Ukraine Sends 2,000 Foreign Mercenaries to Donbass – Report

According to the People’s Militia of the Luhansk People’s Republic (LPR), the Ukrainian Command has sent about 2,000 foreign mercenaries, some of whom speak Arabic, to the area of Luhansk village.

Ukraine Sends 2,000 Foreign Mercenaries to Donbass – Report

About 2,000 mercenaries, some of whom speak Arabic, have been sent to the area of Luhansk village by the Ukrainian Command, spokesman for the People’s Militia of the Luhansk People’s Republic (LPR), Major Andrey Marochko, said at a briefing on Wednesday.

“About 2,000 mercenaries, dressed in black uniform, have arrived to the area of the village of Luhansk. Some of them communicate in Arabic language. All arrived mercenaries have been placed in kids’ summer camps and empty private houses of the settlements,” Marochko said.

“The arrival of more than 100 nationalists from units of the Right Sector has been spotted in the area of the village of Mironovka for strengthening of the frontline of the 54th Brigade,” he added.

Marochko also noted that most likely, in the case of withdrawal of the Ukrainian Armed Forces from the line of delimitation of the sides, Kiev will use these units of the Right Sector for conducting of provocations and terrorist acts against civilian population with a following accusation of the people’s republic.

The information about foreign mercenaries, arrived to the contact line of the republic, was announced only by the LPR military. However, the LPR People’s Militia did not provide any proofs of its words, such as photos or videos of the mercenaries.

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Worst of the worst. Don’t think many will be taken prisoner.


Original merc deployments were discussed as early as March 2014 in the Dnepropetrovsk regional parliament (Kolo tubber stamp), a figure of 250, in relation to “Greystone” was mentioned at that time, since then, multiple vids with various non-RU/UA languages have emerged, as well as physical evidence (e.g., Debaltsevo pocket). A number in the upper hundreds to lower thousands is reasonable, these are used to do things UA citizens do NOT want to do, note failure of Mobilization waves 3-5. Only the May 2014 (UA) mobolization was successful. Now those men (Cherkassy and Kirov. Oblasts mostly) REALLY know what is going on.


I bet they have just had a tour of Aleppo and surrounding districts. Just why is Ukraine so important to the leaders of the liver eating, head choppers?

Can they afford them? There again, it would be lovely to see so many liver eating, head choppers find a nice spot in the cauldrons of or the compost of the local airport.


These mercs are more probably associated with outfits like Greystone (UK) and of course whatever the main US outfit (Xe, etc.) is calling itself these days, but those include men from South America and Africa too. Polish is well-established, there are probably some UK/US men as well, in addition to various circum-Baltic retrogrades, their numbers are not large enough for general large-scale attacks, thus the sniping and constant low-level attacks, backed by UAF (regular) artillery at a distance. I suspect most close-quarters fighting is by now irregular (volunteer, officially absorbed) units supported by mercs in places. This war is highly unpopular outside four oblasts of NW UA and Kiev proper, so regulars will not serve in the latter capacity.

jklahsd32 laksd13

If they cant afford them, then we know who can, and who this war truly serves a good purpose to.


It is no wonder a certain nation lost $6 trillion from the Pentagon Budget. Can the US tax payers seriously afford all these colour revolutions/regime changes to keep Soros sweet?

Alex Diamantopulo

Another puke from Olgino…


wellcome to the death field dear mercenaries. did you leave your testament ready at home already ?