Iranian Nuclear Program Gains Steam Following Assassination Of “Nuclear Soleimani” Near Tehran



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US President Donald Trump is apparently set to slam the door and go to great lengths to show love to his friends in Tel Aviv before withdrawing from the White House.

On November 27, Mohsen Fakhrizadeh, a prominent Iranian professor of physics and quantum field theorist, was assassinated near the Iranian capital of Tehran. Formally, Fakhrizadeh was the head of its Organization of Defensive Innovation and Research, while Israel and the U.S. insist that he headed the Iranian nuclear weapons program. Israeli media even called Fakhrizadeh “the Nuclear Soleimani” referring to the commander of the Iranian Qods Force, who was assassinated by a US drone strike in Iraq on January 3, 2020. That assassination almost led to a US-Iranian war and the White House even swallowed a ballistic missile strike on its bases in Iraq, while Iranian air defense forces accidentally shot down an airliner near Tehran. Fortunately, a larger war was avoided, but the region entered into a new spiral of tensions between the Israeli-US bloc and Iranian-led forces. The November assassination did not trigger an immediate military response from Tehran, but there are little doubts that it will also have negative consequences for regional stability.

According to US and Israeli media, the development of the Iranian nuclear program requires the following factors: time, money and specialists. Iran has already had a lot of time. Trump’s “maximum pressure campaign” was intended to target the ‘money’ factor, but Iran’s so-called resistance economy survived despite the pressure. Now, the US and Israel once again turned to the ‘specialists’ factor of this formula and they have capabilities to conduct politically-motivated assassinations as a part of what they call the ‘deterrence campaign’ against Iran.

Initial reports say that the car of Fakhrizadeh was targeted by a car bomb explosion and then was subjected to gunmen fire at Absard city. According to the Iranian Defense Ministry, Fakhrizadeh “was severely wounded in the course of the clashes between his security team and terrorists and was transferred to a hospital,” where he later succumbed to his wounds. Later it appeared in the unofficial version of events, claims that the attackers used a remotely-controlled machine gun that was installed in the trunk of a Nisan pickup. Then, the pickup and the gun were detonated. The Iranian Fars News report insists that the entire attack lasted for only 3 minutes and that no gunmen were involved.

The assassination demonstrates the particular gaps in the security of such prominent and high-ranking persons. It is no secret that the life of Fakhrizadeh was under threat for years, but he still moved around the country with a small security team with only two cars, and his car was not even armored. This posture may be partly explained by the cult of martyrdom on the all levels of Iranian society and the fact that Iranian officials are pretty close to ordinary people, especially in comparison with other Middle Eastern states. These factors allow the current political regime in Iran to resist unprecedented sanctions, political and even military pressure from its opponents, but at the same time creates additional security difficulties.

Immediately after the assassination, the Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps and the Army were put on high alert and top Iranian officials vowed to take revenge for the attack. Also, on November 29, the Iranian Parliament decided to speed up the consideration of the bill that supposes to increase the level of uranium enrichment. As a “double urgency”, it was ratified with 232 votes from a total of 246 MPs attending the session. The final vote on the adoption of the law may take place on December 2. The bill states that Iran would now produce at least 120kg of uranium enriched to 20% per year. In comparison, the Iranian nuclear deal, from which the Trump administration unilaterally withdrew, allowed Iran to enrich uranium to a maximum of 3.67%. In addition, under the bill in consideration, the government will have to put in operation one thousand additional centrifuges at the Natanz and Fordo nuclear facilities within a year. The bill also supposes an immediate return to the project for the reconstruction of the Arak nuclear reactor, which existed before the signing of the nuclear deal. Therefore, instead of slowing down the Iranian nuclear program, the assassination of Fakhrizadeh led to a public increase of the Iranian activity in the field. The United States and Israel will likely call these actions a great threat to global security and state that they are obliged to respond to the growing Iranian threat.

The only question is what do the Israeli and US leadership expect? Did they really believe that after the years of resistance and regional standoffs, that the Iranians would surrender after an assassination of one of their scientists?

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To answer SF question at the end, we didn’t expect them to surrender because we know that from their POV, it is a religious obligation to destroy us. So, it’s not a question of if but when, Israel and Iran will go to a war and the more they speed up their program, the closer we get. Will it become a nuclear war? very likely.

