Military and Political Trends Of 2017 That Will Shape 2018



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2017 presented the world with a number of crises, among which were the continued wars in the Middle Ease and the spread of terrorism, the humanitarian crises in Africa and Asia, the rising military tensions over North Korea’s missile and nuclear programs, and the militarization of both the South China Sea and eastern Europe. Throughout the past year regional and global powers have repeatedly been on the verge of open military conflict, any of which may yet still lead to large regional wars.

In the Middle East the war on ISIS, the Iran nuclear deal, the crisis in Lebanon, and Israeli-Arab tensions took center stage.

By the end of the year, the self-proclaimed caliphate of ISIS had fully collapsed in both Syria and Iraq. Thanks to the efforts of the alliance between Syria, Iran, Russia, and Hezbollah, along with the Iraqi forces and the US-led coalition, this group was driven out from almost all of the areas it had held in the two countries.  ISIS has lost control of such strategic locations as Mosul, al-Qaim, Raqqah, al-Tabqah, Deir Ezzor, al-Mayadin, al-Bukamal, as-Sukhna, Deir Hafer, Maskanah, and al-Resafa.

ISIS, in form of a terrorist state, does not exist more. However, this does not mean that Syria and Iraq will face calm soon. There are still lots of ISIS sleeper cells and former ISIS supporters in these countries, a Syrian al-Qaeda branch (now known as Hayat Tahrir al-Sham) controls Idlib, and the Kurdish-Arab tensions are smoldering in northern Syria and Iraq. These issues cannot be ignored and will become an important part of the post-ISIS standoff in the region.

Now, Russia, the US, Turkey, Iran and Syria are increasing their diplomatic activity in order to find a way, which could allow work to start on developing a final political settlement of the crisis. They all have objective limits to their influence on the ground and some contradictory goals. This complicates the situation, especially amid a lack of strategic vision from the US which, according even to American experts, has no long-term strategy for Syria. The US elites and their Israeli and Saudi counterparts are especially dissatisfied with the strengthened position of Hezbollah and Iran.

Following the defeat of ISIS, the US-led bloc began attempting to use those areas of Syria held by the US-backed Syrian Democratic Forces to limit the influence of the Damascus government and its Iranian and Russian allies.

Another flash point in this conflict lies within the province of Idlib, now mostly controlled by Hayat Tahrir al-Sham. Within the framework of the agreements reached by Syria, Iran, Russia, and Turkey in the Astana format, a de-escalation zone should now have been established in this area. However, this is hardly possible while Hayat Tahrir al-Sham remains the main powerbroker in this location.

Despite the defeat of ISIS and the partial withdrawal of Russian forces, Syria will remain a battleground in this regional military and geo-political standoff in 2018. Militarily, the Iranian-Russian-Syrian alliance will continue to focus its efforts on reducing the influence of Hayat Tahrir al-Sham in the province of Iblib.  These efforts will include launching a series of limited military operations against Hayat Tahrir al-Sham, and further developing counter-insurgency efforts against ISIS. On the diplomatic stage, the different sides will continue to work on developing a political solution to the crisis.

Meanwhile, the United States finds itself in a complicated situation: on the one hand, it cannot officially accept Assad’s government as a participant in the negotiations, while on the other hand the US has scant leverage to influence the situation. Thus, the White House will try to increase its efforts to divide Syria through supporting the separatist intentions of the Kurdish-dominated Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF), as well as the armed ‘opposition’ groups in the region.

The goal of such a strategy is to build a ‘de-facto’ independent entity within Syria. Additionally, the US could make either direct or proxy attempts to assassinate Assad and his inner circle.

Iran will likely further strengthen its influence within Iraq after establishing a land route linking Teheran, Baghdad, Damascus, and Beirut. This so-called ‘Shia Crescent’ will become reality despite stiff opposition from both Israel and its allies. Watch for Washington to play the Kurdish card to counter Iran’s growing influence in both Iraq and Syria.

In addition, the US could also attempt to split the ranks of the Popular Mobilization Units by separating individual groups from the larger organization. Such an action could be done with the use of mass bribes, as was done with some generals of the Iraqi Armed Forces during the Iraq War.

The military victory over ISIS in Syria dramatically escalated tensions between Israel and the Iranian-backed forces of Hezbollah.

At present time, Israel’s top political leadership is in the state of outright hysteria regarding the Lebanese movement.  Senior Israeli officials have repeatedly claimed that Israel will not allow Hezbollah and Iran to concentrate its forces in border areas and to expand their influence in the region, particularly in Syria and Lebanon.

The already difficult situation in southern Lebanon and Syria was further complicated by the series of events, which contributed to the growing tensions in the region in November and early December. It started with a resignation of Lebanese Prime Minister Saad al-Hariri announced from Saudi Arabia on November 7, continued with Saudi accusations of military aggression through missile supplies to Yemen against Iran and rose to a new level on December 6 when US President Donald Trump recognized Jerusalem as Israel’s capital sparking further escalation. Some experts also said Israel, Saudi Arabia and the US are conspiring to start a new war in the region. In this light, a series of military exercises, including the biggest one “The Light of Dagan”, was described as a part of the preparations for armed aggression against Lebanon.

The recent developments in the Middle East, including the nearing end of the conflict in Syria and the growing influence and military capabilities of Hezbollah, have changed the political situation in Lebanon. Hezbollah units de-facto fulfil functions of the presidential guard. Lebanese special services and the special services of Hezbollah are deeply integrated. Hezbollah’s victories in Syria and humanitarian activities in Lebanon increased the movement’s popularity among people.

Tel Aviv believes that the growing influence of Hezbollah and Iran in the Middle East, particularly in Syria and Lebanon, is a critical challenge to its national security. The key issue is that Israeli military analysts understand that Hezbollah is now much more powerful than it was in 2006. Now, Hezbollah is a strong, experienced, military organization, tens of thousands troops strong, which has the needed forces and facilities to oppose a possible Israeli ground invasion in Lebanon.

Iran has also strengthened its positions in the region over the last ten years. It has reinforced its air defense with the Russian-made S-300 systems, strengthened its armed forces and got combat experience in Syria and other local conflicts. Tehran also strengthened its ideological positions among the Shia and even Sunni population which lives in the region.

Considering these circumstances, initial expert opinions indicate that Israel would decide to participate in a large-scale conflict in Lebanon only in the case of some extraordinary event. However, the growing Arab-Israeli tensions and the tense Israeli-Hezbollah relationship are moving this extraordinary event ever closer.

Nonetheless, Israel will continue local acts of aggression conducting artillery and air strike on positions and infrastructure of Hezbollah in Syria and maybe in Lebanon. Israeli special forces will conduct operations aimed at eliminating top Hezbollah members and destroying the movement’s infrastructure in Lebanon and Syria. Saudi Arabia will likely support these Israeli actions. It is widely known that Riyadh would rather use a proxy and engage in clandestine warfare.

All these took place amid the developing crisis in Saudi Arabia where Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman had launched a large-scale purge among the top officials, influential businesspersons and princes under the pretext of combating corruption. According to the experts, the move is aimed at consolidating the power of the crown prince and his father, King Salman. In general, the kingdom is seeking to shift its vector of development and to become a more secular state. In 5-10 years, it can even abandon Wahhabism as the official ideology. At the same time, Saudi Arabia is involved in an unsuccessful conflict in Yemen and a diplomatic crisis with Qatar. This situation fuels tensions and a competition for resources among the Saudi clans. As a result, the Saudi regime and the Saudi state in general, are now, in a weak position.

