality where they believe they are still a global power. Pathetic.


Perfidious Albion and its pirate race inhabitants are a scourge upon the Earth. Let them and their evil seed perish into oblivion!!

Djibril Al Kamylles

Fuck Poutine and fuck Boris Johnson, je divide europe and he deal with Erdogan


Have the UK pet vassals been tasked with providing an ‘incident’ near Ukraine for NATO (US) response??!!

Last edited 2 years ago by PlanetWaves