SouthFront Is Rising From Ashes

Last month was critical for SouthFront!

The Washington establishment has made every effort to demolish SouthFront. Almost all US-controlled banks and payment systems suspended SF accounts and stole funds deposited on them. It seemed that we had no choice but to leave the information space.

We decided to fight to the end. SF Team members, our core supporters used personal funds in order to overcome this critical period. Some of the members of our Team, who are full-time involved, refused to receive any compensation for almost two months.

We apparently succeed. Slowly but consistently, we are restoring and creating new channels that will allow our audience to contribute us safely. We are aimed to restore the volume of our broadcast and the quantity of high-quality analyses that we had before the US sanctions.
Today, we are working on new formats, consistently adhering to our principles and refusing to accept funds from governments and corporations that seek to influence our agenda.

Dear friends, we cannot overcome this difficult transitional period without your consistent contribution. We kindly ask our friends, who have stood shoulder to shoulder with us, to try to make a step beyond the lines of personal comfort zone and consider new ways to support SouthFront.

These days, we are able to receive your contributions to crypto addresses in BTC, BCH, XMR. We also have other, more traditional, accounts and way to get funds that you can use. In this case, we kindly ask you to write us on for further instructions.


Monero (XMR): 49HqitRzdnhYjgTEAhgGpCfsjdTeMbUTU6cyR4JV1R7k2Eej9rGT8JpFiYDa4tZM6RZiFrHmMzgSrhHEqpDYKBe5B2ufNsLSouthFront Is Rising From Ashes
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Lone Ranger

Why would anybody deposit anything in a U.S. bank?
They are Pirates

Ding ding dong

I think they probably mean Paypal for example.

jens holm

I agree with Ding but allow me to add there is no inflation. By that the incomming money only loose 1 or 2% a year.You can compare with Liras in Turkey, Lebanon and Syria as well as fx Rials and the Rubel has higher inflation too.

Abraham Lincoln

Can South front get Discuss back for comments? I like how one is notified of any responses with it and the ability to post links and pictures


Bless your website very good articles


What I admire about SF is that it allows dissenting comments and provides more information than what is easily found in msm

Ilya G Poimandres

Formatting wise, defo change your videos to be more like the Starship Troopers news bits with the “would you like to know more” when cutting between scenes.

Steve Standley

If Disqus was responsible for comment deleting and censorship, please DON’T use it anymore. I think most of us would rather deal with harsh criticism than arbitrary and capricious censorship. Thanks.


disqus is owned by zeta global, a zionist run, publicly listed corporation headquartered in nyc. In other words garbage.

Bruno G

Disqus never deletes or censors individual comments. They require that the organisations using their comments service moderate comments to comply to their terms of service. For instance, in case of repeatedly reported hate speech, the organisation using the service and violating the terms of service may get warned, may be requested to take action and ultimately it may lead to ending the service.


Thanks. Disqus is thus more effective as a censor. It requires the customer to self censor. Same result as on Twitter and YouTube but less work.

Urs Brülhart

All major IT players will soon censor anything that contradicts liberal views and especially transatlantic agendas.

That is why one or the other open, even harsh word among adults has long been better than what the hate speech agents of Soros’ grace have planned for the societies.




Ahaha gotcha, Affiliation Confirmed…SF is using the renowned Phoenix firebird symbology of the Corrupted Brotherhood network.