Russian Forces Took Control Of Semenovka West Of Avdeevka, DPR – Report

Russian Forces Took Control Of Semenovka West Of Avdeevka, DPR - Report

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On April 15, both Russian and Ukrainian military sources reported new Russian gains in the Avdeevka direction in the Donetsk People’s Republic. According to preliminary reports, the assault groups of Russian troops advanced in the village of Semenovka and took control of the last stronghold of the Armed Forces of Ukraine in the settlement.

Advancing from the south, Russian forces have recently broken through the Ukrainian defense and advanced in the northern part of the village. As a result of heavy battles for Semenovka, the Armed Forces of Ukraine were repelled from the last stronghold on its northern outskirts.

In their turn, Ukrainian military sources confirmed that as a result of successful “offensive actions in the northern part of the second line of defense of the Armed Forces of Ukraine to the west of Avdiivka”, Russian troops had significantly advanced in the settlement of Semenovka. Inflicting heavy fire damage on the Ukrainian positions in the southern part of the village, “the Russian Armed Forces took control of both the entire southern and central parts of the village”, according to Ukrainian sources. The Ukrainian military always acknowledges Russian victories with a significant delay. Ukrainian sources also acknowledged that the key intersection of the road to Novoselovka Pervaya in the center of Semenovka.

Ukrainian military commanders recognize the fact that the Armed Forces of Ukraine began retreating from Semenovka, partly to the remaining positions in the north of Berdychi and Novobakhmutovka, partly to the west. The Ukrainian troops are retreating from Semenovka across the fields under heavy Russian fire.

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