These are the key reasons why Saudi Arabia prefers to avoid an open participation in new conflicts. Additionally, there is always a chance, that for example of conflict in Lebanon, the main combat actions could be moved to the Saudi territory.

Russia and Iran are also not interested in this “big new war” as well because such a conflict in the Middle East will pose a direct threat to their national security.

During the coming year we can expect to see both Israel and Saudi Arabia continuing their diplomatic and military efforts to deter Iran and Hezbollah.

Riyadh will continue its efforts to turn Yemen into a puppet state, but is unlike to achieve any notable successes, leaving the Houthis and their missile arsenal as a constant threat to Saudi Arabia.

Israel and Saudi Arabia will also continue their building of a broad anti-Iranian coalition, with the support of the Trump administration, while Israeli forces will continue conducting their limited military operations against Hezbollah targets in Syria and Lebanon. In general, the chances of a new regional conflict will remain high.

In this already unstable environment, the current US policy remains as one of the key destabilizing factors in the region. The recent US recognition of Jerusalem as Israel’s capital, as well as the hostility towards the Iranian nuclear deal continue to fuel tensions between the Israeli-Saudi and the Iranian-Hezbollah blocs.

The current US administration continues with America’s consistent pro-Israeli and anti-Iranian policies in the region, inspiring both Israel and Saudi Arabia to embrace more active policies as well.

As a result of this growing US support, the Israeli military stands ready to implement active military responses to any action taken by Hamas, Hezbollah, or any of the other regional players whom Israel considers a threat to its wide range of national interests.

While the odds are low of the Trump administration being able to abort the Iranian nuclear deal, the mere fact that such attempts continue does little to contribute to peace in the region. The fact remains that Washington fuels the new cold war and perhaps even a potential hot war in the Middle East.

We may expect that during the coming year Iran will continue to increase its influence in the region by using the war in Yemen, and its strengthened positions in Syria, Iraq, and Lebanon to counter its opponents. In addition to its military efforts on the ground, Teheran’s main strategic focus will likely be the development of military and economic relations with both China and Russia. During 2018 we may also expect that Iran will pay special attention to the modernization and reformation of its armed forces.

In Egypt, the security situation remains complicated, especially in the North Sinai. Following the defeat of ISIS in Syria and Iraq, remnants of the terrorist group have spread across the region with a number of them arriving in the peninsula. While the Egyptian Army and security forces have conducted a number of operations to eradicate terrorist cells in the area, militant activity remains high there, fueled in part by trafficking to Gaza.

In addition to the remnants of ISIS in the North Sinai, Egypt faces continuing challenges along its border with Libya. Following the NATO intervention in that country in 2011, the Libyan government and social structure have been all but destroyed, with multiple factions battling each other for control over both the trafficking and oil business.

The rapidly developing relations between Russia and Egypt have been overshadowed by the more prominent relationships between Russia and Syria, as well as Russia and Iran. Nevertheless, the Russia-Egypt relationship deserves closer scrutiny because, unlike the country’s relations with the other two Middle Eastern powers, it concerns a country that until recently appeared to be  firmly in Western orbit. The abrupt shift of its geopolitical vector toward Eurasia therefore represents a far bigger change for the region than Russia’s successful support of the legitimate Syrian government, or the close relationship with the Islamic Republic of Iran, both of which have been on the Western “enemies list” for decades. The reasons for this shift are twofold, and have to do with the way Western powers interact with Middle Eastern powers in the context of a systemic economic crisis, as well as with Russia’s demonstrated attractiveness as an ally.

These events have led to strengthening economic ties and military cooperation between both sides. Recent negotiations to build Egypt’s first nuclear plant, as well as those allowing Russian and Egypt joint use of each other’s air space and military bases are perhaps the most noticeable examples of this cooperation.

With recent rumors of Russia establishing a military base on the coast of the Red Sea, in Sudan, it is easy to conclude that Moscow has become an influential power in the region, with some countries now viewing Russia as an attractive alternative to the US. With its rejection of direct cooperation with Moscow, Washington has weakened its own position in the region.

In the coming year Egypt and other regional powers will move further towards a diversification of their foreign policy partners, with regional elites recognizing that the world has become more multipolar and threats and challenges have taken new forms and greater complexity.

Due to the rapidly developing situation in the region and the failed military coup attempt in July, Erdogan’s Turkey has become a reluctant ally of the Syrian-Russian-Iranian alliance in the Syrian war. Examples of this, such as the success of the Astana talks on Syria, the Russian-Turkish S-400 deal, and the Turkish-Iranian-Iraqi cooperation to counter the formation of an independent Kurdish state in northern Iraq by the Kurdistan Regional Government showcase this changed geo-political landscape.

During 2018, Turkey will remain a key player in the ongoing Syrian crisis, and an ally (if a reluctant one) of the Iranian-Russian-Syrian alliance in the region. Ankara has few options remaining aside from developing its coordination with this bloc.

The current US foreign policy towards northern Syria and Iraq is frankly incoherent, with Turkey (being a NATO member and the most powerful US partner in the Eastern Mediterranean), no longer considering the US as a reliable ally in its strategic planning.

The diplomatic crisis over Qatar, which began in June after Saudi Arabia, the UAE, Bahrain, and Egypt severed diplomatic relations and imposed sanctions upon the country is yet another development leading to the current balance of power in the region.

The crisis represents the most severe conflict among Gulf Arab states since the end of the Cold War. While these oil-rich, autocratic OPEC members have historically been at the most allies of convenience united by common fears (USSR, Saddam Hussein, Iran, etc.), their mutual mistrust has arguably never escalated to the point of demanding to what amounts to a complete surrender by one of its members.

However, the recent Saudi-led attempts to force Qatar to obey Saudi interests in the region have pushed Doha into the arms of Turkey, Iran, and Russia.

In 2018, the main goal of Qatar will be to normalize relations with the Saudi-led bloc while simultaneously avoiding being forced into making significant concessions to this bloc’s members. Qatari cooperation with Turkey, Iran, and Russia will be a useful card to play in this case. Qatari elites may also search for opportunities to influence internal relations within the Saudi elites.

Throughout 2017, US-Russian diplomatic relations continued to deteriorate with both sides using increasingly strident rhetoric and imposing various measures against each other. Initial hopes and expectations that the election of Donald Trump to the presidency would lead to a détente between the two powers were quickly dashed.

The Trump administration sacrificed its promises to normalize relations with Moscow, and to cooperate more fully in counter-terrorism actions in an attempt to gain a temporary softening of the pressures imposed by its own domestic political opponents. Unfortunately, this attempt to placate this internal  opposition gained nothing for Trump and his administration, and succeeded only in escalating the continued media and diplomatic standoff with Russia.

This internal opposition, which some may describe as the American Deep State, cares little about the true intentions of Trump and his supporters, and continues to keep playing the so-called ‘Russia Card’ as a means of further limiting the freedom of action of the new US president.

US society has become further polarized by racial, ethnic, and political divisions and opposing sides are unlikely to resolve this conflict through negotiation.

