Qassem Soleimani: Martyr Of Iranian Revolution



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For the first time in the history of Iran, a red flag was raised over the Holy Dome of Jamkaran Mosque in the holy city of Qom both symbolizing blood spilled unjustly and serving as a call to avenge a person who is killed. “Those who want to avenge the blood of Hussein,” read the words of the war flag. This was done in honor of General Qassem Suleimani, who, along with several other Iranian and Iraqi commanders, was assassinated in US strikes on Baghdad. The red flag was not even raised during the Iran-Iraq war (September 22, 1980 – August 20, 1988), the longest and bloodiest conflict in the history of modern Iran, known in it as the Holy Defense.

The raised flag demonstrates both the Iranian resolve to respond to the act of state terrorism committed by the United States and the significance of the personality of Soleimani for the state and nation. The general, once described by Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei as a “living martyr of the revolution”, was the most effective battlefield commander of the modern world and one of the key people behind the defeat of ISIS in Syria and Iraq. In March 2019, Soleimani was awarded the Order of Zulfaqar, Iran’s highest military order.

During his life Suleimani was a living legend overseeing operations abroad, achieving key military diplomatic victories and spreading Tehran’s influence around the Middle East. After his death he has become an icon of the resistance both in Iran and in a large part of the Arab world. His assassination drastically increased the likelihood of an open military conflict between the US and Iran, a conflict which could easily set the entire region on fire.

Born to an impoverished family in 1957, Soleimani joined the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) after the Iranian revolution in 1979. He rose to prominence commanding troops during the Iran-Iraq War. After the war, Soleimani largely disappeared from public view until 2011, when he took over the IRGC’s expeditionary Qods Force and was promoted to Major General by Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei.

Over the course of his career, he developed close ties with Kurdish groups in Iraq, assisted Hezbollah in Lebanon and led Iranian military operations assisting Syrian and Iraqi troops in battles against terrorists, primarily ISIS. Soleimani was frequently pictured on key frontlines from Iraq’s Mosul to Syria’s Aleppo. For example, in 2014, he helped to forge the defense of Baghdad against encroaching ISIS terrorists. In 2015  he assisted the Iraqi government in operations to retake the oil-rich city of Tikrit from ISIS. In 2017 the General took personal command of the battle against ISIS in Syria’s Bukamal. The success of the Syrian-Iranian-Russian coalition in the Syrian war can to a great extent be attributed to actions of the Qods Force leader and the Russian military power backing him. In Yemen, Soleimani’s Qods Force successfully helped local resistance forces to break the plans of the invading coalition led by Saudi Arabia. Thus, Ansar Allah (also known as the Houthis) kept Yemen’s capital in their hands, spread the war onto the territory of Saudi Arabia and de-facto achieved a military victory in a conflict with a numerically superior and technologically advanced enemy. Iranian media repeatedly reported on assassination plots against the commander by the US, Israel and Saudi Arabia. The outcome of the conflicts in Syria, Iraq and Yemen undermined the positions of these powers in the region, thus creating a vacuum which Iran proceeded to fill.

The role of Soleimani for the Iranian nation can be compared to that of Soviet ‘Marshal of Victory’ Georgy Zhukov in 1945, taking into account the difference in scale of the wars and victories, as well as the different geography and historical period. Soleimani’s popularity was such that there was speculation that he might run for president. In 2016, a poll showed that 76% of Iranians held a favorable view of him, with more than half reporting a “very favorable” opinion. He denied the rumors, saying he hoped to remain a soldier until the end of his life.

Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei called for three days of mourning, saying Soleimani’s death will double the motivation of the resistance against the US and Israel. Khamenei emphasized that harsh revenge awaits the “criminals” who killed Soleimani. Hundreds of thousands of people rallied in Iraq and Iran mourning his death and condemning the US aggression, which is viewed by many as a declaration of war.

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Putin Apologist

There are two civilizations on our planet you don’t want to mess with, the first is the Russian and the second, the Persian.


