US Navy’s Stealth Boat: Combatant Craft Medium Mark 1 (Infographics)

US Navy's Stealth Boat: Combatant Craft Medium Mark 1 (Infographics)

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The Combatant Craft Medium Mark 1 (CCM Mk1) is a next-generation stealth boat that is replacing United States Special Operations Command’s Mark V boats. Recently, CCM Mk1s were spotted while they were being loaded onto the deck of the Runnymede-class landing craft USAV Harpers Ferry (LCU 2022) at Naha port in Okinawa Prefecture.


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Tommy Jensen

Note you guys that this new super futuristic combatant attack defence craft 1st class AAA classified Navy invention is stealth invisible!
This mean our new futuristic boat can go into any Crimean or Chinese port and sail around without anybody can see anything……………………..LOL.
One more time America won in the arms race, and this is not he only new thing we have invented in secret.

Assad must stay (gr8rambino)

its nothing IRGC patrol boats cant handle

Zionism = EVIL

Iran has unveiled its first totally indigenously developed
mine-resistant ambush-protected vehicle (MRAP) on 13 August.

The Raad was unveiled in a ceremony held at the Defense Industries
Organization in Isfahan and attended by Defence Minister Brigadier
General Amir Hatami, as well as senior officers from the land forces,
Islamic Revolution Guards Corps, and police.

Brig Gen Hatami said the MRAP is a more advanced version of the
Toufan, according to the statement released by the Ministry of Defence.
He added that it has a monocoque chassis with a V-shaped hull that makes
it highly resistant to mines, roadside bombs, and anti-tank weapons.

Assad must stay (gr8rambino)

imagine houthis storming riyadh riding in these lol :)))

Zionism = EVIL

LOL, the quality of Americunt products is really third grade now. These tin cans can not last ten minutes in modern combat.


Take a basic alloy runabout – and some extra sloping to the vessels’ peripheral edges and spray on a coat of ceramic paint – then get an ex-navy lobbyist to pitch it to Congress as a ‘stealth vessel’, and viola, another price-gouging military contract on the books.