Ukrainian Independence: US Vice President Joe Biden ‘Ordered’ Poroshenko to Fire the Chief Prosecutor

Ukrainian Independence: US Vice President Joe Biden 'Ordered' Poroshenko to Fire the Chief Prosecutor

Ukraine’s President Petro Poroshenko (R) welcomes U.S. Vice President Joe Biden in Kiev, Ukraine, December 7, 2015. REUTERS/Valentyn Ogirenko

Originally appeared in A-specto, translated by Borislav exclusively for SouthFront

Some time ago US Vice President Joe Biden asked Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko to sack the former Attorney General of Ukraine, because otherwise the US government would not provide the promised loan of $ 1 billion, writes the American magazine “Atlantic”.

The magazine quotes Biden, who in his conversation with the Ukrainian President, says: “Petro, you will not get your one billion dollars”. “It’s okay, you can keep the General (prosecutor)” – says Biden. – “Just understand that in that case we will not give you the money.”

Earlier this year Poroshenko submitted a request for the dismissal of the General Prosecutor of Ukraine – Viktor Shokin. It was supported by the Ukrainian Parliament and the Verkhovna Rada, and on March 29, members of the parliament voted in favor of the dismissal.

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Okay, let´s just take this as it is; simply, you don´t get the money if we are not satisfied. Alright, it is not news regarding Western influence/control in Ukraine. So, what is interesting? For myself, the story lies in the amount of money.

What the heck is $1 billion going to do for Ukraine. It doesn´t fix anything structural or permenant. To me, it appears merely as bribe money. It´s enough to keep the Ukrainian President and his crew stocked wiht Twinkies and such but, it is not anywhere near enough realistically help the country. This is where the heart of problems exist, like the situation in Ukraine.

Bribe money is passed around in full view of the public. They will say it is aid. Oh really, aid for whom? It is done without a b it of shame or dscretion either. This behavior does not help the world; period. Yet it goes on day after day after day after day, year after year after year ad nauseam. Biden and the whole bunch run around the globe with no more sophitication and depth of character, than local street gansters trying to eek out a living in a tough neighborhood. What kind of example are they giving to all of us.

It is difficult enough for all of mankind to earnestly deal with the factors within our lives. There is the effort to pay the bills, keep food coming to the table, familial relations, relations within the community, personal challenges that consume much of our focus. For me personally, I am trying to consciously evolve as a human being. As we deal with our struggles, we have entrusted the caretaking of humanity to our leaders. What we get for providing all for them, like big mouth Joe Bidden, is disgrace after disgrace publically rubbed in our faces. Pffft, …. and they, Biden et al, will be treated as no more than clowns and abusers as history rolls on.

I have been a bit hard on the jackasses today but, once in a while they need a fresh tomato decorating their suits. I wish blessings realized and a good day to all