Taliban Forming Government, Steadily Consolidating Power


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Taliban Forming Government, Steadily Consolidating Power
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Taliban Forming Government, Steadily Consolidating Power
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The Taliban are finally beginning to consolidate power in Afghanistan.

The group is appointing government ministers as it attempts to form a functional apparatus.

The first appointment was an open mockery to the United States – Mullah Abdul Qayyum Zakir as a Defense Minister.

Zakir is a former Guantanamo Bay prisoner between 2001 and 2007.

He was deputy to the Taliban’s commander-in-chief, Mullah Yaqoob, and was among the first top Taliban commanders to enter Kabul, after the US withdrawal.

The Taliban has also reportedly appointed a Finance Minister, Gul Agha Sherzai. He previously served as a Minister of Borders and Tribal Affairs of Afghanistan.

Other than that, Ibrahim Sadr should become acting Interior Minister. Mullah Shirin should become the governor of Kabul Province, and Hamdullah Nomani will serve as a mayor of the capital.

The head of intelligence was also appointed, but his name was kept secret.

Meanwhile, the Taliban is also working on taking control over the Panjshir Valley. On August 25th, a delegation of 40 officials of the group met with the leaders of the Afghan resistance.

On August 24th, the Taliban attempted to enter Panjshir through a pass in the nearby province of Badakhshan. The attack was repelled and the Taliban sustained serious losses, according to Maj. Wazir Akbar, an Afghan army commando who joined the Panjshir resistance.

Afghan Vice President Amrullah Saleh, who declared himself as the acting President of the country after the fall of Kabul and joined hands with resistance forces, said only meaningful negotiations will be accepted.

Despite engaging in talks with the Taliban, resistance forces in Panjshir continue to prepare for the worse. More than 6,000 fighters are reportedly taking a stand in the valley. Initially, the resistance took three districts, which the Taliban later recaptured.

The situation in the Panjshir Valley is likely to last a while, as it appears deadlock and with no simple solution in sight. Reportedly, resistance forces set up machine gun nests, mortars and surveillance posts fortified with sandbags in anticipation of another Taliban assault on the Panjshir Valley.

A crushing defeat could likely be dealt to the resistance, no questions asked, but the Taliban claim that they are “building the future” and that all Afghans should feel that they are safe in the “Islamic Emirate”.

The Taliban’s capabilities were significantly boosted once they captured large amounts of equipment and hardware left behind by the US and its allies, as well as from the Afghan Armed Forces arsenal.

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US & EU are Zion slaves

You know Afghanistan is done for and soon be nothing better than a poor African country.
Daesh (IS-K) is growing and so are other terrorist groups a lot of people point out those facts, Russia said there is a growing terrorist movement happing in Afghanistan before the Taliban try to retake Afghanistan.

You CAN NOT kill Daesh, Iraq is mostly Shi’a yet still their Sunnis population joins Daesh, there are parts of Iraq that are mainly Sunnis, and if some of you remember the yanquis had to take PMUs with them to be protected.
Pakistan – still sees Daesh attacks and the same goes with Syria.
Guess what African is the next place for Wahhabi Sunni extremists and they might start moving to Afghanistan, as Russia and China point out.
What did China and Russia do? They talked to the Taliban to see if they can hold power and fight extremist Sunnis, Daesh. They didn’t believe the Taliban who are linked to Al-Qaeda do such things so they start their war games combating extremist Sunni groups, near their borders.

RT – What we know about ISIS-K/IS-K “The US and the UK warned that Islamic State Khorasan (ISIS-K/IS-K) was planning attacks amid evacuations from Kabul in Afghanistan. Here is what we know about the jihadist group.
As its name suggests, the group pledged allegiance to Islamic State (IS, formerly ISIS) and has since been mostly active in Afghanistan’s eastern Khorasan Province. While IS was rapidly gaining ground in Iraq and Syria in 2015, the militants viewed ISIS-K as the caliphate’s sword in future conquests in South and Central Asia.
The group’s first emir and commander was a Pakistani national named Hafiz Saeed Khan. Former Taliban member and Guantanamo detainee Abdul Rauf Aliza was appointed Khan’s deputy.
Both Aliza and Khan were killed by US airstrikes in Afghanistan in 2015 and 2016 respectively. ISIS-K’s current leader is Shahab al-Muhajir.”

Guess what The USA is most likely going to bomb Afghanistan for sure now, they were going to anyway.
They can link the Taliban to Al-Qaeda and claim they bombed and killed IS-K/Daesh.
Cry all you want but remember yanquis killed PMUs – Shi’a fighters that fight for their country as well.

13 yanquis dead now, they going to blame Taliban and they bomb anyone now, as they wish.
“60 dead and 140 injured”, you can point fingers but that is not going to change anything, it is also funny how the Taliban blocking civilians from leaving the country.
Some of you know I have 2 Shi’a Hazara Afghani friends and they both trying to get their family members out, and it is getting harder and harder, thanks to those goat fukers.

The G7, UN, and the USA going to sanction Afghanistan after they pull out their “people”.
China and Russia DON’T care about some extremist Sunni group, the first thing they did was an anti-terrorist war game. They also haven’t removed the Taliban from their terrorist list.
They can’t, even if they do the Taliban leaders DO NOT have power over their pigs.

Fuk Daesh and all the satanic pigs that join them and support them. Hell is the right and only place for them.

US & EU are Zion slaves

Russia: We will study Taliban’s actions before making decision on recognizing them
Russia to supply weapons to Afghanistan’s neighbors

IRGC: Civil war sole outcome of America’s invasion of Afghanistan

The USA;
Biden vows to finish Kabul evacuation, avenge US deaths
“We will respond with force and precision, at our time, at the place we choose and at the moment of our choosing,” he said.

US & EU are Zion slaves

“Who opened the prisons to let out the Islamic State fighters? It was the Taliban. The same Taliban that @POTUS trusts to ensure the security of American citizens.”

Yeah, let’s forget that the same Taliban morons opened prisons to let out Daesh and Al-Qaeda extremist Sunnis. Taliban fight IS-K/Daesh so why they freed all of those prisons without knowing who they were. It wasn’t Taliban only FFS.

“If you trust terrorists to keep you safe from terrorists…”

Also, the Taliban’s useless Sunni backward apes had “checked points” and they were working with yanquis. Yet Daesh just yeet themselves at civilians and yanquis troops.

“The Biden administration’s policy in Kabul boils down to this: Let’s trust terrorists (the Taliban) that uses suicide bombers to protect U.S. and Western evacuees from other terrorists (Islamic State) who use suicide bombers.”
“What can possibly go wrong? It just went wrong.”

What can possibly go wrong? One extremist Sunni goat fukers fighting another got extremist Sunni goat fukers.

US & EU are Zion slaves

For some morons here that believe Al-Qaeda is not in bed with the Taliban.
Remember that on April 12, 2021 “Taliban pushes Osama bin Laden truther conspiracy theories.”
Osama the goat fuker, that kid from KSA, Wahhabi Sunni fuker was just a slave of Zion and CIA.


It’s all theater. The new tallywhacks are America’s new trained and armed proxy army.


The tallywackers didn’t capture those weapons. They were given to them.

Icarus Tanović

He served as inmate in Guantanamo bay, and now lkme a phantom or ninja pop ut from nowhere in Afganistan? Suspicious, maybe he served as some multimillionaire ceo in San Francisco bay.