Mark M. Nobelman

Israel has a big coalition in the Middle east countries surrounding Iran + the US you hit the invitation bottom and we come together and eat this dinner (Iran) and share the spoils after.

Time and location is probably pre-set


Very soon probably, the mullahs have been messing with us for far too long and their actions will bring destruction upon Iran. If Iran somehow believes Hezbollah will assist them in the war, then they should recalculate their plans because Nasrallah won’t be dumb enough to lose Beirut, and by losing I mean the total annihilation of Beirut in an all out war. He knows back in 2006 we spared many Lebanese lives.

Emad Irani

aka killing lebanese children. Yes that was clear because Israhell cannot fight for more than 1 months khkhhk


We killed about 900 Hezbos out of 1200 Lebanese, we avoided wiping out SL villages even though they shot rockets from there. Do you think we will show this mercy again if thousands of Israelis die from Hezbo rockets? No Emad, we will make sure the Beirut explosion would be small compared to our bombing campaign, and that includes wiping out all the Shia villages and expelling you for good to Syria. The math will always stay the same, you kill one of us, we will kill hundreds of yours. The 2006 disgrace won’t repeat itself, when we show you mercy you think we are weak. So we will treat you the proper way you deserve, and you’re not going to like it.

Emad Irani

ok rambo, but still couldn’t fight in Yemen, Syria, Iraq, Lebanon and Afghanistan at the same time. Beside that your statistic is wrong like all of your statements and arguments. The 2006 war was a very great disgrace because Israhell failed to occupy south Lebanon. You killed 1 on them, for 2 months your hole border with Lebanon is clear. Right now there is high alert in Haifa. US knows they cant for an all out war because of ICBM technology. 1100 km is nothing for hypersonic missiles. Remember the children you killed during your last seconds


I pray the day you shoot one ICBM from Iran over here, it will be the end of your mullahs and probably the end of your Capital. We are not the U.S, our security doctrine is very clear. Any ballistic missiles shot over here will get the same response. Saddam almost learnt it in the hard way, as our Jerichos were ready to hit Baghdad back in the First Gulf War, only a Russian warning that we were serious made him stop. We will meet with you anywhere you plan to kill Israelis, Syria would also be a battleground.

Emad Irani

hahahaha idiot ICBM on Israhell? The 1500 km missiles are enough. Jericho is old crap from 90s nothing new. Saddam had some old 60s Soviet Scud B crap with 500m CEP. I see you don’t have any clue about missile better shut up before I teach you a big lesson dirty Hasbara. You don’t know what semi hypersonic ballistic missile with HGV means ;) Barak 3, Davids Sling or Arrow 3 will lose easily, we analyzed it already


I know alot more than you, Irani boy. Watch the latest experiment of the Arrow 3 in Alaska, it is meant for you. And again, if you feel brave enough tell the mullahs to shoot over here, northing to worry from our Jerichos right? do it or shut up.

Emad Irani

yees of course hahaha, Arrow 3 is exo atmospheric system not for semi ballistic missiles idiot. Semi ballistic missiles don’t leave the earth atmosphere Hasbara kid. Arrow 3 is for +150km attitude not below that. Beside that a defence system produced with another country is very dangerous because of leaking… You will learn a lot :)

Jim Allen

Go ahead, launch a nuke towards Iran.
Iran doesn’t need nukes to cleanse the desert of you pretenders. You arrogant sociopaths,, and lunatics sure blundered that false flag attack on Lebanon, didn’tja’ ? With a tactical nuke. Hezbollah kicked your pretender ass in 2006. Was heartwarming to see IDF Officers with tears in their eyes, admitting defeat on world news. You should check out the videos.
You’re pitiful, impotent, and your whole life is pretend.

Emad Irani

You better don’t pray for it


That’s what you’re nazi state has force fed you to believe


Israel has impressive technology and a well trained military, but in a war against Iran, after the standoff weapons battle phase, it would be very much a war of attrition. With almost no defense in depth, a much smaller population and surrounded by former enemy states who have been and are still being paid off by the US, it would be a very existential war for Israel . .

Free man

You need to read about the Israeli Holocaust complex. That’s why they have atom bombs.
I honestly think Israelis believe the mullahs regime when they say they want to destroy Israel.


