How And Why Iran Shot Down Ukrainian Boeing

On January 10, SouthFront released a video entitled “What’s Behind Boeing Crash In Iran” on the January 8 airliner crash near Tehran. The new video (released on January 13) was produced because the Iranian side released new facts and details regarding the incident.



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The Iran Air Defense Forces brought down the Ukraine International Airlines Boeing 737-800 (Flight PS752) near Tehran due to “a human error”, the General Staff of the Iranian Armed Forces said in an official statement on January 11. The statement denounced the previous Iranian main version that the tragedy was a result of technical malfunction.

The data provided in the statement of the General Staff, and the press conference of the Head of the Aerospace Division of the Islamic Revolution Guards Corps (IRGC) provide the following chain of events:

  1. At approximate 23:00 UTC, on January 7, the IRGC carried out a missile strike on US military targets in Iraq;
  2. The country’s air defense network was on highest alert amid reports on a possible cruise missile strike by the United States and increased flights of US warplanes near Iranian airspace;
  3. At 2:38 UTC, January 8, the PS752 took off from Imam Khomeini International Airport and moved close to a “sensitive” facility of the IRGC “when completing a loop”. The aircraft reportedly deviated from the general PS752 course for around 2km;
  4. The altitude and the direction of the flight’s movement “were like an enemy target”. The surface-to-air missile system operator mistakenly identified as the plane as an incoming “cruise missile” 19km away;
  5. The missile system operator acted independently because of a failure in the communication system;
  6. The operator then “took the wrong decision” of firing on the perceived threat in a “ten-second” time span to shoot or ignore the flying object. During the night, the operator repeatedly called for a halt in flights in the area. This was not done.
  7. A “short-range missile” exploded next to the plane. After this, the plane continued flying for a while, and “exploded when it hit the ground.” The Iranian side did not mention the missile system used. Supposedly, it was the Tor low to medium altitude, short-range surface-to-air missile system.

Thus, Iran described the situation with the Boeing as a result of the combination of aforementioned factors in the “atmosphere of threats and intimidation by the aggressive American regime against the Iranian nation”. Nonetheless, the real picture of events may have been different.

It remains unclear how the Boeing 737-800 may have been mistaken for an incoming cruise missile, especially taking into account that this situation developed near the capital’s working airport. If one takes this explanation with a grain of salt, the scenario could have been the following.

The plane experienced some technical difficulties during or immediately after the take-off and deviated from the course moving closer to the IRGC military site. Information appeared that the preflight inspection checklist was not signed by Iranian airport engineers, but the Ukrainian side insisted to fly at its own risk and responsibility.

Therefore, the system operator, that experienced a communication failure, considered the plane as a ‘military threat’ because it may have been hijacked for a 9/11-style attack, got under control via a cyber-attack and/or used as a cover for a pinpoint missile strike on the IRGC site.

This version does not explain how the communication failure could appear at the air defense post that must have two shielded communication channels: primary tactical circuit and the alternative. The possible explanation with an electronic warfare attack does not hold up against criticism civilian communication channels remained operational with routine flights continuing from the Tehran airport. Another factor is the video of the missile hit that appeared online. How this person, could have known when and what exactly to film without advance knowledge of the developments?

Then, there is one more explanation: The plane was shot down deliberately to exert additional pressure on Iran from the United States during the alleged acute phase of the crisis between Iran and the United States, which had a chance to develop into an open regional war. In the framework of this version, it could be suspected that the operator may have been recruited by US intelligence or blackmailed, or the system was captured in an act of sabotage by the US or its affiliated forces.

Regardless the existing gaps in the current official version of the events and the real course of the developments, Iran will and further be forced to claim that the airliner shoot down was a “human error”. Iran can ill-afford to admit the lack of control over key objects of military infrastructure in the heart of the country.

