Iran Vows To Down More US Drones. Trump Orders Sanctions On Khamenei And IRGC Commanders

On June 24th, US President Donald Trump signed an executive order sanctioning Iran’s Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei.

“All property and interests in property that are in the United States, that hereafter come within the United States, or that are or hereafter come within the possession or control of any United States person of the following persons are blocked and may not be transferred, paid, exported, withdrawn, or otherwise dealt in.”

The sanctioned institutions and individuals are as follows:

  • The Supreme Leader of Iran Ali Khamenei;
  • The Iranian Supreme Leader’s Office (SLO);
  • Any other person determined by the US Secretary of Treasury, in consultation with the US Secretary of State;

The sanctions were imposed “in light of the actions of the Government of Iran and Iranian-backed proxies, particularly those taken to destabilize the Middle East, promote international terrorism, and advance Iran’s ballistic missile program, and Iran’s irresponsible and provocative actions in and over international waters, including the targeting of United States military assets and civilian vessels.”

The executive order allowed the US Treasury Department to sanction any other Iranian institutions.

Following that, the Treasury Department targeted senior Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) commanders behind Iran’s destructive and destabilizing activities, who assist the Supreme Leader.

“The United States is targeting those responsible for effectuating the Iranian regime’s destructive influence in the Middle East.  IRGC commanders are responsible for the Iranian regime’s provocative attacks orchestrated in internationally recognized waters and airspace, as well as Iran’s malign activities in Syria,” said Treasury Secretary Steven T. Mnuchin.  “Treasury will continue to aggressively target the senior leaders and the financial apparatus sustaining this malign activity.  This action is a warning to officials at all levels of the IRGC and the rest of the Iranian regime that we will continue to sanction those who export violence, sabotage, and terrorism.”

The sanctioned commanders are:

  • IRGCN 1st Naval District Commander Abbas Gholamshahi
  • IRGCN 2nd Naval District Commander Ramezan Zirahi
  • IRGCN 3rd Naval District Commander Yadollah Badin
  • IRGCN 4th Naval District Commander Mansur Ravankar
  • IRGCN 5th Naval District Commander Ali Ozma’i

Just a day before the attack on two tankers in the Gulf of Oman that the US blamed on Iran, the Treasury Department sanctioned the IRGC’s Quds Force financial conduit in Iraq.

Prior to the executive order or the sanctions, the semi-official Tasnim news agency cited Iran’s Naval Chief, Rear Adm. Hossein Khanzadi said that Tehran was capable of shooting down other US spy drones, such as the one taken down a few days ago.

Khanzadi says Iran can always deliver another “crushing response … and the enemy knows it.”

HINT: On June 20, the IRGC’s Khordad-3 air-defense system shot down a US RQ-4A Global Hawk surveillance unmanned aerial vehicle over the Straight of Hormuz.

Khordad-3 air-defense system (infographics):

Iran Vows To Down More US Drones. Trump Orders Sanctions On Khamenei And IRGC Commanders

Click to see the full-size image

Iranian Foreign Minister Javad Zarif said that he agreed with US President Donald Trump that the US military had no business in the Persian Gulf. But alleged that the “B Team” of US hawks, headed by National Security Adviser John Bolton and US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo were apparently prevailing in policy.

Meanwhile, US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo arrived in Saudi Arabia and spoke to Saudi Crown Mohammed bin Salman and King Salman in Jeddah.

He said the Kingdom was ready to build a “global coalition” to fight against Iran.

“We’ll be talking with them about how to make sure that we are all strategically aligned, and how we can build out a global coalition, a coalition not only throughout the Gulf states, but in Asia and in Europe, that understands this challenge as it is prepared to push back against the world’s largest state sponsor of terror,” Pompeo said about Iran.

Separately, in the UN, both the Iranian envoy and the US envoy spoke.

The acting U.S. ambassador to the United Nations was urging the world to join the United States in saying Iran’s attacks on tankers in the Persian Gulf and its downing of a U.S. drone in international airspace are “unacceptable.”

Jonathan Cohen says U.S. policy remains “an economic and diplomatic effort to bring Iran back to the negotiating table.”

He said Iran’s argument that the U.S. drone was in its “flight information region” was “false” because “a country’s flight information region is not the same as their airspace.”

The Iranian envoy Majid Takht-Ravanchi called the current situation “very dangerous” and that US must de-escalate tensions by stopping “its military adventurism” in the Middle East.