The reason is that they are already broke and suffering enough

Ricky Miller

Russia has a half a trillion dollars worth of reserves, more today with the leap in gold prices. Russia has about two hundred billion dollars worth of debts. Riddle me this, what’s 500-200? That’s a 300 billion dollar pile of cash. Broke? Hardly. Now 23.2 trillion in debt on a 4 trillion dollar social security trust fund that needs 8-10 trillion more to meet it’s obligations is the very definition of broke. U.S. elites are bailing the U.S. out at the moment by buying treasury bonds that the U.S. can’t sell overseas, even though these bonds will never pay out in total but this can’t last forever. The last two months the Federal Reserve has had to place overnight cash bundles into major banks so they have enough reserves to lend one another money. The whole thing is poised at the cliff’s edge. Now, that’s broke.

Fog of War

“Never argue with an idiot. They will only bring you down to their level and beat you with experience.”

Daily Beatings

That’s nothing check out the unfunded liabilities the US currently has:

$127 trillion dollars and counting!!!

All Elite

Isn’t the entire world worth about $75 trillion?

Daily Beatings

According to Suisse Bank it’s 250 trillion, but that was in 2015. So the US has a 50% debt to asset ratio for the entire world. Think about that.

All Elite

Wow. That is incredible. But it makes sense, considering how much that country spends on its’ military while (for the most part) ignoring the more important aspects of their infrastructure.

Free man

Americans are killing the most important general of the Jiagist mullahs.
In response, cowardly Iranian jihadists are waving flags, threatening, cursing, shouting …Maybe they will have the courage to shoot one Katyusha in the direction of the American Embassy in Baghdad.
The cowardly mullah regime is a failure of glorious Persian civilization.

Ricky Miller

Iran has just struck U.S. occupied bases in Iraq with dozens of ballistic missiles. Go, Iran go! Iran says that the U.S. must withdrawal from the region or face more attacks and warns that any regional state that allows the U.S. to launch attacks from their territories will be targeted. Hello, wrecked world economy, $150 barrel oil and destroyed hydrocarbon infrastructure. So your murderous support big mouthing meant nothing, punk.

Red Pilled ThoughtCrimes

USA heped set up a neo nazi regime in ukraine and there is a lot of terorist activity there, wonder if iran just offed a few high ranking terrorists on that flight


What Is Fascism?

Fascist Labor Laws Explained:

— A web link to Fascist Italy’s economic theory is listed in the video description. The widespread misconception of ‘Corporatism’ was created to misrepresent the Fascist economic system known as ‘Corporatism’, which despite the name did not advocate corporate or bourgeois oligarchy. It was similar to a national syndicalism and bared resemblance to a Volkisch style economy and national community.

A short critique of the book Hitler’s Vampire Economy:

National Socialist Economy:

NSDAP Economic Reforms:


Ukraine isn’t “nazi” in the slightest, as Jewish supremacists continue to rule the roost as they carry out their plunder. The neo-nazis likely don’t even know their history and ideology, otherwise they would change their course of action.

Red Pilled ThoughtCrimes

they hav a comedian installed as PM atm i believe, but it was well known EU and USA installed literal neo nazi’s into the ukranian government


Yes, but the neo-nazis aren’t like how their idols, who are misportrayed by mainstream sources to appear as if they would approve of skinheads.

Introduction to Revisionist Ernst Zundel:

Jewish Communist Atrocities:

Atrocity Forgeries Exposed by Udo Walendy:

Photographic Forgeries of German Brutality:

Red Pilled ThoughtCrimes

am not talking about WW2 history am i. this was the ukrainian coup in recent history


Yes, the one in 2014 and the trouble they caused in SE Ukraine.

Kelli Hernandez

The neonazis ARE JEWS .
Ukraine is owned by JEW oligarchs like Soros and Kolomoisky who funded Zelensky’s campaign and also funds the NEONAZI Jew terrorists


The term Nazi is an epithet, the NSDAP didn’t really call themselves Nazis. When they mention the Ashkenazim being the thirteenth tribe, Jews in China and Ethiopia aren’t Semitic either. Sephardi and Ashkenazi Jews share high genetic similarities between one another, and possess more Semitic admixture than Chinese and Ethiopian Jews that comparatively possess none or very little near-eastern (Semitic) admixture.

Free man

The mullahs will do nothing significant. The world will judge whether it is cowardice or caution or cleverness.
They fired 15 missiles that did not scratch one American soldier.
As Expected.
The mullahs will do nothing significant. The world will judge whether it is cowardice or caution or cleverness.