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Ari Asulin

If planes cannot ever crash, if they have a secret technology that keeps them from ever crashing, then what about all the plane crashes in the news? There is only one Ex-Plane-Ation left if you rule out mechanical or pilot failure. The plane crashes are simulated. Here’s how: First, your target plane Flight123 is chosen for a scheduled crash. The plane takes off and a crash is scheduled for right after takeoff, or somewhere within the trip. When the moment of the crash comes, Flight123 goes dark. It loses communication with all controllers and the pilots lose control of the craft. It becomes fully automated. At this exact same moment, Flight123b goes live. What is Flight123b? It is an identical aircraft, completely empty of passengers and pilots, flying nearby (within 10-50 miles). Get it? Now, Flight123b does not communicate with the controllers. Instead, it is immediately shot out of the sky, or has a scheduled mechanical failure. It crashes. There are videos. Finally Boeing employees arrive to bulldoze the crash site and erase all evidence, crushing victims bones. Right? Wrong. Flight123, the REAL flight, with the actual passengers and pilots has landed safely in a remote location, an airport you and I have never heard of. Classified.

Azriel Herskowitz

It’s simple. They shot it down because they are cold blooded Shia terrorists who are even willing to kill their own people.


An example of projection.


An example of fact


This whole article should be deleted apart from the very last sentence,which is the most truthful part of this wiffle

The moral of this sad episode is the mullapants fan club on this site have been sold a pup, a big overrated nothing burger of country and its so called invincible armed force’s

Thank god they don’t have nukes!

Free man

“Thank god they don’t have nukes!” – I agree.
They might nuke themselves by mistake.


I think its a dead cert after recent events


But they HAVE Nukes and, the US F@ckd up bigger when it shot down a Iranian airbus during PEACE times and lied for 7 months about it


Who have nukes?

You fecking cretin


They bought hundreds of nukes from ukraine for $10 billion decades ago..




And they learn it from the Zionists who gassed their own people to create panic for all fake Khazar jews like you to leave Europe and steal Palestine, otherwise no one would have arrived in palestine from Europe


So you agree with him then?


True only the juice gets everyone else killed without any remorse.. but then again they got a lot of themselves killed getting hitler to deport all of them..


Didn’t do much for Hitler’s health did it

But unfortunately the goose steppers here seem to think you can pull another stunt like he did

Trouble is the mullaspastics in Tehran will get themselves the same treatment as old Adolf,you know sat in a bunker with brown pants syndrome waiting and sweating,sweating with fear!

How delicious!


Its no different than many other countries.. Here the jurisprudence is managed by religious people. In the US its by oligarches who control large corporations, in the UK its by the queen.. So what do you think will come in its place??? The military industrial complex like happened in the US? At least now there is a moral code to limit things in Iran.. You would not be happy with what replaces it. You are not happy with North Korea, China, Russia, India, or any other country that dont teach the young how to make it up the ass straight and ask for more..


The only thing that limits things in Iran is violence of the mad mullahs


So now you are telling us you like the Sunni Muslims like the Palestinians?


Oh Miss DNA 2020 has just arrived!

What kept you?

I’m sure you’ll soon entertain us to your usual repertoire of tedious bollox on the DNA


You problem is that you cannot present a single DNA result for any Ashkenazi who has even a tiny trace of Middle Eastern ancestry? Yes or no? If you can, please present it now.




As I said, there is not a single Ashkenazi who has any trace of Middle Eastern ancestry, none!


You’re on the wrong site luv!

Honestly, why don’t you try one of those family tree sites,ancestors are us,or whatever they’re called

Rhodium 10

Israel shot down a Boeing 727 of Libyan airlines


Yet you live.


Who let the dangerous algorithm out



Of course truth and danger are closely associated in Fascism. Good eye numb nuts.



You need reprogramming




Your a projector???


i thought you were an out of control algorithmic entity who can converse with the dead!


Interesting baby, more projection.


