Ukraine Promises More Blood For Globalist Throne


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Ukraine Promises More Blood For Globalist Throne

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Ukraine Promises More Blood For Globalist Throne
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Democracy demands sacrifices, especially if these sacrifices are being paid in the interest of one solemn neo-liberal superpower. Over the past years, this practice has been widely employed by regimes that seized power at the points of Western bayonets. Nonetheless, there is one proud Eastern European failed state that is furiously trying to get to the top of the leaderboard in this list.

In recent weeks, the Kiev regime once again went wild. On November 26, Clown-In-Chief Volodymyr Zelensky claimed that he has information that on December 1-2 his circus will be targeted by a Russian-instigated coup. These claims came just after the joint drills of Ukraine, Turkey, Romania and the United States in the Black Sea and are based on allegedly existing tapes with conversations between some ‘Russian representatives’ and Zelensky’s political opponents. The Ukrainian President said that the mythical coup will require 1 bln USD and will be a ‘big mistake’.  Meanwhile, it’s the first of December here and no indications of the mysterious 1bln Russian coup are observed.

However, there is something that can be clearly seen. Over the past days, Kiev forces have violated the ceasefire regime on contact line with the Donetsk and Lugansk People’s Republics over two hundred times. The Ukrainian Army is openly using large-calibre mortars and heavy artillery that it had to withdraw under the Minks agreements. Even official representatives of the LPR and DPR that often underreport the scale of ceasefire violations confirmed the escalation and casualties among local self-defense forces. According to a Russian Foreign Ministry spokesperson, as of today, the Ukrainian Army has concentrated in the conflict zone 125000 troops.

In 2019, Zelensky came to office under slogans of re-establishing peace in the region of Donbass and starting the dialogue with the DPR and LPR. As of December 2021, his administration openly declares the goal of destroying the already undermined Minsk agreements, supports activities of various radical groups all around the country, and persecutes independent journalists and political opponents. Nothing to see here, just an ordinary post-Maidan democracy in action.

The only little concern of Zelensky & Co is the need to be useful for their foreign sponsors. So, the settlement of the conflict is not in the plan. The permanent threat of a military escalation in Eastern Europe has a positive impact on the business of oligarchs that not only loot their own country, but also enjoys access to foreign funds provided to support Kiev’s crusade against ‘Russian aggression’. NATO bureaucrats support the Kiev cause because they are scared that without mantras about the need to ‘unite to defend democracy’ in the face of the ‘threat from the East’, European countries may forget about the need to make preparations for a new aggressive war against Russia. Burning 5G towers and daily races to buy new ‘science-proven masks protecting from coronavirus’ require a lot of energy.

Fortunately for the Ukraine-NATO dream team, the current administration in Washington is infested with the globalists and hardcore neo-liberals that regularly encourage their little partners to make further steps on the current destructive path to a new war in Europe. Statements of US officials demonstrate that Washington clearly supports the course of the Zelensky administration to undermine any kind of dialogue with the DPR and LPR. Instead, the Biden administration welcomes suppression of political opponents by force and the use of discriminatory practices against citizens suspected in having the “wrong” political views. Something, what the Biden team happily does in its own country.

As long as the Washington administration is led by such great people, Europe will have no rest in facing more and more threats and destabilization attempts instigated in the interest of the globalist agenda.

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Klaus Meier

Langjährige US Strategie: Bedrohungen und failed Staates rund um die RF… Die Ukro Faschisten als willfährige Werkzeuge bis zur Selbstzerstörung. Gratuliere EU !


There has been no Fascistic type of government since 1945.

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[The series includes articles by Ezra Pound who highlights the problem of money and the Central Banking system; Anne Seelig-Thomann describes the achievements of Hitler, and the role of women in National Socialist Germany; Joseph Goebbels, outlining his vision of European Socialism; Vidkun Quisling, calling for the political unification of the Nordic race; General Franco’s speech to the people of Spain; Major General J.F.C. Fuller, describes the Fascist attitude to War.

Oswald Mosley provides an analysis of the political philosophy of Fascism. Alfred Rosenberg outlines the “World” philosophy of Fascism and National Socialism. Dr. Robert Ley describes the goals and achievements of the National Socialist “Strength through Joy” program, and Max Hunger describes the achievements of the German “Winter Relief Work”.

Whilst these and other writers in Fascist Voices shared common values in the Fascist creed, each had their own political agenda and loyalties. In Fascist Voices the reader will obtain not only an understanding of the vision and achievements of Fascism and National Socialism, but the reader will also understand why powerful economic and political vested interests sought their destruction.

Some eighty years later, the world knows very little about the Fascist and National Socialist creed, except the lies and distortions provided by its opponents. The publication of Fascist Voices seeks to address that problem.]

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This edition contains essays by:
John Beckett
James Drennan
Norah Elam
General Franco
Major-General J.F.C. Fuller
Joseph Goebbels
J. K. Heydon
Max Hunger
Jorian Jenks
William Joyce
Dr. Robert Ley
Francis Mcevoy
Sir Oswald Mosley
Ezra Pound
Vidkun Quisling
Alfred Rosenberg
Arthur Reade
Anne Seelig-Thomann
Claud Sutton
Alexander Raven Thomson
A. Yusuf Ali

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Lone Ranger

Ukropistan must fall.
Its not a country but an evil abomination.

K Yogesh Patel

These are deadly games. Dont play them or you will be addicted.

Last edited 2 years ago by K Yogesh Patel

All of Novorossiya and all lands east of the Dnepr river must be liberated from the Kiev nazi regime – now!

Burley Bearson

So, what happened? Putin just happened to fall for the ‘over-arching plot of the globalists?’