Ukrainian Conflict A Testing Ground For US

Ukrainian Conflict A Testing Ground For US

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Written by Lucas Leiroz, journalist, researcher at the Center for Geostrategic Studies, geopolitical consultant

Once again, it seems clear that Ukraine is just one part of America’s ambitious war plans. According to Western media, American experts are “taking notes” of the reality of combat with electronic warfare in Ukraine. The objective is to make the Ukrainian battlefield a “testing ground” for electronic warfare techniques that can serve US interests in other conflicts – such as a possible confrontation with China in the future.

The story was published in an article on the “Defense News” outlet. Josh Koslov, leader of the US Air Force’s 350th Spectrum Warfare Wing, reported that the US is impressed with the widespread use of means of electronic warfare during hostilities in Ukraine, with both sides showing “agility” and efficiency in carrying out operations. Koslov believes that these skills will be needed by the US in the future, if the country faces a major opponent on the battlefield.

“The agility being displayed by both parties, in the way that they’re executing operations in the spectrum, is awesome (…) Both sides are doing the cat-and-mouse game very, very well (…) In the future, for us, if we do confront a peer, being agile and being rapid is the key to success in the spectrum (…) Not having control of spectrum leads to fatalities, leads to getting killed. And we’ve seen that time and time again in that conflict”, he said.

Although both sides are using this type of technology, the Russians are evidently proving to be more efficient, as can be seen in the results of the special operation. For this reason, Western analysts are evaluating Russia’s performance on the battlefield and believe that Moscow’s electronic skills are one of the main reasons for the Ukrainian failure.

In fact, electronic warfare (also called “spectrum warfare“) is one of the most important topics in contemporary military sciences, even though it is often ignored by some specialists. In current military campaigns, it is essential that the sides involved in hostilities have control over electromagnetic technologies, both for defensive and offensive use.

Given the high use of advanced technology in equipment such as computers, cellphones, radars and radios and guidance systems, a large electromagnetic environment is formed around the battlefields. The side that is most skilled in investigating enemy data through this electromagnetic environment has a huge advantage, both in direct military operations and in intelligence gathering.

Many analysts believe that Russian victories are largely due to Moscow’s high capacity to use the electromagnetic environment to its advantage. Using electronic warfare techniques, the Russian armed forces have been efficient in neutralizing most enemy attacks (mainly diverting Ukrainian drones), in addition to achieving high precision in their strikes. Russian electronic warfare technologies are also vital in destroying the communication lines of Ukrainian troops, having proven to be much more efficient than the entire technical apparatus provided by the West to Kiev.

As head of the electronic warfare wing of the American armed forces, Koslov knows his country’s weaknesses and seeks on the Ukrainian battlefield the knowledge necessary to solve US’ problems. There is a “need” on the part of the US to accelerate the modernization of its spectrum warfare capabilities because the country currently sees the possibility of engaging in direct conflicts in the near future. In this sense, the Defense News’ article reads:

“U.S. [spectrum] arsenal atrophied in the years following the Cold War, but officials are reprioritizing in preparation for a fight with Russia in Europe or China in the Indo-Pacific.”

This statement helps answer a series of questions about why the US continues to foment the conflict in Ukraine, even with Kiev on the brink of collapse. In addition to trying to “wear down” the Russians and generate destabilization in the Russian strategic environment, Washington is also observing the enemy, trying to gather data on its advanced war technologies to help overcome its own military weaknesses. In other words, the Pentagon is turning Ukraine into a “testing ground” for improving its own defense forces.

The only reason the US is doing this is because American officials see the start of a new conflict as imminent. Currently, few experts believe that NATO is willing to engage in an open war against Moscow, given the catastrophic effects this would entail. However, a conflict with China seems to be more in line with American plans, as for American strategists Beijing appears to be a “weaker” target, with a greater possibility of US victory in a direct confrontation. For this reason, the US has recently promoted intense militarization of the Asia-Pacific region, increasing local tensions.