I’m only here for the laughs algorithm

Obviously algorithms don’t have sense of humour these days


Had this question you might be able to provide an answer to. Why even when they were backed right up to Israel’s border, has ISIS never attacked Israel? Or vice versa for that matter.

Azriel Herskowitz

The reason is because IDF was guarding the border, so if any ISIS militants attacked they would be neutralized swiftly.


Now let me get this straight one of their main weapons are suicide bombers but IDF is so scary they don’t even try. Why did Trrump say Soleimani was hated by ISIS? So both sides hate them but when they retreat they go to your border, seems they would be most at risk there, but that’s where they went. Why did the IDF fail to sink the USS Liberty?


Lol! No no no, it’s the israelis who are willing to kill their own people, the palestinians.

Free man

If it was an innocent mistake, they would admit it immediately.
Apparently they wanted to punish Ukraine and the West in general.
Apparently that’s why they fired two missiles to make sure the plane was destroyed.
The plane left Tehran so it was clear that if it was a missile it could not be an American missile.




Yup Iranians are real kings of BS and i suspect they’ve just discovered all their weapons systems can be spoofed, if the current memes are to be believed!

Free man

KIEV (Reuters) – “The Ukrainian prosecutor general’s office said on Saturday it is investigating possible willful killing and aircraft destruction in its probe of the crash of a Ukrainian airliner in Iran.”


this is BS:

Apparently they wanted to punish Ukraine and the West in general.

Free man

Maybe you’re right, that’s why I wrote “Apparently”.
I don’t believe the mullahs regime. They are constantly lying.


Stuxnet 2?


The video is very suspicious, indicating a level of foreknowledge. We should consider the possibility that
remote transponder hacking and/or radar spoofing were involved. Tor-M1 systems are somewhat old fashioned when it comes to security against Electronic Warfare.


No they can’t be!

the rubber chops Putin regime don’t make duff tech,only America does that!

Of course if thats true though,it also means the whole Iranian air defence system is suspect, potentially useless, they could fire of 30% of their missiles at thin air,or worse their own aircraft,what a dreadful thought,wink,wink!

John Drake (aka Number 6)

It was recorded after the first missile flew up and hit the plane. This is the second missile.


……………yes you and Albert pike echo the thoughts of many of us observers. When you apply logic, the story does not match the facts we are presented with. So far no one seems to have spoken about the passengers. Were they persons of interest for the war criminals………………no one is examining this scenario at all ?


Soleimani alive and everything after his assassination doesn’t happen. To gloat over a mistake that your intentional/awarded/celebrated/evil behavior caused is the defining MO of a psychopath.


So is Elvis

I think Hitler is still alive and well in Brazil

….and hang on,yes, David Ickes at the front door,byeeeee


So ok low reading comprehension uniquely qualifies you to make stupid irrelevant posts, lets celebrate that by giving you a sweet new handle. triple B Brilliant, Baby Bob. Tell us all you know about operation paper clip baby!


Eh, it involved stationery?, filling cabinets?oh i know secretaries,no maybe not…

I’ve got it! Paper!


So you align yourself with ignorance, not too surprising. Proudly. Well another might be more fitting BB boring bob.


Oh didums, did i spoil your little ego trip?

…Hey baby, this is my big trump card, I’m gonna hit this SO B with operation paper clip, yeah, man groovy baby, and my name f@#king austin powertool..


Now an ego tripping algorithm. Paper clip saw ex Nazis brought to the US to continue their “work”. Good example the founders of Textron Lycoming. Heil boy Heil.


Frankly, by your logic Mohammed is guilty for not officially designating his apostles thus Shia vs Sunni conflict wasn’t today.

Concrete Mike

No, shia sunni conflict , its modern version, is a construct of western intelligence.


My problem with your posts is finding any kind of logic in what you post, so thanks for the complement. You found some logic in my post. I’ll keep trying with your stuff, but I don’t seek out your stuff, waste of time.


