Taliban Near Capture Of Lashkar Gah, As Fighting Reaches Kabul


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Taliban Near Capture Of Lashkar Gah, As Fighting Reaches Kabul
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Taliban Near Capture Of Lashkar Gah, As Fighting Reaches Kabul
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Taliban Near Capture Of Lashkar Gah, As Fighting Reaches Kabul
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The Taliban are attempting to push and capture three provincial capitals and three of the four biggest cities in Afghanistan – Kandahar, Herat and Laskhar Gah.

Currently, the fight for Helmand Province’s capital – Lashkar Gah – appears to be the most promising for the group.

On August 2nd, the Taliban pressed ahead with their advance in Lashkar Gah capturing 9 out of 10 districts in the city. Majid Akhund, deputy chairman of the Helmand provincial council, confirmed the group’s gains and said that the city’s TV and radio station had also fallen.

Elite commando units were dispatched from Kabul to aid Afghan forces as the government held on to key government buildings, including the local police and army headquarters.

Residents of the city are trapped, hunkered down inside their homes and unable to step out for basic supplies due to the fighting.

Afghan Armed Forces Commander Gen. Sami Sadat, in an audio message, urged residents in neighborhoods captured by the Taliban to evacuate immediately on August 3rd.

The message was an indication that more airstrikes were planned, as Taliban militants are often hiding in civilian houses.

Also on August 3rd, in Herat, the capital of the province by the same name, Afghan forces appeared to be able to push the Taliban back, with the insurgents on the edge of the city. The city’s civilian airport re-opened.

Meanwhile, in Kabul, a civilian protest took place expressing support for Afghanistan’s National Security and in defiance of the Taliban.

Fighting also reached the capital, which had so far been largely out of reach. An explosion rocked the city of Kabul. Unidentified gunmen attacked the house of Afghanistan’s acting defense minister, Bismillah Khan Mohammadi. A car bomb exploded close to his residence.

According to the reports, the attackers entered the house of the head of the defense department. Gunshots and explosions were heard on the spot. The clashes between militants and Afghan Security Forces continued in the early hours of August 4th.

The United Nations has repeatedly decried the rise in civilian casualties inflicted by both sides in the increasingly brutal conflict. The UN mission appealed for a quick end to the fighting in heavily populated urban areas.

The situation in Afghanistan remains tense, since fierce clashes in strategic provincial capitals all around the country continue.

The Afghan Armed Forces supported by Public Uprising Forces and airstrikes from the US claim some victories, but they are few and far between. Meanwhile, the Taliban have captured scores of districts, and it seems a matter of time until the provincial capitals fall too, starting with Lashkar Gah.

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Western democracy is not satanic? Try visiting one of their disgusting cities. You might rethink your opinions.

Afghan Sage

Taliban vacate people’s houses at gunpoint then use the houses to fight against the Afghan army. Those dogs of hell have no humanity left in them. They won’t win, they have lost the people and those that lose the people lose everything. It is not the end of the game yet so those celebrating taliban advance should be ready for a rude awakening.

S Balu

Long live Taliban
Get the DHOTIWALLAS out forever

S Balu

Ashraf Ghani is squarely and single-handedly responsible for the war (if it breaks out), as he dithered on implementing the provisions of Doha Accord (i.e. releasing Taliban prisoners) and clinging to power for dear life. Sharing the ignonimity with him are stanch pro Indian/zio Christian west like Ahmed Massoud, Marshal Fahim, Rashid Dostum, Amrullah Saleh, Hamdullah Mohib, Hanif Atmar, and Ismail Khan etc. They promote pro Indian/zio Christian west sentiment for profit…endearing to their narrow political base and in the process benefiting from Pentagon, CIA, (some) US State Department/Government officials, representatives in Congress/Senate and the beltway contractors’ community.

Rodney Loder.

The Taliban are calling it operation revenge, thars not for no reason. If you bomb people with foreign bombs foreign aircraft and foreign pilots what’re doing is committing murder because the foreign actors as far as Afghanistan is concerned will eventually pack up and say by-by and good luck.

Same with the followers of the homosexual Sid Loder and Freemason Jews, eventually all will recede into the oblivion of a forgotten present becoming the future without a past.

However time can’t go foward without both past and present, before people believed for sure it could, but that was because the Freemason Jew maggots has the World convinced that I would eventually become the image of the homosexual Sid Loder and give liars cheats and murderers a free pass.


This is what gets you killed, then you call people terrorists. The Afghan population has always been religious. Stop forcing people to look at the word through your lenses.

S Balu


S Balu

Those that talk of civil war—primarily the Americans—are the ones that are instigating it. It is only through mayhem that they want to divert attention from their humiliating defeat and the crimes they perpetrated over two decades. They are also talking about ‘over the horizon air campaign’. What this means is that they want to carry out militarystrikes from bases in Qatar, Bahrain and the United Arab Emirates now that Pakistan has refused them bases on its soil.