I agree (most of them) the elite know they are blatently lying

Free man

Fear is the best way to herd the crowd.

Emad Irani

military deterrence is established. Martyr Fakhrizade was a director and manager during the last years of his life. Many students got Ph.D. under his command. They will follow his path. Iran will wait for Biden, if he continues his maximal pressure then Iran will easily repeat the 2017 North Korea scenario with nukes and ICBMs.

Assad must stay

agaahahahaha israel is really retarded,this had the opposite effect they wanted hahahahahhaha

chris chuba

Look at how much enriched uranium Iran was able to produce in two years without breaking a sweat. If Iran wanted nuclear weapons they would already have them. N.Korea was able to develop nukes within 3 years from a single hardwater reactor. What to people in the U.S. and Israel think stopped Iran for 20yrs, stuxnet?

The only thing we needed from the JCPOA was visibility and these fools in the U.S / Israel are trying their best to destroy it.


So you ok with Israel having 200 nukes?

Fog of War

Of course, they are the chosen.

Alekai Mordechai

In what ways?

Fog of War

6 million ways.

Alekai Mordechai

Double that number.

johnny rotten

It was the Jewish scholar Norman Finkelstein who boldly declared that “Israel must suffer a serious defeat” to become part of the civilized world.
I add that in no case could Isisrahell be part of the civilized world.


I don’t know, I honestly believe there are a lot of good israeli’s, like there are many good americans… It’s mostly a small qabal of powerful kapitalists that highjack and brainwash the complete population. Look at saudi-arabia for example. The royal family sickens me, but there are a lot of people with the heart on the right place living there for sure… Still after all jewish and zionist atrocities, you never can generalize like that. I think professor Finkelstein might be right.


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I expect that when Iran lights the candle and there’s a Big Boom that the internet journalism community is going to shut right the hell up for a year or so, and not just because of EMP. All these little sideline sitters and armchair agitators m i g h t live to see the fruits of their labors…providing none of them live in either Israel or Iran. Everyone outside the blast area will have to find something else to complain about. A lot of people are gonna die in The World’s Shortest War, so, consider carefully before journalizing…


“The jews wanted this war” quoted AH

Zaphod Braden

Trump lost because all he really worked for was ISRAEL —Israel—Israel
Trump did not focus on getting the trade deals done quickly and he left the Farmers twisting in the wind. Instead of working for AMERICANS — getting a stimulus Bill through, FIXING the infrastructure, helping those who could not afford GAS to get to those circuses he put on ….. Even as he is escorted out the door he is STILL PUTTING ISRAEL FIRST.

Fog of War

And the hits keep on coming.
– Senior Iranian commander killed in drone strike on his car near Iraqi-Syrian border –

Rhodium 10

Fake news from a Saudi channel Al Arabiya media…Al Mayadeen have denied that any IRGC have been killed in drone strike and that news is Fake!

Fog of War

The article is still on RT’s website and hasn’t been retracted. It might be fake, but if you were Iran would you admit to another high profile assassination ? Based on Iran’s twisting of the scientist’s killing I would be cautious with what Iran says at this point.

Rhodium 10

Fake news!…anyway when some IRGC or Iraq PMU or Hezbolah die fighting ISIS in East Homs..always accord pro oposition ( Saudi&Israel) have been killed by drone attacks…


Remember Iran and the Democrat-media party have a common enemy – America.

Trap Is Not Gay

Republicans and Democrats are the same.

cechas vodobenikov

If Iran wanted nuclear weapons they would possess them; they produce everything required and have engineers scientists capable enough. incompetent Americans required Nazi scientists to invent theirs. Pakistan, France, china, etc all have them

El Mashi

Now, Israeli scientists must cower in fear not to meet the same threat when when traveling abroad when leaving their pyrite paradise.

Free man

I heard that the Iranians are Reverse engineering the “kosher satellite-controlled automatic gun” . LOL.

El Mashi

Iran doesn’t need nuclear weapons. This mantra is an Israeli hoax and nothing more. Hezbollah has 15,000 missiles that can reach Tel Aviv. Who can say when they will have the ability to reach all of Israel even to Egypt. Hamas will one day soon have this technology. The Houthis, poorest Arab country already has missile technology. That genie is out of the bottle. Shalom.

