Ukrainian Drone Struck Cargo Train In Russian Rear Region – Report

Ukrainian Drone Struck Cargo Train In Russian Rear Region - Report

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On the night of May 14, Ukrainian UAV reportedly attacked the Russian Volgograd region. The strike targeted the local railway road.

According to the local reports, the attack took place at about 2 a.m. local time. The drone struck the railway near Kotluban station. In total, 9 freight train cars derailed. The footage from the area showed that most of them were transferring wood and scrap metal. Two of them contained fuel. As a result of the attack, the fuel tanks caught fire.a s well as the grass in the area.





According to the Ministry of Emergency Situations, a tank with diesel fuel and a wagon with lumber were on fire on the tracks. Rescuers received an emergency signal about two o’clock in the morning and were able to extinguish the fire only at about 3.30 a.m.

According to the Volga Railway, traffic at the station has been restored since 5.10 a.m.

The local officials reported that no one was wounded as a result of the incident. The official reports did not reveal the reason. According to unofficial data, the train came down as a result of the drone attack.

The Ukrainian military does not stop attempts to break through Russian air defense and inflict at least some damage to the Russian rear infrastructure. Most of the attacks are repelled by Russian forces. For example, on May 14, at least 6 Ukrainian UAVs and 20 rockets of the Czech-made Vampire MLRS were destroyed in the Belgorod region. Some of Ukrainian UAVs manage to reach some targets in the Russian rear areas. Most often the strikes target Russian rear oil refineries.


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breaking news

14. 05. 24 – german television, the first, “economy before eight”

russia’s economy is still on a growth course, the sanctions of the eu and the usa do not seem to be working!

breaking news

russia has converted its economy to a war economy and is currently growing by 3.2%. russia circumvents the sanctions by trading with friendly nations, which now have to be imposed with secondary sanctions.

but the war will eventually be over, – what will russia do then? putin doesn’t know the answer to that either!

breaking news

german quality media in top form

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3,6% in 2023 (“rosstat”, state office of statistics).

Gneaus stapo

lol,sure dawarish. burning money like there is no tommorow, wasting state reserves on massive scale is true path to growth and super substainable. especialy super intelligent, when gazprom has had to report first looses for ages.

Joop den Uyl

gazprom will cope with it, gazprom is coming from an extremely high level 😉😉😉


gazprom prolly booked in the losses from nato property seizures and blowing up pipelines.


keep on trying ukronazi swine, u already know the response will be severe.

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speaking of railways why are there still any operating in ukraine?


oh well, goes with war time use rane get off the tracks and fix.


look at all that scrapmetal and wood ukraine hit successfully, truely a warwinner.