Ravanchi says U.S.-Iran talks are impossible under current conditions, adding that “you cannot start a dialogue with someone who is threatening, who is intimidating you.”

Majid Takht Ravanchi said the Trump administration’s decision to impose new sanctions on the Islamic Republic is another indication of U.S. hostility against the Iranian people and its leaders.

Russia also spoke about the sanctions, in the face of both Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov and his Deputy Sergey Ryabkov.

Lavrov called the US non-constructive attempts to isolate Iran.

Ryabkov said regarding the sanctions:

“All these actions are totally counterproductive and dangerous”, adding, “No doubt, we condemn such U.S. policy and have repeatedly declared illegality of unilateral sanctions.”

Russia, France, the UK and Germany still maintain that the Iran Nuclear Deal needs to be kept and it was successfully doing what it was supposed to.


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Assad must stay (gr8rambino)

It sounds like this is the last they can sanction, I mean after this, who or what else is there left to sanction in iran? Fortunately iran will survive it and emerge even stronger than before, just as they have every other sanction, and US will be forced to give up and go a different route. Here’s hoping they give up, fail, disintegrate, and none of their evil plans for Iran ever materialize.


This are only paper sanctions, Trump is trying to survive the Neocon pressure, look though before elections and sell more weapons to Saudis all at the same time, I’d say he’s doing a good job.

Assad must stay (gr8rambino)

Yea surrounding himself with neocons, great job lmao


When you are a member of a party you can’t chose everyone you want, you need the party support after all.


A normal law abiding individual would quit their job if it is fundamentally wrong and goes against your conscience, obviously trump is up to his neck in corruption, deception and he is a member of the swamp.


That’s what Putin should do when he sees the most resources rich nation in the world is plundered by oligarchs and after 20 years in office the country doesn’t have a single finite product in top 10 of country exports.


Russian defence weapons are very sought after these days.


Some parties are best avoided , surely?

I was at a party once ,where posh peoples drug insanity was rife. I left immediately.

Concrete Mike

Yes my wife mingled with these peoples for a while.

One guy claimed he owned a concrete plant when in reality i knew the biker mob owned 95% of the business after a “fire” destroyed the fleet of trucks and the concrete pump.

I reminded him of who his real.bosses were, to wich the young fellow replied, your well informed.

These same people nurses doctors lawyers bankrrs would do blow and other drugs and party all night, whilst i had to get up every day at 5am to go batch concrete.

Luckily those shennaningans came to an end. During the wife would justify that these are nice good succesful people and no wrong was being done.

To wich i replied, i have never been to a bar and spent 100$ in a night like you did last.monday! Maybe the doctors can but I cant afford that!


Its a truism that ‘Money Cannot buy Class’.

All too many who buy homes in my area in recent years are testament to that.

Manners cost nothing and there is no need to sneer at anyone less fortunate.

I always made the Ten Bob Millionaires with flash cars and houses pay up front, as they tended to be the worst payers. Judges were the worst of the lot :)

Gabriel Hollows

That would imply he didn’t want them. He chose them because they’re hardcore zionists, just like himself. If he had no issues selling his own daughter to the jews, he won’t care less about a couple hundred thousand US soldiers for Israel.

He’s only delaying this war because Americans do not support it.


why do you guys waste your time with that moron bacon guy, just a US troll or just some hasbara troll , I blocked him / her / that already long ago.


So in your opinion selling more weapons to the Saudi regime is a ‘good thing’.

Your moral compass seems to have failed.
How would you like it if you existed under Saudi Terror somewhere in the world?


I’m busy being happy I’m nor Russian for now. Btw how did you jump on that conclusion that I think it’s a good thing? I can’t believe you didn’t know Russia and China are selling weapons to Saudis


And you seem to agree with all of that.


What do you mean, is Putin an immoral bastard that plays with both sides?


In your fucked country anything can mean whatever anyone wants it to mean.
So anything your country says is meaningless bluster.

This why the US has become a laughing stock where men with dicks can Self Identify as a Woman and women with cunts can Self Identify as a man.

You lot are so screwed up that there is little hope of any return to sanity.
That’s what happens when Empires start to fail. They rot from within, and its a truism that any population deserves the leaders it has.


From what I understand you became tired to pretend you are from UK and acknowledge you’re Russian, right?


Proof please.


My comment has a question mark at the end, I’m suspicious that you are a Russian because if you were from UK you would have realized I’m not from US.

Concrete Mike

Well i know enough about linguistics to tell you florian is a brit.

He uses the same old english words and syntaxe we use here in canada.

