Russian Group Strike Hit Ukrainian Air Force Facilities, Other Military Targets (Videos)

Russian Group Strike Hit Ukrainian Air Force Facilities, Other Military Targets (Videos)

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The Russian military launched early on June 12 a group strike against several military targets in Ukraine, the Russian Ministry of Defense announced.

The strike, which was carried out using “long-range air- and ground-based high-precision weapons and unmanned aerial vehicles” targeted at flight lines and infrastructure of a Ukrainian Air Force base, the ministry said in a briefing, adding that one temporary deployment area of foreign mercenaries, preparation sites of uncrewed surface vehicles, ammunition and explosives depots were also struck.

“All the assigned targets have been engaged,” the ministry affirmed.

A series of blasts rocked different parts of Ukraine in the early morning. As usual, the Ukrainian military said it shot down five out of six missiles and all 24 drones launched during the Russian overnight strike. However, Ukrainian officials reported damage and casualties in the capital, Kiev, the Dnipropetrovsk region and other areas.

Fire at an industrial facility in Kiev that was struck lasted late into the morning, according to videos posted to social networks.

Also early on June 12, Kiev forces launched another attack with American-made MGM-140 ATACMS tactical ballistic missiles on the Crimean Peninsula.

According to Ukrainian media, the target of the attack was air defense systems. The attack was reportedly foiled by Russian air defenses. The Russian MoD didn’t provide any details, but it said in its briefing that nine ATACMS missiles were intercepted over the past 24 hours.

Kiev forces stepped up attacks on Russian territory in recent months, apparently in an attempt to make up for their recent defeats in the battlefield.

In response to this escalation, the Russian military resumed group strikes on military and related energy infrastructure in Ukraine. Kiev has taken heavy losses as a result of these strikes, so far.


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Ukrainian Partisan Resistance

the uprisings in odessa shows an example of unity against nаzis and what can be achieved if the civil population join their forces in a combined strike against the tcc officers of the illegitimate kiev regime.

Last edited 1 month ago by Ukrainian Partisan Resistance
Conan M

and as russia continues it’s war of attrition to beat back the western terrorist…

the u.$.media mouthpiece invents another 9/11 to feed the lemmings of imminent danger -this just in
breaking: 6 suspected terrorists with isis ties arrested in major u.s. sting

6 russian nationals linked to isis were arrested in los angeles, new york, and philadelphia.

fbi director wray:

“there is a potential for a coordinated attack here in the homeland, akin to the…

Conan M

this is why if you are powerful nations with the most sophisticated nuclear triad as clout. you never ignore an opportunity when it arrive


i’m still waiting for the fbi to explain their “special relationship” with the tsarnaev boston bombing brothers and their chum todaev. the bbb’s uncle ruslan was a cia asset, and ruslan’s father-in-law was an iran-contra cia agent.

Conan M

that happened after both 9/11 and the abkhaz/south ossetia conflict.

had russia taken the initiative with the sheet of music that is architects and engineers for 9/11 truth and their petition to the well of the un security council demanding an investigation instead of keeping his mouth shut, we’ll never know how safe the world might have been from future events like it, ie. beslan and crocus hall!


complete rubbish. beslan occurred three years after 9/11. ae 9/11 was founded in 2007. gladio was revealed publicly in 1990, with no resultant investigations in the us and uk, the operators of gladio. your assertions about a global response to hypothetical russian petitions to the unsc are silly.

Last edited 1 month ago by Clyde

boston marathon is the same hoax as skyscrapers, but even more theatrical, because seems like nobody died except tsarnaev murdered by fbi. that guy in wheel chair without legs jeff bauman lost his legs much before “deadly” blast, he is too calm and no blood running from legs. participators of marathon didn’t sop running though the blast should wound them, it shows real power of the blast. hollywood is getting worse.


i am highly skeptical of most analysis of terror events on the territory of the us empire. but fixating on subjective physical evidence takes people down the garden path. we know for certain that 9/11 was a psy-op and that significant outright lies were told by us officials about every aspect of the events. similarly the 7/7 in the uk, boston, etc. but that’s pretty much all we know with any certainty.

Gangsta Rap

anton, you’re fantasizing again.

Gangsta Rap

uncle was a cia asset and they sort of lost control of the nephews he brought with him.

hey, shit happens. just think of how much fun it’ll be to host the future fugitives from the ukrainian corrupt mafia shithole government.

Last edited 1 month ago by Gangsta Rap

funny like in 1945 when nazis and banderites escaped in north america like that old bastard gunko (or hunka, doesn’t matter) or wernher braun. now their descendants sit in canadian government and parliament and applause to modern nazis.

Gangsta Rap

the f in fbi has long stood for fibber.


russia needs to make more decoys, especially of high value targets.

if you have an expensive sam battery, why not put a couple of cheap decoys a missile explosion away from the real one?

V2 for Victory

for the same reason about their lack in anti-mine devices and anti-drone defense systems (such like shrota and arena, where are now?). i guess, the lack of coordination and initiative.


ukrainazia can burn in hell!!! i thank god each and every day for russia’s nuclear arsenal of gods justice, from russia with love is now called

s dnem pobedi, 1941-2024!!!

Last edited 1 month ago by SARMAT is GOD
Gangsta Rap

fireworks…….who doesn’t love them?