Ukrainian Army Advancing Against DPR Militia In Donbass Region

Ukrainian Army Advancing Against DPR Militia In Donbass Region

The main direction of the Ukrainian Armed Forces’ attack

Heavy clashes have erupted between the Ukrainian Armed Forces and local militias in the region of Donbass in eastern Ukraine, according to Ukrainian and Russian sources.

On December 18, the  Ukrainian Armed Forces launched a series of attacks against militia units of the Donetsk People’s Republic (DPR) near the key town of Debaltsevo. [In January 2015, pro-Kiev forces suffered a heavy defeat in this area and were pushed to retreat from the  town]

Kiev forces, supported by a heavy artillery fire, attacked the DPR militia near the villages of Logvinovo and Kalinovka. Limited attacks by Kiev troops were also reported in the areas of Sanjarovka and Lozovoe.

Most likely, the initial plan of Kiev forces included an idea to send reinforcements and to develop an advance in the direction of Debaltsevo in case of initial success at Logvinovo.

Meanwhile, the Ukrainian media blamed DPR forces for “violating the ceasefire” and spreaded reports about an “offensive” by “Putin’s mercenaries”.

On December 19, an intense fighting with suage of artillery pieces continued, but the Ukrainian military failed to achieve any gains, according to local sources.

By now, pro-DPR sources reported that 10 Kiev troops have been killed and 20 injured in the clashes. 3 infightry fighting vehicles belonging to the Ukrainian military were also destroyed, according to reports. The Ukrainian media reports the Ukrainian military has lost 6 soldiers killed and 20 injured.

Kiev’s “Anti-Terrorist Operation” Headquarters said that DPR forces lost 25 fighters killed and 30 injured. Nonetheless, these numbers cannot be confirmed by neutral sources.

Ukrainian Army Advancing Against DPR Militia In Donbass Region

A general look at the situation

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I live in the west and I view western political leaders as repugnant degenerates. They seem to love killing people.


The people of Western countries view war as an electronic game. They have no concept of inconvenience much less blood, suffering, and death. They ignore the law of Karma, and will be horrified when what they sent around comes full circle. What goes around comes around.


My initial feeling is Syria isn’t going somebody’s way, so they are trying it again over here.

Miha Semprimožnik

Well it was kind of expected. Loss of Aleppo and probably any options to make a opposition government in Syria has led Americans to revival the war in Ukraine

Gary Sellars

Let the Ukropistani dogs come. The defenders of Donbass will show them that free men defending their homes, families, friends & neighbours cannot be defeated by a filthy band of degenerate orcs. Fucking banderite filth, come and die….

Igor Volovik

Укропам пора уже давно ехать на хутор бабочек считать . Недоделки

Funny how the leadership of Ukraine is ethnic-Jews.
Does Russia get the message yet?
Who committed the Holodomor against ethnic-Russians?
Are Russians ready yet to deal justice to the real creators of the Second World War?


Rebelles from DPR = Rebelles from Syria

Bio_ Hazard

DPR/LPR Novorossyia
1) No Allah Akbar every 1 to 2 seconds
2) Much more organized and already have a government
3) Much more advance weaponry
don’t compared the two

Igor Volovik

Сравнил божий дар с яичницей

StNekroman Sama

У тебя вместо мозгов яичница, долбоёб.


Except that:
1. the rebels from the DPR are indigenous citizens, not terrorists from terrorist organizations recognized as such by the United Nations, especially by United Nations Security Council resolutions; note that Russia never hosted official events for the DPR representatives, unlike the Friends of Syria, which did it for the Syrian rebels;
2. only the Western governments recognize the “rebels’ government” of Syria as the “rightful representative of the Syrian people”, unlike the Russian government, which only works wit the internationally-recognized governments; thus, if Russia behaved like the West, Russia ought to recognize Novorossiyan government as the “rightful representative of the Ukrainian people”;
3. the legitimacy of the Ukrainian president is just about the same as the legitimacy of the Syrian president, except that the Syrian president still enjoys much higher popularity among his citizens; the difference is not only that Russia respected both elections, whereas the Western cuntries respected only the elections, whose results suited the Western clique and they keep imposing vicious sanctions on the “regime of the butcher of Damascus”, all the while lavishly supporting the regime of the butcher of Kiev” with money and arms; and all this despite the fact that the abominable West maintains this attitude despite the fact the Syrian government has always been ready to negotiate with its opponents, which the Syrian opposition was always reluctant to do, whereas the Ukrainian government has always stubbornly refused it, whereas the DPR an LPR leadership has always ready to negotiate with the Ukrainian government.

Thus, from the above (the corrected analogies), it looks like that the Syrian rebels are like the Ukrainian government.

Kire Stojanovski

Have you seen rebels from DPR beheading anyone? Or read about them massacring the civilian population???


I don’t care about the behaviour of all these rebels , indeed. Do you mean you would support the muslim rebels if they don’t kill civilians ? I will not.
Will you stop your support to the DPR , if they are finally convicted to have shut down the MH17 flight ? You will not

All these rebels have chosen to take the military way to fight the legal government . It can be the only option , or not ! But the worst to be blamed are the foreigner countries ,which give them weapons, ammo, or logistical assistance

Kire Stojanovski

You call the Maidan coup and the Petro Poroshenko puppet neonazi government legal? Assad government is hundred times more legal than that. It is a bad idea to equate them.


Ok, look at your Porky’s militants in picture here:
Why are those in black uniform? Are they deash may be? Why they wear Nazi symbols? Are they Gruppen SS guys?
Anyway they are those who must be exterminated from Donbass land. So Kievan rebel regime = ISIS terrorist state.


Accuweather predicts a mild winter, There will have to be a real cold snap to stop the fighting from the Ukie side. In mid January the ground will be hard enough on even the plowed fields.

Love One Another M

Slavic people should love one another, not kill one another. Judging by the actions of Kiev, they/the Ukrops/ were born among the Slavs by some mistake. The Ukrops are degenerates who cannot be set right, unless God alone takes that task in His own hands. Till then, the Russian brothers must defend themselves with all available means.


What can you expect from them? A 1/3 of the Ukrainian government is not even composed of Ukrainians!
But in the West they call it “sovereignty”…! Event though it looks a lot more like a colony…

StNekroman Sama

Смерть ебаным кацапским выблядкам!


curious avatar you adopted. does it say: Moskals got my lard stolen? Or, кляти москали усе сало зъилы!