Kelli Hernandez

The Iranians are brilliant. Their missiles hit their targets and destroyed millions worth of military equip, including drones .and just as when Saudis were hit with a drone swarm that fucked up their oil infrastructure, the US Patriot and radars at CENTCOM totally missed it. The Patriots were in operation and a total fail
US military hegemony is a complete FRAUD. Our military hardware is 40+ years old and in dire need of upgrade and innovation. But like Boeing the system is so pathetically corrupt it will never happen. The DofD budget still cannot pass an audit. That money, now 3 trillion is utilzed for abuse waste theft and FRAUD.

Karen Bartlett

This is just the beginning, and Iran will not let Gen. Soleimani’s murder go unpunished.

Lonesome Cowboy Burt

Hello Karen Bartlett! Good to see you on. Happy new year and decade! (interesting times and all that jazz and then some!) what you infer and have stated I’m afraid you are absolutely spot on, from Iran’s perspective, that of the truth to what you say. That Iran will not (and can not) let the good General’s murder go unpunished. This terrifies me. I can only imagine the moral for troops over in that part of the world right now. It didn’t need to be this way. It’s interesting watching history as it unfolds. Something important is happening.. And so it shall be. I pray on this Orthodox Christmas eve that at the least, God may spare as many as is only possible through His grace, innocent civilians (and let reason, brotherhood and humility rule out, with whatever set of events is set into motion, as it has already.) I, for a slight moment there, believed there was possibly an alternative to what the wretched Neocons, Zionists have got us all into. Are these American Values™? I say this with a heavy heart and I can find no humor in any of it. However, knowing this is possibly portending the downward spiral of the US empire. Humanity’s one chance to save (preserve) the world and also save what’s left of our Republic. It’s a mad world. Who can explain it??!

You try so hard but, you don’t understand

Just what you’ll say when you get home

Because somethin’ is happenin’ here

But you don’t know what it is –

Do you – Mister Jones?


Robert Allen Zimmerman (alias: Bob Dylan) is a strong supporter of Israel and has raised a great deal of money for the IDF.

I destroyed his records 20+ years ago, including one that was signed.

Lonesome Cowboy Burt

That’s fine. I’m not a big fan anyway. Dude could write a good song, however.

Lonesome Cowboy Burt

oh well, was just saying hello. Nevermind.

Hide Behind

Hopefully there is someone on staff or commenting that has a greater understanding of Both Isamic Teachings than I, in regards to this Red Flag in Shia.
Understanding that under Shia law, what rules Iran, there are various levels of violations and violators, victims male female, within or out, Crimes against Allah, and others.
Blood, Qisaz, and then Diya as part of
Iranian legal system.
And the rule variations both traditional and religious as to Capital punishment.
The raising of red flag by a State Ruled Religious order, can it be both a call for religious unity, and a huge propaganda trick to try and quell an ever-growing number of dissenters and protest against rulers and ruling class members that are causing internal chaos, try to turn focus outwards not inwards.
Just exactly is the Islamic council calling for, one of their own fanatical Military order for new martyrs or some dumb as a rock proxies out of country as an instrument of punishment.
Just what is Flag realy calling for, purpose?

Fog of War

You’re making this to complex. What would ZioAmerica do if Iran assassinate a US leader of Soleimani’s stature ? Red flag or no red flag, it doesnt matter as you already know the answer.

Hasbara Hunter

Yeah the Yangeese are Finished….Done…Exit

Red Pilled ThoughtCrimes

in an islamic state political and military go hand in hand as it is a totalitarian religous state. thus all battles will be for the glory of allah, whim that nation serves..
religion, military and politics are all interwoven, sharia, jihad etc

Robert Mullin

Thanks for this video! Now I can show my family why this general getting killed made such an uproar.

Tudor Miron

Off topic but not that far.
Despite having a tricolor joke of a flag imposed on use in 90s deep in the soul every Russian knows that our national flag is RED. This goes way way deeper than communist era (communists were simply clever to pick up that long lasting tradition). One day RED flag will return – that will mark that our sovereignty is fully restored.

S Melanson

Your sovereignty was in my view restored in February 2007. :) Changing the flag will one day come to acknowledge what has already happened.

