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The emerging US strategy appears to be centered on imposing a regime of isolation on Russia and China with the aim of ultimately effecting regime change in both countries through a combination of political, economic, and military measures. The military component consists of building up naval, aerial, and space capabilities for blockade and strike directed at these two countries and any countries aligned with them. The ongoing shift of US military capabilities away from protracted land warfare toward naval and aerial long-range strike using hypersonic weapons and swarming munitions, evidenced by the US Marine Corps’ shedding of its tanks and heavy artillery and the US Army opting for long-range missile arsenals and even anti-ship capabilities, indicates a preference for “non-contact” warfare in the future, with client states being assigned the role of “bleeding” in future conflicts. The fact that even the Chairman of the US Joint Chiefs of Staff, the senior military advisory body to the civilian leadership, a US Army four-star general himself, argues that in the future the US Army will need to have its funding reduced in order to facilitate the US Navy’s improbably ambitious expansion plans, is very telling in and of itself.

NATO’s obsession with so-called “Anti-Access/Area Denial”, or A2/AD “bubbles” supposedly being built by Russia and China in order to protect their territory from NATO’s aggression in locations such as Kaliningrad Region, Crimea, Hainan Island, and other locations, is indicative of the offensive nature of NATO’s operational planning which is plainly inconvenienced by the notion of putative targets being able to shoot back. The development of drone swarms and hypersonic munitions, together with the desperate emphasis on deploying as many of the clearly flawed F-35 stealth fighters as possible, is all part of the technological arms race intended to give offense an advantage over defense. But technology is only one part of the puzzle. The other is that deep-strike technologies require, well, “access” to politically open airspace which may not always be available. Moreover, US deep-strike capabilities may also rely on bases located in client states that would become targets of counterstrikes. That the possibility, indeed the strong likelihood of such retaliation exists was suggested by Russia’s warning to NATO in advance of the post-Douma false-flag operation cruise missile strikes against Syria that, should Russian forces or facilities be targeted, the Russian military would not limit itself to downing the munitions.Instead it would also go after the launch platforms (meaning aircraft and warships) as well as bases from which they were operating. In that context, it would have meant NATO air and naval bases in Greece, Italy, and as far away as Spain, which homeports four US Navy destroyers at Naval Station Rota. One way or the other, the message was received by NATO and no Russian forces or facilities were targeted. But the precedent was established, and we can assume it will be followed in any future confrontations. Which means that United States’ ability to launch strikes against Russia or China, their forces and bases both on and outside its national territory and airspace, will also be limited by client states’ unwillingness to suffer retaliatory strikes. This creates a major diplomatic challenge for the United States, which is relegating its “allies” to the role of punching bags forcing to accept retaliatory blows following its own strikes. The sheer size of Russia and China combined means that the challenge varies from region to region.

Here the situation is relatively the easiest for the US, given the proximity of Alaska where a major military build-up is taking place, including anti-ballistic missile defenses, forward-basing of strategic bombers, and plans for major F-35 permanent deployment in addition to the air-defense F-22s already stationed there. However, these bases have pretty limited reach, even with aerial refueling for the F-35s, which means that to reach targets closer to Arkhangelsk and Murmansk US forces would have to rely, one way or another, on bases in Norway, Iceland, and even Greenland. The likelihood of the relevant political authorities giving assent to the use of these bases in support of strikes against Russian forces or assets in the Arctic reasons appears to be low. Given these countries’ economic interests in the Arctic and the effectiveness of the Arctic Council at managing the problems of the region, it does not appear likely that Norway, Denmark, or Iceland, would go so far as to risk being a target of Russian military retaliation, and the inevitable end to that international organization which would follow. While Sweden and Finland are also making noises about joining NATO, which would enter huge swaths of airspace to “access” by US aircraft and missiles on their way to Russia, the prospect of becoming a target of retaliation has so far kept them from joining that organization outright. One, however, should not discount the possibility of existence of various secret agreements and arrangements that are being kept from these countries’ populations.

Here the United States has two countries that are actually willing, at the governmental level if not popular one, to absorb Russian retaliatory strikes. These are Poland and Romania which have already agreed to host components of US National Missile Defense system, and which are all but guaranteed to give the US whatever “access” it needs in case of an operation against Kaliningrad or Crimea, respectively. The restraining factor here is the fact both of these countries happen to be members of the European Union and will remain such for the foreseeable future in spite of earlier US efforts to split the union by peeling off first Great Britain, and then Eastern Europe. While not members of the Eurozone, they are nevertheless part of the common market and open border zones, and serve as the preferred destination for “outsourcing” by Western European firms seeking to avoid Eurozone’s high labor costs (which creates its own set of problems). The pressure on North Stream 2 and indeed on all EU-Russia economic and political ties is motivated by the desire to eliminate the political resistance to the free use of EU’s airspace for offensive military operations against Russia and its targets. So far it has had little success, and has even elevated North Stream 2 issue to the level of question whether Germany is in any way a sovereign country. United States is also exerting indirect pressure on Germany by actively courting France as its “preferred” continental interlocutor at the expense of Germany. However, the economic benefits of EU-Russia collaboration have proved greater than anything the United States could provide to offset them, and Biden’s own version of “America First” policies is unlikely to be more attractive than Trump’s.

To make matters worse, Poland’s and Romania’s proximity to Russia have meant a certain unwillingness to place major US military bases there, meaning that even when it comes to operations by bombers based in the United States, some of their support functions would be performed by military units based in Germany, Italy, and Great Britain, rendering them vulnerable to retaliatory strikes as well.

Here, if anything, the situation is even worse for the US than in Europe’s case because there does not appear to be a single country that is an equivalent to Poland and Romania in the sense of having political leadership willing to make their country a hostage to Washington’s military planning. The relevant countries where US currently has bases include Japan and South Korea, neither of which views their relationship with China as a zero-sum game. Philippines, Indonesia, Singapore, Thailand, do not show signs of giving the US a blank check in any situation other than a major threat to their own vital interests by China. The political resistance would mean pushing US support infrastructure to as far as Guam, which is too far and too poorly developed to sustain large-scale carrier battle group operations in eastern Pacific or South China Sea. Even Australia, which has a strong Sinophobic lobby and which moreover self-identifies as part of the “Anglosphere”, is on the fence regarding the desirability of granting unfettered access to Australia’s bases and airspace for the purpose of operations against China.

The difficulties United States are experiencing at providing the political preconditions for the implementation of their ambitious aero-naval-space blockade and strike capabilities demonstrate the importance of traditional diplomacy to national security. Russia’s outreach to the European Union, the Middle East, and Asia, as well as China’s oft-maligned “Tiger diplomacy” have created a situation in which US military power is functionally displaced by political considerations. It does not even appear that the US leadership is fully aware of the reasons for the ineffectiveness of its military power, otherwise it would not be sending badly overworked aircraft carriers on “double-pump” deployments or keep decades-old strategic bombers on what looks like a repeat of permanent patrols, though this time without nuclear bombs onboard. This is, however, what a multipolar world looks like and will look like going forward. Biden administration’s agreement to extend the New START with Russia for five years without preconditions, over the objections of such hard-liners as Victoria Nuland, suggests there is some reluctant recognition that the world is shifting toward a more equitable distribution of power and wealth.

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johnny rotten

American military likes to speak big, but the supersonic missiles do not have them and they will not have them for a long time, perhaps ever, on the swarms of drones it is soon said, Russia has adequate electronic war systems in degrees to neutralize threats even larger than drones.
But also on the retaliation the generals of the MIC pretend that the retaliation would only reach the allies, actually with the new version of Kalibre 3M14M and X-101 the retaliation would arrive directly on American Command Centers at home, and without having to abandon the airspace of the Russian Federation would be launched by the air forces.
In practice the Yankees continue to throw out BS without a stop, one could say that they have completely lost the connection with reality over the acting, an effective method of suicide.


If either side could do so, they would’ve done it already.


You need to take a good hard look in the mirror, Ruskie. If Russia could do it without consequences, they would have done so already. Same with the American side. Both are controlled by jewish supremacists supported by most jews, along with jewish apologists and all non-jewish traitors that serve jewish supremacists.



Like I said, you are 100% nuts.

Jens Holm

Much as You are in a deleted context Yourself:(


If Russia could do it without retaliation and any other consequences, they would have done so already. Same with the American side. Both are controlled by jewish supremacists supported by most jews, along with jewish apologists and all non-jewish traitors that serve jewish supremacists.


Jens Holm

Jews according to You are so many, that they even with sober vorti ng woud ahve a wast majority. So why cant they have hat big influence You assume?


They are at the top of the pyramid, their percentage is irrelevant.

Jens Holm

Sure, You are on the bottom. You should wonder why. You do it Yourself.


Apparently you never heard of the usurious fractional reserve monetary system.


Episode 30: Forbidden History of Globalism // 1949-1953:

bitchute. com/video/KyL_-4tiSnE/

Episode 31: Forbidden History of Globalism // 1954-1960:

bitchute. com/video/vcBvN9XnNsg/



Jens Holm

Of course its not. I stop here and wont dispute with an incompetent deep dark one wasting my time. I just told the readers. I didnt wrote to You.

Jens Holm

Those all are fakes.

Most Jews in ukraine was deported to ther by the Tzars and were very poor. Its only true that Kharkov, Donetsk and big tows had up to 30% Jews in their population. had

And Yes, the Jews had indfluence. The Tzars and their Churches kept the Russians in their dark, but Jews educated themself and also has contacts to most of the world. They also could be relyed at,

That what You are not.


