Opinion: Assassination of DPR Commander ‘Motorola’. Mighty Ukrainian Saboteurs Or Ignored Problems in Donbass?

Opinion: Assassination of DPR Commander 'Motorola'. Mighty Ukrainian Saboteurs Or Ignored Problems in Donbass?

SouthFront Team has received an email from our Russian reader with an interesting opinion about the recent assassination of the porminent commander of the Donetsk People’s Republic, Arseny Pavlov (nickname “Motorola”). Motorola was killed in the elevator yesterday when he was returning home.

The received text:

Is the Ukrainian Army Intelligence so powerful that it’s able to liquidate prominent DPR and LPR commanders? If true, why it ignores the possibility to liquidate the DPR and LPR political leadership in order to impact the political situation in the region? In contrary, it occasionally kills some military commanders, excluded from the media sphere.

Considering a wide expirience of the United States,  the USSR and Cuba of various vendetta-style assassinations, it’s hard to believe that:

  1. If the Ukrainian leadership has the strategic will and possibilities to implement such saboteur actions, they would for sure change the foreign policy course;
  2. Kiev has ‘genius’ saboteurs that are able to operate successfully ont the adversarial militarized territory, especially, using complicated method of assassination that we observed.

So, the possible explanations of the icident are:

  1. ‘Motorola’ was killed by American saboteur group with had used the connivance of local authorities;
  2. The local authorities ‘allow’ the Ukrainian special services and other power brockers to liquidate prominent commanders that are not linked with the local ruling elites;
  3. Some Ukrainian ‘saboteurs’ have increased their skills and become 007-like agents;
  4. Play of chance.

Some experts believe that in recent months Moscow has lost some tools of influence on the regional elites in Donbass.

Taking into account the growing activity of Ukrainian radicals and and the increased destructive role of Washington, the modern situation in Donbass gives rise to concern about the possibility to keep Eastern Eruope in, at least, shaky stability.

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Is obvious that the building was restricted and the Arministrators, Cleaning Men and Repairmen are involved in facilitatiing the plantig of a bomb in the elevator… Too many Militia Leaders assasinated in Donbass and local olygrachs are inolved !! Time to impose Moscow Rules for the whole bunch…. Time to hunt for Occodental Contractors Heads !! (to be publicly displayed)

chris chuba

It’s unlikely that the Russians have anything close to the same security apparatus in DPR/LPR that they do in Crimea given Putin’s nature of doing everything he can to respect national sovereignty, including Ukraine’s. A combination of the absence of Russian Federation security combined with Ukrainian loyalists would make DPR/LPR rather porous. I don’t think that it would take an elite team to infiltrate Donbas, especially if they were given specialized equipment from the west.


It has CIA written all over it. The CIA toppled the elected president in coup. The People of DNR had election demanding independence that overwhelmingly passed.Then CIA agents had opposition assassinated after peace treaty. Not internal quarrel but threat to all those who oppose CIA/Clinton foundation plans for DNR. If Motorola was involved in shooting down NATO chopper ,there was a potential revenge motive .

Brad Isherwood

The Atlanticist in Russia with CIA?

Russell Bonner Bentley III

Sounds like bullshit to me. Motorola had no public feuds with the Administration, there is NO advantage to ANYONE here by his death, and the worst effect is stupid, groundless speculation that it might have been an “inside job”. This is a piss poor article, based on anonymous bullshit with NO evidence. Motorola had the trust and respect of the DNR people and Administration. It was Motorola who Zaharchenko sent to protect the LNR from the coup. Is that a job you would give to someone you didn’t trust, and had already tried to kill twice? No. If SF has any evidence that the killers were other than the logical and obvious ukrop nazis and their Western masters, let’s see it. Otherwise STFU.