So, in practice, the Americans are noticing on the Ukrainian battlefield what they need to improve in their own forces in order to achieve victory in a war they plan to start soon – being electronic warfare one of the main points to be improved. In other words, there is no real concern about Kiev, there is only the strategic use of the conflict to serve American interests while hundreds of thousands of Ukrainians are killed on the frontlines.


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The New Hypersonic Tsar Bomba

the usa is heading to its undeniable fall


yes, it is a sad story for humanity. first the us were burning villages in vietnam, and now they are being burned from their own lands with lasers by the wef. financial elites are also feasting on the war in donbass.


no they are not, it’s exactly the problem here as long as the us & their citizen not suffer personally this conflict will linger on, sooner or later the us will have to be drawn into this conflict directly, washington dc politicians need to be fair game when they ‘visit’ kiev, taipei, the kiev regime need to be liquidated putin’s biggest mistake sofar

Last edited 8 months ago by Pet

you are right , but the higher the costs for supporting ukraine , the greater will be the pressure to end the war, no matter how much they have already paid and how much profit the military industrial complex still expects. at some point there is a limit to this madness.

jens holm

almost funny


“the kiev regime need to be liquidated”, maybe , but i doubt whether it would bring the solution. rather it would escalate the war to dimensions which won’t be controlled. it’s not kiev regime which makes decisions in this conflict.

jens holm

we supperporter for them to their own has no lavk of many.

and you are right. after ussr landet har we used more needed welfare. the are partrly back.

ukriane was ment as kind of neutal bufferzone only able to defend themself. we insist in that and helpt them.

its supported by 141 nations in un.

jens holm

thats in protecting its own people. itsnt what states are for,

the huge warbugdet for saved salved usa citicens. the taxtayder themsellf has decided that


‘american experts are “taking notes”..’

no sh*t, sherlock? a point i and others have long been making. unless rus secures actual boundaries, prevents ukr-nato attacks and establishes an iron hold over central ukr and the black sea coast then this attritional slogfest could last for decades, cost countless thousands more rus lives and fatally weaken rus (esp if usa opens new fronts worldwide). cost to usa = paper, ink and running $$$$ printing presses.


cost to rus = overstretched at boundaries and 2nd fronts such as syria, pacific, baltic and potentially africa. existential wars are about gaining, securing and quickly, mercilessly pushing the aggressor out: not giving it time to regroup and counter. alas rus is running scared of escalating, despite nato being the aggressor, and must lose this mindset if it wants to prevent ukranato salvaging a crippling (for rus) stalemate from what was a certain nato defeat in april 2022.


from the other point of view: russian support in syria was necessary to save the southern borders in caucasus from the islamistic hordes and to gain experience and create a modern army to face nato attacks in the west. if you watch the russian moves in syria , they are carefully prepared and rational , always in mind , their ressources and options are limited. like in ukraine , they don’t waste people and weapons. it’s not weakness , it’s reality.

jens holm

i no see no islamtisk horde.

i see most of caucasus taken with hard hard and forbes. the same it of them.

almost none like that. that has not changed.

very much as russians has had been erased about that too. and relate to syria is even for far out.


no surprises there, every country and kingdom through human history has used war as a testing ground. the luftwaffe used spain as a test area for bomb training during the spanish civil war, and the us used vietnam to test all sorts of weapons, and russia is using this little local conflict to test their own kit.


“for american strategists beijing appears to be a “weaker” target”…
the american strategy is rather contradictory. they plan to attack a weaker target , at the same time support eagerly the russian-chinese alliance , so that the two “weaker” targets will surely work together. and finally both will destroy the very weakest target , the us itself.

jens holm

theb worls is not as you assume.

jens holm

thast not even news.

russia slept and forgot – know your enemy will – for tjejestniaa too.

jens holm

ha ha.

you will see them soon then :)