The first link is well sourced, the second link contains information from this well sourced book:


Jens Holm

That non information but KONSTRUKTUVISME of the WORST.

Your contain is worse then dirt. Most dirt can be recycled as fertilizer

cechas vodobenikov

jens need rehab—most Jewish city in ukraine Odessa…they speak Russian w yiddish inflection


Codswallop,it were the khazar incest neo-liberals whom took out the tsar and infact it were the cossacks who developed cccp,not lgbtqs of todays:
ungodly sourprout,learn you history nah you cant (cia/soros/sourprout)


Really? The “jewish supremacists” supported Russia ditching the Marxist-Leninist Atheism of the Bolshevik Union and reviving Orthodox Christianity? Did they support Russia thwarting the “Greater Israel” project in Syria? Was Nuland, Soros, Kolomoisky (a dual “Israeli” citizen hiding out in “Israel” right now), etc. dropping an anti-Putin coup, war, and military provocation on Ukraine good for Russia?

Fact is: Demonizing Putin for the annexation of mostly ethnic Russian Crimea is analogous to demonizing Hitler for the annexation of mostly ethnic German Danzig. I know some people claim the Nationalist Socialists were controlled opposition, too, but as George Orwell wrote in “1984,” “War was a sure safeguard of sanity.” When the elites switch from continuous warfare (like the War on Communism or War on Terror) to a regime change war effort (like the world wars, this fledgling third one included), then someone is clearly not doing what the Orwellian/Huxleyan overlords want.

El Mashi

When the Soviet Union was born of the 1917 Russian Revolution, Crimea was part of the Russian Soviet Socialists Republic. Crimea was unconstitutionally transferred from Russian SSR to Ukrainian SSR by Nikita Khrushchev in the late 1950’s. Crimea reverted to Russia.


Was it “Love” at first sight, Mr. Masochist?

Jewish supremacists conquered Russia through Communism and were backed by jewish bankers and jewish controlled governments in the west.



Yes, Mashi, that’s called balkanization. Something similar happened when Danzig was transferred from Germany to Poland.


Let me guess, you’re another illiterate retard that can’t read? Otherwise you would find out this book is very well sourced: https://archive.org/details/JewishSupremacism_203/page/n11

But no, you won’t bother to read.


Jews On Jews: https://odysee.com/@Cultured-Thug:c/Jews-on-Jews:e

Unheroic Conduct by rabbi Daniel Boyarin: https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/189392.Unheroic_Conduct

The quote below comes from Daniel Boyarin’s book mentioned above:

“I didn’t think of myself so much as girlish but rather as Jewish. I start with what I think is a widespread sensibility that being Jewish in our culture renders a boy effeminate. Rather than producing in me a desire to ‘pass’ and to become a ‘man,’ this sensibility in resulted in my desire to remain a Jew, where being a sissy was all right.

In a quite similar account, another male American Jew of my generation, Harry Brod, writes:

‘I found the feminist critique of mainstream masculinity personally empowering rather than threatening. As a child and adolescent, I did not fit the mainstream male image. I was an outsider, not an athlete but an intellectual. The feminist critique of mainstream masculinity allowed me to convert my envy of those who fit the approved model to contempt. It converted males previously my superiors on the traditional scale to males below me on the new scale.’

I am interested right now in investigating what critical force might still be left in a culture and a cultural memory within which “real men” were sissies. The vector of my theoretical-political work, accordingly, is not to deny as anti-semitic fantasy, but to reclaim the nineteenth-century notion of the feminized Jewish male, to argue for his reality as one Jewish ideal going back to the Babylonian Talmud.”


“You have a way of life, we have ours. In your system of life we are essentially without honor.”
— You Gentiles by Maurice Samuel

Uncensored version of ‘You Gentiles’, page 155: https://archive.org/details/YouGentiles/page/n75/mode/2up




If you had evidence to prove me wrong, you would have no reason to resort to ridicule and snobbery.

You’re the same hasbara k1ke that was repeating identical nonsense to me on Information Liberation. Since none of you can prove me wrong, any sane person would know you’re wrong. You can’t argue, for you always lose the argument. Beat it!

Douglas Rushoff (jew) – “We’re a Corrosive Force”:

“Tikkun Olam”: https://archive.org/details/douglas-rushoff-we-are-a-corrosive-force




P.S. Sorry for my reply, I didn’t read your message in its entirety.

“Really? The “jewish supremacists” supported Russia ditching the Marxist-Leninist Atheism of the Bolshevik Union and reviving Orthodox Christianity?”

Yes, they did. Christianity has served the jews quite well. The Church before and after the East-West split was reactionary Roman imperialism functioning as a Platonic order deceiving the masses.


So, this “reactionary Roman imperialism functioning as a Platonic order deceiving the masses:” Did you have any evidence to support Ex-Soviet Russia, the Russian Orthodox Church, the Putin admin, etc. being part of this? Because helping Syria get stronger in spite of the Zionists’ propaganda and proxy forces, then having the Zionists hit Russia with several world war-level provocations is evidence to the contrary…


Then tell me why Putin doesn’t mind ethnic Russians becoming a minority in their own country?

Putin’s Fake Nationalism:

Kremlin political advisor Alexander Dugin Embracing Satanist Aleister Crowley, 1995 (English Subtitles):
“Dugin reads from Crowley’s Liber DCCCXIII vel ARARITA sub figura DLXX. This is considered a Holy Book of Thelema.”

I said absolutely nothing about Crimea, why even bring that up? Putin had a jewish mother (thereby making him jewish by ethnicity) and is pro-Chabad Lubavitch. He still lies about the jews and the Second World War, excusing the Soviet Union and just like China remains friendly toward Israel.

Nearly 3,000,000 jews in Israel came from the Communist bloc of the former Iron Curtain, many are former KGB. They have no qualms with jewish supremacists living there, revealing their disregard for left-wing ideology was there for show and only intended to advance plans for jewish domination.

Just as Hitler said in Chapter II of Mein Kampf, there was no real rift between religious and secular jews; whether they were Liberals, Zionists or Bolsheviks. This was a false dichotomy that continues to the present day.

Christianity, the Proto-Communism causing the Dark Ages. It was a desperate attempt at maintaining

These are Russia’s true ancestral traditions:



The psychology of the enemy with Sigurd: https://odysee.com/@NordLuxBellator:f/The-psychology-of-the-enemy-with-Sigurd:3

The Sophism the jews regularly utilize could be compared to the Orwellian jewish Semantic game of twisting language for the manipulation we see today.

Why Jesus Was Created: https://archive.org/details/whyjesuswascreated_202001

* The women at the beginning:

The Spread of Christianity from Year 314 to 580:

Against the Galilaeans: Roman Paganism’s Champion Argues against Christianity by Julian the Apostate: https://ostarapublications.com/product/against-the-galilaeans-roman-paganisms-champion-argues-against-christianity/

Aside from Buddhism and Sanatana Dharma (Hinduism); many of Plato’s ideas paved the way for Christianity, such as the immortality of the soul, and the neo-Platonic philosophers who synthesized Christianity with Greek philosophical thought.

Not to mention that ever since the earliest creation of the church, Christianity was abused as a form of proto-Communism that pulled all of Europe into the Dark Ages. It was a desperate attempt at maintaining Roman imperialism by destroying all knowledge of the past in the minds of the public, only to be maintained by the religious leaders who maintained their many esoteric pagan rituals and symbolism, whilst keeping such knowledge from the common masses.

Had it not been for capturing Jerusalem during the Crusades and the capitulation of Constantinople, knowledge of Europe’s glorious past would have been lost to time.

These are Russia’s true ancestral traditions:



So basically, certain sects of Christianity got co-opted by a similar batch of corrupt, effectively atheist oligarchs who got Jesus killed in the first place? Yeah, that’s fair, EML.

Yet considering that most of Russia converted to Orthodox Christianity under the tsars hundreds of years ago, the Militant Atheist Bolshevik and Communists got the tsars and millions of other Russian Christians killed, Christian Russia bounced back by arresting corrupt oligarchs and reducing the Communist Party to a distant second-place, and corrupt oligarchs elsewhere are now trying to provoke a world war against Russia, is it safe to say that Russia’s leaders are largely not following corrupt oligarchs right now?


I do apologize for the spamming, just that a lot of people on here turn into keyboard warriors and it’s easy to lose patience with them. Instead of ignoring that, I proceeded to spam people rather than discuss anything with them.

It was Yeltsin who tore apart the Supreme Soviet, Stalin is rehabilitated under Putin and criticism of the Red Army in wartime is punished with imprisonment. I do not condone Yeltsin either, jews remain 20% of all billionaires in Russia and the (now former) First Russian Prime Minister still remains a billionaire.

