Military Warehouse on Fire, Ammunition Exploding in Kharkov Region of Ukraine (Video)

Ammunition warehouses, located in Kharkov region of Ukraine, began to burn this night.

Military Warehouse on Fire, Ammunition Exploding in Kharkov Region of Ukraine (Video)

Photo: YouTube / Danya Russian

Ammunition warehouses are on fire in Kharkov region of Ukraine, the RIA Novosti news agency reported, citing the Ukrainian Defense Ministry.

“Today, on March 23, at 2.45 am, a fire broke out on separate sites of an armament base, located in the city of Balakleya, Kharkov region. All measures for fire confinement and fire fighting on-site are taken,” a statement of the Ukrainian Defense Ministry reads.

The largest military warehouse of Ukraine is situated in Balakleya. Some 138,000 tons of shells are stored here.

The fire resulted in detonation of ammunition, a seven-kilometer ‘security zone’ was organized, country’s military prosecutor Anatoliy Matios said. According to him the reason of the incident is sabotage. Matios wrote about this on his Facebook page.

Reportedly, no one was hurt in the fire and explosions. About 20,000 people were evacuated from the area of the emergency situation.

Fire-fighting trains of the Ukrainian Railways state railway network operator were sent to fight the fire. The area of the fire will be circumstantiated with a drone.

A commission headed by Ukrainian Deputy Defense Minister Igor Pavlovskiy, officers of the Defense Ministry and the General Staff, went to the scene of the incident. Country’s Prime Minister Vladimir Groysman also has flied to Kharkov region.

Reportedly, the Ukrainian Frontier Service has tightened control in the south-eastern direction due to the incident.

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Gary Sellars

Brave partisans torching the Nazi orcs ammunition stockpiles?

James Bucan

I wouldn’t de surprised if Partisans or the NAF did it. Apparently they tried in 2015, but failed. This time they succeeded. Given they financial and equipment situation of the Ukrop army, this is surely a terrible blow to them. It makes them look careless, unprofessional, and their morale is likely to take another blow.
Are we seeing the preparations of another major offensive? It’s about time, if you ask me, for Novorossia to make a move. They have been patient with the Ukrops since 2015, hoping that Ukraine may collapse by itself, but that doesn’t seem likely. Instead, the Kiev government is under de facto control of the far-right paramilitary forces (Blockade) making it, ironically, stronger, because the far-right leadership is more determined. They want war, and the NAF is ready.
The question is, who will take the first move?
In my opinion, the NAF should seize the first opportunity to counter-attack. The population can’t take much more of the bombings, neither the army.

Julius Meinel

Finally glad to see some really, good, old partisan tactics at work.

Alex Popoff

More realistic is that it’s hidding the losses after illeagal ammunition selling. Ukraine has long history of fires on military warehouses.

Panthera Pardus

Does anyone know what’s the % of this “138,000 tons of shells ” over the total in Ukrainian depot?

Rose kemp

There are artillery shelling from the both sides . Casualties n KIA are in both sides . Why Russia is not coming to solution or military actions . As they promised they will always protect Russians ! ….. whatever the matter , normal people of donbas n Ukraine are the ultimate losers.