In Video: Russian Ballistic Missile Hit Ukrainian Air Base, Nearby Air Defense Site

In Video: Russian Ballistic Missile Hit Ukrainian Air Base, Nearby Air Defense Site

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The Russian military has carried out a devastating missile attack against a Ukrainian air base and nearby air defense site in the Poltava region.

Video footage of the attack, which was reportedly carried out using Iskander-M tactical quasi-ballistic missiles, were posted to social networks on June 12.

During the attack, one of the missiles hit the Myrhorod Air Base, destroying what appears to be a Soviet-made Su-27 fighter jet of the Ukrainian Air Force (UAF).

Another missile hit a Sovie-tmade S-300PS long-range air defense system that was deployed in the nearby settlement of Polyv’yane. Two 5N63S fire control radars of the system, one of which was deployed on a 40V6M semi-mobile mast, two transporter erector launchers, of the 5P85D or the 5P85S type, and one command vehicle were destroyed. 12 Ukrainian air defense officers were also killed.

The UAF operated some 34 Su-27UB, Su-27S1M and Su-27P1M before the start of the Russian special military operation in Ukraine more than two years ago. The Russian military has already shot down many of these fighter jets or destroyed them on the ground.

Kiev forces also had around 100 S-300P, S-300PT, S-300PS and S-300V1 batteries in service prior to the start of the special military operation. The country received a single S-300PMU battery from Slovakia in the very first few months of the operation. Many of these systems have also been destroyed, damaged or captured by the Russian military.

The Russian military intensified strikes on high-value Ukrainian targets behind the front line in recent months, mainly using Iskander-M tactical quasi-ballistic missiles.

The Iskander-M has a range of nearly 500 kilometers. The missile can be armed different conventional warheads, including a cluster munitions warhead, a fuel–air explosive enhanced-blast warhead, a high-explosive fragmentation warhead, an earth penetrator for bunker busting and an electromagnetic pulse device for anti-radar missions.

The maneuverable missile is guided by a GLONASS-aided inertial navigation system. It can be also equipped with an optical seeker with a digitized scene-mapping area correlator system for terminal guidance.


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nonsense! bbc told me ukr is winning everywhere. afu will be in vladivostok by the end of week

Florian Geyer

is the french micro president the commander of the ‘hato’ drug adicts, lol.

AM Hants

bbc who receive funding by gates, amongst others. the same gates who has invested heavily in the bio labs in ukraine and not forgetting beyer-monsanto, who have purchased a lot of ukrainian soil. amazing what being a philanthropist achieves these days, especially if you are part of the eugenic movement.


why russian still use he warheads
he freg can effect large area
and that su – 27 damage


nice one.
but seems there were 3 planes on spot, so why hit only one and not all 3 at once?
and why use he warhead instead of cluster or freg?


some of those aircraft are already damaged or not in flying condition. a reminder that the ukrainians are now taking apart aircraft for spare parts and replacement parts all the time. some of these are damaged already and unable to be fixed.


sort of the way they take apart their wounded for spare parts to sell on the organ market.

AM Hants

do you remember an article, back in 2014 with regards the organ harvesting doctor and saakashvili’s wife? didn’t they make the ex-president of georgia the governor of odessa?

jens holm

all media say ukie troops now occupy washington copenhagen and my anuz

jens brother, formerly sister.

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jens holm

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