I don’t think he’s being Machiavellian either, he appeals toward a political-economic system proven to be a failure. https://odysee.com/@SurvivingWeimerika:f/ThePrinceMachiavelli:9

The Zionist Terror Network: Background and Operation of the Jewish Defense League and other Criminal jewish Groups: http://www.renegadetribune.com/the-zionist-terror-network-background-and-operation-of-the-jewish-defense-league-and-other-criminal-jewish-groups/

Manufacturing Hate – The Torching of Ernst Zündel’s Home:
https://bit.ly/3sZIwVY .mp4

David Cole in Auschwitz – The Video of the Century: https://codoh.com/library/document/david-cole-in-auschwitz-the-video-of-the-century/en/

JDL thugs who beat up David Cole end up dead in prison:
bitchute. com/video/S4bJX2TBBuU9/

The Great Holocaust Mystery – Reconsidering the Evidence: https://codoh.com/library/document/the-great-holocaust-mystery/en/

The Lies and Deceptions of Deborah Lipstadt: https://codoh.com/library/series/the-lies-and-deceptions-of-deborah-lipstadt-2/en/

David Irving Confronts Holocaust Liar Deborah Lipstadt:
bitchute. com/video/ecvUrU9xCjgO/

The Gas Chambers Debunked: bitchute. com/video/dDuhDgKn4hDk/

Holocaust Fact Check: Ian Myles Power in Auschwitz (part one):
bitchute. com/video/webaIlSvdGpb/

Jim Rizoli exposes HoloHoaxer Myles Power:
bitchute. com/video/ZiQg49o8FSym/

Holohoax Tales – Nazi Masturbation Machines:
bitchute. com/video/cIYf8UCmr1mz/

The Auschwitz Football Field:
bitchute. com/video/5ilIE8ZLQuyO/

Holohoax Tales – Killing Jews with bicycles:
bitchute. com/video/NEjbSknMj6g7/

Holohoax Tales – Hit in the head with an axe then taken to hospital:
bitchute. com/video/Zi1OlTorl0nT/

Holohoax Tales – Had to run 17 miles with hands behind back and rope around neck:
bitchute. com/video/PwORVIeJ4mHd/

Holocaust Handbooks:



bitchute. com/channel/9EVMKBtR18V5/

Holocaust Fraudster Herman Rosenblat “It was real in my mind”:
bitchute. com/video/7arsf6a5WJzo/

Holohoax Tales – Elie Wiesel hit by a taxicab and flew an entire block:
bitchute. com/video/WgcgovhzNVG2/

Holohoax Tales – Elie Wiesel was liberated from multiple concentration camps: bitchute. com/video/75UbdqIX5VBL/



OK… And…? I understand that the Holocaust’s weird chemical weapon and genocide claims justifying a world war and Zionism is analogous to current weird claims around Novichok poisoning and genocide of Chinese Uighurs. That means Russia’s leaders using the “official” Holocaust story to build support for Russia’s policies will eventually do more harm than good, assuming it has not already.

However, EML, Russians are free to question the Holocaust narrative, just like they are free to question the Marxist-Leninist Atheist narrative. That’s part of why “Gulag Archipelago,” which is critical of the Soviets, is required reading in Russian high schools. “Question More” is not just a tag line for RT.

El Mashi

Nonsense. Jews can barely keep Israel together. Israel is hopelessly divided, and at each others throat. Zionist hitched their boat on Anglo Imperialism. The Zionists will go down with the Anglos, for they are cut from the same cloth. Anyone sad?

cechas vodobenikov

probably correct–if they didn’t have a common enemy Israeli sects, ethnic groups would be in conflict


The jews are very keen on maintaining their own in-group preference and solidarity, while tearing apart the in-group preference of others to more easily infiltrate society and reduce actions from being taken against them.




I can shower with verifiable facts about any category and you are too stupid to comprehend that jews control the west.


And yet the US-Israeli relationship is one-sided and very beneficial to Israel and the jews, yet extremely harmful to the US and every western country.


Yet it is comparatively more stable than its neighbors. The jews have far more in common with hominads than white people, the “eternal (((Anglo)))” is one of many jewish scape goats intended to draw attention away from jewish behaviour.

The jews play games of bait and switch to pit groups of non-jews against each other; every war is a banker’s war, the world would be far better off without the (((middle man))) getting everything muddled up. They play both sides to pit them against each other that benefit the jew at the “goyim’s” own expense, before backstabbing their

That’s why they are forcing Europe to undergo replacement migration in accordance with the Kalergi Plan:


The jews are totally alien to the good, noble nature of their host nations throughout all white countries, including America and Britain. You seem to be confusing the jew infested ruling class in Europe with the native population.

Judging by your username, I can take a reasonable guess and assume that you may come from a part of the world not particularly known for its literacy.

You don’t seem to realise the bulk of your people aren’t as poor and destitude now as they were throughout their history, thanks to help from whites. Most of whom reject our government’s hand in wars overseas, it is unwise to bite the hand that wants to elevate your suffering.



Hitler criticising British treatment of Palestinians @ 0:48 https://worldtruthvideos.org/watch/adolf-hitler-talking-about-palestine_3t6qziKRJDmlUb5.html


i m not really sad…i used to…but only in the sense that they have actual people too…but those “cultures” are too far gone to be worth the trouble for the rest of the world that has many challenges…t be bothered by anglo imperialists…

a good timeline proof of this is…very EARLY in the rise of the anglo imperialists…when russia already had st petersburg…or even prior…the anglos already “had it in” towards the easterners…namely the russians….


“In practice the Yankees continue to throw out BS without a stop, one could say that they have completely lost the connection with reality over the acting, an effective method of suicide.”

Dick Von Dast'Ard

This article reinforces my belief that Russia has to make an example of Ukraine by destroying it’s military usefulness to Angloshere led Nato by destroying Anglosphere-Nato weapons piles and air and naval bases.


You are a jewish apologist pretending the “Anglosphere” is the worst thing to befall mankind. There were far more savage foes far more worthy of destruction, and there still are.

When the Saxon Began to Hate: https://odysee.com/@HailVictory:4/When-the-saxon-began-to-hate:8

Imperialism and Colonialism: White Guilt and Historic Non-White Conquests of European Territories: https://thuletide.wordpress.com/2021/01/06/imperialism-and-colonialism-white-guilt-and-historic-non-white-conquests-of-european-territories/

“Why are Whites expected to apologize for imperialism when every other race on the planet is not only completely unapologetic for their conquests, but smug about them? Long story, but here’s the short version:”

“White Nationalism is Terrorism:” Addressing Zionist Hypocrisy and the 2019 Congressional Hearing on White Nationalism: https://thuletide.wordpress.com/2020/09/30/white-nationalism-is-terrorism-addressing-zionist-hypocrisy-and-the-2019-congressional-hearing-on-white-nationalism/

Without modern medicine, Africa’s population would still be much smaller than Europe’s. This is the direct cause of the population explosion worldwide, giving them modern medicine.


A History of Central Banking & the Enslavement of Mankind:


You certainly like to play bait & switch to blame the jew’s own actions on “Anglos” who aren’t even in control of their own countries. The Rothschilds are kikess, they are not German or Anglo. To equate them with members of the white race and various other non-jews is highly insulting.

Maybe ask yourself why Russia and China maintain a close relationship with them if they really do oppose the forces of globalism? China will merely take America’s place and become worse by comparison, even with all of our problems many still want to move over to western countries for the simple fact they are better off with or without Neo-Colonialism that is not exclusively practiced by any western country.

China for instance is a well known for sweat shops and other forms of cheap labour. A few trophy cities don’t make up for the fact there are more workers rights in White countries than in the second and third world. I do not excuse the problems in our own societies, however some are clearly better off than others. If access to resources had anything to do with it, all resource countries worldwide would have conquered all of Europe before it had a chance to colonize most of the world. Had they the technology to do so, they would have done it.


And which hook nosed tribe controls the “Anglosphere” and the rest of the world? Ukraine was controlled by jews before Maiden, since then they have only tightened their control over Ukraine as they continue to provoke bickering among the “goyim” to distract the masses from their real agenda.

If Russia and China truly opposed globalism, they wouldn’t have gone ahead with this Covid Plandemic and it most certainly wouldn’t have originated in China that took draconian measures in limiting the movement of people to protect them from the Common Flu by injecting them with toxic vaccines intended to cause bodily harm.


Jens Holm

Thats worse the highly incorrect.

Why dont Your luink dont cover Jordrell Bank:)

cechas vodobenikov

jens finally correct—influence dispersed among different linguistic, ethno religion groups


There is a demonstratible qualitative difference between different countries and peoples, if you import the third world you join it. Culture is a bi-product of race

Jens Holm

You probatly use culture to make Your shoe shine, if You have any:)

Fog of War

” Culture is a bi-product of race ”

I wish I could up vote this hundreds of times.


All the White people who help create “third-world” status might disagree with you on that…

“Thus I helped make Mexico and especially Tampico safe for American oil interests in 1914. I helped make Haiti and Cuba a decent place for the National City Bank boys to collect revenues in. I helped in the raping of half a dozen Central American republics for the benefit of Wall Street. The record of racketeering is long. I helped purify Nicaragua for the international banking house of Brown Brothers in 1909-12. I brought light to the Dominican Republic for American sugar interests in 1916. In China in 1927 I helped see to it that the Standard Oil went its way unmolested. During those years, I had, as the boys in the back room would say, a swell racket.”
~ US Major General Smedley Butler, 1935

Tommy Jensen

All in vain. It only got worse after that. FDR didnt have the guts to purge the culprits.

cechas vodobenikov

racist lie
history shapes culture
this explains why amrikans are so backward and different even from other anglophone peoples….”amerikans bewilder europeans”. Geoffrey Gorer


Says the brainwashed robot that erroneously thinks I’m American, a country it has never been to and knows very little and ironically achieved more in science. You can’t even spell “American” properly and never seem to question why most scientific achievement occurred in white countries.

You happen to honour another jewish supremacist government that banned science it didn’t like (including all verifiable racial differences in human biology), while throwing people into concentration camps for disagreeing with Lysenkoism or a plethora of other matters. Prohibition of free speech only serves to silence the truth.