Racial and cultural divisions, always present in American society, were further inflamed by the liberal, Clinton camp’s attempts to create discord by playing the race card and demonizing the leaders of the Confederate States. At the same time, a large part of American society has become disappointed with Trump’s domestic and foreign policies, and has become disillusioned with his seeming inability to overcome the resistance of the Deep State.

In 2018 we can expect to see further deterioration in relations between the US and Russia, with both sides remaining involved in a number of crises around the world. The defeat of ISIS will add to the geo-political standoff in the Middle East, while in Ukraine both nations will support opposing sides, with little chances of finding common ground. Another critical factor that will make its appearance in the coming year is the Russian 2018 presidential election and the strong intention of US elites to intervene in Russian internal policy, with the risk of pushing a new Cold War past the brink.

The Latin American situation remains unstable and complicated, with Venezuela remaining as a center of uncertainty. In 2018, the Venezuelan president will struggle to retain power in the midst of continued turmoil in his country.

Unsettling processes are also evident in Russia, which faces ongoing economic problems caused by the increasing pressure of Western imposed sanctions. Russian power elites, allied with foreign powers, have benefited from this situation, and have strengthened their influence. Generally, the Russian state has shown a relatively low degree of economic effectiveness, only partly compensated by its foreign policy successes. These factors can and will complicate Russia’s internal political situation during the upcoming 2018 presidential election.

Ukraine still remains the key flash point in Europe.  The Kiev government, strongly influenced by various radical groups, is unlikely to abide by the terms of the Minsk agreements, as it views Minsk as surrender. Prominent Ukrainian political figures publically admit that these agreements were a trick, meant only to buy time in order to prepare for a military solution to this crisis in the eastern part of the country.

The leadership of the Donetsk and People’s Republics clearly understand this, and have further strengthened their ties to Russia in order to prevent a future attempt by the Kiev government to re-integrate this territory.

The regime in Kiev remains in a very complicated political and economic situation, having been all but abandoned by its US and EU handlers. In an attempt to retain control over their country, the current Ukrainian government will likely try to escalate the situation in Donbass in an attempt to gain more economic, political, and perhaps even military support from the West.

Meanwhile, Washington and Brussels are considering alternatives to President Poroshenko and his government, one of whom is Mikhail Saakashvili, the disgraced former president of Georgia. At this time, the odds of Saakashvili gaining power in 2018 remain high. If he were to gain power it is likely that he would attempt to improve Ukrainian internal and economic policies to strengthen the state and to obtain additional Western support.

It is doubtful that Saakashvili would be able to pursue this attempt to stabilize the country for any length of time, due to his erratic personality. After he realizes the military and economic potentials still possessed by the nation, he would likely attempt a military operation against the self-proclaimed republics of eastern Ukraine and the Russian military forces in Crimea, much as he did in Georgia in 2008. Such a move would likely lead to a large regional conflict in 2019.

In the European Union, we can observe the continued decline of the institutions of the European bureaucracy. Crises such as those we see in Catalonia, as well as the inability of the European leadership to successfully deal with the migration flow from North Africa and the Middle East are clear signs of this continuing decay. In an attempt to control these problems, the EU has intensified attempts to develop a joint security system and to lay the foundation for the creation of a European army. These efforts, however, could come too late.

If the EU is unable to find a way to consolidate its member states in 2018, we can expect to witness further fragmentation in the future.

In Central and Southeastern Asia, the key security problems continue to be militancy and the spread of terrorism. The US and its NATO partners remain unable to deal with the Taliban in Afghanistan – some experts believe that the Taliban is slowly reaching a level of influence in the region which could lead to its recognition as a rightful party in any negotiations involving the US-led bloc. Currently, in some parts of the country, the Taliban even conducts operations against ISIS in order to prevent this group from spreading further.

The historical instability seen on the Pakistani-Indian and the Indian-Chinese borders have long been factors contributing to the general instability in this region. However, all sides have been successful, so far, in avoiding open military conflicts.

In the Philippines, an attempt by ISIS to establish its rule on the island of Mindanao was defeated by the government, who also purged militants who had seized control in the city of Marawi. The ISIS threat has been successfully countered in this nation, at least for the time being.

In 2018, terrorism will remain the key threat for Central and Southeastern Asia. Expect the Taliban to expand its influence further in Afghanistan, as ISIS continues its attempts to establish a larger foothold in the region. Pakistani-Indian and Chinese-Indian tensions will likely remain within the spheres of diplomatic and economic competition, barring any extraordinary and destabilizing events. An additional and notable threat to the stability of the region is the continued flight of ISIS members from Syria and Iraq into Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, and China’s Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region.

China has continued its expansion in the Asian Pacific by turning the South China Sea into an anti-access and area-denial zone controlled by the Chinese military through a network of artificial islands. In addition, Beijing has also expanded its maritime, airlift, and amphibious capabilities, and is actively working to shift the balance of power in the Pacific, a region which it describes as lying within its sphere of influence, through its naval power dominance in the area.

In diplomatic and economic terms, China continues to follow a finely balanced foreign policy, while providing a slight diplomatic support to Russia. This calibrated approach allows Beijing to contest US dominance in some regions, most obviously in the Middle East, while avoiding an open confrontation with its main economic partner.

In addition to the tensions in the South China Sea, North Korea’s nuclear and missile programs have been the center of attention within the international community. North Korea has recently conducted another nuclear test, and has tested an intercontinental ballistic missile, which it claims has the range to reach any target within the mainland United States. Despite the war-like rhetoric of the Trump administration and the imposition of additional sanctions, no progress has been made toward a peaceful resolution, with North Korea only accelerating its efforts to become a fully-fledged nuclear power. In the near future, this situation may pass a turning point, when the US is left with no military options in its conflict with North Korea, and negotiations remain the only solution. Should this situation come about, it will be a blow to both the image of the US as the self-proclaimed world’s policeman, and to the mechanisms of nuclear non-proliferation.

In 2018, China will continue to strengthen its military and diplomatic positions in the region, and become a regional superpower, and well on its way to global dominance as it competes with the US. North Korea will likely continue developing its nuclear and missile programs, and if the US does not invade, which is unlikely, become a fully-fledged nuclear state.

As 2017 comes to a close, it becomes evident that this year, has been a difficult one, for all of mankind. The world trembled over new threats of large-scale regional conflicts and over potential use of the weapons of mass destruction. The year brought considerable escalations between key global players, which created real risks of direct confrontation.

At the same time, 2017 can be coined as the year, when the threat known as ISIS, a proxy terrorist state, was eliminated. It was the year when global powers were compelled to compromise under the most stringent conditions and amid multiple conflicts. International players, capable of rigorous logic and in-depth analysis, will extricate valuable lessons from 2017, which can help make the world safer.

However, experience shows that emotions, poise and ill-conceived projects often triumph over common sense. The result, is a breakdown of pragmatic and balanced approaches of traditional diplomacy. Rudeness and incivility are becoming more common within the spheres of international organizations and in bilateral relations. Ambitions of small elite-based groups force countries and nations, to adopt models of behavior which clearly contradict their interests.

