Failure Of Vaunted NATO Weapons In Real War

Failure Of Vaunted NATO Weapons In Real War

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Since the ignite of the war in Ukraine, dozens of military companies and countries, especially NATO member states, have moved to support Ukraine by providing it with military equipment.

These countries have donated more than 100 billion dollars of weapons to Ukraine until July, and a wide range of Western and NATO weapons have been used and tested in the battles of this country. In fact, due to high intensity warfare, the war in Ukraine is a suitable place for the West and military planners to test weapons in real war conditions. It can be said that full-scale war in Europe has somehow become a place to test the effectiveness of weapons in modern combat operations.

Among the donors of weapons to Ukraine, the United States of America with more than $46 bn, Germany with more than $8 bn and the UK with more than $7 bn of military aid are at the top of the list.

The equipment sent by the US to Ukraine, at least those that have been officially announced so far, includes the following list:

  • More than 1,600 Stinger anti-aircraft systems
  • More than 10,000 Javelin anti-armour systems
  • More than 60,000 other anti-armour systems and munitions
  • More than 160 155mm Howitzers and more than 1,500,000 155mm artillery rounds
  • More than 7,000 precision-guided 155mm artillery rounds
  • More than 14,000 155mm rounds of Remote Anti-Armor Mine (RAAM) Systems
  • 100,000 rounds of 125mm tank ammunition
  • More than 50,000 152mm artillery rounds
  • Approximately 40,000 130mm artillery rounds
  • 40,000 122mm artillery rounds
  • 60,000 122mm GRAD rockets
  • 72 105mm Howitzers and more than 450,000 105mm artillery rounds
  • More than 300 tactical vehicles to tow weapons
  • 54 tactical vehicles to recover equipment
  • 30 ammunition support vehicles
  • 14 armoured bridging systems
  • 38 High Mobility Artillery Rocket Systems and ammunition
  • 47 120mm mortar systems
  • 10 82mm mortar systems
  • 67 81mm mortar systems
  • 58 60mm mortar systems
  • More than 345,000 mortar rounds
  • More than 3,000 Tube-Launched, Optically-Tracked
  • Wire-Guided (TOW) missiles
  • More than 1,800,000 rounds of 25mm ammunition
  • Rocket launchers and ammunition
  • Precision-guided rockets
  • 10 command post vehicles
  • One Patriot air defence battery and munitions
  • Eight National Advanced Surface-to-Air Missile Systems (NASAMS) and munitions
  • Two HAWK air defence firing units and munitions
  • RIM-7 missiles for air defence
  • 12 Avenger air defence systems
  • Nine c-UAS gun trucks
  • 10 mobile c-UAS laser-guided rocket systems
  • Anti-aircraft guns and ammunition
  • Equipment to integrate Western air defence launchers, missiles, and radars with Ukraine’s air defence systems
  • Equipment to sustain Ukraine’s existing air defence capabilities
  • High-speed Anti-radiation missiles (HARMs)
  • Precision aerial munitions
  • 4,000 Zuni aircraft rockets
  • More than 7,000 Hydra-70 aircraft rockets
  • 20 Mi-17 helicopters
  • 31 Abrams tanks
  • 45 T-72B tanks
  • 120mm and 105mm tank ammunition
  • 109 Bradley Infantry Fighting Vehicles
  • Four Bradley Fire Support Team vehicles
  • More than 2,000 High Mobility Multipurpose Wheeled Vehicles (HMMWVs)
  • More than 100 light tactical vehicles
  • 66 trucks and 114 trailers to transport heavy equipment
  • Eight logistics support vehicles
  • 89 heavy fuel tankers and 105 fuel trailers
  • 90 Stryker Armored Personnel Carriers
  • 300 M113 Armored Personnel Carriers
  • 250 M1117 Armored Security Vehicles
  • More than 500 Mine Resistant Ambush Protected Vehicles (MRAPs)
  • Six armoured utility trucks
  • Mine clearing equipment
  • More than 35,000 grenade launchers and small arms
  • More than 200,000,000 rounds of small arms ammunition and grenades
  • More than 100,000 sets of body armour and helmets
  • Switchblade Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS)
  • Phoenix Ghost UAS
  • CyberLux K8 UAS
  • Altius-600 UAS
  • Jump-20 UAS
  • Puma UAS
  • Scan Eagle UAS
  • Two radars for UAS
  • Laser-guided rocket systems and munitions
  • Unmanned Coastal Defense Vessels
  • More than 70 counter-artillery and counter-mortar radars
  • 20 multi-mission radars
  • Counter-Unmanned Aerial Systems and equipment
  • Counter air defence capability
  • 21 air surveillance radars
  • Two Harpoon coastal defence systems
  • 62 coastal and riverine patrol boats
  • Port and harbour security equipment
  • M18A1 Claymore anti-personnel munitions
  • Anti-tank mines
  • C-4 explosives, demolition munitions, and demolition equipment for obstacle clearing
  • Obstacle emplacement equipment
  • Tactical secure communications systems and support equipment
  • Four satellite communications antennas
  • SATCOM terminals and services
  • Thousands of night vision devices, surveillance systems, thermal imagery systems, optics, and laser rangefinders
  • Commercial satellite imagery services
  • Explosive ordnance disposal equipment and protective gear
  • Chemical, Biological, Radiological, Nuclear protective equipment
  • 100 armoured medical treatment vehicles
  • Medical supplies to include first aid kits, bandages, monitors, and other equipment
  • Electronic jamming equipment
  • Field equipment, cold weather gear, generators, and spare parts
  • Funding for training, maintenance, and sustainment.