Tudor Miron

I see it differently. Large part of sovereignty was restored but to this day it is not 100%. 70% of governing apparatus consists of the same people who were literally assigned from US embassy. Comprador elites. They have assets in the west and lots of green paper in western banks – so they could be easily influenced by foreign powers. They are still very powerful and can not be changed without revolutionary events and resulting total or partial loss of governing = severe weakening of the state. Revolutions is the last thing that Russia needs. So that will take more time. There are many aspects of sovereignty starting form military, political, economical, cultural etc., etc. Things are changing but not as fast as desired and that’s the cost of evolutionary process.
The flag – this joke of the flag (same colors that were used by Vlasov’s traitors fighting against their Motherland on behalf of hitler) was imposed on us in the 90’s. Many think that symbolics have mere “virtual” importance but I tend to think differently. Красный in Russian means more than just a color. Old traditional sayings show that – “Весна красна.”, ” На миру и смерть красна.” are good examples.

S Melanson

No nation is an island as all are to some degree affected/influenced by other nations. Russia is no exception and as you say, has a ways to go to achieve the desired degree of sovereignty – so far Russia has made great strides since 1999 and will continue to do so I think. Note that my doctoral thesis used institutional theory as the primary theoretical approach to tackling the research questions posed in my thesis. Institutional theory taught me how deep changes in the society require many years, even generations to take root and so changes may be slow, but that is to be expected.

It is noteworthy that Russian foreign policy is to some degree informed by Eurasionist ideology – Eurasionism promotes that nations strike an independent path in regard to how they evolve their cultural and national identity. This would indicate a desire to exercise sovereignty to seek an independent path. But Eurasionism has only recently been adopted and some do not understand the core principles of such a doctrine.

For example, Dugin’s brand of neo-Eurasionism is inconsistent with the core premise of path independence as he has said Russia should go in the opposite direction of the Western nations, perhaps not appreciating that in doing so, Russia is charting a course that is not independent. It is in fact reactionary to the West given Russia is to take the opposite path to that taken by Western nations.

Despite all of this, Russia has openly refused to recognize US dominance and despite enduring years of an enraged US throwing everything they had to bring Russia to heel, Russia remains defiant. Russia has become a beacon of hope for nations yearning to throw off the US shackles and regain their sovereignty.

We all owe a great deal of thanks to Russia for her courage to take back her sovereignty from US control. Yes, Russia is not fully sovereign, but neither is any other nation. If only Canada had today a fraction of the sovereignty Russia has displayed. Canada did once exercise considerable independence in foreign policy, particularly under Prime Ministers Trudeau and Chrétien. Fortunately, it is possible to reclaim our lost sovereignty, this we know, Russia has shown us that.

Tudor Miron

I will only add one thing – Dugin is a joke.

S Melanson

Yes, I basically say he Is clueless about the theoretical foundation of the ideology he promotes. And yet he got quite a bit of attention in Russia by the media and interestingly, the Russian military.

Well I guess every country has there comedians as pundits and in a certain nearby country, are head of state, but it is a joke as power is in the hands of a certain oligarch whose name sounds a bit like a brand of enema.

Lastly, it seems Putin and the Russian military are working together with reasonable harmony, at least on the surface. Do you have any reading suggestions that provide insight on this?

Happy new year

Azriel Herskowitz

Looks like Iran is already backing down. POTUS threats scared Iran from doing anything!


Maybe not Jacob Liarwitz. :)

Ricky Miller

They are not backing down but you sure got your talking points e-mail didn’t you? Iran has said today that they have thirteen scenarios for balancing the scales and they will execute one of them at a time and place of their choice, not on the enemies timeframe. Iran needs a measured act that puts the escalation dominance burden for starting a major war back on the United States. That’s smart. I promise you, that flag will come down some day after a U.S. officer or officers are no more.

Mary Myers

Revenge is a dish best served cold.


On Iraqi demand to get out of Iraq US has declared to stay to “take care of the oil”.
US soldiers will have to get killed to force US to think twice, before declaring permanent occupation of Iraq. Negotiating with them will achieve nothing.

Julio Cesar Perez

Once again we see how the US terrorism, is manifested with all its criminality and is supported and backed by a coalition of Western countries that have used slavery, force and terrorism with the other countries for 2 centuries. Now this terrorism is becoming more visible than ever.

Ceasar Polar

RIP – one of the few men on this earth to confront and defeat the ZioNazis of this modern era.


He was a Jew!

Ceasar Polar

So israel is being antisemite by killing him right ?