Unfortunately, all of this precludes a bright prognosis for 2018. The world will not become safer. Relationships between major global powers will remain strained at best. Likely, they will deteriorate. The number of small-scale regional conflicts will not decrease. The use of weapons of mass destruction  will remain a real threat within the framework of regional conflicts. Levels of terrorist activity may rise. One can only hope, that this combination of threats and provocations, will lead to a re-assessment of reality and force de-escalation in the subsequent years.

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Zainab Ali

it is the easiest road to perm hell for zio satanic masters, slaves and followers/lapdogs for their crimes against humanity- in the past, present and future – forever losers


“… North Korea’s nuclear and missile programs have been the center of attention within the international community…”

Wednesday, 12 April 2017
“It can now be reported that a P140 U.S. aircraft cargo plane left Langley, Virginia at 3:30 p.m. EST destination North Korea.

“The aircraft contains $3 BILLION that was made available by the Dallas branch of the German Commerz Bank.

“The $3 BILLION will be delivered directly to North Korea dictator Kim Jong-un by U.S. officials.

“The U.S. team is headed by former Clinton Administration official, North Korean bag man Bill Richardson.

“Kim is receiving these bribe funds in exchange for his playing a role in a scripted ‘black op’ that is designed to effect worldwide financial markets.”
Poor and uninformed international community…

Gary Wells

Do you have a link for that?




How to win ?

1 – Expose 9/11 lies and make a big propagenda agaisnt USA that killed his own people to invade others nations. Then, label USA as a rogue and terrorist state. Label CIA as a terrorist organization. Also expose USA ties with ISIS.

2 – Russia must create two military groups : one will fight in Urkaine, the other in Syria.

3 – In Astana talks, create a military group led by Turkey, Russia, Syria and Iran whose goal is to make elections in Syria. The parties that don’t want to make elections will be targeted and exterminated.

4 – In Minsk talks make sure that everybody understand that if the Kiev regime kill one poeple in Donbass, Russia will liberate russian part of Ulkraine to protect russians.

5 – Russia and Iran and Syria must stop delivering Europe with oil and gas, which will create a massive economic recession and will surely collapse the UE.

la Cariatide

agree to tell the truth about the biggest lie of our time: the nuclear attacks on New York on september 11, 2001!
if you are startled, look into that:

what does ground zero mean? he point on the earth’s surface directly above or below an exploding nuke. no kidding!


The biggest lie of all time is the Bible.

The biggest modern lie is not 9/11, it’s WW1 and WW2. Try to talk about WW2 or 9/11 or ISIS oin the west. You can’t. Because theu are the biggest lie ever.

888mladen .

“The biggest lie of all time is the Bible.” Very powerful way to debunk the Bible isn’t it. It’s clear that you speak out of hatred which is based on ignorance and not on through knowledge. You’ve proved you know nothing about Bible.


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The false-flag of 9/11 (wholly a Tony Blair production) is an excepted FACT by most informed thinkers, yet this fact doesn’t inform the majority of those that know it that the Deep State is wholly DEMONIC, and will do anything to bring world war to our planet.

Most people on our side know the truth about 9/11, yet cannot accept the truth of what 9/11 implies about those who really control our world. As if you KNOW your neighbour has raped and murdered numverous children, yet you still consider him when you need a babysitter.

The Deep State that carried out 9/11 has stated Iran is its next target- yet NOTHING you wrote focuses on preventing the coming Iran war, and that is the no.1 problem with our side. Even you swallow the talking points of the zionist controlled mainstream media.

The things you mention are LITTLE background details that Russia should ensure as minor actions. But NONE of them matter if Putin allows the West the Iran War- and as things are going Putin is most certainly going to do nothing to prevent this war.

In the Great Game, you MUST identify the key intention of your enemy.

Cheryl Brandon

Sounds like a great plan. I like how Russia has decided to get the other Syrian Opposition Leaders involved; the ones who never left Syria. So, the pro Wahabhist/pro USA scamsters will not be able to monopolize the talks.


How to loose ?

Still collaborating with USA and be scared of the void.

Also, stay passive and wait USA to be kind with you.


As far as the region is concerned, it more or less sums up the trends of 2017, going to 2018.

Two comments :

Likely 2018 will show a rather strong resurgence of IS in sunni Iraq now that the Iraqi government has chosen a sectarian unconstitutional stance against kurds/sunni’s, neglecting reconstruction and can no longer count on kurdish support against IS. Hawijah has already (partly) fallen to IS.

The Iranian government is facing rapidly expanding protests against the economic mismanagement of the largely IRCG managed economy and against unchosen sectarian leadership of Ayatollahs. How this will impact 2018 is unknown, but it shows the hatred of many Iranians aginst the IRCG sectarian forces.


Thanks for the video, I wish you can make a lot of this In January 2018 and to collect the needed budget for January 2018,Thanks

Manuel Flores Escobar

1º USA will try to destabilize Iran as it did with Venezuela for leaving petrodollar…but in both case everything will end with exiled Iranians living in Berlin with EU Venezuelan riot gangs live in Spain with EU aids..creating a problem for the EU like others have already done ( Libyan and Syrian refugee)!.
2º Russia will try to finish Turkstream and star with the construction of Nord stream 2…both Gaseoduct means the death of Ukraine when Russia stop gas transit through that country beside stop supply gas to Ukraine among other countries!

Nigel Maund

The greatest threat to world peace is, without all doubt, the Anglo – Zionist Bankster – Corporatist Cabal and the behavoir of their controlled puppet States the US, UK and EU. The USA has become extremely unstable due to the emerging realisation by the people, via the Alt Media, of the degree which they have been taken for a humungous “ride” since the foundation of the Cabal controlled Federal Reserve Bank by the Cabal’s puppet politicians / Presidents and Military & Informational (Silicon Valley) Industrial Complex; clearly pointed out by former US President Eisenhower in his closing speech.

The Cabal’s immense crimes: financial, warmongering, assassinations, murders, industrial scale paedophilia and engineered “Regime Changes” in so many countries is now being exposed on a daily basis. Were the US citizenry not so apathetic, obese, dumbed down by generally mediocre to poor education, brainwashed by the MSM, doped on drugs and pharmaceuticals and hooked on pornography and video games, there would have been an all out revolution by now. As it is, they are marching eyes wide open into slavery and war, like a bull with a ring through its nose. This now utterly dysfunctional, politically divided and mentally unstable country has another dumb puppet President at the helm and is armed to the teeth with modern weapons of mass destruction! …….. and we’re worried about North Korea?????????


The video is almost entirely BOTTOM-UP nonsense. Let me ask you all a question…

Did Hitler think Bottom-up or top-down? Did Caesar? Did Ghengis Khan?

Bottom-up nonsense, the dribble aimed at naive citizens, states that you understand events by looking at details happening ON THE GROUND,and then try to work out what those details mean. Top-down, the way your MASTERS operate, mean you identify the commands and actions that caused all the chaos and ask what the play was intended to achieve.

Think about the PYRAMID structure of all of man’s systems. At the top of the pryramid is the BOSS. And the boss issues commands- but expects these high-level commands to trickle down the pyramid and be appropriately enacted at each level. All the real work is done by people at the bottom of the pyramid- but it is the boss’s word that matters, not the actions of the lowliest underlings.

Southfront tells you to look at the BOTTOM of the pyramid, never the top. And thusly you REACT and never PREDICT.

