Russia Has Right to Bomb Terrorist Targets in Ukraine – Expert

Russia Has Right to Bomb Terrorist Targets in Ukraine - Expert

Russia has a right to strike terrorist bases located in Ukraine, Russian military expert Viktor Murakhovsky has said in an interview to the Russian state-linked daily “MK.”

The interview followed the incident on the Ukrainian-Russian border in the Republic of Crimea where groups of Ukrainian saboteurs had made few attempts to enter the Russian territory in order to conduct terrorist attacks against the peninsula’s critical infrastructure and civil objects. The  attempts were thwarted by the Russian Federal Security Service.

Murakhovsky noted that a wide network of armed groups, that are out of control of the Ukrainian military and special services, operate in the territory of Ukraine. However, he does not exclude that the saboteurs participated in the Crimean incident could be trainted by the Main Intelligence Directorate of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine.

Murakhovsky emhasized that if it’s needed, Russia has the right to strike terrorist bases on the Ukrainian territory.

“Obviously the saboteurs were professionals, but our security forces acted in a way so that civilians would not suffer. It’s unfortunate that two military servicemen were killed. The strengthening of security measures and the elimination of the Ukrainian sabotage network will be a sufficient answer. And, for sure, Moscow should warn Kiev that if provocations continue, there will be an adequate response within the framework of international agreements for combating terrorism. The actions of Ukrainian saboteur-reconnaissance groups could be considered to be terrorist in nature because Russia and Ukraine are not at war. Thus, Russia has a right to strike terrorist bases located on the territory of Ukraine.”

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Boris Kazlov

Long overdue, Russia should not have stopped Novorossiyan forces from liberating Mariupol and Odessa, the consequences of these mistakes were disastrous. Putin was absolutely right saying that Ukro war moves are a distraction for their economic collapse and inability to comply with MInsk agreements. Ukro crisis begins to unfold now.

Mathew Hughes

The Pravyi Sektor is a terrorist organization that terrorizes already UKR and threatens Russia.

If Russia bombed the terrorist inside of Ukraine, understand that they will also be bombing SAS operatives who train the terrorist inside of Ukraine.
Just like two weeks ago when Russia had to call the SAS at the terrorist base in southern Syria for the SAS to run before the bombed their newly trained terrorist there too.
SAS are the most professional terrorist trainers in the world.
And Russia needs to understand this.
Why bomb the byproducts of terrorism only? When you can bomb the terrorist trainers and equipers directly and solve the whole problem permanently.


Absolute nonsense. Russia behaves as aggressor.
Russia plans, prepares and made terror acts in Ukraine every week.
Russia should be called a terrorist country. Like ISIS.


Make no mistake – if ukrops will make more provocations like these the RF will liberate not only Donbas but Mariupol and Odessa regions as well.Ukraine would fall apart in a few days and probably the new state of Novorussia would come to life with many former ukrainian regions willing to join.


“Murakhovsky emhasized that if it’s needed, Russia has the right to strike terrorist bases on the Ukrainian territory”

“Has the right” to do this, “has the right” to do that, blah blah blah… Empty threats like this are not fooling anybody. You either go ahead and do something, or you don’t. Terrorists and saboteurs have already started directly attacking Russian borders, while Russia still keeps talking about “the right” to strike terrorist bases “if it’s needed”, like some goddamn paper tiger. Memo to Russians: Nobody gives a SHIT about international so-called “rights”; your international “rights” are those that you can ENFORCE, nothing more!

Russia is even unwilling to bomb the thousands of jihadi terrorists out in the open in Syria thumbing their noses, for fear that a few terrorist-supporting “civilians” might become collateral damage. What a loser nation!