Philippines’ Marawi: Clashes With ISIS Still Ongoing

On Tuesday, clashes continued between ISIS terrorists and Philippines security forces in the city of Marawi.

The Philippines government is using the army and the police, backed up by military equipment, warplanes and helicopters, against ISIS in the city.However, the battle is still ongoing.

The government says that about 2,000 civilians are trapped in the ISIS-held area.

According to the military, at least 65 ISIS-linked gunmen, 15 Philippine troops, and 19 civilians have been killed in the fighting so far. However, local sources argue that the civilian death toll is much higher.

ISIS-linked gunmen entered Marawi and size large areas inside it including the Police Station and the jail last week. Since then, the fighting has been ongoing in the area.

Philippines' Marawi: Clashes With ISIS Still Ongoing

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how can a bunch of terorists size a countrys town? i cant fit it in mt mind

Concrete Mike

When youvhave the element of surprise anything is possible. Helps to have support from Well connected”Friends”.

I just find it odd that ISIS shows Up wherever somebody doesnt agree with certain states.


Yes, quite the coincidence that they happened to attack while Duterte was in Russia. Kind of like the ISIS attacks after the US accidentally attacked the SAA.Their mistake was thinking that Duterte gave a shit as to what the US thinks about his response to their little ‘invasion’. Apparently, the US is really wanting to lose their base there, which will put a kink in their plans.

Concrete Mike

Hmm its true about that base. You know what this nonsense makes me think of. There seems to bé à disconnect in american policy, thé left hand aint doing the same as the right hand. This is very suspicious indeed.

Stinks real bad.


Just about everything about the US government stinks.

Lynn Ulrich

I like Trump but he’s up against many in the government that want to invade other countries !

Real Anti-Racist Action

Element of surprise? The Philippines have been fighting the ISIS allies and other groups in Philippines for, for forever.
There was no surprise. The entire Filipino army is being help back.
I am starting to think that ISIS is just plain superior to every other group on earth.
To bad the Spartans or Fallschirmjäger’s are not here to fight against ISIS and their US UK Israeli backers. Cause not one else seems to be able to do squat against them.

John Brown

The surprise is the foreign fighters in significant numbers, training, weapons, drones, money, logistical support and transport etc. along with, military advisors ISIS is getting from Israel and its USSA puppet in the Philippines.

Concrete Mike

I was talking more on a tactical level here, meaning small scale stuff like this. The long-terme insurgency There I would classify under more strategic level.

Dont think ISIS is unstoppable, of all people, I expect YOU to know what is happening here. Dont despair we are going to win, we are unstoppable.

jklahsd32 laksd13

Spartans? tf you talking about they were fucked over hundreds of years ago.
Isis fighters are much more okay with dying than regular people because they are brainwashed psycho crazy fucks

and its not just isis, since the government has started a bloody war on drugs and all the mafias, they are very likely to be fighting alongside thier bros isis

Montenegrin ??

Can we get some coloring? Who controls what in the city? Does Daesh/Maute still control the entirety of the city or just certain parts? More information please, just the city itself does not tell really anything