Suspected Israeli Strike Hit Vehicle In Syria Near Border Crossing With Lebanon (Videos)

Suspected Israeli Strike Hit Vehicle In Syria Near Border Crossing With Lebanon (Videos)

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A suspected Israeli strike hit on May 18 a vehicle on an international highway near the town of al-Dimass to the west of the Syrian capital, Damascus.

The vehicle was reportedly targeted close to the al-Masnaa border crossing with Lebanon. It is unclear however if it had entered Syria or was leaving the country when it was struck. The strike was allegedly carried out by an Israeli combat drone.

The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, a London-based pro-opposition monitoring group, reported that the fate of two people who were aboard the vehicle at the time of the strike was unknown. However, Lebanon’s Al-Mayadeen TV, which is close to the Syrian government, said that the strike didn’t result in any casualties.

There was no comment from the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF). Israel rarely claims responsibility for attacks on Syria or reveal their targets.

The strike came less than a day after an Israeli strike killed a top commander of the Islamic Group, the Lebanese branch of the Muslim Brotherhood, who worked alongside the Palestinian Hamas Movement on the Lebanese side of the al-Masnaa border crossing.

Israel has significantly escalated its attacks on Syria since the outbreak of the war in Gaza, targeting Syrian military sites as well as personnel of Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps, Hezbollah, Hamas and other affiliated forces of the so-called Axis of Resistance.

Despite taking losses, war-torn Syria has for long refrained from responding to Israel’s repeated attacks in an attempt to avoid a dangerous confrontation.


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Crocus Shooting Gallery

israel is slapping ass-ad around again!



israel is just like a fish out of water, all agitated and wiggling around because it knows its end is near. those murders won’t save you, despite 75 years of murder and genocide the resistances are only rising and getting more and more efficient. how much longer you still think you have? better pack up and run like you did in 2000 from south lebanon, because soon that won’t be an option. you thought you were digging a grave for your enemies, but now you have both feet in it


just 1 simply question one needs to ask all those believing in the jewish invented history lies, to expose their twisted wordview. question: if really “the good” have won wwii, then why is the world of today such a disgusting place full of genocide, globalism & mrna mass-poisoning, asyl-terror, replacement-migration, jewish-israeli world terror, wars everywhere, hunger, starvation, greed and child abuse !!??

Last edited 24 days ago by MotherTeresa

but most people simply dont ask themselves this urgent, very important question. they simply accept lies, which the jews invented to degrade germans, and to justify jewish world domination. there’s one genius book where the true history is explained in detail. book’s name is: the myth of german villiany. written by benton l. bradberry

Last edited 24 days ago by MotherTeresa
Icarus Tanović

just look at that! hamas fought for them like more than decade in syria, and now they’re killing them.