Ukrainian Armed Forces Attacked DPR Positions in Southern Sector of Front

The Ukrainian Army has made another attempt to break through positions of the DPR forces in the south of the republic.

Ukrainian Armed Forces Attacked DPR Positions in Southern Sector of Front


The Ukrainian Army has attacked positions of the Donetsk People’s Republic (DPR) forces in the area of Leninskoye village in the south of the republic, a representative of the DPR Operational Command said.

The DPR representative noted that the Ukrainian Armed Forces have once again violated the ceasefire and started to attack DPR positions at about 2 pm local time. “After the artillery preparation with 152-mm weapons, enemy units have launched an attack with forces up to one squadron, supported by mortar fire, in the area of Leninskoye village. The fighting is currently ongoing,” the DPR Operational Command stated.

In this connection, the DPR Operational Command called on the OSCE Special Monitoring Mission to Ukraine (SMM) to take immediate measures to stop the fire of the Ukrainian Armed Forces in the southern direction of the contact line.

On October 12, Ukrainian military tried to break through the defense line of the republic near the villages of Leninskoye and Kominternovo in Novoazovskiy area. The enemy used mercenaries from Poland and Georgia. As result, 15 soldiers of the Ukrainian side were killed, while 30 others were wounded.

A day before, head of the DPR Alexander Zakharchenko announced a sharp deterioration of the situation on the southern front. In particular, he pointed out that a combat helicopter was used by the Ukrainian Forces during attacks on the territory of the republic. DPR soldiers put the enemy’s helicopter out of action, while it was attacking their positions. The incapacitated helicopter landed on the territory of Donbass, occupied by the Kiev Forces.

Today, the representative of the DPR Operational Command told journalists that foreign mercenaries could be in the helicopter.

“According to preliminary information, foreign mercenaries – instructors from the NATO, were in the downed helicopter. The area of the incidence [with the helicopter] is cordoned off for several days, cellular communication is disabled,” the RIA Novosti news agency quoted the words of the representative of the DPR Defense Ministry.

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The Nato scum and mercenaries should be renditioned to RF and guantanamomized