The equipment sent by Germany to Ukraine includes the following list:

  • 28 tracked all-terrain vehicles Bandvagn 206 (BV206)
  • 10 main battle tanks LEOPARD 1 A5
  • 138 MG3 for LEOPARD 2, MARDER and DACHS
  • ammunition for LEOPARD 1
  • 18 LEOPARD 2 A 6 main battle tanks with ammunition
  • 40 infantry fighting vehicles MARDER with ammunition
  • 50 MRAP vehicles DINGO
  • 54 M113 armoured personnel carriers each with 2 MG
  • Spare parts for LEOPARD 2 and MARDER
  • PATRIOT missiles
  • 2 IRIS-T SLS launchers
  • 2 PATRIOT launchers
  • 46 self-propelled anti-aircraft guns GEPARD incl. 21,042 rounds of ammunition
  • 2 air surveillance radar TRML-4D
  • 2 air defence system IRIS-T SLM
  • IRIS-T SLM missiles
  • air defence system PATRIOT with missiles
  • 55,000 rounds ammunitions for self-propelled anti-aircraft guns GEPARD
  • 4,000 rounds practice ammunitions for self-propelled anti-aircraft guns
  • 500 Man Portable Air Defense Systems STINGER
  • 2,700 Man Portable Air Defense Systems STRELA
  • 17,000 rounds 155mm smoke ammunition
  • 2 wheeled self-propelled howitzer Zuzana 2
  • 15,510 rounds 155mm ammunition
  • 155mm precision guided ammunition
  • 5 multiple rocket launchers MARS II with ammunition
  • ammunition for multiple rocket launchers MARS II
  • 14 self-propelled howitzers Panzerhaubitze 2000
  • 20 rocket launchers 70mm on pick-up trucks with rockets
  • counter battery radar system COBRA
  • 10 laser target designators and portable fire control modules for VULCANO artillery ammunition
  • material for explosive ordnance disposal
  • 6 mine clearing tanks WISENT
  • 11 mine ploughs for T-72
  • 18 heavy and medium bridge systems and 12 trailers
  • 5 bridges for bridge-laying tank BEAVER
  • 10 bridge-laying tanks BEAVER
  • 15 armoured recovery vehicles Bergepanzer 2
  • 2 armoured recovery vehicles Bergepanzer 3
  • 5 armoured engineer vehicles DACHS
  • 3 mobile, remote controlled and protected mine clearing systems
  • 12 mobile and protected mine clearing systems Ahlmann
  • 103 drone detection systems
  • 60 reconnaissance drones RQ-35 HEIDRUN
  • 28 ground surveillance radars GO12
  • 182 border protection vehicles
  • 88 reconnaissance drones VECTOR
  • 1,288 binoculars
  • 20,600 safety glasses
  • 5 mobile reconnaissance systems SurveilSPIRE
  • 47 mobile antenna mast systems
  • 10 radio jammers
  • 57 anti-drone sensors and jammers
  • 2 spare part packages for VECTOR drones
  • 40 frequency range extensions for anti-drone devices
  • 1 communications electronic scanner/jammer systems
  • 32 reconnaissance drones
  • 40 laser target designators
  • 10 unmanned surface vessels
  • 10 anti-drone guns
  • 28,000 combat helmets
  • 1 radio frequency system
  • 3,000 field telephones with 5.000 cable reels and carrying straps
  • 353 night vision goggles
  • 12 electronic anti-drone devices
  • 165 field glasses
  • 38 laser range finders
  • 6 mobile decontamination vehicles HEP 70 including decontamination material
