Deadly Power Struggle Tears Down Sudan


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Deadly Power Struggle Tears Down Sudan

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Deadly Power Struggle Tears Down Sudan
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Deadly Power Struggle Tears Down Sudan

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Sudan appears to be moving closer to a civil war as a result of a deadly power struggle between the army and the paramilitary Rapid Support Forces (RSF).

The clashes broke out on April 15 when the RSF made an attempt to capture the capital, Khartoum. The army responded with full force, even calling in airstrikes against the paramilitary force. Intense fighting took place at the presidential palace, the residence of the army chief and Khartoum International Airport.

The clashes quickly spread to the northern city of Merowe. The RSF managed to seize a key air base near the city, where a detachment of the Egyptian military was recently deployed for joint drills. Egyptian Air Force MiG-29M fighter jets and El-Sa’ka Forces personnel were captured by the paramilitary group.

As of April 16, clashes were still ongoing in Khartoum as well as in the cities of Merowe, Port Sudan, Kassala, Gedaref, Damazin, Kosti, Kadugli, and Omdurman.

After a large offensive, army troops re-entered Merowe air base on April 17. The army also managed to hold onto most of the key positions in the capital.

General Abdel Fattah al-Burhan, Commander-in-Chief of the Sudanese army, and General Mohamed Hamdan Dagalo, the top commander of the RSF, accepted on April 18 a 24-hour ceasefire proposal after pressure from the United States. However, the ceasefire collapsed within a few hours, with clashes resuming in Khartoum and several other parts of the country.

As of April 19, the death toll from the clashes in Sudan has exceeded 270 people, with more than 2,600 others wounded. Many of the casualties were civilians.

Both al-Burhan and Dagalo have been ruling Sudan as the president and vice-president of the so-called Sovereign Council since a coup in October 2021.

Tensions between the two commanders stem from a disagreement over how the RSF should be integrated into the army and what authority should oversee the process during transition to civilian-led rule in the country. The army wants the transition to happen this year, while the RSF wants to push the process further back.

The clashes in Sudan are not ideological in nature, but rather a struggle over power. The army is said to be closer to Egypt, while the RSF receives backing from the United Arab Emirates. However, both sides support a neutral foreign policy for Sudan and maintain good relations with all international players, including both the United States and Russia.

The power struggle between the army and the RSF will likely delay transition to a civilian-led rule in Sudan, and could push the unstable country into a multi-year civil war.

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Madam Defarge

“Deadly power struggle” is the same as “war.” Someone’s taking the US Manual of Kindness seriously.


South Sudan must be so happy about their secession rn!

Since the muslims of Sudan have no christian pawns to kill anymore they go after each other. What a terrible mess. It could be one unified & harmonic country if not for the ideology of Mo..

Mr. Guldar Tate Esquire

There’s no Muslims to blame in the Ukraine, yet look at them fight and kill one another. The common link seems to be US destabilization.


US based Zionist pretend Jewish meddling more like.

Erik Nielsen

Western regime change operation, divide, weaken and conquer again again again.


There is a mistake in the video, at 0:24 the Sudanese Army (on the left of the screen) is represented by emblems of FSA and HTS.

Last edited 1 year ago by Redguard
Gardiner Mulford

I have heard this fighting is the result of new GOLD deposits found.


Amazing how this “clash” emerged out of nowhere when Sudan agreed to allow Russia to build a naval base…….

USA monkeypox #1

we create this—we very weak…”rather than found an intellectual elite amerika created a mulatto stud farm”. Rute Hamsun

daniel weatherman

Saudi Navy is working with British . Spec Ops got beaten in Ukraine and the airforce can’t afford heavy lossed of American equipment. Chinese and the locals should be able to keep it quiet. Check the area around Binladen construction works and Saudi investment and Huawei communications networks. MBS needs a crisis in East Africa now the ME peace deal is in place. Check for Reince Priebus Orthodox Archon cult and Angelina jolies Darfyur stuff and archeological visits.

Kashoggis Boat – Queen
The Weekend – Sacrifice

daniel weatherman

White mans losing control of commodity bubble and needs the mystical clit piercings of India monetized to get the gold standard going. I’ll teach you all about the mines of King Solomon one day and you’ll understand. They flooed the coal mines after Mendelhssons deal with the EU. Consider yourselves slaves to Jewry….

Midge Ur – The Man who sold the world
Scroobius – Gold Teeth

daniel weatherman

Meanwhile the elements of the Free World discuss the protection of Asia from the Communist party of China! THe CIA and the Dalai Lamas special Bear mountain units prepare for a series of coups to bring back the rites of divine asian kingship. The ghost of Lord mountbatten of Burma stalks the halls of an old embassy….

NIcky – One night Gay bangkok

Sammy A. Jr.

Oh, It’s NORTH SUDAN. I didn’t care enough to find if it was S. Sudan or N. Sudan.
All the MSM say’s Sudan… All I think is, “Which one?”
Didn’t a civil war tear the country in half already?

Ethiopia and the Tigray/Eritrean conflict? That’s been ongoing, heated up. During the last year. No coverage anywhere. Sudan has been a mess for a decade+ ?
Ethiopia had problems.
Now they’re fighting In the Tigray, Undefined Somalian borders, Kenyan’s and South Sudanese… All their borders except Djibouti. (Your booty) That place has a funny name. En Francais.

Sammy A. Jr.

How could I forget, North Sudan has all the Natural Resources that the rest of the world want’s.
South Sudan has very little exportable resources. Of course the MSM will say Sudan, because it’s North Sudan…