I get your point, but ALL the victors were very busy looting the defeated enemy simply because they wanted a spring board that would enable them to screw over their erstwhile allies with the approach of the coming cold war.


In 1938 J Edgar Hoover sent his #2 man to Germany to check out the Nazis. He came back singing their praises. With a whole list of actions to be emulated. You could say we have an oligarchical or even a fascist society, in the countries, but a democracy does not nominate two people to run for the presidency who are hated by the majority of those polled, it is logically impossible.

Actually most of the Allies were repairing their devastated countries. Numerous German companies emerged essentially unscathed from WW II. Bayer Siemens just off the top of my head. Certainly not an expert but when you look at it differently, focusing on total dead and injured, that war seemed more about destroying the Soviet Union and the Chinese than containing Nazism.

With the US almost using Germany and Japan as proxies. Look at total casualties as the indicator of who lost and WW II takes on a very different aspect. The Russians lost more at Stalingrad alone than the US did in the whole war.

Standard oils ability to supply Germany with oil throughout the conflict certainly creates some doubt about loyalty. Prescott Bush was also a big help to Nazis.


Mmmm, its interesting what you infer, but from the very trusted and accepted sources of WW2, I think, no believe, that you are quite far off the mark. I will explain. Your state “Certainly not an expert but when you look at it differently, focusing
on total dead and injured, that war seemed more about destroying the Soviet Union and the Chinese than containing Nazism.”
The Jews had decided that Germany was their spiritual enemy already during the early 18th Century. There is an enormous source of literature which illustrates this point, and I shall now provide you with a huge list;-
These books will probably show you clearer picture;-
~ Israel Shahak, Michael-Hoffman-Judaisms-Strange-Gods, Dr.Martin

Luther-The Jews and their Lies 1948, Shlomo Sand – The Invention of

the Jewish people, Henry Ford-The International Jew, Moses Hess –

Rome and Jerusalem – Zionist book, The assault on the USS Liberty,

Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion, ANATOLIY GOLITSYN, Arnold

Leese, Paul Boggs – Freuds Maffia, Frank Britton, The Hidden Tyranny

– Harold Rosenthal Document, Cohen Avner, john Bryant — The Case

Against the Jews, The International Jew Henry Ford, Douglas Reed, The

Controversy of Zion GREAT DOUGLAS REED, Israeli spies-Jeffrey

Steinberg, HAVARA – The transfer agreement, The Israel Project – The

Global Language Dictionary 2009 – Hasbara Manual,


Talmudic Judaism – Dr. William Pierce, Synagogue of satan – Andrew

Hitchcock 2007, Satanic Voices – Ancient and Modern, The Talmud

Unmasked – The Secret Rabbinical Teachings Concerning Christians, The

Ugly Truth about the ADL, The Hunt for the Kill Switch, You Gentiles

– Maurice Samuel. Jack Bernstein – The

Life of an American Jew in Racist Marxist Israel,

Theodore Kaufman – Germany must perish. Samuel

Untermyer speech – Judea declares war on Germany.

Read these books and you will know. EDUCATION IS THE KEY! :-)

Revelation 2:9

Revelation 3:9

The Jews through their domination of the Bolshevik political structure, ensured the bestial murder of 20-30 million Christian Russians and Ukranians in the period from 1919 thro’ to the end of WW2.

You state also ;”Standard oils ability to supply Germany with oil throughout the conflict certainly creates some doubt about loyalty. Prescott Bush was also a big help to Nazis.”
Frankly, If this were in REALITY the case, then the war would have gone on for far longer than it had. Use you sense of logic, and you’ll come too the same decision. Had the Allies not razed all the Refineries in the axis occupied area, then the war would still be in full swing now. More over, it was the vast reserves of coal which was turned to oil using chemical synthesis process, something the Germans had pioneered and patented themselves, the war would have ended much sooner than 1945.