  • 10 HMMWV (8x ground radar capability, 2x jamming/anti drone capability)
  • 1 high frequency unit with equipment
  • 156 trucks Zetros
  • 42 truck tractor trains 8×8 HX81 and 37 semi-trailers
  • 34 load-handling trucks 15t
  • 6 load-handling trucks 8×6 with 21 roll of containers
  • 14 tracked and remote controlled infantry vehicles THeMIS
  • 288 vehicles (trucks, minibuses, all-terrain vehicles)
  • 179 Pick-ups
  • 12 tank transporter tractor M1070 Oshkosh
  • 35 load-handling trucks 8×8
  • 30 protected vehicles
  • 22,51 million rounds of ammunition for fire arms
  • 100 machine guns MG5
  • 300,000 first aid kits
  • 44 ambulances
  • 8 dental sterilizers
  • 107,712 rounds ammunition 40mm
  • 11,000 group module rations
  • 103,000 tourniquets
  • 500 pistols SFP9
  • 2 hangar tents
  • 8 lift trucks
  • 295 generators
  • 10 winter camouflage nets
  • 168 mobile heating systems
  • 36,400 wool blankets
  • 14,000 sleeping bags
  • Mi-24 spare parts
  • spare parts for heavy machine gun M2
  • 200 tents
  • 116,000 winter jackets
  • 80,000 winter trousers
  • 240,000 winter hats
  • 405,000 pre-packaged military Meals Ready
  • 67 fridges for medical material
  • 3,000 anti-tank weapons Panzerfaust 3 with 900 firing devices
  • 14,900 anti-tank mines
  • 50 Bunkerfaust with 15 firing devices
  • 100 machine gun MG3 with 500 spare barrels and breechblocks
  • 100,000 hand grenades
  • 5,300 explosive charges
  • 100,000 m detonating cord and 100.000 detonators
  • 350,000 detonators
  • 100 auto-injector devices
  • 15 palettes military clothing
  • 1,200 hospital beds
  • 18 palettes medical material, 60 surgical lights
  • protective clothing, surgical masks
  • 1 field hospital
  • medical material
  • Diesel and gasoline
  • 10 tons AdBlue
  • 500 medical gauzes
  • MiG-29 spare parts
  • 7,944 man-portable anti-tank weapons RGW 90 Matador

Equipment sent by the UK to Ukraine includes the following list:

  • 14 Challenger 2 tanks
  • 30 AS90 self-propelled artillery weapons
  • 100 armored vehicles including Bulldog armored personnel carriers
  • anti-aircraft capabilities (Stormer)
  • 10,000 short-range and anti-tank missiles (including NLAWs and Javelins)
  • Saxon armored vehicles
  • Starstreak air defence systems
  • loitering munitions
  • M270 multiple-launch rocket systems
  • Storm Shadow cruise missiles
  • long-range (200km) attack drones
  • 50,000 artillery shells

Among the weapons and military equipment donated to Ukraine, some items received more media attention than others and it was claimed that they could change the war equation in favor of the Ukrainian army.

In the field of artillery, the US and Western allies have provided Ukraine with several types of artillery systems. From the summer of 2022, the process of sending self-propelled artilleries and multiple launch rocket systems to Ukraine accelerated, and a variety of systems such as M109, AS90, CAESAR, PzH2000, Krab, Zuzana 24 and Archer entered the war in Ukraine.

