Russian Army Destroyed 30 Ukrainian Boats, Neutralized Dozens Of Troops In Kherson

Russian Army Destroyed 30 Ukrainian Boats, Neutralized Dozens Of Troops In Kherson

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The Russian military destroyed 30 boats of Kiev forces in the Kherson direction over the past day, the region’s Russian Governor Vladimir Saldo said on May 22.

“Fighters of the Dnepr Group of Forces were engaged in active defense on the left bank of the Dnieper River and delivered strikes at the enemy on the opposite bank. They also successfully fought off enemy drones. The Kiev regime lost 30 boats, three electronic warfare stations, 45 drones, 61 observation posts and 40 UAV control points,” the governor wrote on his Telegram channel.

In addition to the losses reported by Saldo, the Russian Ministry of Defense said in its daily briefing that the Dnepr Group of Forces naturalized 35 Ukrainian troops, seven motor vehicles as well as four towed howitzers, two American-made M777, one Msta-B and one D-20.

Kiev forces began launching attacks across the Dnieper River in the Kherson direction after the failure of the spring counteroffensive of last year.

Most of the attacks were foiled. However, Kiev forces managed to keep a bridgehead at the small settlement of Krynki at the cost of thousands of troops and hundreds of pieces of military equipment. This didn’t last however as earlier this week it was confirmed that the bridgehead was wiped out and the settlement was once again under Russian control.

Despite suffering heavy casualties in Kherson and losing ground in several other directions, the Kiev regime will not likely stop attack attempts across the Dnieper.

The main purpose of Ukrainian attacks in that direction was always just to provide enough propaganda material to appease Kiev’s backers in the West.


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i wonder how many english, sbs lost their lives supporting the zionist nazi regime in ukraine. let’s not forget those american navy seals, firing american missiles at civilian targets in crimea! may your bodies fit the bag, the russian military filled!

Crocus Shooting Gallery

ukraine celebrates its martyrs and will never surrender to the filthy orc bastads!!!



with the rate soldiers in the armed forces of the failed ukrainian cia project are dying as the russians grind them up, that is going to be an enormous celebration. i suppose it will have to be held in edmonton once the puppet ukrainian state collapses and oun-b is driven back into the wilderness.


but what right russian have to go and invade somebody else’s country. if that’s the case there are no peace in anywhere in the world anymore…..


all of you nazis will end up as martyrs. we are working on that. heheheh


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Chump Champ UA

the keystone cops were better organized and commanded than the afu. but be happy, many more martyrs to come to celebrate as zelensky and syrskiy turn ukraine into what arestovych now calls, the cadaver of the second ukrainian fascist state attempt.

and all you morons needed to do was keep your neutrality and not jump into bed with nato as their whore. didn’t know that nato had a snuff flick planned for you from the start, did you, chump?

Dick Von D'Astard

zelenskyy is the 21st century variant of pol pot.

eliat diggins

ha ha…i like how the article says 35 ukrainian troops were “naturalized!”


coming back to the nature as fertilizer.

jens holm

it is natural for us amerikan vassals to be defeated by superior russian


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those nazis getting hit hard they should sign the surrender.

In the tenth round

i’m frankly beginning to feel sorry for the poor unwilling conscripts with a three day life span on the front. afu command treats them worse than shit.

then i think of that lindsy grahamcracker jackass, braying for more ukie blood in a congressional chorus and bojo’s former advisor calling ukraine a corrupt mafia shithole and the empathy begins fading away.


ukraine army destroy 30 russian boats .and neutralize dozen russian of troops in kherson