Houthis Unveil Palestine Ballistic Missile, Announce Attacks On Three Israel-Linked Ships (Video)

Houthis Unveil Palestine Ballistic Missile, Announce Attacks On Three Israel-Linked Ships (Video)

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The Houthis (Ansar Allah) in Yemen unveiled on June 5 the Palestine solid-fuel ballistic missile that was used in a recent attack against Israel.

Video footage released by the group showed the missile, complete with a warhead painted like a Palestinian keffiyeh checkered scarf, being raised on what appeared to be a mobile launcher then climbing quickly into the air with plumes of white smoke coming from its engine. White smoke is common with solid-fuel missiles.

The missile launched in the footage targeted the southernmost Israeli city of Eilat on June 3. The attack set off air warning sirens but caused no reported damage or casualties. Later, the Israeli military said that the missile was intercepted by the Arrow air defense system.

The attack was carried out in response to the Israeli war and siege on the Palestinian enclave of the Gaza Strip, the Houthis said at the time.

The design of the Palestine appears to be inline, at least partly, with some Iranian solid-fuel ballistic missiles, like the Kheibar Shekan and Fattah.

The Houthis didn’t reveal the technical specification of their new locally-made ballistic missiles. Nevertheless, it is safe to assume that the range of the missile is over 1,600 kilometers, as this is the minimum range needed to reach Israeli territory from Yemen.

Separately on June 5, the Houthis announced that they had attacked three Israel-affiliated merchant ships in the Red Sea and Arabian Sea.

The group conducted two attacks in the Red Sea, targeting the Roza ship and the Vantage Dream ship with a number of missiles and drones, military spokesman Brigade General Yahya Sarea said in the statement.

“The two companies have violated the [Houthis’] decision that banned entry of ships to the ports of occupied Palestine [Israel],” he said.

“The third operation targeted the American ship, Maersk Seletar with a number of drones in the eastern part of the Arabian Sea,” he added.

The Houthis will “continue to carry out military operations in support of Palestinian people until the [Israeli] aggression stops and the siege on the Palestinian people in the Gaza Strip is lifted,” the spokesman warned.

The United States Central Command said that the Houthis launched two anti-ship ballistic missiles from Yemen towards the Red Sea on June 4.

Meanwhile, British security firm Ambrey said on June 5 that a Greek-owned bulk carrier was allegedly targeted by the Houthis in the Red Sea.

The ship’s transmissions stopped 118 nautical miles east of the port of Massawa in Eritrea when it was underway from the port of Mormugao in India, with its destination as the Suez Canal in Egypt, the firm said in a statement that did not name the ship.

“The alleged targeting of the vessel was aligned to the stated Houthi intent,” Ambrey said. “The Houthi language did not indicate they were claiming to have damaged the vessel. At the time of writing, the event had not been verified.”

The Houthi, who are backed by Iran, have attacked dozens of vessels affiliated with Israel or owned by the U.S. and the United Kingdom in the Red Sea, the Gulf of Aden, the Arabian Sea, the Indian Ocean and the Mediterranean Sea since November in response to the Israeli war and siege on Gaza.

In addition, the group launched dozens of drones and missiles at the southernmost Israeli city of Eilat and shot down six American-made combat drones over Yemen and nearby waters.

The U.S. and the UK have carried out hundreds of strikes against Houthi-controlled areas in Yemen since January in an attempt to deter the group and degrade its offensive capabilities, but to no avail. In fact, recent developments, including the unveiling of the Palestine missile, show that the group has gotten stronger.


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Khazar Agent

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