Failure Of Vaunted NATO Weapons In Real War

Illustrative Image

But the US-donated M142 has drawn the most attention. The M142 system, known as HIMARS is an artillery system that can fire high-precision GMLRS (Guided Multiple Launch Rocket System) missiles, which are directed to their targets via GPS programming.

The HIMRAS systems donated by the US to Ukraine have a range of about 100 km. The Ukrainian army did not have access to such a range before, and by receiving the HIMRAS systems, it could target the Russian army’s ammunition, equipment and logistics warehouses behind the fronts and weaken the logistical supply transfer to frontlines; or interrupt the Russian army operations with the precise and targeted attacks. Therefore, there were a lot of fuss about the superiority of of these systems.

But with the entry of these systems into the battlefield, its true effectiveness was determined!

Although the Ukrainian forces achieved more accurate fire and longer range with HIMARS, and the loss rate of Russian army equipment was slightly higher than before, the fact is that HIMARS did not change the course of the war. Neither operation was delayed by Russia, nor prevented; and it did not help the Ukrainian counterattacks.

The Russia’s multi-layered defensive lines, the removal of ammunition depots from the range of the HIMARS system, and the rapid transfer of ammunition and equipment between the lines greatly neutralized the effectiveness of HIMARS systems. Also, Russian artillery and precision fire destroyed a significant number of these systems. For example, during the month of June alone, Russia destroyed 158 HIMARS multiple launch missile systems.



The Ukrainian army already operated many Soviet-era armored vehicles and tanks, but after several months of war and the annihilation of a large amount of armored vehicles, the need to supply armored vehicles seemed inevitable and the Ukrainians were desperately looking for tanks.

Hence, the Western countries started sending all kinds of armored vehicles and tanks to Ukraine from the summer of 2022. In the meantime, the German Leopard main battle tanks and the American Bradleys received a lot of attention from the media. The plan of the Western countries was based on a delusional idea that the Ukrainian army, having at least 300 tanks, can challenge Russia’s superiority in ground battles and take the eastern and southern lands of Ukraine out of Russian control by conducting several counterattacks! Therefore, the Ukrainians also declared the lack of sufficient number of tanks as one of the main reasons for the failure of their operations against Russia. On the other hand, the propaganda machine of the Main Stream Media also introduced the Leopard tank as the savior of Ukraine. Although the Leopard-2 tank is considered one of the best MBTs in the world, the first official entry of this tank into the battles in Ukraine turned into the worst disaster in the history of this tank!




During the battles of Orekhov in the Zaporozhie region on June 8, Ukrainian forces used Leopard 2 tanks and Bradley armored vehicles extensively for the first time. But anti-tank landmines and dragon’s teeth anti-tank obstacles slowed down Kiev forces and then Kamov 52 helicopters, Lancet-3 suicide drones, artillery attacks with the support of reconnaissance drones and Russian anti-armor guided missiles annihilated at least five Leopard tanks 2, six Bradley armored vehicles, one minesweeper, two more Dutch and French armored vehicles and several other trucks of the Ukrainian army. As a result, the Ukrainian army was forced to retreat with heavy losses.

Leopard 2 tanks were previously destroyed in Syria by the Soviet era anti-armor systems, but setting a new record in Ukraine once again proved that this weapon, which was promoted as Wunderwaffe by the mainstream media, can’t change the balance of power on the battlefield. These equipments are not very different from other NATO and US equipment and can be easily destroyed.

The United States has also pledged to send dozens of Abrams tanks, but considering the failure of Leopard tanks in Ukraine, it is unlikely that Abrams tanks will get a better result. America may even reconsider sending Abrams tanks to Ukraine due to Leopard’s humiliating failures!

Failure Of Vaunted NATO Weapons In Real War

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The Anglo-French Strom Shadow cruise missiles are another high-profile NATO equipment that was supposed to be a game changer weapon. After the United Kingdom announced that it would deliver the Strom Shadow missile to Ukraine in May 2023, this missile finally entered the Russian-Ukrainian battles. According to NATO experts, the delivery of Storm Shadow missiles is a significant boost to the Ukrainian military, as they are capable of striking targets at much longer ranges than had previously been possible, including command-and-control nodes and logistics points to interrupt Russia’s ability to support the front line.

