Ukrainian Minister of Internal Affairs Deleted Facebook Post Calling Trump ‘Dangeroous Misfit’

Ukrainian Minister of Internal Affairs Deleted Facebook Post Calling Trump 'Dangeroous Misfit'

Interior Minister Arsen Avakov / Photo by UNIAN

Hard times have come for the Ukrainian political leadership with Donal Trump’s win in the US presidential election.

For example, Ukraine’s Minister of Internal Affairs, Arsen Avakov, was pushed to delete a Facebook post (created on July 31), calling Donald Trump a ‘dangeroous misfit’ because of Trump’s attitude over the Russian peninsula of Crimea. Avavok also deleted a high number of posts written between July 27 and August 17.

In coming months, the Kiev authorities that had clearly supported Hillary Clinton will make a series of attempts to explain the new US president why he’s needed to support a failed state run by corruptionists in eastern Europe. it looks the hate to Russia will not be a useful reason.

The original post by Arsen Avakov:

Trump’s statement about a possibility to consider recognition of Russia’s Crimea is a diagnosis of a dangerous misfit.

He’s dangerous for Ukraine and the US. The misfit, conniving to the Putin dictatorship, cannot be a guarantor of democracy in the US and around the world.

[Paul] Manafort worked with Yanukovich. Now he’s a head of Trump’s headquater… Yanukovich fled to Russia through Crimea. Where would Manafort lead Trump?

Ukrainian Minister of Internal Affairs Deleted Facebook Post Calling Trump 'Dangeroous Misfit'

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Hopefully the start of a foreign policy that is not part of the NWO.
These A holes are about to get a taste of reality very soon.


THIS coming from the man who in all probability gave the order for Kernes (Kharkov mayor) to be shot in the back (while on his morning jog) in Spring 2014, probably with Turchynov’s complicity.


Can’t wait to vacation in Crimea and drink with my Russian comrades!

Marek Pejović

Ukraininan govt. better start sweating, their support has just decreased. and as it is, they can’t even hold their state together as is.
Haha i see where this is coming: “reintegration” of Novorossya back into Ukraine under condition that Yanukovich is reinstated. doubt Trump will object, and EU support itself is like a cube of ice on a stove. Bad, bad times ahead for current Ukrainian government.


It is going to get even worse for Kiev.

Donald Trump, is no doubt fully up to speed with their activities. Plus, was it not Punchuk, who gave Clinton $25,000,000 (over a few years), was the one that got his attack dogs out in the media, in order to take Trump’s Campaign Manager down. Surely that would be a tad personal.

The new President in Waiting, will be taking the resignations of the Soros/Obama Ambassadors that are fully supportive of Kiev. Together with the fact, that many other member so the team, will no longer be in a position to support the demands of Kiev.

Not forgetting, most of the leaders in the EU insulted Donald Trump, in their desire to keep Hilary happy. Whilst those, that have no interest in the EU, but in positions of influence, were the first to publicly wish Trump all the best. Including President Putin. Now the EU is begging Trump to notice them, but would he really want to put them at the top of his party invites?

Panicked EU BEGS Donald Trump to discuss TTIP trade over fears USA would go to UK first…

Bearing in mind, besides Putin being one of the first to get in contact, Nigel Farage had already booked his flight, knowing that Trump was going to win. Farage is interested in a position as the US Ambassador to the EU – now that could seriously be funny, not as in bad, but with the EU having to deal with Nigel Farage working for Washington DC.

The enemies of the American people are the United-Kingdom, Norway, Israel, Saudi Arabia, Ukraine and Turkey.
Our closest allies are truly Russia, Japan, India, Lebanon, Iran, Iceland, Ireland, Spain and Greece.


What? Why UK? The people are glad for the US, even Nigel Farrage personally congratulated Trump… Not to mention Israel also seemed very happy that Trump won and said they want to improve relationships with America and Israel.

Real Anti-Racist Action

Israel says that about every president. Including Obama when he was first elected.
They just try and wine and dine every powerful person into servitude.
As for the UK, they have conquered or tried conquering every people group out their.
They conquered America in 1914 from within by dominating us with the UK-banks called “The Rothschilds”.
That is why we fought their First World ar for them. Cause we are their slaves.
We fought their Second World War for them as well, which the English started. Cause we are their slaves.
We want freedom from England again!