Everything the Deep State does is a means to an end. You need to know what that ‘end’ is, or at least whta the next sub-ending is. And we do. It is war on Iran. PNAC stated this war was essential. After the predicted ‘NEW PEARL HARBOR’ = 911 false flag, it was restated that Iran was the ultimate goal.

Now we have MI6/CIA fermented ‘protests’ in Iran- how timely. I’m not going to go through the painful and naive dribble that is the ‘analysis’ of this video. The important stuff could be dealt with by Putin tomorrow, if only Putin would put on his ‘big boy’ pants. Most of the rest is a giant nothing-burger.

The real story is that the ‘little’ plays of the Deep State (like Syria) have concluded without real success. So the Deep State will change its methods, and seek new roads to the Iran War. The wahhabi terror plan excited a lot of old school thickies in the intelligence agencies of the West- too many low level Deep State underlings who were ready and waiting to progress a very outdated method of covert warfare.

Now the Deep State evolves and ‘levels up’. Preps the middle east for direct action against Iran by the West under some excuse or other. The bases across the middle east are built. The stockpile of Deep State bombs and missiles there are unprecedented in number and scale. The means for the biggest ‘short’ war in Human History are all in place. There will be no invasion of Iran- Iran will lose 100% of its military and key civilian infrastructure in weeks in the greatest air bombardment ever witnessed- and nukes WILL be used (the ‘small’ ones). ALL that is missing is the FUSE.

Before WW2, real thinkers stated, with 100% certainty, that “Hitler is coming”. Top down thinking. But billions of words of DRIBBLE, just like the above video, were published in the newspapers of the time ‘proving’ why this wasn’t going to happen- all bottom up ‘analysis’. Confuse and bamboozle yourselves with a billion different facts from the ground, said the useless pundits. And most people did, so WW2 was not stopped.

The Iran War is coming. And that war will be terrible in a way unlike any war we have ever seen. And it can be stopped, but it won’t be stopped, because the ‘best’ our side can do is stuff like this video.

Rodney Loder

Muammar didn’t get a mention and that is not really in keeping with a New Year’s barometer of inevitable events reflected by pent-up emotional derision causing war, although it shouldn’t be downgraded just because China is unwilling to project it’s influence, however on he opposite side of the, “doing just that”, Turkey is certainly not unforthcoming in projecting its intentions to extend its influence in Syria.

Some say that’s bad but I think it’s good, Assad needs all the help he can get is the real war to find international Islam that has to black list the Buddha, even hone in on their gold railings and rip up their stupid statues, this may sound like an attack on obesity and the lard arse is bound to complain but remember that the Buddha has only shit for brains.

Kira Binkley

A favorite expression of my late husband: shit for brains.

Rodney Loder

I agree that is not diplomacy neither is genocide, the Muammar Muslins were the only Burmese who fought the Japs while many of my Countrymen suffered on the Burmese Railway construction as well as their torture camps, the Buddhist Burmese were all Fascists, the British promised the Rohingya Muslims independence but reneged immediately after the war.

Muslims change their names when accepting Islam they did that in Myanmar about a few hundred years ago, that’s the excuse that San Suu Kyi uses to declare them aliens, and it was the West the installed that evil woman in power.

But I think that Allah is signalling His intention, because the Buddha ripped off the Rig Vida and declared himself to be a divine person on the basis of the Hindu Religion to curry the souls of Buddhists.

Probably all Buddhist are bad people very bad people.

Actually the Western media refused to call Myanmar by name until San Suu Kai was released from house arrest and bribes were paid for her to become the defacto ruler of Muammar.

The Western media called Muammar Burma and change to calling it Muammar on the very day she was released from legal and proper detention.

Kira Binkley

I thought you were talking about Qaddafi.

Rodney Loder

Your right as usual Kira I need help badly as I’ve told you before, I’m pretty preoccupied with conceptions of Paradise, can you give me an increase in your affection so I can stay on track here.?.

Kira Binkley

Roddie, a six year old can see right through that line. Try harder.

Rodney Loder

Thanks for the invoice, a result is a result no matter how discernable subliminal the real deal fortuitous of your happiness being in my best interests, so to assure you that I have sufficient capacity I will excite you with seventeen syllables that will have a forever lasting effect, one peace meal at a time. Fits, that’s one OK, happy with that, I’m sure it does because it’s one syllable added to that fit won’t be nothing because it simply wouldn’t, now between you and me only one thing will square the whole, which is consonance, and you have it in your picture logo, what is that little fire sometimes a stone stump?, is it something to do with the bee’s knees ?.

Kira Binkley

You’re talking about my OPP avator.
Poetry does me in, if I do say so myself.

Rodney Loder

It’s not only us Kira, we’ll have plenty of time in the afterlife, we got to put our best foot forward, I wish I didn’t start thinking about various parts of your anatomy now I’ve lost what I was thinking about, … that’s right I can’t go out by myself I just get lumbered with dead wood, and I don’t trust anyone that I could even just meet, what happens is that good people always start believing that if I befriend garbage garbage will be friends with them.
They can’t help it for one reason or another, but if me and you were to join up and do stuff we would be unstoppable or we could just live here where it’s really good, and make stuff come to us which they would.

Kira Binkley

Mountains would come to us, Rodney.

Rodney Loder

A good way to put it, mountains are pegged to the Continent as the Qur’an tells us about, so we’d be on top of the Continent, and a procession would come like in India with beggars laying on beds of nails for interesting relief for the pilgrim’s on their long hike.

Better them that us.

The only chance the Evangelists, Christians in general have to maintain their aggravated fraudulent fictional existential state of affairs is to hook me up with another bag of shit, which is why I don’t go out, probably you won’t be able to make it, but if you can mountains will certainly come up beneath us.

Kira Binkley

They don’t think you’re smart, Rodney.

Rodney Loder

I know they think I’m a dumb arse, but I had nowhere to go family and friends betrayed me the ACP said to my face, you will become more nuanced as time goes on and we will look back laughing.
As time went on the bold faced lying Christians particularly the Pope John Paul the pimp wiped them all out, using my intellectual property to do it.
They were sucked in.

Kira Binkley

What’s the ACP?

Rodney Loder

Funny you should ask that, I just posted a quick analysis about love and hate on Quora (Terry Loder, on Quora), try and go there Kira Binkley, – the question is “How do you want to be remembered by your loved ones when you die”, – that you might understand my relationship with the ACP (Australian Communist Party), 1971 the Socialist Party of Australia split with the ACP, the SPA changed its name to the CPA when the ACP became defunct and dissolved in 1991.
How we want to be remembered by our loved ones when we die.

Kira Binkley

I’m not fully operational yet, Rodney. How do I get there?


Rodney Loder

Just follow the prompts, sign up fill in the “about user stuff” and start answering or asking questions, search me and we can connect, better yet come over here for a holiday and I’ll show you, actually I’ve got to go into Nowra today ,I wonder what stupid rubbish they will offer for me to waste your dowry on , I know that’s a joke I see the 3•7 USD as travelling expenses, please come it will be fun.

Kira Binkley

How do I get there? To WA, I mean?

Rodney Loder

But I live in NSW I thought you were coming here, if you want to go to WA and I come over there that will be OK just message me on OPP and I’ll send you the number to call.