Debunking Race Denialism: https://thuletide.wordpress.com/debunking-race-denialism/

Culture of Critique: https://archive.org/details/CultureOfCritiqueForNormiesPartIIIJewsAndTheLeft_201803



On the Origin of the word “racist”: https://nationalvanguard.org/2015/06/on-the-origin-of-the-word-racist/

Why was Europe and Asia more advanced 6,000 years ago than Sub-Saharan Africa over the course of its entire history?



The average American is “anti-racist”, dummy. Goes to show you know absolutely nothing beyond the nonsense you are told by your crazy dictator in Turkmenistan.



‘You’re White, You Already Don’t Belong!’ White Allies Scolded For ‘Telling BLM Protesters to Stop Throwing Bottles At Police’:





In The Children of Ra, Arthur Kemp writes:

Unintentionally leaked DNA results from a television documentary on the genetic testing of Egyptian pharaoh Tutankhamun revealed that his paternal lineage is a 99.6 percent match with western European Y-Chromosomes.”

Arthur Kemp further tells us:

The DNA tests results. . . . were revealed on a Discovery Channel TV documentary ‘King Tut Unwrapped,’ filmed with the permission of the secretary general of the Egyptian Supreme Council of Antiquities Zahi Hawass.

He had previously announced that he would not release the racial DNA results of Egyptian mummies.”

Kemp pointed out that the camera panned over a printout of these DNA results and it unequivocally showed R1b DNA, a signature which is shared by those people in Scotland, Ireland, Scandinavia, England and Western Europe. The R1b haplogroup is one of the most common of European haplogroups.

Not a result of the mummification process:





Dugin neglects to mention that “Atlanticist PR” is overwhelmingly anti-White, it hasn’t been pro-White since the early 1960s. Dugin accepts racial nationalism for every race, except White people, and is a self-admitted supporter of Israel. He has no problem with the fact that one must have jewish genetic identity to immigrate to Israel. Yet staunchly opposes the same for White



Ukraine’s Faux (Fake) Nazis: http://www.renegadetribune.com/ukraines-faux-nazis/

* Websites such as Russian Insider are similar to attempts made by the CIA over the course of the past 60 years to infiltrate and subvert White nationalist groups. Only white people are prevented from having their own nations.

Anyone who erroneously claims that Operation Paperclip led to America turning into “Nazis” neglects to mention that the Soviet Union and several countries also kidnapped German scientists and engineers to continue further development on Germany’s emerging technologies and scientific breakthroughs for the countries that took them in by force.

Watch between the 6:10 – 6:49 time stamps, Alexander Dugin attacks Ukrainians equating them all with “Neo-Nazis” (similar to what he says in the image below):

Putin’s Fake Nationalism: https://worldtruthvideos.org/watch/putin-039-s-fake-nationalism-puppets-trump-amp-putin_SZGomMxawmV979v.html


“White Nationalism is Terrorism:” Addressing Zionist Hypocrisy and the 2019 Congressional Hearing on White Nationalism https://thuletide.wordpress.com/2020/09/30/white-nationalism-is-terrorism-addressing-zionist-hypocrisy-and-the-2019-congressional-hearing-on-white-nationalism/

“The great replacement is a racist, sexist, antisemitic conspiracy theory” [Short OC video]: https://thuletide.wordpress.com/2020/10/01/the-great-replacement-is-a-racist-sexist-antisemitic-conspiracy-theory-short-oc-video/

* A translation from one of his articles calls for Russia to conquer Europe:

Starting @ 35:45 https://odysee.com/@NordLuxBellator:f/Doom-Guard-about-gun-restrctions:f

^ This Bulgarian Nationalist Socialist blocked me for accurate commentary about Russia’s military and the fact Russia’s nominal GDP ranks 11th place worldwide since 2019. Bulgaria’s GDP ranks #68 worldwide, one place behind Guatemala. And yet Bulgaria is more functional with higher living standards.

Fast forward to 33:38 (33 min, 38 sec):



Alexander Solzhenitsyn’s (Nobel Prize Winner, war veteran and eye witness to Red Army wartime atrocities) mention of Ilya Ehrenberg is corroborated from other sources.





Russia Warns Of Increasing ‘Anti-White Racism’ In U.S. http://www.informationliberation.com/?id=62139

China Ambassador: Is White Birth Rate Collapse The Result of ‘The Genocide Policy Pursued by Their Leaders?’ http://www.informationliberation.com/?id=61833

Dugin neglects to mention that “Atlanticist PR” is overwhelmingly anti-White, it hasn’t been pro-White since the early 1960s. Dugin accepts racial nationalism for every race, except White people, and is a self-admitted supporter of Israel. He has no problem with the fact that one must have jewish genetic identity to immigrate to Israel. Yet staunchly ironically opposes the same for White non-jews.


Aleister Crowley is often regarded as a Satanist.

Aleksandr Dugin Embraces Aleister Crowley [English Subs] (1995): https://153news.net/watch_video.php?v=BO6YXDM2994W

Dugin reads from Crowley’s Liber DCCCXIII vel ARARITA sub figura DLXX:

This is considered a ‘holy book’ of Thelema:


Kronos (representing the Saturn lunar deity of ancient Middle Eastern pagan religions) is the youngest of the Titans in Greek mythos, he is alternatively known as ‘Father Time’: https://www.touristorama.com/en/Kronos_Saturn-02109

He is known for castrating his father Ouranos (the king of the Titans) and taking the throne for himself. Since Communism originates from the Judeo-Masonic occult that appropriated and distorted many occult mystery schools of the east, the Sickle secretly symbolizes the castration and overturning of the Apollonian/Aryan/Solar patriarchal order dominant in traditional western civilization since ancient times.




Steve Standley

I would say that authority shapes culture. there would be no degradation of US culture, were it not for a small group of people with control over our leadership, pouring out lies and misinformation, sabotaging our cultural institutions, and robbing the wealth of the average citizen. You can see it in these campaigns to promote transgenderism, homosexuality, and rampant dismissal and replacement of the elements of our own culture with the elements of minority culture. The US has been deliberately fractured along racial lines, but race makes no difference if a nation has a stable identity. Immigrants come in and eventually melt into the surrounding culture, like they did for the first 200 years of US existance.


If it were a lie, I wouldn’t be able to consistently prove I am correct and you would be able to prove me wrong. Instead you childishly insist I am wrong because you have no proof to disprove anything that I say.




I had proven it in the past, today I only made rhetorical remarks.


You are too scatter brained to take seriously.

In Search of a High IQ African Population – Do Africans Really Have an IQ of 70? https://archive.org/details/youtube-RxAhwYoZQKU



If it were a lie, I wouldn’t be able to consistently prove I am correct
and you would be able to prove me wrong. Instead you childishly insist I
am wrong, whilst never being able to prove me wrong.


America is an extension of European civilization, you assume people are blank slates with no real identity that can be molded into any shape. Why has racial science never been scientifically disproven? Why are you never able to prove me wrong, preferring to rely on emotions over verifiable facts?

Why has Sub-Saharan Africa always had a more primitive culture by comparison and less creativity than other parts of the world? Why have Europe and Asia always been more innovative than everyone else? Why were Haiti, Zimbabwe and South Africa far better to live in prior to Negro takeover? Why do cultural changes never alter verifiable biology and neurological differences affecting human behaviour?


You need to look in the mirror, everything I stated is verifiable fact demonstratable by science and archaeology.


You fail to understand there is no equality in nature, humans are a product of nature and unable to escape its laws.


Yet our cultures are better, the most noble. Every multiracial society throughout history has crumbled over time. Race is the key to the rise and fall of civilizations.


Quoting a habitual liar from a tribe of habitual crooks and culture destroyers:



If you didn’t live in a backwater, former Soviet shithole you would know the extreme level of ignorance in your comment. There is a considerably higher degree of literacy in the countries you criticized than in the vast majority of the 2nd and 3rd world countries you talk about.

I surmise that no doubt you most likely live in the countries visited by a jew from England whose account name goes by “Daily Bald”. Such countries have a lower human rights record than countries you criticize.

Bald And Bankrupt: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCB2GbNXOsy3VBksSD58NvhQ/channels

If we were all equal, why does all of history tell a different story?

The Faustian spirit of the European people by Aaron Kasparov:

ASuperEgyptian: https://www.youtube.com/c/ASuperEgyptian/search?query=Reality




Clearly European cultures are superior, why is everyone trying to copy us and want to move into our countries? Your anti-scientific, Communist nonsense isn’t corroborated by verifiable facts.

March of the Titans: The Complete History of the White Race (SINGLE VOLUME EDITION): https://ostarapublications.com/product/march-of-the-titans-the-complete-history-of-the-white-race-single-volume-edition/

We are clearly quite different from one another, why would physical and hormonal differences not have any affect on the mind?

Racial Crime Statistics – Documentation of globally consistent trends [+PDF version]: https://thuletide.wordpress.com/2020/08/01/racial-crime-statistics-lots-of-infographics/




You don’t know what we think or how we behave, all you have is what you’re told and the lack of intellectual curiosity to question what you’re told. Their worldview is far closer to your own than you will ever care to admit, let alone understand. Your understanding is an outdated caricature inconsistent with reality and easy to debunk.


Race & Reason w/ Mohammed Zaky: https://odysee.com/@SurvivingWeimerika:f/Race—Reason-Tom-Metzger-w-Mohammed-Zaky-(1):f

“Tom Metzger talks to an Egyptian ambassador about Israel’s influence on US foreign policy.”

