Russian Army Continues Advance In All Directions (Videos)

Russian Army Continues Advance In All Directions (Videos)

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The Russian military advanced in several directions and inflicted some serious losses on Kiev forces over the last few days.

On June 9, the settlement of Staromayorskoye in the Donetsk direction was liberated by the Russian military, according to the Russian Ministry of Defense.

“Battlegroup East units kept advancing deep into the enemy’s defenses and liberated the settlement of Staromayorskoye in the Donetsk People’s Republic,” the ministry said in a statement on June 10.

Also on June 10, Donetsk Head Denis Pushilin told TASS that the Russian military was demonstrating major advances in the Avdeevka area.

“The Avdeevka direction is, undoubtedly, an area where we see the most intensive advance,” the head of the Donetsk People’s Republic said.

The Russian military recently liberated the settlements of Netailovo and Umanskoye and improved their frontline positions in the Ocheretino direction, he specified.

“Umanskoye and Netailovo are small communities but are important in terms of more advantageous positions and are a major component in ensuring security in the operational direction,” Pushilin said.

He added that the Russian military also had successes close to the area Chasov Yar, which is known to be a major hub of Kiev forces.

“We see an improvement in frontline positions near Chasov Yar actually every day. All this is gained through enormous efforts and the situation is uneasy but our units are moving forward and liberating territories,” Pushilin said.

Igor Kimakovsky, an adviser to Pushilin, told TASS on the same day that Kiev forces sustained over 1,000 casualties while attempting to hold the line in eastern Chasov Yar, with the bulk of that area being controlled by the Russian military.

“The eastern part of Chasov Yar was the so-called gray area for a certain time. Then Ukrainian armed formations attempted to hold the line there as they tried to push in or strengthen their positions. That defense cost them more than 1,000 irretrievable losses,” Kimakovsky said as he described the figure as ball-park, based on an objective analysis. “That area is almost fully controlled by our forces now,” he added.

According to him, pressure on Ukrainian troops has intensified in the southern, southwestern and southeastern parts of Chasov Yar.

On June 11, the Russian MoD reported more gains. The ministry said that the Russian military liberated the settlement of Artyomovka in the Lugansk direction and the settlement of Timkovka in the direction of Kharkov over the past day.

“In their active operations, Battlegroup West units liberated the settlements of Artyomovka in the Lugansk People’s Republic and Timkovka in the Kharkov Region,” the ministry said in a statement.

On June 12, the Russian military’s Sever Group of Forces said that its troops were advancing deeper into Ukrainian defenses.

“There’s ongoing movement deeper into the enemy’s defenses. Strikes were delivered at the Ukrainian 42nd Mechanized Brigade and the 36th Marines Brigade in the areas of Glubokoye and Tikhoye,” Yaroslav Yakimkin, a spokesman for the group, said.

Two counter-attacks by assault groups from the 13th Brigade of the Ukrainian National Guard were repulsed, according to the spokesman, who also noted that Kiev forces lost more than 265 troops. A field ammunition depot was destroyed, according to him.

In addition, videos posted to social networks between June 9 and 12 showed several recent Russian air and artillery strikes on Kiev forces in the directions of Donetsk, Lugansk and Kharkiv.

Overall, Kiev forces are still struggling to stop the advance of the Russian military in all directions. The situation will likely get even worse for Ukraine as Western arms supplies are slowly drying down and the shortage of manpower in the country is becoming a real issue.


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crispy xo-xols on abrams

these are not miserable gains. these are good gains. as you know the 2 objectives of the smo is not to “gain land fast” , but to 1-demilitarize ukraine (last night’s bombardment is a good example of it) and 2-denazify (by killing afu soldiers and officers – it’s happening everyday). when 1 and 2 are completely achieved, the geographical gains will follow automatically and effortless.


if russia advances slowly, russians have time to remove mines and rebuild all new in novorussia

Euro Poosies

keep sending ukraine all your air defense systems, europe. in fact, why dont u just empty all your air defenses, so the russians can bomb you easier? if you are this dumb, go full retard while u at it ahahaha

Last edited 1 month ago by Euro Poosies
Rudolf Töpfer

in interviews and talk shows, german politicians repeatedly make it clear that they are basically counting on putin’s common sense when it comes to attacks on nato territory!

of course, this increases one’s own unreasonableness and makes many western politicians cocky, as can be seen from the example of the hutzel man of paris, emmanuel macron!

Rudolf Töpfer

during the iranian act of retaliation against israel, it was clearly evident that the patriot system had become outdated by now and that one would have looked pretty lean without us help.

rf should have made a statement long ago, for example, if they had destroyed rheinmetall in germany.

the only language that the west understands, as was seen by the example of israel


russia can’t bomb a shit otherwise the neo nazis from russia would have to face nato and russia army as you know is a big votka joke, you’ve never won a big war without western army help


red army broke your great grand-daddy’s last nazi army at smolensk and moscow in 1941, long before any “western army help” arrived. us companies like ford and standard oil gave lots of western help to the nazis. never stop derping, ihor.


battle for stalingrad (winter 1942-43) is also happened before the second front opening (summer 1944) and even before the landing in sicily and rest of italy. from that moment nazis only retreated. kursk operation with largest tank battle of that war (near village of prohorovka) — summer 1943. summer 1944 — “bagration” offensive operation, near 1 million troops from each side.

Last edited 1 month ago by Антон

2 years and a half against ukrain army, imagine if it was against nato, ahhh wait you have nukes lol the tards proud


i thought the story you jizz-rags tell is that russia invaded in 2014? so is it 2.5 years or is it 10.5? of course, the russians must tremble in their boots at the prospect of facing not just a nato armed, trained, supplied, advised and supported ukrainian puppet, but the bona fide nato supermen who were defeated by the goat-herds in afghanistan. keep up the good work, ihor.


ukrainians are slavs and real men. nato is a bunch of sissies and trannies.


bomb what for? they have nothing to give. no resources, no vital technologies, no need in slaves. cheap human labor can be replaced with robotic production lines, autopilots in taxi and agricultural vehicles, unmanned cargo delivery platforms. “yandex” is testing small delivery robots on streets, they stuck in snow at winter and pedestrians help them to continue moving. that’s funny. the automobile plant of kama is testing its own unmanned trucks. anyway aad won’t stop modern attack systems.


demilitarizácia a denacifikácia ukrajiny pokračuje podľa predom stanoveného plánu. dokonca už prebieha aj demilitarizácia (zto) nato!!! tá sa dá pokladať za akýsi bonus v tejto švo. ruské vojska už stihli demilitarizovať takmer celé východné krídlo (zto) nato!!! už pristupujú k demilitarizácii západného krídla. svetu mier!!!


ukros send 7 more brigades in the region for an pr stunt to show theyr supporters and puppet masters how they stopped the russian northeastern offensive.
partly this is in fact true, but ukros pay that with daily high losses and they will run out of troops even faster.

gllt bronkers

keep advancing russia, slava

jens holm

potato slow is gud when i very senile to writ ebonic

jens holm

i am only fluent in gibberish not ebonics

jens holm

i only know miserable failure as retired pooper in potato farm