Kira Binkley

There might be too many rabbits in NSW. For me.

Rodney Loder

But Kira I’m an Authorised 1080/Pindone User by the Local Land Services Authority of NSW no rabbits on “our” place it’s really good here, but you just go to my son’s house in WA and I’ll meet you there we might not have chemistry but my contacts in the after life said that we do.

Kira Binkley

Time has no meaning in the Afterlife, Rodney. Reminds me of a poem by an English poet: “Had we but world enough and time, this coyness lady were no crime.” Supposedly metaphysical, but I’m not too much into that stuff.

Things—events—are beginning to seem a little foggy, Rodney. To those supposedly “in the know”.

Kira Binkley

“A book of verses underneath the bough, a jug of wine, a loaf of bread and thou, beside me singing in the wilderness, Oh, wilderness were paradise enow”. Absolutely does me in!

Rodney Loder

I was saving the best til last in errors that found friends in adjustments of mind, I floated about the rippling tide like a Cruise Missile chasing a Seagull needed for a sandwich, the mustard and pickle has already been established, my brain was pickled by Billy Graham’s anecdotal filibuster as it was addled mustard and that seagull is really what is needed for a smorgasbord sandwich to become blown sky high.
I really don’t know where you get em from, please excuse my ignorance.

Rodney Loder

And now I’m worried addled could be mistaken for add-on, which this is, so it was, for an uncompromising mind, was it that I was compromised once, so why do I come back if not to double my chances , such things is a book in itself but it is read or written where “paradise enow” the wilderness, that can never be allowed, feeling that good must be a crime, maybe virtue is beyond human reach and “them that can_” must be shot down, I wonder why it’s so, perchance you need to be done in so others can contemplate what it was that you saw out there, hummmm I wonder too.

Kira Binkley

Sometimes I get so tired of philosophy, Rodney. “them that can__” must be shot down.

Rodney Loder

The reason people from the Tree of Knowledge such as you and me get tired of Philosophy is because we have to constantly associate relevance from irrelevant places that threatens short term memory, the absent minded professor is a fact not fiction, but a professor has got privlige the working people haven’t.

My advantage is that I devoted my life to being in that privliged position and much better, hermits are expert introverts that know how and why people are what they reflect, normally a hermit would get lost inside of himself, but the internet is a hermits pàradise.

That’s if you have idellic conditions to live in no worries no neighbours, interesting things to do, the time just flies, but I am the Mahdi after all.

The truth is Allah really does protect me I can face down Zawahiri and MbS and live to tell the tale, and you can help Assad decide to give me a fair shake.
Your personal testimony I mean, if you come over and verify what I say I could put MbS to sleep or burn whatever.

Kira Binkley

You mean President Assad hasn’t given you a fair shake yet? I believe he thinks you are not very smart. Could be your Sunni/Salafist clerical background, more than anything else. As far as I’m concerned, you have the intellect of a giant—like Isaac Newton—and you were willing to change. And you have a bravery in you I have not felt in anyone else.

Rodney Loder

You hit the nail right on the head KiraSeer I’m all those things and really young looking for my age, that’s because I only drunk water from the Holy Spring fed dam high up on Mt Scanzi, I’m actually going backwards getting younger and younger or it could be caused because I feel in love with you I’m not sure.

But Kira it wasn’t my Salafist background it was the animals here on the Holy Mountain telling me about the beginning and it’s implications for our departure to the next Universe when Allah decides it’s appropriate to shut up shop here on Earth.

Fortunately I have the treasurer of intercession so our friends are OK.

It’s not up to us to say who is a Muslim or not, we choose a Religion for either sincere or superficial reasons, that’s all there is to it, I am Salafist and believe that we Salafists are the new Chosen People because Divinity can only operate through the Paradigm Prophecies which is an agreement of Allah with the environment of Fate, so Allah can remain impartial within a symbiotic environment, so for us Chosen ones it’s being intermediatry between Fate Allah and Man, it’s all laid out as perspicacity in the Qur’an.

I think Brother Baghdadi is a beat up of Saddam’s Security Network that had standing with anti-Assad forces and Allah used Brother Baghdadi to split the al-Nurash Front, and force the sick puppy Obama on side with Putin.
I don’t know what Allah is going to do with IS now.
If you like me so very much how come I never get a phone call?.

Kira Binkley

The Telepathic Bridge without the Face is so much more useful is why I don’t call you electronically.
Well, I’m not always privy to the Almighty’s plans, either. Like I said a few months ago, I’m not sure where God/Allah was going with this.
I know he usually has a plan, just not what it is exactly.

Rodney Loder

That’s a cop out, nothing ventured nothing gained, going on with what? nothing’s happening, the idea is to start something up, I think what you don’t realise is that to claim to be Isa or the Mahdi publically can’t be ignored for long when my identity and address is out there.

Now of course every jihadist could theoretically do that and be incredibly ignored, but not when he’s making public accusations of criminal conduct for which there is no statue of limitations against named individuals and Government officials.

This is what it’s all about, 21 days in Damascus, it’s a real headline grabbing story worth much more than a large fortune, the funny part is that Allah really does protect me, so the whole thing is a ploy, the other funny thing is I really do have the dirt on my Government and certain individuals, but what is it worth?.

I put the value in terms of exposing aggravated fraudulent ideology used against me as mostly audaciously fabricated anachronism.

Kira Binkley

The house of cards that was fabricated by our “real enemy”, Rodney, is about to collapse. And they (the VELGDS) know it. Talk about dirty governments.

Rodney Loder

VELGDS are acceptable where
by being swallowed is pleasant and has many advantages on the way down, most people find this hard to conceive since the enzymes are the catalysts of fear.

However what they fail to note is that hate is the dominant emotion, so naturally to be dominant it’s best to live in fear, and that is best achieved by being swallowed whole.

I was never convinced of this reasoning and equated it with the first sin, a stupid contrivance that awful people use to justify their criminal insanity.

But even so it continued go on for over sixty seven years,, and even then the West couldn’t assert authority over Divinity.

And it’s not the first time, that the slogan, “we will prescribe so that Divinity will proscribe” became iconic.

Of course any intelligent man or woman would say, that first sin is proscribing so Divinity will prescribe a solution but even so it still depends on the Created image being first cab off the rank.

Now what we have is an unsolicited agreement that environment creates what we become, exactly as I began saying in first grade over sixty years ago, but I’m very young for my age and extraordinarily handsome, I could be take for a thirty seven year old.

Kira Binkley

I know you’re extraordinarily handsome, Rodney. But if, by “first sin” you are referring to the erroneous “original sin”, which I thought Islam did not believe, let me clue you in: the story of Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden is only an allegory. An allegory trying to explain to early man how he is different from the “lower beasts” and like unto the Almighty, somewhat. That is, the gift of foresight allows men to sense the about-to-be, but not to know it with 100% certainty. Yet because of that gift, humans have an awareness of death, as lower animals do not, and because of that gift, they have to choose their actions. They have “the knowledge of good and evil” and the “knowledge” of their responsibility for their actions.
The Greek myth of Zeus overcoming his father Chronos is an allegory of the same sort; however, the Hebrews saw it as a humility, and the Greeks as hubris.