According to video documentation, these missiles are launched from specially modified Su-24 strike aircraft. Of course, the Ukrainian army is facing difficulties to launch these missiles and Sukhoi 24s are forced to fly under the cover of MiG-29 and Su-27 fighters.

The maximum range of the Storm Shadow is 560 kilometers. However, it is thought that Ukraine received the downgraded export version with a range of 250 kilometers.

Buk-M1 of the 29th Army’s shoots down Storm Shadow missile in the Ugledar direction:



Failure Of Vaunted NATO Weapons In Real War

Russian trophy

Regarding the efficiency and effectiveness of this missile, most of these missiles have been shot down by Russian air defense systems so far. The attack on the Chongar road bridge connecting Crimea with Kherson Oblast on June 22, July 29 and August 6 are among the few important and successful attacks recorded for this missile. By deploying more mid-range air defense systems and also deploying additional long-range air defense systems such as the S-400 in the special military operation zone, Russia has the ability to easily intercept and destroy both Strom Shadow cruise missiles and their launchers i.e. Su-24 fighter bombers.

Recently, the United States approved the transfer of F-16 fighter jets from Denmark and the Netherlands to Ukraine upon completion of pilot training.

Ukraine says that it needs about 128 fighters to replace the Soviet fleet of aircraft and gain an advantage in the skies over the Russian Federation.

But given the facts that advanced NATO equipment that recently supplied by the West, like the Leopard 2 tanks and Bradley IFVs, HIMARS systems, Storm Shadow long-range cruise missiles, etc, proved to be insufficient and will not shape or change the course of the war as claimed by the Ukrainian and Western media; therefore, this is highly unlikely that the F16s would change this. However, the transfer of US-made warplanes to Kiev only leads to another wave of escalation of the conflict.

Western media and analysts have been predicting since last year that Ukraine will launch a massive military operation in the spring to retake the eastern and southern regions of Ukraine. This was a good excuse for NATO to send more equipment to Ukraine.

The long-awaited counter-offensive planned by the Ukrainians has started since late spring and is still ongoing, but as expected, the result is largely insignificant and limited. However, the western mainstream propaganda machine is trying to portray the Kiev’s limited successes as militarily significant. The available information indicates that the Ukrainian counter-offensive is doomed/failed, but NATO is trying its best to escalate and prolong the war.

Failure Of Vaunted NATO Weapons In Real War

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In general, the southern and eastern regions of Ukraine are mostly composed of flat lands and Russia’s multi-layered defensive lines there have made any advance for the Ukrainian forces impossible or very costly. Therefore, the Ukrainian army needs much more equipment and manpower to carry out offensive operations and recapture these areas.

The reality is that Ukraine will never achieve its stated goal of striking Russian defenses to cut off the land bridge connecting Crimea to Russia. This was unprecedented thinking promoted by Western supporters of Ukraine to encourage Ukrainians to commit mass suicide and also inflict similar inhumane casualties among Russian defenders. The Westerners believed that high casualties to the Russian army will weaken their morale and eventually the Russians will be forced to come to the negotiating table and accept the Western terms.

America and the West know very well that the Ukrainian army cannot change the course of the war or force Russia to retreat. Their ultimate goal of encouraging Ukrainians and sending shiny weapons is to prevent the defeat of Ukraine and turning this war into the one of attrition. According to NATO, the higher are the cost and losses of Russia in this war, the weaker their eastern rival will be.

But this trick will obviously not lead to the defeat of Russia.


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za 100 rokov neobsadia oslobodené územie, ak budú postupovať takýmto tempom. a čo sa týka živej sily tak rus vybije pol eu, lebo ukrajina nebude mať už ani jedného ukrajinca. ruské vojská by mali postúpiť cca 50 km smerom na západ, aby upokojili domáce vášne. a zároveň tým vytvoria lepšiu obranu ruských miest. pvo bude mať viac času na reakciu, proti útokom.


the problem is not that the enormous amount of equipment and weapons sent to ukraine is there to make them win, no, it is only to kill more russian civilians and soldiers and it works, they know that the ukraine can’t win, they just want to send any weapons to kill russians and that’s it, and the assholes won’t stop sending them

Piss & boots

sure they kill russkies and kill off ten times more ukrops to do it. the poles are happy because for once, the joke’s not on them.