Israel didnt kill him! In fact Bibi’s words were:
“The assassination of Soleimani isn’t an Israeli event but an American event. We were not involved and should not be dragged into it,”
Those were his very first words on the incident and i know why he said it!

The REAL Question is, do u hate Jews?
If so, does this mean ALL Jews?

My hatred for Jews is 100%!
How about u?
Or does your hatred come with a disclaimer?
For all the DF monkeys on this site, they go DEAD quiet on the Soleimani Jew issue! DEAD Fucking Quiet! None of them will comment at all on it except u! u are the first! They all hate on Jews until Soleimani came along!

I bet if turned out to be a CIA asset, they’d hate him!

Rodney Loder

The resistance retreated and didn’t follow up their opportunities when Trump backed down after the US drone was shot down, and the Houthis set fire to the facilities of Saudi Arabia, and of course the tanker hijacking by the British ended for the British in humiliation, and still the resistance remained dormant.

Trump took this for a sign of weakness and like a besieged army holding a redoubt Trump sallied out to attack with total commitment, did Trump ride into a preconceived ambush, indeed well soon find out.

My take is the Freemason swine are mind controlling Trump as though he were a 9/11 hit squad, I think the Freemason swine did the Soleimani assassination using Trump because they can’t dominate mind control telepathic mechanisms with me Jesus Christ opposing the Freemason swine at every turn.



Let that Swirl around your head for a few minutes!


As the world turns…..
U will all eventually find out whats going on!
im on your side, but youre not!

Iran one step closer to freedom!


U thought the Fromer CIA and Mossad only created and controlled ISIS and Al-Quieda?
Add to that North Korea and Iran!


The leaders have handlers!
But those leaders are being set free!
Bigger than u think!

AT 300,000 FEET U SEE A LOT MORE! :)

Wizards and Warlocks see all and know all!

Join us!


whats that?
“chan chan” sect, thing?
so you guys keep changing your names…


NSA are 8Chan!
Common knowledge!
u didnt know?


“Common knowledge”really?
I kind of herd about them that’s all.


What is that text ?!?
To “use” what “hyper-sonic”missiles?
US doesn’t have even prototype ready of “hyper-sonic”missiles and their stooges even much less.


Hey, hey hey, hey!
HELLO? anyone home????
did u look at the RED outlined info?
The date?
Then the video?

It was an article created by the CIA New York Times LEAKING / WARNING The Iranian General who is a CIA Asset!

Its like u have blinkers on!
Are u stupid??

Read the fucking text, not the article!
Jesus fuckin Christ….. some people…. i swear!


I only did u look at the RED outlined info…nothing else
Why should I watch the “video”?
can’t you make effing comment and say in few words what was this all about?
I am starting to get upset with your complicated approach.

“Iranian General who is a CIA Asset”
I don’t buy that. Sorry.
look for another customer

Who do you call “moron” you little pathetic motherf**ker?!!!!!
FUCK YOU and YOUR CIA and your “chan” shitheads !!!


Nothing to “think”.
Only operational hyper-sonic weapon is Russian Mach-27 “Vanguard”-Avangard glider warhead.
True FIRST hyper-sonic weapon, missile will be serially produced by Russia and its name is “Zircon”. Production starts this year…..ALL tests were finished last year.
ALL other “hyper-sonic missiles” are banal rockets with hyper-sonic speed.
So many ignorant people are tricked by the MSM to confuse “hyper-sonic missile” with hyper-sonic SPEED. Because big-mouthed manipulators US are losers so they use LINGUISTIC tricks to catch up on Russia and China…

Do not post to me you “Chan” bollocks and mockery cause you are not that intelligent and I doubt that they are also.
Make normal comment if you want my answer.
If not I’ll block you.

Kelli Hernandez

When I learned of Soleimani’s assassination, my heart was shattered & I enveloped in grief. This moved to outrage when I learned it was the US with the help of Israhelli intelligence that set a TRAP for Soleimani, on a diplomatic mission.
This severe crime needs NEVER to be forgotten by Iraqis or anyone within the Resistance. The ONLY way to avenge Soleimani’s death is the REMOVAL of US forces from Iraq, Syria, Yemen and Afghanistan. And last but not least the freedom of Palestinians from Zionist BONDAGE.
God bless this beautiful soul.