El Mashi

We cannot leave the Middle East because Israel will not give us permission. The US military is to give protection to Israel. Israel would not have murdered Mohsen Fakhrizadeh if it did not have US protection. Every American killed by a Muslim defender of the Faith, has died for Israel.

Free man

So you blame others for the reason you cann’t Mashi from the Middle East?
And you guys, of course, did nothing to deserve it.

Serg The Purge

This attack are meant to draw Iran to retaliate in a manner that justifies a US/Israeli counter response… Israel and its allies in the US Deep State are expecting
a toughM320er Trump counter response, unlike his response to the Iranian Jan 2020’s missile attack.


Imo it is Irans fault. There is no rational explanation for Iran engaging Israel. As soon as Iran would stop with it and normalize the relationship lots of problems in the near and middle east would solve. I don’t want to know what Putin has for headaches because of the irrational Iranian policy specially in Syria and Irak.
What would you do if your neighbour builds in his basement bombs and threatens for years to murder you and your family. So Iran brought this on it own.


fuck off nit wit

John Wallace

There is no rational explanation for Iran engaging Israel. Correction.. there is NO rational explanation for your ignorant comment.. Has Iran ever attacked Israel … No,, Has Israel ever attacked other countries , attacked and killed Iranians… Oh dear you are really fucked up in your assessment.. Fake news doesn’t become truth just because you say it is ..


We are here in an educated place. Iran attacks recently not itself, but they use proxys in Lebanon, in Gaza and in the Syrian part of Golan in order to attack Israel. In addition Irans rethoric is very toxic. And Iran ships ballistic missles to Syria and stores it there in bunkers. Truth is important.


sure, better and more intense cooperation between Iran and North Korea is needed, holding nukes today is an existential necessity for countries facing the wrath of the morons in washington dc and the war criminals in tel aviv.

it’s time the world realizes that the jews in palestine are no better than hitler and that their aim is lebensraum for the jews at any cost, which means a crushed Iran using the nukes they have been threatening the middle east and the world with for the last 60 years. Iran has today taken the role of britain and churchill in the 1930s in its stand against tel aviv and the danger of this small hitlerian country to the world. all traits of hitler’s methods are displayed by tel aviv – lebensraum, genocide of the palestinian people, concentration camp Gaza, murders and thievery galore and assassination of foreigners deemed enemies of the war criminals in tel aviv.

the world needs to wake up to the horrors of tel aviv’s ways.

Michael Apanian

Victor Orban should be careful from the Masonic Luciferians like Soros, after lambasting Soros in his letter
Tuesday, February 26th, 2013 @ 22:00
My dearly beloved daughter, one of the other political leaders, about whom I spoke some time ago, will soon be assassinated.
I wish you to reveal, to all, who this person is, afterwards, through the proof given to you and others, so that more will accept the Truth of the Messages. This poor soul escaped death, some time ago, but his new popularity will place him in danger. He is an enemy of the masonic forces and they will not tolerate his leadership for long.
When you, My followers, see the prophecies given to a chosen soul take place, you will know that they speak the Truth and that they have been given this from Heaven, for they would be incapable of making it up.
It is My desire to prove to those who scorn My Messages, that it is I, your beloved Jesus Christ, Who speaks to the world through this prophet. While it brings Me great joy to see how much you love Me and follow the prayers handed to you from Heaven, it is the skeptics I need to embrace.
Very soon a division will occur in Europe, all of which is connected to the EU and the country in which the Chair of Peter is located. This will result in a war, which will be a different kind of war to other wars. But it will be vicious. People will rise against each other in Germany, Italy and France. You must pray that My followers remain strong and ensure that Jesus to Mankind Prayer Groups are set up quickly in these countries.
The time has come for Me, Jesus Christ, the Lamb of God, to reveal more information contained in the Seals. I will do this carefully, as you must be prepared both spiritually and physically. As a God of Justice, I will ensure that I will guide you all and bless you with My Strength as each layer unfolds one at a time.
Your beloved Jesus


Iran can haunt those giving assassination order like those Wall Street masters of nethayaho, Trumps & Pompee, with their family, for lifetime. Even they can hide, life will be miserable.