Syria Reports Losses After Israeli Attack On Building Near Damascus (Videos)

Syria Reports Losses After Israeli Attack On Building Near Damascus (Videos)

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Syrian air defenses early on May 9 engaged Israeli missiles launched from the direction of the occupied Golan Heights towards a building in Damascus’ outskirts, the Syrian Arab News Agency reported, citing a military official.

Only some of the missiles were intercepted, the unnamed official told the state-run news agency, adding that losses were limited to material.

The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, a London-based pro-opposition monitoring group, said that the Israeli attack targeted a cultural center and training camp of the Iraqi Harakat Hezbollah al-Nujaba armed faction, an Iraqi armed faction, close to the Shiite town of Set Zaynab in the southern outskirts of Damascus.

Harakat Hezbollah al-Nujaba is a key faction of an Iranian-backed umbrella group known as the Islamic Resistance in Iraq (IRI).

The IRI has been launching attacks against Israel since last October in response to the war on the Palestinian Gaza Strip. This month, the group carried out more than attacks against military and infrastructure targets in Israel using cruise missiles and suicide drones. However, these attacks were most likely launched from Iraq, not Syria.

Late on May 8, drone infiltration sirens sounded in the Golan Heights settlements of Yonatan and Keshet. The IDF didn’t clarify what triggered the warning, but there was speculation of a drone attack by the IRI.

Israel has significantly escalated its attacks on Syria since the outbreak of the war in Gaza, targeting Syrian military sites as well as personnel of Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps and its affiliates.

War-torn Syria has for long refrained from responding to Israel’s repeated attacks in what appears to be an attempt to avoid a dangerous confrontation.


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Psionists slaves of America

iraqis are cheaper than dirt . just look at how iraq allows greengoes to do whatever they want inside iraqi territory even after the zionist-enslaved dumb greengoes killed over a million innocent women children and men with inhumane sanctions and wars of aggression based on premeditated lies about weapons of mass destruction.


the maggots in occupied palestine are crying out to be destroyed. i pray to live to see that day come soon.


syria not responding is a tactical decision. not only does this cause israel to continue to use it’s offensive weapons, but also lets syria retain it’s offensive weapons. when the time comes when it becomes necessary to use them, they will still have them and israel will have yet another front to confront.