Sorry huh? With a lot of words you failed to clearly enunciate one solid point. Is your point that it was not the US using Germany and Japan as proxies, but the Jews who killed so many? I never even mentioned them. So you are just pissed off that Germany failed in their ultimate solution?

“Very trusted and accepted.” Hear that irritating sound? Loud buzzer announcing wrong answer.

I love the message of Venezuela declaring war on Germany a week before WW II ended. After magically shipping oil to them the whole war. Who pumped and shipped it? Standard. The war never would have started without that.

You don’t read my one solid reference, containing dozens more, but have the nerve to dictate 20 books to read because you deem me ignorant. As a hi school drop out I would rather go to the ovens, than be judged by you to work as a slave instead, but yes I am for the most Slovak and Cherokee, not Jewish.

The easy stereotyping of whole races of people is the sort of insipient hatred that leads us from one blood bath to another. Those Zionist without a drop of Jewish blood who formed a Psychopathic worldwide mafia do not get a free pass from me for oh so successfully dragging on the coattails of Judaism.

George Bush’s grandpa’s NY bank got shut down for aiding and abetting the enemy. Not before profiting manifestly. So the irony of one of our most illustrious family dynasties being inherently fascist is certainly a hopeful sign for you?

The coal fuel is not at all efficient, or we would be burning it! Give me a reference for being used in their jets or hi octane piston fighter planes and I might go read a reference of yours.

John Drake (aka Number 6)

There’s a lesson about owning up to your mistakes and taking responsibility for Russia here. It’s time they came clean about MH17 and gave the families of the victims closure.


Nice one!….no chance!

Gary Sellars

Ukropi Banderites shot down MH17. The world knows it, despite the silly DSB kabuki show and the hot-air from NATOista sock puppets.


Nahhhhhh…only the Ruskies and their stooges lie about it. The real world knows the Ruskies or their lap puppies did it. At least the Islamist Iranians had the integrity and balls to fess up. But not the Ruskies.

AM Hants

This article and video on VT, might provide a few missing links to the above. Both articles complement each other.

Ukrainian PS752 Mystery Solved: Shot Down by Israel’s Unit 8200?…


How Soleimani was made made into a bug spot.


The usual amerikan style.. from far away a shot in the back while he was given sweets and drinks and looking for a napkin.. NEVER turn your back on an Amerikan with a half full glass of Juice… The natives found out this the hard way and got scalped..


You’re in the realm of speculation, the article was originally published in the Jerusalem Post, not really an unbiased source. Have you a clue how much kwh and how near you need to be in order to jam the TOR-M1 radar?. It’s more plausible the airplane transponder was shot down after departure or hacked to show him as a foe using a gps satellite.

AM Hants

Until the investigation is completed, everything is speculation. However, I do like your comment explaining why not and what might have been the cause. Thanks.

Dick Von Dast'Ard

Ultimately if you wish to fly civilian airliners into dangerous airspace at times of shooting wars, then what does one expect to happen.

Otherwise why shut down airspace when military exercises take place?

The Ukrainian operator had a death wish.

Gary Sellars

This shootdown is karma against the Ukropi banderites. They shot down MH17 and lied about it, now the Universe punishes them in a similar manner. I feel sorry for the Iranian passengers, but Evil doesn’t play by the rules.

Dick Von Dast'Ard

Let’s look at it this way, imagine the U.S. had just fired cruise missiles into Venezuela after say a SOCOM unit had been captured, executed then gloated over by the leadership in Caracas. Shortly after the missiles had been launched from U.S. warships off the coast of Venezuela, a Cuban routed airliner suddenly took off from a U.S. airport and it’s course deviated towards a U.S. military base.

What would be the likely fate of said airliner be?


It would be told to go home regardless since Cuban Airlines are not allowed to fly in the US.


Scenario BTFO’d, Dick!


Missile defence systems are designed to intercept incoming targets not outgoing; Ukrainian Boeing was outgoing. More to this than what is revealed and games are being played on all sides, time will give us the truth.

