Taliban Rule Faces Its First Challenges


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Taliban Rule Faces Its First Challenges
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Taliban Rule Faces Its First Challenges
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The Taliban’s new control of Afghanistan isn’t going without a hitch.

Beginning on August 20th, reports surfaced that opposition fighters had retaken three northern districts from the Taliban.

Pro-Taliban social media accounts confirmed the military reversal in northern Baghlan province.  They said at least 15 Taliban fighters were killed and 15 others injured.

This was deemed a “betrayal of the amnesty” for former government members.

The fighting took place in three districts — Pul-e-Hesar, Deh-e-Salah and Bano — that are about 100 miles north of Kabul but are only reachable by poor roads that wind through the mountains.

The uprising took place to the north of the Panjshir Valley, a strategic sliver of territory where a handful of Afghan leaders were organizing a force to resist the Taliban.  The Taliban quickly recaptured the districts. Resistance leader Ahmad Massoud Jr. said that these areas were not captured by his supporters, but rather by local militia groups dissatisfied with the Taliban’s “brutal” rule.

While former Afghan officials and reports from witnesses on social media suggested the uprising was local and spontaneous, one of the main leaders of the Panjshir resistance movement claimed that “we are one.”

Former Vice President Amrullah Saleh, who recently made a stake of inheriting the presidency said that his forces and the fighters to the north were “under one command structure.”

Two days later, on August 22nd, Massoud Jr, who is the de-facto leader of Afghanistan’s last major outpost of anti-Taliban resistance said he hoped to hold peaceful talks with the Taliban, but was ready to fight.

The comments came as a statement on the Taliban’s Alemarah Twitter feed said hundreds of fighters were headed towards Panjshir “after local state officials refused to hand it over peacefully.”

Massoud said that if it came to fighting against the Taliban, international support would be needed. Whether any would come is quite unlikely.

If fighting started, the Taliban would potentially quell the uprising quite quickly, as the group recently received a significant upgrade from various elite weaponry and hardware left behind by the United States forces that are hastily departing.

The group paraded throughout Kabul with the spoils of the war, and even made a photograph raising the Taliban’s white flag in a mockery of the famous photo of US soldiers raising the US flag in Iwo Jima.

The Taliban claimed that “all Afghans” should feel safe and secure in the “new” Islamic Emirate, but so far the group appears to be unwilling to compromise and negotiate.

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So where was Masoud Jr when Afghanistan was occupied for twenty years by Nato?

Last edited 2 years ago by Cromwell

Sucking Murican cock like his old man before the Talibs got his number…

Arch Bungle

Giving Bernard Henri Levi’ a hand-job in return for tuition.

Rodney Loder.

These resistance fighters are reall just collectimg donations from abroad, mainly Capital Hill, this money could even right now be taxed by Taliban.
However Afghanistan is many divergent ethnicities making governing difficult as far as i know the secessionist colour revolution in Balochistan has been losing support since Russia fired missiles on IS, that hit mainly al-Nusra 2015, it was then when Taliban saw the writing on the wall spelling out Chinese, Iranian and Pakistani ascendancy in the region, prior to that it was believed the US French and British would prevail with another Arab Spring.


‘Unwilling to compromise and negotiate’?
They have been negotiating and offering to compromise for well over a year, and that with foreign powers even (including the occupation and its puppet government). They have openly declared a general amnesty to all former government members and even those who took arms against them. They are openly negotiating with a range off representatives of Afghan ethnic groups who were members of the former government even as far as bringing them into the new government. Their real sticking point seems to be that no new government will be officially declared and finalized until foreign forces have finished evacuating and are actually all the way gone, which honestly seems entirely appropriate.

Alberto Bohon.

are there real sources of information where the government of Tajikistan is supporting and sending military supplies to the Northern Alliance resistance in Panshjir? for the government of Tajikistan denies these allegations!

Arch Bungle

been looking for this myself. Nothing other than rumours from Indian media … which is untrustworthy and filled with overdramatized propaganda.

US & EU are Zion slaves

“betrayal of the amnesty” said the terrorist group that killed hundreds of Afghans with yanquis.
That also lied to only buy time in those “peace deal meetings”. “betrayal”…
Osama goat fuker follower butt-hurt and can’t understand where they are headed.
Ofc, The USA supports N-A and bomb Taliban after they leave, you know it.

Bad news for some, the UN going to sanction Afghanistan (The UN had sanctioned some Taliban leaders before “blacklisted”), the G7 as we all know going to do the same, as the Taliban don’t want to make deal with them so sanction it is. It is their only tool in the box.
Ofc, if the UN sanction Afghanistan, so will Russia (That still see Taliban as a terrorist group), China and Iran (Iran did sell oil/gas again to Afghanistan) for the US dollars.
Yet, China and Russia might say this, they can change their point of view if they made a deal with the Taliban. For Iran, it is a free win handed again by yanquis, which is just funny, just like Iraq.

Last edited 2 years ago by US & EU are Zion slaves