Suspected ISIS Attack Kills 13 Pro-Government Fighters In Central Syria

Suspected ISIS Attack Kills 13 Pro-Government Fighters In Central Syria

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More than a dozen pro-government fighters were killed in central Syria on May 3 in an attack by suspected militants of ISIS.

The attack targeted three military positions in the area of al-Kum, to the north of the town of al-Sukhnah in the eastern Homs countryside.

The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights (SOHR), a London-based pro-opposition monitoring group, said that 15 fighters from the National Defense Forces were killed in the attack. However, Sham FM, a pro-government radio station, said that only 13 soldiers and pro-government fighters were killed.

ISIS has not yet claimed responsibility for the attack. However, it was blamed by both the SOHR and Sham FM. The terrorist group’s cells are also known to be active near the area where the deadly attack took place.

In recent months, ISIS stepped up its attacks in central Syria. At least 21 fighters of the Quds Brigade, a pro-government armed faction of mostly Palestinian fighters in Syria, were killed in an ambush on April 18 near al-Sukhna. The attack was also blamed on the terrorist group.

The Syrian military has already reinforced its positions in the central region and resumed strikes against ISIS cells and their hideouts there in cooperation with Russian forces. However, the terrorist group’s insurgency will not likely end any time soon.

ISIS cells continue to receive support from their comrades in the northeastern region, which is held by the United States and its proxies. In addition, Syrian and Russian officials have accused U.S. forces in the southeastern area of al-Tanf of training and even arming militants, including members of ISIS.


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