Race & Organ Transplants- Age of Treason: https://odysee.com/@SurvivingWeimerika:f/Race-and-Organ-Transplants—Age-of-Treason-Podcast:9

“Taanstafl discusses the racial differences in medical science. He highlights how scientifically there are clear racial distinctions between various different ethnic groups. Despite the political correctness in the mainstream media that no distinction can be made, medical science still recognizes such differences and is dependent upon these to administer quality care to patients within the medical system.”

Politically Incorrect Anthropology ep 1 w/ NordLuxBellator Russians over Damascus:

bitchute. com/video/5DTqGuf7GGQG/

Iran, Scythians, Kimmerians and Frashokereti with Patrick Siegeman: https://odysee.com/@NordLuxBellator:f/Iran,-Scythians,-Kimmerians-and-Frashokereti-w-Patrick-Siegeman:6

Identification of any given Skull belonging to a specific Race and Gender:


3 Basic Human Skulls



David Duke:

Martinez Perspective:

https://odysee.com/$/search?q=nat-soc-aus Nat-Soc-Aus – Omegle – 9 April 2021

Culture of Critique – Jews & The Left: https://archive.org/details/CultureOfCritiqueForNormiesPartIIIJewsAndTheLeft_201803/Culture+of+Critique+for+Normies+-+Part+III+-+Jews+and+the+Left!.mp4

(Jew) Douglas Rushoff “Jews Are A Corrosive Force”: https://archive.org/details/douglas-rushoff-we-are-a-corrosive-force

The Visigoths and the Jews – Parts 1 through 6:

Jewish $upremacy EXPOSED!!!:

Understanding Jewish Supremacy: https://odysee.com/@europemustlive:d/Understanding-Jewish-Supremacy:0

The Crucifixion Of Russia – Bolshevik Documentary: https://odysee.com/@DanielWalker:5/THE-CRUCIFIXION-OF-RUSSIA—BOLSHEVIK-DOCUMENTARY:6

The Jews, Communism & the Russian Revolution: https://odysee.com/@SurvivingWeimerika:f/The-Jews,-Communism—the-Russian-Revolution:7

“Breakdown of how the Jews use Communism as a evolutionary mechanism for survival. ”




All of the sciences and archaeology I cited mostly originated in Europe.


Goebbels on the USA (1942):


“One is never sure which of two characteristics is more prominent in the American national character and therefore of the greater significance: naivete or a superiority complex. When for example they say things about our region, our surprise at their ignorance is surpassed only by annoyance at their stupid insolence. The less they know about a matter, the more confidently they speak.

They really believe that Europeans are eagerly waiting to hear from them and heed their advice. They took our strategic decision not to discuss their shallow culture before the war as a sign of admiration. Their greatest technical accomplishments are refrigerators and radios. They cannot believe that there are cultural values that are the result of centuries of historical development, which cannot simply be bought.”



All former White ruled civilizations fell apart upon their racial dissolution.

From Slave to Emperor: Famous Historians on the Racial Reasons for the Decline of the Roman Empire: https://ostarapublications.com/product/from-slave-to-emperor-famous-historians-on-the-racial-reasons-for-the-decline-of-the-roman-empire/

Are Blue Eyes Only 7,000 Years Old?

How Did “Black Britons” Become White?

The Indo-Europeans: https://archive.org/details/video_20210309_0315

Tracing the Colours of Ancient Sculpture:


Augustus Caesar (Gaius Octavius, Octavian):


The Colors of Ancient Europe:


Ancient Roman Art:



“Primitive” Pagan “Barbarians”?

The SS Spied on Evola and Disapproved of Him:

The SS, Guard & Order of the Revolution of the Swastika by Julius Evola: https://counter-currents.com/2016/09/the-ss-guard-and-order-of-the-revolution-of-the-swastika/

Evola On The JQ: https://odysee.com/@Cultured-Thug:c/Evola–amp–The-JQ:8

Race, Ethnicity, and “Racism” in Greco-Roman Society: https://thuletide.wordpress.com/2020/12/07/race-ethnicity-and-racism-in-greco-roman-society/

“For it would be absurd if someone should think that spiritedness does not occur in our cities from private citizens, who indeed have this reputation, such as those who live throughout Thrace and Scythia and nearly all the northern areas, or love of learning, which indeed someone would say is especially prevalent in the area around us, or as someone would say that the love of money is not least among the Phoenicians or Egyptians.”
— Plato’s Republic, 435e3-436a3.

“And concerning the listlessness and cowardice of peoples, the seasons are especially the cause why Asians are less martial than the Europeans and more tame in their character, for making no dramatic shift either to the hot nor to the cold their seasons are temperate.

For there are no mental disturbances nor strong change of the body, from which it is more likely that the passion is roused and indulges the senseless and high-spirited rather than when it is in a steady state. For it is change of everything which wake the disposition of men and do not allow it to rest.

For these aforesaid reasons it seems to me that that the Asian race is weak and yet further so because of their customs. For much of Asia is ruled by a king. And where men do not rule themselves nor are autonomous, but are ruled by a despot, there is no reason for them to concern themselves over this. So that they do not practice the military disciplines, but they work to seem pacifistic.”
— Hippocrates (Airs, Waters, Places; XVI)


“Primitive” Pagan “Barbarians”?

Evola On The JQ:

Race, Ethnicity, and “Racism” in Greco-Roman Society: https://thuletide.wordpress.com/2020/12/07/race-ethnicity-and-racism-in-greco-roman-society/

“For it would be absurd if someone should think that spiritedness does not occur in our cities from private citizens, who indeed have this reputation, such as those who live throughout Thrace and Scythia and nearly all the northern areas, or love of learning, which indeed someone would say is especially prevalent in the area around us, or as someone would say that the love of money is not least among the Phoenicians or Egyptians.”
— Plato’s Republic, 435e3-436a3.

“And concerning the listlessness and cowardice of peoples, the seasons are especially the cause why Asians are less martial than the Europeans and more tame in their character, for making no dramatic shift either to the hot nor to the cold their seasons are temperate.

For there are no mental disturbances nor strong change of the body, from which it is more likely that the passion is roused and indulges the senseless and high-spirited rather than when it is in a steady state. For it is change of everything which wake the disposition of men and do not allow it to rest.

For these aforesaid reasons it seems to me that that the Asian race is weak and yet further so because of their customs. For much of Asia is ruled by a king. And where men do not rule themselves nor are autonomous, but are ruled by a despot, there is no reason for them to concern themselves over this. So that they do not practice the military disciplines, but they work to seem pacifistic.”
— Hippocrates (Airs, Waters, Places; XVI)



Sub-Saharan Africans possess admixture from this extinct species of hominids (homo habilis): https://duckduckgo.com/?t=ffab&q=homo+habilis&iax=images&ia=images

Debunking the OOA (Out of Africa Theory): bit. ly/3dQMw6N

Debunking Race Denialism:

What is “White?” A guide for complete novices: https://thuletide.wordpress.com/2020/08/08/what-is-white-a-guide-for-complete-novices/


Whites and these “white” beady-eyed jews are not the same:


Reality right below our noses, hiding in plain sight:


What it’s like trying to convince others that don’t want to know:




In Search of a High IQ African Population – Do Africans Really Have an IQ of 70?: https://archive.org/details/youtube-RxAhwYoZQKU

Western IQs Drop By 14 Points in Last Century, Study Says: https://nationalvanguard.org/2017/09/western-iqs-drop-by-14-points-in-last-century-study-says/

* Aside from the dysgenic effects of large wartime casualties, there are other aspects not taken into consideration for how IQ is measured. Academia allowed higher requirements to attend than today, trends in racial demographics through immigration and population growth of lower IQ populations reduce overall national IQ score.

Jews like to claim an average IQ of anywhere between 114 or 125, despite given cheat sheets to memorize IQ tests beforehand. Jews had a lower than average IQ compared to Western gentiles (British, French and Germans, etc) before WW2. Many Asian countries use their highest scoring students to misrepresent their IQ average.

Germans were 25% of all Nobel Prize winners before WW1 and WW2. Jews became 25% of all Nobel Prize winners after WW2, there was little to no discrimination towards jews after their emancipation throughout the early and mid-1800s. Jews traditionally operate off nepotism more than anyone else, “Westerners” on the other hand traditionally had high trust societies that placed a high emphasis on truth seeking and individual merit.

If the conspiracy theorists are hypothetically correct:



Nat-Soc-Aus – Omegle – 1 March 2021: odysee.com/ns131:4

Jens Holm

Thats babling nonsense. 35 million Ukrainians anytime will prefare tio be hardheaded nazis then anything even close to Putin Bolsjevisme.

Jihadi Colin

Did you perchance ask them?

cechas vodobenikov

dim nazi dane in rehab
polls show that more than 70% would prefer Putin prez in ukraine
77% speak Russian as 1st language —only CIA wikipedia claims fewer
govt is nazi like denymark but few Ukrainians admire this US imposed fascism

Jihadi Colin

Making an example of Gruziya (Georgia) stopped NATO cold for three years and when it dared make a move again it targeted (peripheral) Libya. Making an example of Ukranazistan would not just be a very good thing indeed but would provide an object warning to fence sitters like the gibbering globetrotting genocidal Gujarati gangster government of Narendrabhai Damodardasbhai Modi in India.


Russia and India have good relationship,

Jihadi Colin

No longer. Modi is at best playing both sides and fifth columnist media are openly talking about allying with Amerikastan.


media are not 1.3 billion,media are a packa cia fucktards just about it.

