Iran and Lebanon Spite Washington And Tel Aviv


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Iran and Lebanon Spite Washington And Tel Aviv
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Iran’s policies and influence in the Middle East can boast a success.

On September 16th, a convoy of 80 tankers loaded with more than a million liters of fuel which were imported from Iran by Hezbollah entered Lebanon through Syria.

While passing through the northern Lebanese province of Beqaa, the convoy was greeted and celebrated by thousands of civilians, especially by Hezbollah supporters.

The Iranian-backed movement allegedly did so without even notifying the Lebanese government, as the caretaker energy minister admitted that no fuel import request had been submitted.

In an act of mockery, the tankers passed over US and Israeli flags, showing that Washington’s sanctions and Tel Aviv’s actions couldn’t hinder the cooperation between Tehran and Hezbollah.

Hezbollah leader Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah said in August that a convoy of Iranian fuel tankers would sail towards Lebanon “within hours,” warning Israel and the US not to intercept it.

On September 13th, he announced that all had gone according to the plan and three days later it arrived.

The Iranian fuel was shipped by sea to Syria’s Banias port in order to avoid any sanctions or restrictions by the US.

Soon after arriving at the port on September 12, work to discharge the shipment and fill the tankers began.

According to Hezbollah, governmental hospitals, nursing homes, orphanages, municipalities that handle the task of pumping water, fire brigades and the Lebanese Red Cross will all benefit from the fuel shipment.

This will not be the last Iranian fuel shipment to reach Lebanon.

Other shipments are already on their way to Syria.

Even more could be imported in the future, Nasrallah said.

Hezbollah’s decision to import Iranian fuel provoked the US, which feared an Iranian economic takeover in Lebanon.

In response, Washington launched its own initiative to support Lebanon by providing gas from Egypt and electricity from Jordan.

Dorothy Shea, US ambassador to Lebanon, informed the Lebanese President Michel Aoun “of the US administration’s decision to help Lebanon obtain electricity from Jordan via Syria.”

She claimed somewhat hopelessly that Beirut didn’t need Iranian fuel.

The big winner of this “standoff” to supply Lebanon with energy resources is Syria – as both the Iranian and US scenarios include Syria as a transit route for the oil to reach Beirut’s territory.

As such, the Arab Republic is surely to benefit in one way or another.

It also stands to show that much of Syrian territory is now safe for transit of valuable cargo such as 80 tankers filled to the brim with an explosive material such as fuel.

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Rodney Loder.

Praise be to Allah, God is great, furthermor He (swt) will help when He(swt) can but the agreement has to come from God (swt) with us, not us with God (swt) because we create what God (swt) becomes.
Hezbollah wouldn’t agree or maybe they would, who knows has anyone asked them ?.
Only I know about Creation, l was there at the time, or close enough anyways.
Certain historians protect jew maggots by lying about events in the 8 th. Century BC trying to protect jew vermin they pretend Egypt didn’t survive the late bronz age collapse, however not only did Egypt survive, Egypt defeated the Sea People. Praise be to Allah (swt).

Alexandre Moumbaris

What do ou mean by the “sea people'” my learned friend?


He’s referring to a theory that the Sea Peoples as described by Ramses III were the Philistines led by Goliath, described in Genesis as being defeated by King David with a stone and sling (not a sling shot).

Last edited 2 years ago by Marco

The Sea Peoples & The Late Bronze Age Collapse // Ancient History Documentary (1200-1150 BC)


What a DH of a post, you religious nut. Keep comments like these between you and your nutty pals. This is a news site and we like to read about facts and not shite about you being present at the ‘Creation’ and weird crap about ‘sea people’.


“Certain historians protect jew maggots by lying about events in the 8 th. Century BC trying to protect jew vermin they pretend Egypt didn’t survive the late bronz age collapse, however not only did Egypt survive, Egypt defeated the Sea People.”

Who claimed Egypt didn’t survive the Bronze Age collapse? Dynasties came and went, other times by foreign conquest.

The Bronze Age collapse is now thought to be two separate calamities that occurred sometime around 1,200 BCE.

The Sea Peoples were from the northern shores of the Mediterranean and coincide with the timeframe of Trojan War described in Homer’s Iliad and Odyssey.

Your Semitic deities have a habit of choosing messiahs and prophets that churn out genocidal rapists.

Last edited 2 years ago by Marco

Homer lived 8 centuries after the Trojan war is said to have taken place, interestingly this occurred near or during the Bronze Age collapse. By that time had become a distant folk memory, history was recorded more through myth and allegory than authentic historic facts.

Herodotus is considered the “father of history”, it is believed he was among the first writers who systematically investigated historical events than by accepting myth at face value. However there is much to be gleaned from myth and religion, even if it cannot be considered a reliable historical source.

Without these myths and legends, no one would have set about discovering these cities and empires lost to history. From the Iliad to Abrahamic texts, much has been discovered ever since the humble beginnings of archaeology in the 1800s.

Among these include the discovery of the Hittite empire and many ancient cities along the western shorelines of Turkey, apparently there are ancient cities built on top of one another from widely divergent timeframes. One of these cities may have been among the various independent city states that existed in Asia Minor, such events were forgotten and became legend.

Last edited 2 years ago by Marco

As mentioned previously, I can’t play your videos anymore even on high speed internet connection. Tried from few different locations, same result, video stops playing every 3-5 seconds and then have to wait 10-15 secs for buffer. That is unusable for me. Downloading the 3-min video takes 30-45 minutes! Hope, you will be able to fix it soon.

Arch Bungle

The Persians are better friends to the Arabs than the Arabs themselves …


The State of Israel is not self sufficient and relies on US financial and other help. If I was Israeli I’d be getting very worried as I watch the US degenerating and falling into polarised sides, the US is not going to be there to help Israel for much longer, it’s falling apart at the semes.


Jews are never self-sufficient, no parasite is. The degeneration of the US is a result of social engineering desired and orchestrated by jews, Russia and China are in bed with them and will not allow Israel to be destroyed. Jewry will survive and flee to China and eastern Europe, unless they are stopped from getting their way they will continue their nonsense in Russia and China who will not prevent them from exploiting their people forever more until they are sucked dry.

Last edited 2 years ago by Marco

Say thanks our leadership is still weak, that is not a military issue. Hezbollah could be destroyed along with the entire Lebanese state if we decide to, now give the order..


You had your chance in 2006, and it didn’t go well for you.

Arch Bungle

Since they blew the hell out of you in 2000 you have had no means to defeat Hezbollah.

You are impotent with all your welfare weapons and support in the face of Nasrallah’s spiritual power.

You could not destroy them in 1986, you cannot now, you will not in future.

By 2030, there will be no ‘israel’ left. In it’s place there will be Palestine.

9 Years, that was my prophecy.

Last edited 2 years ago by Arch Bungle
Rusted Zion

Another little kike with his pants on too tight.


Dark days ahead for the zionist diaper tards. Their over reliance on american, british and ultimately (rome) will be their downfall.

A fake zionist constructed nation, like kosovo, is destined to fail. No number of settler brainwashed extremists will save the squatters from their demise.


Good deeds produce good Karma. And a good deed in a time of trouble is always remembered. The US along with its Zionist masters is simply be hypocritical, as they have once again been out played by Iran, who’s Persian ancestors developed the rules and techniques of the game of Chess.

Arch Bungle

Since when is it “spite” to feed a hungry people?
Who can possibly be “spited” by providing food and fuel for the poor?

What a morally corrupt dung heap the West has become …