Rodney Loder

“Correct”, Islam begins with a clean page except for Jinns who have been given another shot at being successful at a certain level, I’m a Jinn and have elected to try out on the highest level possible, which is Isa or the Mahdi depending who I’m corresponding with, when it’s you I’m both.

I agreed with you completely about the first sin did you realise that hubris and humility are drivers of feeling towards paternal instinct so Zeus was consigned to be astute by an outside need for pride allegory to help with decision making, had he of been the narrative of a Hebrew he would have felt humbled and curtailed.

So to clarify the matter in factual terms, as a sediment of precedent, the first instance that I’m aware of when this allegory came into play was when a mistake was made, who was at fault became the first sin, man or God, it finished up as being so pronounced that it became everything had happened already, so why bother doing anything at all the greatest sin of all.

Mainly that’s what we should try to avoid, that’s what the Commies believed and forced everyone to work, the question of pride or humility then becomes did work come from a necessity or was it invented to be a humiliation.

So the Book of Genius a development of Gilgamesh first with the search for Eternal Life or life without work forlornly disparaged by the apple, allegorical with Gilgamesh’s failure, and then the additional flood tablet which is (P) Noah making work the necessary thing as pride not humility.

So how getting kicked out of the garden became a first sin is contradicted by the narrative anyway, I think it’s because the Tree of Knowledge to enable Eternal Life is promised, and as I said I’m a Jinn at the highest level of possible ambition, and my job is to get you to believe that I have what we Commies calls the correct line which is really Eternal Life.

Kira Binkley

You say: “…did you realise that hubris and humility are drivers of feeling towards paternal instinct…”, but I’m wondering if they are instead extreme effects of father-son rivalry, for the affections of the mother.

Kira Binkley

You say: “…the first instance that I’m aware of when this allegory came into play was when a mistake was made, who was at fault became the first sin, man or God…”
Do you mean that it was in this manner that man was becoming aware of the near similarity of his nature to that of the Almighty?
That is, if man recognized that he could make mistakes, then he would realize that he has also made a choice. Do you suppose that in this way he may have felt disobedient towards God/Allah? And in the Israelite nature, and regressing to childhood, he could have felt he brought down the wrath of his father upon him?
Brilliant, Rodney. Really. There is a great deal of (evolving) human nature in this biblical allegory.

Kira Binkley

“…did work come from a necessity or was it invented to be a humiliation…”
I can say only this: mankind evolved to be productive, and productivity involves work. And maybe it is because man must prepare for the future, as well as enjoy in the present.

Rodney Loder

Productivity was the end of evolution I agree, there is technical aspects of evolution still going on, resistance to malaria one thing and another, but there will be no Modern -Man after Cro-Magnon man, !!! hold on !!! You might be wrong Kira Binkley if evolution stopped after Cro-Magnon then we didn’t evolve to be productive, because productivity began after the Stone Age, so man evolved to be Civil as individuals we couldn’t survive in a person by person against nature capacity..

Work began with productivity as specialisation replaced hunter gathering which was the last part of sedimentation involving large populations that has to turn to cultivation, so were the Australian Aboriginals Civil because they remained in the Stone Age ?.

So Culture wasn’t dependant on production and trade, but the conquering forces used production as a military practice that’s why work was a necessity for survival.

Preparing for the future was according to Rosa Luxemburg overcoming the competitive work ethic that produced Imperial desires for conquest.

Ending this competitive spirit entailed ending competition between Nations by collective agreement between Nations for ending Financial restraints on weak Nations that advantage Strong Nations, expropriation was to be considered as internationally criminal.

But it failed and preparing for the future will always be preparing for war.

Kira Binkley

At some points (turning points) in history, preparing for the future could mean preparing for war.
But not always. That is only a Hegelian or maybe Marxist idiocy.

Rodney Loder

Nations are a military composite primarily, Society is a detachment from military preparedness but entirely dependant on it in the first instance.

Capitalist dogmas accept this as absolute truth.

Some pacifist doctrines reject that fundamental of Civil Society, but none have ever become widely accepted.

That’s true also of other Ideologies that opposed Capitalist Markets such as Permanent Revolution, and Anarchy writers.

Who were never able to associate value as anything other than surplus value being proportioned by a system that was independent of social hierarchy, to have a egalitarian Civil Society appear out of nowhere was really what the Anarchists and Trotskyists were proposing.

The privliged classes are derived from the Roman form of property ownership which created Patriarchal Society and consequent family units due to inheritance becoming possible.

This is what is destroying our Civilization, we don’t need private ownership of property any longer to promote Patriarchal Society, Ideology and Religion do that now and have done so for thousands of years, but old social patterns and models die hard if at all, in this case not at all.

Because we are driven by private wealth acquisition it’s easy to predict the future and because common cause is an association of identity our choice about the future is asserted by the movement of wealth.

Wealth represented by financial Institutions gives the power of pragmatic influences a mechanical momentum because, preconceived agreement can be relied upon to follow the dictates of Capital.

I don’t think that there has ever been a period of peaceful coexistence in history, because of this financial mechanism seeking to preserve and expand its vested interests.

Kira Binkley

You need only remember this, Rodney: socialism is a primitive coping device, capitalism prepares for the future.
Competition is the method, and is the motivator for the acquisition of wealth. In an upward mobile culture, such as America used to be, admiration of the ability and skill of another, and not envy of his property is the incentive to do well.
I have to leave now. But we can continue this topic Monday, or maybe Tuesday.

Rodney Loder

But Kia Binkley I’m an Empiricist so I can only know what I personally perceive through my senses that culminates in my mental opinions, personality, beliefs and philosophic convictions, also I am committed to Utilitarian Existentialist, that’s the Existential denial that absolute values can be imposed from the outside which you support as individuals choosing their case load, Existentialism is a rational approach opposed to Empiricism which rejects environment as the sole source of knowledge.

Existence exists for only those within it, if I didn’t exist neither would existence, although Reality would be unaffected, nearly all idealistic Theologists follow that formula of thought process.

However I’ve couple Existentialist with Empiricism by inaugurating the Holy Ghost as Telepathic Expressionism.

I can go to Syria and say put your hand up if you know what I think.

No one can prove it one way or the other, so I become Isa if I survive, or a Commie Philosopher if I don’t.

I’m on record in written correspondence to Sana I Damascus since 2012, expressing the plan which is infallible, (that is), because I claim Pope John Paul used my intellectual property, in the form of my my being, to destroy the Soviet Union, since I brought the Holy Ghost to Earth, and the World believed that I would one day succumb to torture and support israel, israel already had a Divine Sanction as a derivative of my life, Allah might have done this on purpose because He wanted Islam to be the seal of (P) Abraham’s Religion, but only I can put it to the test and learn the truth.

Also because everything I say is a truthful historical account of my life, as in, being tortured by Christians to garner my support for israel, therefore my Salafist Brothers have to give my claim to be Isa a fair hearing if Assad doesn’t come good, probably Syria and Damascus will have to become Turkey.

Kira Binkley

Be careful, Rodney. Some may think you have lost touch with reality because of being tortured.
Inspiration can be a source of knowledge if its facts can be proven abstractly.

