China’s Chengdu J-20 Stealth Fifth-Generation Fighter Aircraft (Infographics)

China's Chengdu J-20 Stealth Fifth-Generation Fighter Aircraft (Infographics)

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The Chengdu J-20 is a single-seat, twinjet, all-weather, stealth fifth-generation fighter aircraft developed by China’s Chengdu Aerospace Corporation for the People’s Liberation Army Air Force.


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foolish westerners gave for free the technology to China in the name of profit

Daniel Miller

its sutch a obvious copy of the MiG1.44


The front half looks a lot different.
J20 with side air intakes, MiG 1.44 underneath.


Form is nothing. Btw., there are crucial differencies between these 2 planes.

And also the mig is partially copied from other western projects.


The whole engine arrangement of the VSTOL version of the F-35 itself was copied from the Russian Yak-141. Everybody is always copying from someon. The US F-86 Sabre and the Russian MiG-15 copied things from the German Me-262. You can’t copyright military tech and cry foul because stealing, copying and adapting military technology is as old as war itself.

Daniel Miller

what is it copyed from?

Daniel Miller

and evything else is the same even their fron profile is the same


Where did the buy those piece of c h I n k junk? Harbor Freight?


Hey now! Harbor Freight is your go-to Mecca for, one time, single use, use and forget hardware! So I guess, your premise is correct!


I once went to Harbor Freight to buy a tool. I just grabbed one off the shelf at random. While I was walking up to the cash register, a piece of the tool fell off. So, I went back to the shelves and carefully selected another tool on which that part seemed to be firmly attached. After I bought it, and while I was walking out into the parking lot, I saw about twenty of the same part laying on the ground. After I got home, the first time that I used the tool, that part fell off. So, sometimes the tools from Harbor Freight are actually zero-use tools.


True! HB tools ? may not last long, but they are a decent in a pinch!

Robert McMaster

The Americans are very good at producing a lot of military hardware, like the F-35. They are very bad at keeping things operational. Their stuff is down for endless repair. Russia and China are terrible at actually producing what they design. It takes forever for either to dribble out small numbers. But their stuff works well and is at a high rate of operation. If Russia and China could actually get their act together to manufacture good quality engines and aircraft they would represent a great power.


That’s not actually true, only half of the MIG29 that were produced over the years are still flying today, Su27 have chronic engine overheating problem that makes their service cycle ridiculously short. In comparison you need 32 Su-27 to fly as many combat sorties as 20 F-15 can do over a week


Well the US shot down a Syrian SU22 bomber that was made in 1970 and got a medal for it… So thats one way to make sure they dont fly..

Robert McMaster

In National Interest there is a nice article that show how a simple, cheap, easy to repair Mig21 out classes the F22. Can fly 20 times as many sorties, go farther, stay up much longer, fly in rough weather and land of hard ground. Against the fragile F22 which can oly fly for a short time in only perfect weather from a perfect landing strip, takes forever to repair, costs a fortune, has a gazillion things to go wrong, is fussy, tempermental.

This is what Detroit did to cars. Junked them up. And where is Detroit nowadays?
It’s what is robust that endures. How about all the recent article describing how much of the U.S. military personnel is obese, unfit for duty?


Stealth… LOL. While capable I suspect its performance is overrated much like the F-35. Now I do have a serious question, did China ever get the metallurgy right to make a sustainable fighter or is it a ‘replace an engine every flight’ kind of plane?