Ivan Freely

The emerging US strategy appears to be centered on imposing a regime of
isolation on Russia and China with the aim of ultimately effecting
regime change in both countries through a combination of political,
economic, and military measures.

A day late, a dollar short. The only place viable for regime change (again, if you believe Biden cheated) would be Washington DC.

Jens Holm

The dollar collapsed twice last week too. Hard times for United.

The primitive assumptions from the autor are the ususal ones. The world should be divided and we should confront each other side by side with Our bajonets and helmets.

But the mentioned countries are not like that. They are very much their own as well as connected by many smaller treaties for them and the rest of the world.

A very good example was and are Vietnam. They didnt prefare USSR and China as well.

But they do let people in. Fx several trade a lot with China at their borders and China not only exploy but also devellop.

Some here seemes to forget those countries actually are rater big but also are split ups in tribes, etnicities, religions and very much geografy.

Blas de Lezo

Digital currency will also gopoof..

Fog of War

Most currency is actually digital at this point ? Do you actually believe there are trillions of ” physical ” dollars floating around the planet ?

cechas vodobenikov

dimwit night porter on LSD—Vietnam. communist like china, or socialist Russia
danymark–US colony
USSR economic military aid TO Vietnam was crucial to defeat USA and colonies—only teach LSD history in USA suburb—dildomark

John Tosh

Freedom is now spread by Russia and China.
The Western hegemony spreads chaos, riots, drugs, diseases, death and poverty.

Strange the champions of democracy of the past have become the ones without freedom of expression. We now comment under Southfront. Org because YouTube has blocked and deleted all free media.

Ordinary Americans now know they are fed “BS” by their own media. Symptoms of a degenerating system. Similar to a 3rd world dictatorship.

Fog of War

Please tell us all the” freedoms ” the average Chines citizen enjoys. Or better yet, let us know all the restrictions that they live under, although, that will be a very long list compared to the ” freedoms “.

John Tosh

Chinese do not have mass shootings like the USA!!!!

Trump “why do we get immigrants only from shithole countries?”

Answer : the USA is so violent and unstable only those who live in hell try to move to the USA of today !

Fog of War

Non-answer but thanks for playing.

John Tosh

Racial tensions, police killing blacks, Covid killing blacks, blacks looting stores, red necks, blacks , all at each others throats.

Homelessness on a national level, so much so that some bridges are now home to Americans. Expensive food, regardless of the fact the chicken is extremely poor quality.

CIA following people around, manipulating interactions between Americans and controlling what their media can show….

Talk about a 3rd world country!

Fog of War

Alright, thats more substance. However, as should be obvious, most of these ” ills ” are due to the ,multi-racial, multi-cultural, multi-ethnic, multi-religious nature of the cesspool that is ZioAmerica. It has nothing to do with the ” enshrined freedoms ” the US citizen was supposed to have.

I’m sure if the Chinese allowed this to happen to their own nation they would end of with the same problems. Anyhow, give it time the Chines will get their turn at the beauties of the NWO multi-cult. For instance:


John Tosh

Paid Nigerians by the CIA to ferment problems in China…. this is obvious even the Nigerian government did not say a word.

cechas vodobenikov

“the US constitution= “a ruling class document”. Charles Beard and Eugene Debs
“the US constitution contains inherent contradictions that encourage dictatorship”. Kurt Godel

Raptar Driver

And at the time who should of created that document?
The average adventurer or farmer who could barely read a sentence?

Harold Smith

How much “freedom” can there be in the U.S. when confiscatory communist property taxation is making home “ownership” impossible for many people? Fall too far behind on property tax and you’ll be forced out of your home at gunpoint if necessary. The U.S. has unaffordable housing, unaffordable health care and unaffordable education. The U.S. has out of control crime and out of control corruption everywhere. The U.S. is a shit hole.

Fog of War

All true, but you wouldnt want to live under Chinese rule either I’d wager.

Harold Smith

When the U.S. “government” pulled out of the INF treaty, for example, it proved to the whole world that it is willing to risk planetary extinction – certainly the death of its own citizens – for the sake of its satanic quest of world domination and control (apparently as per Isaiah 14:13,14). How could anything be a greater evil than that?


IT S THE REAL EVIL…SATANIC ….EMPIRE….just look at what it does with itself…like an obssessive masturabor…until its “organ” gets all bruised…ewe….and teaches its young to BE likewise…ewe….
then wants to SPREAD it to the world……

Fog of War

There is no ” evil ” in geopolitics.

Harold Smith

LOL! What a ridiculous thing to say.

Fog of War

First define ” EVIL ” , next Study history some more.

For instance, was it evil to firebomb Dresden ?

Was it evil to send German POW’s to Siberia where most were worked to death or killed outright ?

Is it evil for a leader to knowingly send his soldiers to die in a feigned attack , so that the real attack elsewhere can succeed ?

So many moral questions, so little time.

Harold Smith

“First define ” EVIL ” …”

Sure; a simple, low-level, poor man’s working definition of “evil” can be stated this way: “When someone does something to someone else that he wouldn’t want done to himself.” Even you should be able to understand that concept I hope.

“…next Study history some more.”

The problem here isn’t my ignorance of “history,” it’s your apparent inability to do simple moral reasoning.

“For instance, was it evil to firebomb Dresden ?”

Well of course it was. It was an evil act in an evil war.

“Is it evil for a leader to knowingly send his soldiers to die in a feigned attack , so that the real attack elsewhere can succeed ?”

Joe shot Bill to death, was that evil? Obviously it depends on the context. If Bill was trying to stab Joe during a robbery attempt then it was not evil, but if Joe shot Bill out of jealousy because Bill was dating Joe’s ex-girlfriend then it was evil; capisce? You haven’t given me enough information about the situation to provide an answer.

Was Charles Manson evil? He was, right? But according to your “reasoning” if he had been elected or appointed to a powerful/influential government office and had started an unjust war that killed thousands or millions of people, it somehow would not be evil. Do you see now that you’re wrong?


well lots of CHINESE do…they do not exactly line up for USA citizenship…..they know they.re better off with their system….

and MORE AMERICANS are aiming to live there…and BE entrepeneurs…many people from acrss the world do…you really think that PREACHY ALL-AMERICAN ‘FREEDOM” where “you can be who you want to be” IS ALL THAT GREAT?…it s not
i personally did fine living THERE 36 years…but i found it.s HYPE…

Fog of War

Seems the Chinese beg to differ with you.

” The population of Chinese immigrants in the United States has grown nearly seven-fold since 1980, reaching almost 2.5 million in 2018, or 5.5 percent of the overall foreign-born population. Whereas in 1980 Chinese immigrants did not appear among the ten largest foreign-born groups in the United States, China in 2018 replaced Mexico as the top sending country. After immigrants from Mexico and India, the Chinese represented the third largest group in the U.S. foreign-born population of nearly 45 million in 2018. ”

– Asian Americans fastest-growing racial group in US: Pew research –


– Asian Americans Fastest Growing Group in the U.S. –



you have good points…nations are entities that have certain dominant characteristics…the TRICK is in engaging the world..including mixing…and PRESERVING even strengthening their characteristics…


cechas vodobenikov

“the East German Stasi could only have dreamed of having a police state like USA”. Thomas drake

cechas vodobenikov

tosh reply perfectly germane foggy


Acting like cia deadbeat again,it will be your freedom hacked not the other.


he answered…but you are unable to admit it

cechas vodobenikov

u puritans so hate freedom you cannot legally drink alcohol or smoke tobacco in public—most violent/non-violent crime rape per capita u sexually repressed shallow robots incarcerate more per capita than any nation in history
“the problem w amerikans is not Orwellian–it is huxleyan–amerikans love their oppression”. Neil postman

Fog of War

More word salad.


IT S NOT word play..ALDUOUS HUXLEY actually used AMERICA as a model…for his BRAVE NEW WORLD ” totalitarianism of make believe reality” …” TOTALLY MEDICALLY Created..and maintained….populations classified …by means of pharmacology and managed reality”

he said so in a long interview…in 1960.s


If your into trannys,homosexuals,liars,ripoff schemes of todays,fkn drr morons,
no fkn wonder china prefers real world communism over lgbtqrx fascism of todays.
Can’t even defend constituates,call that progress? Lets get real,WW2 VICTORS?
Use you head not the fake mates strapon attached to it,fear is never conquered?

Fog of War

English: Learn to speak it.


it s america where “anything goes” and guess who wins…NIHILISTS like bill gates…who have a DEATH CULTURE…


YOU ..LIKE presumably MOST westerners..STILL operate under the notion that western ‘FREEDOM” is actually APPLICABLE to civilizations FAR OLDER than YOU!! that s your fundamental problem….

PUTINS remark to DUBYA BUSH about “russia needs democracy..and freedom” in a public joint presser….:”WELL ..WE DON T REALLY WANT THAT FREEDOM AND DEMOCRACY LIKE YOU BROUGHT TO IRAQ”…

RECENTLY ..BLINKEN who INVITED CHINA to ANCHORAGE…and as HOST PROCEEDED to lecture CHINA about “human rights freedom demoracy”

got more than HE bargained for…WANG JIECHI..one of the visiting chinese…WAGGED HIS FINGER..NEVER BEFORE SEEN from ANY counterpart……”YOU ARE IN NO POSITION TO LECTURE CHINA..OR ANY COUNTRY…from a position of strength..YOUR SHORT history is full of genocide…slavery…invasions and deceit..and hypocrisy….INCLUDING human rights violations against YOUR own people….