Dick Von Dast'Ard

I think missile defences hit aircraft in any direction, incoming or outgoing.


Radar can tell whether aircraft or missiles are inbound or not and those missiles depend upon radar tracking. One doesn’t shoot down planes or missiles if they leave your territory and are outwards bound; they are considered friendly.


Obviously, makes no difference to the Key Stone Cops of the Islamist Iranian military.

Raptar Driver

Like I said, the Iranians didn’t shoot this airliner down. Most likely an F-22 shot it down with its cannons and Iran took the blame much like plea bargain so the Americans will accept them in the Empire. You
Remember how Iran cooperated with the beast in Bosnia?


What the hell you been puffing on, Dude?

Raptar Driver

The truth is a rush!


Bosnia was not “cooperation”.
US have just tolerated Iranian converging activity to the extent.
At certain point they have got signal from Washington and have closed all Iranian activities including training centers immediately.


What is it with Ukrainians flying planes through war zones? That doesn’t seem to be working out to well for them.


Politically, it sure seems it isn’t working out too well for your Murdering Mullah friends.


on a head count I find without a doubt that the disunited states of friggin A is responsible for more deaths and more destruction than any other country has managed to wreak in a time span of 70 years. quite an achievement by the criminally corrupt cabal in washington dc although you would expect them to keep mum on that salient fact.

still awaiting that the 80m$ bounty on trump’s head will work its magic and that trump, criminally insane mythomaniac in chief, soon will be on lit de parade and melania walkng off into the sunset counting the dosh.


They have to beat the mongols who murdered close to 50 mil people and remember this was from horseback and not droning.. Imagine having to cut off the heads of 50 mil people by hand..


but that was over a period of say 200 years whereas the american attempt to tame the world has caused directly and indirectly more than 50 million dead over a 70 year period.


You’re a truth hating Zionist shill. The blood sucking Jew pedophile rape cultists murder 10 to 20 Palestinians for every Jew that the Palestinians kill. They break the legs and murder unarmed Palestinian demonstrators that pose no threat to them every week. As part of their Yinon plan forever war crimes.

Judaism is an evil pedophile rape cult and criminal organization that needs to be outlawed. To create a Jew free world that will be much better for humanity. Israel should be dissolved and replaced with a unified Palestine.


……………..Its business for the airline, and its a revenue earner for a failed state who is desperate for currency………..any currency. Moreover the airliner was probably insured, not so the poor civi’s inside. It should have never been given the go-ahead to take off. What I think we can be sure of, is that either the Israeli’s or the JewSA spoofed the Iranian radar into mistakenly seeing the plane as an enemy object. It was most probably carried out via satellite.


Even with the take off appoval. It wouldn’t have been that difficult to delay the flight until the dust settled.


Who informed the Control tower that there was a Ballistic Missile strike ongoing ????????? How was the AA radar operator to know what was going on, apart from being told “Keep ’em peeled”. I presume information was compartmentalised a la “Need to know ” basis. Moreover why shouldn’t the Iranians expect a counter-strike from the Septics and the Yiddischers……………..the military were on high alert, some one should have informed the control tower and grounded all flights period.


I can see the Iranians allowing the people who wanted to leave to leave before a full scale war erupted and the airport got hit and was closed. Though you do have a point that they could be considered negligent in doing so.

Hind sight is 20 20. The Ukrainians took the risk when they didn’t have to and paid the price. If the US wasn’t implementing the Yinon plan forever war for the blood sucking Jew baby rapers. It wouldn’t have happened.


