The U.S. Government’s Attempt to Control Russia and China, Replace U.N.

The U.S. Government's Attempt to Control Russia and China, Replace U.N.

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Written by Eric Zuesse

The U.S. Government is ratcheting up its attempt to control Russia and China and to impose America’s undefined “rules-based international order” to replace the U.N.’s existing, and far more clearly defined, international laws (which are produced not by any one nation, but instead by all member-nations of the U.N. and in accord with the structure and procedures set forth within the U.N.’s Constitution, the U.N. Charter). 

America is seeking to replace the U.N.’s weak but existing international democracy among nations and impose, in place of it, a strong international dictatorship that the U.S. Government intends to impose by means of America’s 900 foreign military bases and of whatever consent which that imperial Government can obtain from its ‘allies’ or vassal-nations or colonies (over which the U.S. Government holds considerable sway by virtue of its dollar being the international reserve currency and its control over the IMF and World Bank and by other international agencies that likewise are effectively under the control of the U.S. Government).

By contrast: Russia, China, Iran, and many other countries, are fully committed to build upon and strengthen the U.N.’s international democracy, and would need to be militarily defeated by the U.S. and its ‘allies’ in order for them to yield to the dictatorship that the U.S. Government demands.

There is no way, other than via a World War Three (which would destroy the entire world), that the dictates by the U.S. Government and its ‘allies’ will be complied with, by them — the countries that insist upon preserving their own sovereignty over their own land.

America’s international sanctions that haven’t received the approval of the U.N. are the cause of most international conflicts in today’s world, and are examples of U.S. laws which the U.S. Government demands that the world’s other Governments must comply with in order for those other Governments and their citizens to avoid being punished by “secondary sanctions” that those American laws authorize for the American Government to apply against any nation or person that refuses to comply with America’s primary-sanction laws, which primary sanctions are directed against the Governments that the U.S. Government most wants to control (i.e., to add to the U.S. Government’s existing empire), such as Russia, China, Iran, Venezuela, Syria, North Korea, and Cuba.

Because Cuba is virtually bordering on the United States, there is objective reason for the U.S. to be concerned lest another major world power would place forces there against America (such as was the issue in 1962), but none of the other countries is at all a legitimate national-security concern to Americans — yet the U.S. Government pretends otherwise. ONLY imperialism is America’s actual reason for its having 900 military base in foreign lands.

The U.S. Government is now expanding its NATO military alliance against Russia so as to make NATO become also a military alliance against China, effectively to globalize its North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) and turn it into the entire world’s militarized police force coercing all non-U.S. Governments, and thus becoming the dictator to the entire world.

On 4 February 2023, the Wall Street Journal headlined “China Aids Russia’s War in Ukraine, Trade Data Shows: Despite sanctions, Moscow equips its jet fighters, submarines and soldiers with help of Chinese companies”, and opened:

China is providing technology that Moscow’s military needs to prosecute the Kremlin’s war in Ukraine despite an international cordon of sanctions and export controls, according to a Wall Street Journal review of Russian customs data.

The customs records show Chinese state-owned defense companies shipping navigation equipment, jamming technology and jet-fighter parts to sanctioned Russian government-owned defense companies.

Those are but a handful of tens of thousands of shipments of dual-use goods — products that have both commercial and military applications — that Russia imported following its invasion last year, according to the customs records provided to the Journal by C4ADS, a Washington-based nonprofit that specializes in identifying national-security threats.