” we came here at YOUR invitation..to discuss challenges….and you can not even fulfill the BASIC notions of GROWN UP exchange…


ooops..that is TECTONIC..believe you me…

it is A CLEAR SIGNAL…and RUSSIA indicated as much….THE GIANT EURASIA AND EASTASIA …are TELLING “oceania” …. “our patience has run out”.

so…as for “freedom like we have in america”….WHAT THE HECK ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT?

i lived THERE for 36 years..and i KNOW what it is….A GIANT FRAUD…it does not exist!!!

Steve Standley

China overtly censors its citizens. Your average Chinese immigrant thinks it’s better here, but my Chinese colleagues don’t have a good understanding of the censorship that goes on in the US, which is far more insidious and deceitful, but nominally less formal. There are US globalist think tanks that see China’s overt censorship as the eventual goal for US domestic free speech policy, but i think they’re doing just fine with censorship right now. What China DOESN’T do, is go around killing millions of people around the world, maintain a thousand bases, and absolutely gaslight its own people about the empire it has built through murder and subterfuge. China’s foreign policy is relatively friendly, but my Chinese colleagues don’t seem to appreciate that.

John Tosh

Humans can never truly be free thus the Chinese or USA systems. The difference between those two is the System in the USA uses poisons and violence to kill individuals who step out of line. The Chinese do not kill their own citizens. The system in the USA gets into one’s personal life like relationships job and family to manipulate and destroy ones carrier. The number of destitute Americans keep increasing due to this system.


EXACTLY…there is an old chinese concept…the word sounds “tah ren” or something close…it is the concept of respect towards the parents..the chinese…or confucians…apply it to GOVERNMENT….or to teacher..or guide..or leader…

it is a form of thinking that elevates the idea of “leader” – who is supposed to have wisdome..and looks after the “family” and the consequences of choices…

“the emperor ..gets mandate from heaven….with the expectation that the mandate is for the COMMON good….

control over speech…is designed to prevent IRRESPONSIBLE speech that can cause the breakdown of this hierarchy…called authoritarianism in western thought….

example…COVID….january to march…”authoritarian china” IT S Government with ITS ”mandate from heaven” like a father…directed that everyone follow Prorocol according to available best known scientific data and understnading…

built hspitals..delivered food…assigned exact duties…until the outbreak was contained…THE ENTIRE NATION like a “family” Cooperated ..like in other eras…because they understood..what BEING CHINESE is…you follow “father
s orders”

result…LOCKDOWN AND COVID is under control…BY END OF MARCH…what was LAUGHED AT …primarily by the “FREE WEST” …had spectacular results…

and ITALY WAS ONLY entering dealing with the pandemic…which later deliberation showed….HAD STARTED EARLIER…likely in te proximity of the US MILITARY camps…..YET was celebrated as “HEROIC” for finally doing what chinese PEOPLE did QUICKLY…


in other words…governments are what they are ACCORDING TO the culture…

economically..politically…societally..and all other parameters….CHINA S authoritarian…confucian…way proves SUPERIOR to ANY western “freedom”…

but ONLY BECAUSE of this millenia of chinese COOPERATIVE COLLECTIVE sense that the individual thinks of the collective….it can only be instilled…from the relation between the child and elders…

it can be reflected with CHILDREN ..EVEN AS GROWNUPS…prefering to live with parents..or take parents WITH them…

Steve Standley

Chinese immigrants will admit that Chinese police are very friendly and benign by comparison to US police. There is freedom in that. the freedom not to be bullied by ruthless authority. Also, economic welfare, as you suggest.


the chinese generally believe that with ECONOMIC wellbeing…comes “freedom” …that s one reason..you go ANYWHERE in the world…under any potlical system..you will generally notice that FIRST to them is that ..the condition of LIVING…then the accumulation of ABILITY to LIVE that life well…then allowing more “personal liberty” ACCORDING TO the western belief of “universal freedom” ….

in a sense..it s correct…CAN A NEWBORN baby REALLY exercise his “born right” of freedom…when he can t even walk or talk and feed itself..?

how can a country with poverty…like CHINA WAS after the west plundered it…have ”FREE ” CITIZENS.? first whoever is their government , if responsible…sees to the generational improvement…they NEVER started with the western idea of “freedom” which has more to do with personal liberties….before most people have reached a certain level of FREEDOM from WANT.

THERE was a seniore level chinese diplomat years ago that explained…”by lifting a great majority …as PART of the goal to TOTALLY erase poverty…we reach a point where even BILLIONAIRES rise…PROVIDED they make sure…their wealth contributes to society…CHINA”

SPECULATION reports that when BILLIONAIRE JACK MA “overstepped” letting his success get to his head….speeches considered threatening to the long goalof raising the economic well being of the coutnry….some sort of “discipline” happened…explaining his ‘SILENCE”…and only now is gradualy being being loosened

Steve Standley

Anecdotally, my Chinese immigrant colleagues in the scientific community have forgotten that the standard of living is fundamental to personal freedoms; probably because they place more value on intellectual freedom. But, you’re right. it’s critical to personal freedom. We in the US are now being robbed of our standard of living as well. I think we agree that there are all kinds of ways that “America is more free compared to China” narrative doesn’t stand up to scrutiny. I for one would also rather live in a country where the police were not militarized thugs that brutalize the civilian population.


They are much harder on crime than US police, you are believing the absurd George Floyd was innocent narrative spun by US media and repeated without question by every other country.


“Humans can never truly be free thus the Chinese or USA systems.”

There is a third position that is immune to being controlled by the judaic international clique, like the US/West and Russia/China are today. The false dichotomy you support is nothing more than a reiteration of the classic Hegelian dialect.

The jews essentially plan to make China their new [temporary] world headquarters for global governance, before casting them off after they are no longer useful and moving onto new hosts. The HQ of world jewry is currently the United States, its predecessor was Britain. Spain and Portugal before then, Byzantine and “Holy Roman empires before that, the original Roman empire beforehand, after the Seleucid empire and the short lived Hellenic empire that succeeded the Achmaenid empire. The Athens city state was also under a similar financial influence with connections to western Asia.

The Hebrews in Genesis under the allegory of Joseph are described as overthrowing the 14th Dynastic Egypt, around the same time the Hyksos and Habiru conquered Egypt and Canaan without the use of armies. The empires of the Hittites, the Akkadians, Assyrians, and Neo-Babylonians all had highly similar difficulties with their pre-judaic minority.

Some speculate the degeneration of the Vedic civilization in India brought about a similar parasitic class that not unlike the Gypsies had migrated from India to Central Asia, the Middle East and North Africa.

Pre-Jewish Canaanite Religion has some Vedic Gods and Goddesses: https://www.booksfact.com/religions/pre-jewish-canaanite-religion-vedic-gods-names.html

John Tosh

Makes no difference. No one will come into human affairs and tell them how to live. If Jews are murdering people on a global scale something would have been done. The Jews are not murdering on a global scale. They are no different from Africans or Arabs.

The real murderers today on a global scale who have been doing it continuously for decades is that bitch or prostitute called the Central Intelligence Agency. I always thought the CIA can be teased out of the USA and cleaned. Unfortunately the Bible was right. The USA cannot be fixed the CIA has infested the USA more than worms in a rotten flesh. The whole thing has to be cauterized. Burnt off.

Fire will end the reign of terror globally by the CIA. Unfortunately the USA will not survive. My condolences.

I am simply reporting. My death changes nothing. Except you do not have the platform to know what will happen after I am dead. I always wondered why they chose a wretched human like me to do this. I guess they did not want to alarm humans


The problem is that Russia and China have their own version of globalism, they side with jewish supremacists and continue to peddling their lies. What’s more is much of the liberal “wokeness” concerning lies about “multiculturalism” and “political correctness”, etc are more fanatical and destructive versions of Communist ideology.

The Jews, Communism & the Russian Revolution: https://odysee.com/@SurvivingWeimerika:f/The-Jews,-Communism—the-Russian-Revolution:7 “Breakdown of how the Jews use Communism as a evolutionary strategy.”.



What I just said to Steve:

“The problem is that Russia and China have their own version of globalism, they side with jewish supremacists and continue to peddling their lies. What’s more is much of the liberal “wokeness” concerning lies about “multiculturalism” and “political correctness”, etc are more fanatical and destructive versions of Communist ideology.”

More info (TL;DR: Globalism is Communist Internationalism, it was always propped up by jewish capitalism):

Is China “Based” and “Anti-Globalist”? Let’s find out! https://thuletide.wordpress.com/2020/09/02/is-china-based-and-anti-globalist-lets-find-out/

You claim that Chinese don’t kill their own citizens, that simply isn’t true. Your understanding of the situation in the US is like an exaggerated version of the US media’s portrayal that completely ignores the crime statistics in relation to their racial demographics.

Racial Crime Statistics – Documentation of globally consistent trends [+PDF version]: https://thuletide.wordpress.com/2020/08/01/racial-crime-statistics-lots-of-infographics/

White Genocide: https://odysee.com/@Cultured-Thug:c/Is–quot-White-Genocide-quot–Real:a

China Ambassador: Is White Birth Rate Collapse The Result of ‘The Genocide Policy Pursued by Their Leaders?’ http://www.informationliberation.com/?id=61833

Back when there was more gun ownership per capita when gun safety was taught in schools, there were far fewer shootings. This changed from the 1960s onward, mainly due to instigation of racial violence against the White population.