AM Hants

back in 2014, when poroshenko was declared president, he received a set of instructions from the rand corporation. instructions for the genocide and ethnic cleansing of at least 1.5 million ukrainians. it is not just the russians that the nato members wished to dispose of. how many ukrainians are white and loyal to the christian orthodox faith? who has a problem with anything white and specifically christian in faith?

Florian Geyer

hato is a mafia organisation looking to plunder russia in order to avoid hyper inflation in the useless us!


thanks for the insight sf

Barba Papa

despite all this equipment the ukrainian army and its tactics resemble more those of iran in the iran-iraq war. an army reliant mostly on light infantry and light infantry tactics in order to conserve its military hardware of which it just does not have enough.

Piss & boots

so, i guess that means the us will be supplying more chemical weapons to ukraine soon.

this could get real ugly fast, for the us.


maybe i am a little blind but the article says that russia has destroyed 158 himars (m142) systems. i cannot find in the us equipment suppled list himars at all.


how many himars launchers are delivered to ukraine? in msm i’ve just found 4 numbers: 16 , 20, 36 and 38. it’s war time though and war propaganda everywhere. a friend of mine has overtaken a column with ca. 20 himars (loaded on trucks) on a freeway in germany in summer 2022. it gives an impression of the extent. i guess ukraine has some hundreds of these things.


it means himar rockets.


the west keeps yapping about f16’s to be supplied but from what i know there are no airfields in ukraine where this plane can takeoff from as it requires the runway to meet certain standards and these are not available. this only leaves nato countries for takeoff and landing. has anyone else confirmation of these runway limitations ?


yes , it is widely complained about these limitations in msm , all over the world. mig29 can start von highways , f-16 only with high risks , so that ukraine has to prepare first special roads , where they can really start. (and the russians won’t detect it). the other problem is the maintenance, practically not to manage in the ukraine (maybe they will fly each time to poland for service lol) all in all a stillborn. sorry for all suicide pilots.

Piss & boots

jeez, the west flaps its gums faster than a ten dollar hooker on crack. f16’s are copium.

Ali Bongo

who would win, a mud covered leopard or a churka wielding a syringe of his own hiv positive blood?

Piss & boots

now zelensky is going to draft hiv positive cannon fodder, so that when one gets splattered, all his splatter zoned mates will come down with hiv.


as long as us weapons and money and ukrainian lives is the only price for dead russians the us will happily pay it. well as long as they can print dollars that is. so you have two ways to win. kill americans and not just common joes or kill the status of the dollar as a reserve currency.
there is no other way to make them stop sending weapons to kill russians for ever.

Piss & boots

eventually, the eu will vote all its idiots out of office, then the us will be left holding its limp dick and nothing more.

Piss & boots

jeez, you’d think with all that equipment, the afu could take back at least a few square kilometers and keep it at least ’til us elections are over.

too risk averse, those folks. guess the eu will have to build them another new army with all the draft dodgers in the eu that have about as much desire to fight the russkies as i have to save my morning shit to make a shit pie for dinner.

AM Hants

back in 2014, i knew that nato did not have the means or weapons to defeat russia in a battle. the reason, you look at all the members of nato and the quality of their forces, weapons and systems. then look at what russia has got in her toy box and how old all the systems were, left in working order. it was a no brainer.

AM Hants

part 2

what is even more interesting is the fact that russia, at the time, give or take a $billion, spent the same amount on defence as the uk. only, their were no middle men in the russian defence budget. so how come, for the same amount of money, is the uk unable to defend itself against the dinghy tourists, let alone anything else?

Edgar Zetar

you have to be a moron if you think the masters of the universe mou would give their vassals the same weapons the masters use. even when they created nato, they do it in a lower level compartment of power, nato as a power projection to be a sword wall against urrs, they never care about europe, if wwiii started during cold war guess everybody in europe will be a shield to the masters of the universe, dispensable tools of their masters.