Where are you from Mr transparent?


From Russia of course, free speech is our main advantage as we can say whatever we want about Putin, unlike you police state Westerners.


I understand that the laundry service used by the Supreme Leader of Iran is about to be sanctioned by Donald Trump. :)

Assad must stay (gr8rambino)



Iran can play that game by charging trump for “crimes against humanity” in their courts and issuing a warrant for his arrest. Be interesting if Interpol would support a international arrest warrant.


Thats very true :)


Interpol is a Rothschild police force, so no, they would not be interested.


Being facetious.


Not at all, the origins of Interpol are intimately connected with the Rothschilds. Nothing in the international scent seems to be what it appears.


Not you, I was being facetious. I am well acquainted with the rothschilds and share your mistrust and suspicion. Malaya took one of the Bushes to their court and he won’t go anywhere where Malaya has extradition treaties. Same can be applied to trump.


Donald Trump don’t care that for what job he is get paid and what job he is doing. Once he became US President then this was not his job to sell what America produce as a sale manager or do trade deals with other countries because for this purpose there should be a separate department. Trump job is to take care of its own country, respect other countries and their sovereignty, reconcile between different countries, to bring peace and stability in the world to raise the image of America and American people in the entire world and not impose sanctions, violence and destructions on other countries like evils.

Syria was a happiest country in the Middle East but when Obama came into power so he destroyed the Syrian peace and if there were some difference left so Donald Trump has completed that. Is the job of a president in a democratic state to butcher innocent people in the world, take their lands and their resources that God has given to them and make their lives miserable or this is the job of an evil?

Syria was a sovereign state with its good soul and thousands of years of old civilizations and history. So what you have done, you have invaded them by Tomahawk missiles, sent bombers and bombed them, assist Al-Qaeda and ISIS Daesh who destroyed every thing they found in Syria and butchered many innocent civilians and took their land and natural resources. This kind of jobs we can only expect from an evil Satan.

I ask from Mr president that what was the sin of Syrian nation, either they have stolen our land or they have invaded our country that you invaded them by Tomahawk missiles and sent bombers to bomb them. My second question from Mr president is this that what our army is doing there in Syria either Syrian President Bashar Al Assad is our ally and have asked for help from you or we just intruded in Syria which is also a serious political crime.

If these are not the cases then we must withdraw our forces from Syria. Instead of interfering in other countries internal matters, we should put our home in order first. Your manifestation that America great again have seriously backfired.

The question that I wanna ask. Who are you. No body heard about you. Who voted for you.
Therefore, I can say with confidence on behalf of the majority of the American people that we don’t know you, even we don’t want you and as soon as possible leave the power. We need a friendly leadership not an evil leadership that looking for blood everywhere in the world. We don’t wanna that Israel run our country, direct our foreign policies or use us as a proxy against other countries anymore which are completely ridiculous and are against humanity.

Violence and destruction have no place in a democratic country but what democratic country? Even Trump is not a democratically elected president, he has been appointed by Jews. So now what Jews say definitely he will comply. Even our diplomats go to Israel and make policies for America. Is this called democracy. This is called hypocrisy. You are not fit for this Job Mr. president, therefore its better for you to step down as soon as possible.

Xoli Xoli

There is no way to negotiate with mental patient.Negotiate about what.Trump start the whole shit by canceling nuclear deal,accusing Iran for USA Israel self inflicted oil ship destruction. Crazy Trump keep on pumping troops in Middle East, China sea,Persian gulf and surrounding Russia.Israel are pushing for Russian missile destruction so that Israel and USA shit must continue.


Here we go again. Remember Iraq and the “global coalition” to defeat Saddam Hussein? Well it’s rinse and repeat all over again. Stuff the coalition. Stuff the war. Get your fat asses to the negotiating table.
Everyone should remember that negotiations are the last thing the elites want, because it could lead to peace. The want their war, so stand in their way!


Not as simple as Iraq. Saddam ran his despotic regime for Washington, he never had the support of the Iraqi people. When he crossed Washington they eliminated him and punished all Iraqis.
All of the Arab countries are basket cases and easily manipulated, but Iran isn’t Arab, and has been preparing for the inevitable American attack for a long time.
The US can kill Iranian women and children with its siege of Iran, but it can’t breach the walls without killing tens of thousands of American troops.

cechas vodobenikov

the USA defines “counter-productive”; ALL THEY PRODUCE R bad coffee shops and restaurants w overly sugared and spiced industrially created fake “organic” glycophosphate laced vegetables