C4ADS is a ‘charity’ for ‘peace’ that is staffed largely by retired American military experts, and its arguments are founded upon the view that any nation which disobeys the U.S. Government is a ‘threat’ to American national security; in other words, it is solidly neoconservative or U.S.-imperialistic, “You’re either with us or you’re against us”; and they won’t be satisfied (i.e., they assume that there won’t be ‘peace’) until America’s empire includes each and every nation. For them, ‘peace’ can exist only upon the basis of force; everything in international relations is a zero-sum game. Victory should always go to the strongest. Might makes right. That’s basically the source the WSJ is citing as its authority here. This doesn’t mean the source (C4ADS) is necessarily lying, but that it is arguing for the U.S. to control Russia. Its argument favors continuation of the control over Ukraine on Russia’s border, that the U.S. Government had won in February 2014 in a coup that overthrew Ukraine’s democratically elected Government. This might-makes-right view is popular in America. Polls (such as this one published on 6 February 2023) show that the American public overwhelmingly favor the result of that coup, which started the war in Ukraine, but don’t know that it had been a coup at all (far less one that was run by U.S. President Obama’s people), which was called by one American expert “the most blatant coup in history.” That it was a coup was hidden from the American public by the U.S.-and-allied news-media, just like the fact in 2002 had been hidden from them that there no longer were any WMD in Iraq — America and its ‘allies’ invaded there only on the basis of lies. (And, even to this day, Americans don’t know that fact.)

The WSJ article continues:

Customs and corporate records show Russia is still able to import … technology through countries that haven’t joined the U.S.-led efforts to cut off Moscow from global markets. Many of the export-controlled products are still flowing through nations such as Turkey and the United Arab Emirates, whose governments are accused by Western officials of flouting the sanctions and controls. Turkish officials have said the sanctions are ineffective and that Ankara is playing an important role as an interlocutor with Russia. Under pressure from the U.S., Turkey has moved to halt some financial and business ties.

Notice the WSJ’s sly clause there, “whose governments are accused by Western officials of flouting the sanctions and controls,” implanting in the reader the false idea that those “sanctions and controls” were by international law instead of by imperialistic dictat, and were also implanting the false idea that “Western officials” there represented international law instead of their own U.S.-and-allied international tyranny.

America is now blatantly demanding other nations to comply with laws that the U.S. Government imposes that have no international validity under existing U.N.-authorized international law.

In effect, the U.S. Government is now openly at war against the U.N. itself and trying to replace it by brute force, not only militarily, but via the IMF and other U.N.-authorized organizations, so as to turn them all against the U.N. itself.

America has conquered its ‘allies’ (including — since February 2014 — Ukraine), and is at war against all other nations — its economic “competitors” — all of which it equates (in its implicitly zero-sum way) with being its diplomatic and military ‘enemies’.

If a person defines “evil” as the adjective that refers to any person who prefers zero-sum games to positive-sum games — prefers coercion to cooperation — then is the U.S. Government the most evil force in the world today? That is the question which should be debated and discussed the most, nowadays. Because: a person’s answer to it affects that person’s entire outlook and behavior toward society. The ramifications of this issue are immense.

For example: perhaps America is the world’s most competitive (zero-sum) nation and China is the most cooperative (positive-sum) nation, and perhaps this is the main reason why America especially craves to defeat China. Is that just a difference in ideology, or is it also a difference in ethics: a contest between evil and good?

Investigative historian Eric Zuesse’s new book, AMERICA’S EMPIRE OF EVIL: Hitler’s Posthumous Victory, and Why the Social Sciences Need to Change, is about how America took over the world after World War II in order to enslave it to U.S.-and-allied billionaires. Their cartels extract the world’s wealth by control of not only their ‘news’ media but the social ‘sciences’ — duping the public.


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Isser Harel

When the FM satanic powers are threatening non-existence of one’s country, then it is time to unleash hell upon them. the world was not given to humanity so that a handful of selfish evil people could own everything. Let them go to hades where they belong.
Boorla is killing gods chosen people and they pretend nothing is happening. Fix the problem and end the threats by going all out in self defense.
End the eugenicists once and for all.

Isser Harel

North atlantic fuck tard organization of rapists and murderers. Strike them down.

franktsek social worker

gestapo stapo has been controlling fratisick anus for 44 years

Peter Jennings

If american sanctions have not been approved by the UN, then the USadmin is just bullying other smaller nations. The UN should be calling the USadmin to account for this abuse of power. Something the UN was supposedly created to check.

It’s becoming more obvious year by year that the UN is now superfluous and merely a way to try and legitamise the corrupt plans of international criminals.