11 Things You’ve Always Thought About the Wild West That Are Totally Wrong: https://www.ranker.com/list/wild-west-misconceptions/nida-sea

Rant Ethernal w/ Doom Guard:

And they still hush up the genocides during the so-called “Cultural Revolution”. I can tell your username doesn’t reflect the place you live or were born in, makes you seem like you lived your life under a rock while wanting to keep your head buried in the sand. Now if that means reducing Chinese immigration to Europe, etc then by all means, please do continue preaching that message for the greater good.

John Tosh

You did not have to read my comments. Since you did, the facts remain the so called democracy in the USA is managed by CIA controlled murder. You guys distributed poisons to 99% of restaurants so that restaurant owners are not even aware they are poisoning people. Simply following the orders from the government.

Your power structure has been access quantified evaluated. Your system does not deserve a second chance. It will come to an end a drastic end.

You were given the opportunity to behave normal within human deficiencies but you failed. Judgement has been passed on you. You are to be wiped off the map. You will not exist to continue corrupting mankind.

peter mcloughlin

The military policy appears similar to the flexible response of the 1970s, where the US would use Europe as its battle ground with tactical nuclear weapons: able to strike the USSR without being destroyed itself. This is delusional and, as history shows, is how wars start. Today’s growing crisis will not end like the Cold War did, but with the very war it sought to avoid – nuclear Armageddon.


Yes, but that is because the USSR was Orwell’s Eurasia to the US and UK’s Oceania: “The same pyramidal structure, the same worship of a semi-divine leader, the same economy existing by and for continuous warfare.” Now that the Bolshevik Union is gone and Christian Russia is anti-Orwellian, can the dysptopians allow that to continue?

cechas vodobenikov

entire ignorance/stupidity re: USSR


Oceania is a geographic region that includes Australasia, Melanesia, Micronesia and Polynesia. Spanning the Eastern and Western Hemispheres,
i don’t get it

Great CoB

It’s a reference to George Orwell’s 1984. In that book, Oceania is America and Britain. Eurasia is continental Europe and Russia, and Eastasia is China. They’re always fighting each other and switching sides in a fake scripted way.

Jihadi Colin

As I read it, there is really no proof that Eurasia and Eastasia even exist. They don’t need to to keep the Forever War going.

Great CoB

We have always been at war with an enemy that never existed


Correct, while being made to ignore the real enemy: “The war is waged by each ruling group against its own subjects… to keep the structure of society intact.”


Eastasia never really materialized, despite our Orwellian overlords’ efforts, but Eurasia sort of existed, past tense, in the Soviet Union. Much of the Big Brother imagery Orwell got was from “Uncle Joe” Stalin in the first place.

But yes, Eurasia is currently gone and Christian Russia is making sure it does not return. “They don’t need to to keep the Forever War going;” the elites need a real, regime change war now.

cechas vodobenikov

false—orwell admitted he stole from Zamyatin


“There is nothing new under the sun,” but Orwell (and Huxley) did bring new ideas to Zamyatin’s table. One major example is that “competing” states (Eurasia and Eastasia) and resistance movements (Goldstein and the Brotherhood) can be controlled opposition to continue the systemic corruption, something Zamyatin took a while to connect between the Bolshevik Union and Zionist States of America.


thank you


from george orwell…the reference really is to the CULTURE prevalent in “the collective west” that HAS TO HAVE AN ENEMY or CREATE IT….as its reason to EXIST….it LIVES FOR WAR…it doesn t matter who or what about…

but in this case…RUSSIA AND CHINA AND IRAN fit the bill….as EASTASIA AND EURASIA….


YOU are right of course about geographic territories

Jihadi Colin

This article is overly optimistic about what the Amerikastanis acknowledge to themselves. The are a nation without a history, without a culture, one whose “information ” comes from Hollywood, and whose politics is confined to rule by one gang which pretends to be two political parties. This kind of situation does not promote introspection.


EXACTLY…AMERICA IS an ARTIFICIALITY…it s like experimenting with nice tasting recipe…WOW…but after a while you get rotten teeth..and tummy aches and addled brain….

Ryan Glantz

so who here actually knows who’s backing who in the fight?
i hear usa got the raptors help :)

Tommy Jensen

I already told everybody we have secret weapons, and we dont boast and brag about it in public like the Russians are doing it as we are professionals.

cechas vodobenikov

Timmy bragging about fake secrets—timmy believe US fake f35 can challenge Angola airforce…no need…your LGBT AIRFORCE too busy w dildos trying to find lube in Kansas

Ryan Glantz

we’re working with Russia and UK/France in the “secret” space programs, yes.
Yeah, I get the whole, humility thing, that’s a good thing, I agree.

Zulubal Andre

you say that russia would welcome chinese troops on its territory during a conflict with the west… think about it…

Potato Man

Norway to allow US to build military facilities on its soil in new pact


Icarus Tanović

PR China will take for its bases southern Montenegro, because these punks find wrong one to fuck with. We all know that Montenegro is Tsarist Russian creation from Berlin congeress in 1878, the way it hijacked parts of neighbouring countries. This Nato and anti Russian stance is Montenegros way to say ‘thanks’ Russians.
Now, they have enormous money to give back to China, and they don’t having it. So they’ll just give shore to Chinese navy.
One can do whatever he wants, but not as long as he wants.

Tommy Jensen

So you build your future on something that happened in 1878? If this is the case I guess you will continue to be kicked around like an empty can on the road.

Icarus Tanović

What can? Who builds the future? What are you talking about, man…

cechas vodobenikov

Montenegro even less important than black lies matter USA

Icarus Tanović

Don’t you get what I’m saying? Avignano is in relative close proximity (in military terms), so they can have them on radars crosshairs any time they want to.
It is tit for tat.

Tommy Jensen

Exactly what I recommended.
We wont hit China and Russia directly and they wont hit US directly………………………..LOL.
We will use willing buffer nations as Ukraine, Poland, Romania and more to attack Russia, and we use Japan, S. Korea, Australia, Taiwan to attack China, and Russia and China will be forced to defend themselves against them.
Proxy wars as I have recommended to see who is the winner nation of winners of this planet.
There is plenty of proxy shithole countries out there, eager to earn some dollares and show their obedience to US in the hope they can be like an American or go to America…………………………LOL.

cechas vodobenikov

only illiterate hillbillies from civilized nations want to be in land of robots…romania Ukraine will never attack Russia—only shithole nation I know=USA
“PUTREFACTION”. per Heidegger
too much meth in your trailer park tommy

El Mashi

“Any attack on Russian troops will be retaliated to the enemy command and control center and launch point of attack. You have been warned.” A clearer message, you will not find. For countries like Venezuela, they must become Iran.

Tommy Jensen

Any scratch on an American’s uniform will immediately be retaliated with push on our Triad nuclear defences directly on the said responsible country’s capitol.
Thats how clear and tough WE are!

cechas vodobenikov

amerikan cowards did zero the Israel murdered 40 LGBT US sailors on UNITED SNAKES liberty
Iraqi murder your fake military—u try sanction send missile to sand dune

Rodney Loder

The pressure is on the US to create a military hegemony that is able to resist pressure coming from US financial hegemony being degraded by trading Nations soon to be using digital currencies that don’t require messaging of contractual arrangements by a third party using the USD as the exchange mechanism.

Digital currencies are automatic transaction devices, ending a need for International reserved currency being held in anything other than gold bullion.

The Globalists appear to be screwing the USD on multiple fronts, the rise of Crypto Currencies has the support of heavyweight actors that want to be on-side with China more so than the US. While the IMF / World Bank are refusing to go out on a limb for the US, that’s what the underbelly of the conflict is all about, they know SWIFT in being run down, and want to be on the right side of history.

Trump is a professional actor paid to bolster the IMF / World Bank by being an ineffectual opposition.


Oceania speaks loudly but carries outdated stick.


these are chinese and foreign nationals ..YOUTH …LIVING IN CHINA…debating human rights..



you will not find this kind of open debate ANYWHERE in the west…HOSTED BY A GOVERNMENT (cgtn is china s global news ) that is ‘AUTHORITARIAN and suppressed freedom”



NOW , EVER EAGER TO BE COVID FASCIST NEW ZEALAND…..”WORRIED” about USA S “EVER EXPANDING CONTROL ” as “five eyes” inner circle of “free world” preachers….lol…maybe china can help LIBERATE NZ from its own ”5 EYES” FREEDOM AND DEMOCRACY PROGRESSIVE….er….totalitarianism…? lol




Roy Sonman

Those not Khazarian-wise do not have a clue as to what is really happening. THEY are trying to limit China and Russia’s options for assisting Iran in the coming planned for destruction of Iran. THEY are also tacitly offering up rewards to same if THEY permit Iran’s destruction.

There will not be a war in the foreseeable future with China and/or Russia, as all roads lead to THEY using our children, again, in a war to destroy Iran.



the ZOMBIE EMPIRE…NOW ISSUES “DIRECTIVES TO 80 % OF *COUNTRIES* ….NOT TO TRAVEL ..DUE TO CDC LEVEL 4 (this is the HIGHEST danger level ) of COVID””…..u know ….the ANGLO EMPIRE.S current WAR on Humans…..


RUSSIA S TOTAL DOLLAR HOLDINGS ARE NOW…..UNDER …$ 5 BILLION…..ooops…they are also now COMPLETELY insulated from western Dollar dictated PAY SYSTEM. internally..like through SBERBANK…and others…and ALIGNED the pay system with CHINA S UNION PAY…fpr cross border transactions all over the world….