Yemeni Houthis, Iraqi Resistance Announce Joint Operations Against Israel

Yemeni Houthis, Iraqi Resistance Announce Joint Operations Against Israel

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The Iranian-backed Houthis (Ansar Allah) in Yemen announced on June 6 that they had carried out joint operations with the Islamic Resistance in Iraq (IRI) against Israel.

Houthi military spokesman Brigade General Yahya Sarea said in a statement that “the precise operations” were carried out with drones in retaliation for the “massacres committed by the Israeli enemy in the [Palestinian] area of Rafah” in the Gaza Strip.

One operation targeted two ships carrying military equipment, and another targeted a ship that “violated the Houthis’ entry ban on the port of Haifa in occupied Palestine [Israel],” according to the spokesman.

The IRI, an umbrella group of Iranian-backed armed factions in Iraq, confirmed in a statement that it had attacked Haifa port with drones in coordination with the Houthis.

Meanwhile, Israeli military sources told Xinhua that they were “unfamiliar with such an incident.” Witnesses from companies operating in Haifa said that the port was operating normally.

Later, the leader of Yemen’s Houthis, Abdul Malik al-Houthi, said that the group’s operations against Israel, carried out with the IRI, would intensify.

The Houthi have attacked dozens of vessels affiliated with Israel or owned by the United States and the United Kingdom in the Red Sea, the Gulf of Aden, the Arabian Sea, the Indian Ocean and the Mediterranean Sea since November in response to the Israeli war and siege on Gaza.

In addition, the group launched dozens of drones and missiles at the southernmost Israeli city of Eilat and shot down six American-made combat drones over Yemen and nearby waters.

The IRI also began launching attacks against Israel as well as against United States forces in Iraq and neighboring Syria after the outbreak of the war in Gaza.

The group suspended attacks against U.S. forces last February after the death of three American troops in a drone strike on a base in Jordan, reportedly upon a request from Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps. However, it has since escalated attacks against Israel.

The cooperation between the Houthis and IRI is not surprising considering that both groups are a part of the Iran-led Axis of Resistance. This cooperation does however pose a new threat to Israel as it could seriously endanger its ports on the Mediterranean.


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and do not forget the syrian oil fields are still occupied by usa. resistance is needed there as well.

Fart Joe Loser

correct 👍

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