Rodney Loder

The Qur’an gives the Prophet Muhammad (pbuH) as receiving His understanding from inspiration and the Qur’an was sent down by that methodology, which is not the mechanism of being inspired that you are familiar with, I think, and correct me if I’m wrong, that you relate inspiration to the Socrates Oracle, his name was Damian, and this Oracle would come to Socrates at opportune times with a complex pronunciation that intrigued Socrates creating interest by novelty.

The Qur’anic inspiration is a specific capability that carries a message often with the acceptance of Fate so there is no need to worry, if it’s apparently true what I say then I am unassailable, because I am aware of the agreement between Allah and Fate on the subject, if not seemingly true, but really true, because Allah wants to obfuscate, then Allah also wants the Commie in me to be victorious and Islam to go under.

It’s a reversal of crucifixion, because destiny is a reversal of creation, memory is what we come from and where we go to.

Either way I’m the winner.

That’s real science, we Commies calls it the Correct Line, Socrates was on about the same thing, he just pointed out that people really didn’t have a clue.

Kira Binkley

Inspiration may be God/Allah inspired; perhaps not always. Someone (Roger Penrose) told me that I may have God-inspired mathematical insights. I replied that not all those “God-inspired insights” are necessarily God-inspired. That is why they need to be proven.
However, in the case of the Noble Prophet Mohammed (Peace Be Upon Him), He was definitely speaking for Allah. Others throughout history have also spoken for God/Allah.
No, I don’t confuse God/Allah with any Socratic Oracle.
I’m glad you also seem to be speaking for Allah: “…because Allah wants to obfuscate…” I don’t think He does, Rodney. However, He can be subtle. I got into a lot of trouble once when I…well, never mind. It’s humans that become obfuscated, through no fault of God/Allah.

Rodney Loder

You might have God inspired conjectural meaning exposed, that’s what I think about your comments, although need in me might be seeing what isn’t there, after all, need was subsumed by movement and I don’t move around much, so in your comments that I consider to be overcoming contradiction, might be allurement, how can we know that your tenable?.

Can you give us a clue. And whoes Roger Penrose, I’ll use the Quora search engine later. Please do your sums on me I will spend my entirety working them out while speaking for Allah, but really I think I’m representative of Fate, everything I predicts comes into fruition, -+- , that can’t be Allah or Fate entirely, it must be the Medium inbetween the Two.

Guess what the -+- was, anything belonging to subtle ? maybe, subtle is what we become before friendship comes into the montage, but KiraSEER friendship is agreement only, so subtleties go out of the windows, in the second instance anyway.

Beautiful girls often get into trouble Kira but not with me, that’s why I’m a hermit and promise myself to conjectural meaning, which could be -+-!!! but I know that’s up to you.

I agree with you about Allah/ God some people are confused and need to graphically take inventory of what is really happening, I can see perspicacity from this redoubt, that’s because it’s the Holy Mountain with the spring of eternal youthfulness, water that is, I calls it Gilgamesh’s tea and coffee.

Kira Binkley

I really don’t believe that meaning can be conjectural.
You must mean median, not medium.
Are you playing with me, Rodney?

Rodney Loder

Nothing incomplete about what I offer you, I’m a bit older but in really good shape and very handsome, just have a look Kira Binkley, won’t cost you anything, I haven’t spent your dowry.

I’m only promised to conjecture because you never know what your getting till you bought it, posting takes commitment that shows people for what they are, posters should stick together, we could be a really great team, just take 7days to check me out, please Kira Binkley.

Kira Binkley

And I’m incredibly beautiful, Rodney. Can you handle it?

Rodney Loder

I can, but Kira Binkley beauty is only skin deep, what we really need is to be having fun, we could go trail riding around the Shoalhaven River it’s really cool, of course we’d need a really great trail bike, I’ve been doing a bit of research on what is available, the best bike for you would be a Suzuki 650, I promise to be a good pillion passenger and keep my hand in the appropriate place so as not to distract your concentration.

The Suzuki is $ 8•6 K but my mechanic probably still has got his KTM 650 for sale, it’s a competition bike registered for the road, they cost $13 K new, his isn’t that old done very little work never raced and is only $5 K.

Or we have got the 8 seater in WA that I invested $3 K in just recently, my son will be shipping out soon again so it will be available for us to go on our honeymoon, as they have another car to for his wife to use that he won’t be using driving to work, so I could meet up over there, it’s up to you, in which case buying a trail bike might not be a good idea.

Kira Binkley

I’m feeling “friendliness”—

Rodney Loder

The Knights were boring Kira, believe me, it’s all happening over here, is were the right word, I really must expedite the astrological signs to have you featured with the stars in the night sky, then you could be the Star Girl waiting in the sky for the rain to land in my dreams.

Kira Binkley

Socrates was still a youngster when he studied and taught philosophy. Like all youngsters, he was trying to understand the separation of the human mind from the external world. So he wondered: is the origin of an “object” in the mind, or in the world?

Kira Binkley

I haven’t heard from boggisthecat yet, Rodney.

Kira Binkley

One piece of evidence that the use of capitalist principles in society causes progression, and produces wealth, but socialism causes stagnation, can be gleaned by comparing the cultures of sub-Saharan Africa, and of Europe. Or even the USSR.

Hide Behind

Russia is isolated, an old enemy (China) to its Southeast has far more ececonomic interest worldwide, far hreater advancement in economic and health of It’s population. With far greater entry into Russia’s sworn enemy camps. Europe.
Syria and Iraq are but a PIMPLE when looking upon the festering spread of Neo, liberal or con. Both have same end game, with different membership of elite clubs, while in truth the world’s largest land grab is being completed, that within Africa.
Europe has now decided it’s borders must be extended to southern borders of Saharan
Africa, and all control of resources theirs and theirs alone.
Massive US drone basesLsand multiple French and Euro military build up has been ongoing for years now.
Libya is but a gateway to it, and US NATO has either own bases or permission to use all of Mediteranean civilian or Military airfields at will.
South of new Euro border will be even more dependendent upon entry to Euro markets.
Russia is almost totally excluded from Africa and America’s. And it’s future almost totally dependent upon Euro and China trade.
There is very minor cost to Russia by lost interest in M.E, it’s military adventurism there unsustainable, the competition for its energy interest are way more powerfull and could if need be. ,by dropping carbon based prices bankrupt Russiia forever.
US Canada are already world’s largest gas and oil exporters, and can afford to flood world with cheaper than cheap supplies.
They have already just about driven Venezuela’s energy into bankruptcy. Due to US undercutting prices to Americas.
Iran and it’s people, if they force gov to end it’s militarism in Syria. Iraq and Lebanon, they will be cutting own throats in near future.
The present discount underlings had best have some F’n plan besides just having gov make work for tbem, and keep cheap fuel and feed
Stop being no more than livestock.


Syria faces continued rebellion without billions to rebuild its destroyed cities and infrastructure.

Cheryl Brandon

I want to pay some special tributes to 100.000 and more SAA soldiers who died during the liberation efforts between 2012-2017. They showed us what courage and self belief and loyalty means to them. The many mothers who lost their sons from Iran/Russia and Syria and from Hezbollahsides. their deaths were not in vain. Thanks to Tyrannyunamsked/ Duran Report/ Dr Tim Anderson/Vanessa Beeley/ Eva Bartlet/ UK Column news/Adam Garrie and other journalistic heroes. well done.