Nahhhhhhhh…Mossad agents from Mars did it, believe me. You guys are so idiotically funny. Still trying to make up a Russian unicorn story even after the Iranians fessed up. At least they have a bit of integrity and the balls to tell it pretty much as it was. Not like you Russians with your unicorn Malaysian Airliner denials and pointing everywhere except at yourselves.


whichever way you look at the mishap of the downing of a ukrainian airliner, responsibility for the death of 176 persons rests firmly with donald trump, pentagon and israel. no two things about it and that is exactly why the illegal occupation of palestine by the hymies must be terminated and the hymies sent to their next diaspora replete with well earned pogroms and hardship.

AM Hants

EU Cites American Electronic Warfare as Possible Cause of Ukrainian Passenger Jet Destruction…

‘…Experts, in turn, note that the key reason for refusing to impose sanctions on Iran for a downed Ukrainian passenger plane is the possible fault of the United States of America, which could well use electronic warfare equipment to make a civilian aircraft look like a military one on Iranian air defense radars…’

Chris Chuba

I like how the Neocon U.S. MSM is calling the Iranian statements a ‘cover up’ and dismissing their admission as damage control. This took place over a span of 3 days, this is not evidence of an attempted cover up and there is no consideration that Iran’s statements reflect confusion on their part due to lack of internal communications. No, they must be lying because, unlike use, people who actually do coerce and bribe other countries and organizations, they are monsters.

AM Hants

WORLD WAR III: Was Ukrainian flight PS752 a Western false flag combining remote hijacking and transponder disabling to trigger two Tor-M1 missiles?…


You’ve been at the David Icke kool aid again!

Have you ever seen the movie,One flow over the cuckoo’s nest?

That’s veterans today!

Pablo Rivera

It is weird that in both cases Donbass and Teheran, the pilots “deviate” their routes. And in both cases into the line of fire, not in opposite direction.

Albert Pike

‘Another factor is the video of the missile hit that appeared online.
How this person, could have known when and what exactly to film without
advance knowledge of the developments?’

Well the publication of the video was first, so the guy who took the film knew he was filming the killing of an airliner…


……..Or was this video clip simply prepared in a Hollywood workshop ?

Albert Pike

Only if Bellingcat is in Hollywood – but you have the right drift, if Bellingcat is involved, then ist was spook operation:
‘Video Apparently Showing Flight PS752 Missile Strike Geolocated to Iranian Suburb’
‘Higgins is one of five authors of an Atlantic Council report released
earlier this year, “Distract, Deceive, Destroy,” on Russia’s role in
Syria. The report concludes by calling for US missile strikes in Syria.’

But the Iranians have their methods to find out:


Ok i see everyone is still living in the old news cycle,talking about the old reality unable to understand the new reality has just been made right in front of your eyes ? !

We’ve moved on folks

Now it looks very much as if the Iran nuclear deal is dead,the silly Iranians used the threat of enrichment and thats triggered the dispute mechanism, soon the old sactions regime will be re imposed, plus the Trump sanctions,those idiot mullahs really are screwed

Its only a matter of time before it implodes with rage and anger, i certainly would like to be in Iran, as its gonno blow

AM Hants

Another article of interest, to go with the above, with regards ‘What exactly did happen’:

According to Russian Experts: The US Bears “Partial Responsibility” for the “Human Error” Which Caused the Ukrainian plane crash –…


How abt this :

I hear there were over 60 Canadian pax on the plane going from Tehran to Kiev. If true, knowing that the Americans are sent to Iran with Canadian passports, Iran have deliberately shot the plane to kill over 60 counts of US cia operatives. Iran admits to shooting, says a mistake, US cannot say the opposite because the reasoning is their covert operation on a foreign soil, as we are left with all other scenarios to talk about but this one I just said. Worth considering, no?


According to Russian Experts: The US Bears “Partial Responsibility” for the “Human Error” Which Caused the Ukrainian plane crash –


“According to (Russian) experts, the US military had deliberately changed the information on the Ukrainian Boeing 737 flight, making it a real target for the Iranian air defense systems.”

” the report intimates that the incident bears a canny (point by point) resemblance to the destruction of a Russian IL-20 in Latakia, Syria”