Ukrainian Military Facing New Threat In Rear


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Ukrainian Military Facing New Threat In Rear

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Ukrainian Military Facing New Threat In Rear
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Ukrainian Military Facing New Threat In Rear

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Amid the ongoing offensive operations in all directions on the Ukrainian frontlines, Russian strikes are pounding Ukrainian reserves in the rear regions. As a result, the Ukrainian command is losing its chance to rapidly react to the Russian assaults.

On the night of February 20, new massive Russian combined attack hit Ukrainian military and industrial facilities. Most of the targets are located in the eastern and central regions, where the Ukrainian military is accumulating forces to send them to the front.

The Ukrainian military proudly declared that its air defense forces destroyed all the 32 Russian UAVs and only three Russian missiles were allegedly missed; but Ukrainian media and local residents did not agree with Kiev’s claims.

In particular, local sources confirmed explosions in the Poltava region. Russian strikes hit the Kanatovo military airfield in the Kirovograd region. Explosions also thundered near the airfield in Dnipro. Industrial facilities in Kremenchug came under attack. Last night, a new wave of Russian strikes targeted the Ukrainian military in Kherson.

Russian strikes are constantly pounding the Ukrainian military in the rear areas close to the frontlines.

Last night, Ukrainian military forces were struck in Chuguev, from where they were expected to be transferred to reinforce its defense in Kupyansk.

Russian heavy bombs pounded the military facilities in the town of Orekhov in the Zaporozhie region. The Ukrainian command had just sent the reserves there for their further deployment in the village of Rabotino, where heavy battles have already broken out. More Russian strikes hit a command post, and a point of deployment of personnel in the capital of the region, Zaporozhie.

The loud claims of the Ukrainian military about the alleged interception of Russian drones and missiles do more harm than good to Kiev’s policies. Thus, NATO should pay no attention to Zelensky’s pleas and pay no more money to the all-mighty Ukrainian air defense forces.

However, no amount of air defense forces could protect Ukrainian rear areas from the growing threat of an underground armed resistance movement.

The number of attacks by pro-Russian guerrilla fighters on the Ukrainian military is rapidly increasing. Over the past days alone, several mysterious attacks targeted Ukrainian military facilities and leaders of neo-Nazi movements.

On February 4, warehouses filled with equipment for Ukrainian servicemen burned down in the Odessa region. On February 17, the local underground fighters derailed a military train full of foreign ammunition and military equipment in Vinnytsya.

On the next day, a fire was set to the enterprise used for the production of military UAVs in Lviv.
On February 20, the partisans blew up a bus with one of the leaders of the nationalist organization Right Sector in Odessa.

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Joseph Day

finaly they wake


today’s drugged idiot western generations of clowns understand nothing of the concept of patience.

how could they with a society that rewards undisciplined behavior, stupidity and a one second attention span?

Icarus Tanović

they, he should get an oskar for this performance! actually he already got one from that midget named penn.


interesting development with pro-russian guerrillas now undermining ukraine…


partizans in ukraine ???

what took them so long

jens holm

they to sell putin statues and are now building bunkers in a work for food program. the most skinny ones are used for soup with carrots and potatoes.