Riyadh Returns To Bombing Sana’a After Ansar Allah Makes Gains


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Riyadh Returns To Bombing Sana’a After Ansar Allah Makes Gains

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Riyadh Returns To Bombing Sana’a After Ansar Allah Makes Gains
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From an almost simmering conflict, focused on several fronts and primarily on Ma’rib city in the past months, Yemen is quickly turning into the early 21st century’s bloodiest war.

Despite all their claims of not supporting Saudi Arabia, the United States is back selling them weapons yet again. The provision of intelligence and logistical support expectedly had never stopped, as part of Washington’s alleged efforts to fight terrorists in Yemen.

On November 25th, the Saudi-led coalition announced that its warplanes had carried out eight airstrikes on Houthi (Ansar Allah) forces in the central Yemeni province of Ma’rib.

The coalition claimed that its airstrikes had killed 60 Houthi fighters and destroyed five vehicles belonging to the group.

Late on the previous day, Riyadh’s warplanes carried out a series of airstrikes on the so-called Presidential Camps to the south of the Yemeni capital, Sanaa, under the Ansar Allah movement’s control.

In the early morning hours, several airstrikes hit a construction site near a hospital in the western part of Sanaa.

The Saudi-led coalition claimed that the site was a “secret drone factory” belonging to the Houthis. Nevertheless, two civilians were killed and two others were wounded in the airstrikes.

Prior to that 15 Saudi-led coalition airstrikes hit the central Yemeni province of Ma’rib, where the Houthis have been advancing for the last nine months. According to the coalition’s claims, 95 Houthi fighters were killed and 11 of the group’s vehicles were destroyed.

Sana’a was previously “protected” under a pledge by the Kingdom that it wouldn’t bomb the capital. Evidently, that grace period has ended, with Riyadh’s forces attempting to turn any Houthi position into scorched earth with relentless airstrikes.

The Houthis launched a large-scale attack to capture Ma’rib city and nearby oil fields nine months ago. Over the last few months, the group has made significant gains. Houthi fighters reached the western outskirts of the city and secured positions close to its southern outskirts.

Regardless of the airstrikes, Ansar Allah still seems to have the upper hand in the fight, and capturing the strategic city is just a matter of time.

The United Nations is keeping silent while the Saudi-led coalition ramps up its airstrike activities, saying that the war should end and that Yemen could still recover if things do not escalate further.

Riyadh’s efforts are seldom mentioned, unless a massacre has been carried out by Saudi-led coalition airstrikes or troops, while any Ansar Allah advance is met with calls that the humanitarian disaster is worsening.

Saudi Arabia has a plethora of enablers for its Yemen adventure and still is barely holding on in the fight.

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Rodney Loder.

Putin of course has to be very chummy with the Kingdom ruled by a jew grub for OPEC reasons their making a killing together, and that’s also a good reason for Iran to let Houthis be defeated but their not doing that, probably because KSA could turn on the Arabs and support israel 100% like Egypt, so Iran is right to hold on supporting Yemen for the sake of geopolitics and Paradise.

Anyhow the word is in Heaven that I’m making the call on who enters and who gets the black hole joining the homosexual Sid Loder. I’m not judgmental but the story is that Allah (swt) is going by my recommendation, – just something to think about that’s all, Allah is anonymous in Heaven so we cant say for sure but we do know who turns up and who doesn’t, God is great (swt).


What do yo expect Russia to do attack Saudi? That would make the Saudi Zio puppet government more popular.

Houthis are wining draining Saudi making Zio Saudi puppets look bad in Muslim world and they will help the Saudi people overthrow the Saudi gov. it can’t be going better then it is now


Watch out Saudi terrorists, the Houthis will be knocking on your door very soon, and the more you bomb now the more you will soon pay.

Arch Bungle

The house of Saud must be getting desperate …