Turkish Warplanes Enter The Scene Of Northern Syria And Iraq


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Turkish Warplanes Enter The Scene Of Northern Syria And Iraq

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Turkish Warplanes Enter The Scene Of Northern Syria And Iraq
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Turkish Warplanes Enter The Scene Of Northern Syria And Iraq

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A week after the end of the fighting in Hasakah, the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) counted their losses. According to the Kurds, 121 people were killed during the ISIS raid on Geweran prison.

The victims of the terrorist attack include forty fighters of the Arab-Kurdish forces, seventy-seven prison staff and four civilians. Some of the fighters are still missing, so the final number of the victims may increase.

At the same time, more than four hundred prisoners escaped from the Geweran. The SDF claimed the elimination of three hundred and seventy-four ISIS militants during the counterterrorist operation in the city of Al-Hasaka.

Twenty-seven suspects with ties to the ISIS were later detained by the SDF during an operation in Raqqa on January 31. However, their links to ISIS are yet to be proved.

According to the SDF, after the escape of the terrorists, ISIS planned to launch major attacks on security forces and civilians in the region. However, the Arab-Kurdish forces and soldiers of the international coalition thwarted the plans of the jihadists, inflicting a “crushing defeat” on the group.

At the same time, the terrorist threat remains high both in Syria and in Iraq, where counter-terrorism operations are regularly carried out.

Recently, during one of the operations in the Iraqi province of Salah-Ed-Din, a UAV crashed. It was shot down near the military unit “named after Martyr Majid At-Tamimi” (the former location of the US Air Force “Spiker”).

The drone belonged to pro-Iranian forces and was used for aerial reconnaissance as part of the ongoing counterterrorist operation. The drone was likely shot down from the ground by ISIS militants. According to another version, it could be mistakenly destroyed by the US Air Force, who are also participating in the operation.

After the end of the fighting in Hasakah, the calm in the north of the country did not last long.

On the night of February 2, the Turkish Air Force conducted an operation “Winter Eagle” in Iraq and Syria. Turkish manned and unmanned aircraft hit Kurdish targets in the areas of Derik, Sinjar and Karacak, used for bases by Kurdish forces in northern Iraq and Syria.

The operation was announced by the Ministry of National Defense of Turkey.

According to the report, attacks were carried out on shelters, caches, caves, tunnels, ammunition depots used by terrorists, as well as on the so-called headquarters and training camps of militants.

At 22 o’clock local time, an air raid struck the Makhmur refugee camp in Iraq. The camp and the surrounding area were hit about 20 times, according to local activists. Two people were killed, 15 other were injured.

A little later, the Turks attacked the positions of the Kurds in the mountains of Iraqi Sinjar.

Three people were injured in the north-east of Syria in the province of Hasakah. The strike was carried out in the vicinity of the village of Tequil Bakil, near Al-Qamishli.

Meanwhile, unrest was reported in the area of the Turkish operation Euphrates Shield in Syria, where various opposition groups continue to fight with each other.

On February 2, clashes were reported in the town of Aazaz near Aleppo. The militants arrested and mobbed a passerby at the city mosque.

The detainee was reportedly installing a bomb on the street. The clashes could also be a result of another conflict between opposition groups fighting for control of cash flows and redistribution of zones of influence in the region.

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